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Y Black logró violarse a Zack cuando tenía ese traje de neko?

algo así va suceder xD

 pero lo seguiré otro diga ya que tengo que estudiar … quizás mañana lo siga :D

esto seria algo adelantado 

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Pixl boy.. Blue purple and pink.. The Bisexual flag... Suga.. Your too sweet.

I mean sure, it might have been adopted as such, but it’s also pretty much the most commonly used colors for cyberpunk and vaporwave. I’m not making any statements here alright, I just like the colors :P

At work last night I saw a guy that looked a lot like my abusive ex boyfriend, which sent me into a massive panic attack. Luckily my manager was cool with me going to the bathroom to calm down, but it took forever. Just as I was starting to calm down finally I was heading to break with my husband when a customer stopped me. He wanted to buy tires even though TLE was closed because “they do it in (insert town name)’s walfart!”

We asked our manager on the walkie and the guy could hear her specifically say no when she said he’d have to come back in the morning. He started screaming at us. “NOW I HAVE TO DRIVE 2 FUCKING HOURS BECAUSE NO ONE HERE WANTS TO DO THEIR JOBS!” He kept ranting and raising his voice, which was freaking me out all over again. My husband stepped between us because his body language was more aimed at me than it was to my husband. The asshole finally stomped away doing the whole “YOU JUST LOST A CUSTOMER” shit.

Went into the break room and burst into tears all over again. I was shaking all over and hypo ventilating. I really should have gone home because this ptsd induced anxiety attack just drained me of all of my energy completely after that asshole’s behavior. I kept falling asleep all night, which was BAD because I was driving the ride on scrubber through the store. When we finally came home I immediately went to bed and passed out for 12 hours. I normally have to take sleep medication and can’t sleep without it, but I did today. I’m still exhausted, but I don’t want to waste my day off completely passed out the whole time.

To the fucker that made a bad situation worse because of your fucking tires, I hope your car stalled halfway to the other store, lost cell reception, had to walk to the nearest gas station, and got sprayed by a family of skunks on the way. Rot in hell you inbred hillbilly shit inhaling man child. Also fuck your weird beard. Dude, decide if you really want one or not. He had this weird small bit on his chin that was down to his belly button and the rest was about half an inch long. It looked like the mullet of beards. -Abby

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A customer told me i looked bored and i replied that no im just tired and they started freaking out saying that their lives are harder than mine and they worked a 4 hour shift so they have a right to be tired more than me. I was 6 hours in to a 12 hour shift but go off i guess

i love the headcanon that even tho he’s a lil bit shorter than hizashi, shouta is still like twice his size in terms of bulk. hizashi’s decently muscular and all, like pro heroes have to be, but shouta is just… fucking built and super bulky because of it. he has big thighs/legs and arms and he weighs a lot more than hizashi because of it. i mean come on, shouta can apparently pick izuku up with one hand and an easily carry 2 kids at once and also has to be able to take his own weight since he climbs around with his capture cloth and has to be able to pull himself around with it

what im saying here is that shouta absolutely could and absolutely would pick hizashi up and toss him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes because hizashi would weigh nothing to him.