You have acquired the ability to understand and speak all languages. The problem is, you have the google translate version of the power, with little regard for grammar or nuance.

“i dont like millie brown but-” who gives a flying fuck about ur grown ass opinion on a 14 year old child. no one needs to know how u personally feel about her before condemning drake like stfu yall are so fucking stupid 

As punishment, the gods make you the ward of the newest among them. They have the mental maturity of a twelve year old, the strength of five hundred men, and the knowledge collective knowledge of three thousand years of human history. Write about the chaos that ensues.

people on twitter really are getting pissed that the walking dead won’t be finished and want their $25 back like the employees at telltale games aren’t even getting a severance check. some were reportedly hired last week, and now, they’re out of a job. employees are coming forward with horror stories about awful working conditions and fearing that they weren’t gonna have enough money to pay their bills because they lived check by check, but some gamers are just concerned about “oh, what’s gonna happen to my fictional characters? can i have my money back? how dare you not finish the walking dead and some other games?” when real people are in dire straits, and you’re more concerned about the status of your precious video games, then you really need to get your priorities in check.

fucktheevanuris  asked:

You're always prepared to say anything and its hilarious, someone could post about a single grain of sand and your comment always makes us question reality

there is always a grain of sand in your belly button

i don’t care if you’ve never been to the beach, look around long enough and it’s there 

Conservatives these days are real hung up on the fact that other people don’t stay friends with their kind and act real high and mighty over the fact that they’re supposedly willing to stay friends with non-conservatives and “set their differences aside”

But….they still FUCKING HATE “leftist” views. They are disgusted by them. They make that abundantly clear.

So how do these supposed inter-political “friendships” work, exactly?

If you silently think your “friend” is some kind of idiot scum and you just avoid talking about it, then the whole situation is a sham and your respect for each other is fake. That isn’t something to be proud of at all.

No self respecting person should remain in any kind of relationship like that.

i burnt my hand

remember abour six months ago i burnt my hsnd taking a hit pan out of tne oven?

i did NOT do that agian


sp shitty keft hand typing it is.

¿No les parece muy loco ponerse a pensar como llegaron a querer a alguien que era tan ajeno a ustedes? Alguien que no tenía nada que ver con sus realidades, que conocían solo por nombre, vista o amistades en común. Somos tantos y te cruzaste justo con esa persona, no sé