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The Losers Club as things that have been said in my godawful writing class

Stan: “I don’t want to be rude here, I really don’t, but I feel like I need to have a tetanus shot after reading your poem and also you should apologize”

Richie: “EVERYONE SHUT UP, I HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO SAY…………..*whispering* what the sweet and sour FUCK is a PREPOSITION”

Mike: “Someone drew a frowny face on my manuscript and I’m going to give you all five minutes for someone to fess up before I tickle the answer out of you. Don’t make me go there, I am ruthless”

Eddie: “I wrote this scene out of pure spite and a lot of chocolate covered coffee beans so you can bet your mediocre ass that this word vomit would make Mark Twain shit himself and openly sob—in that order”

Bev: One girl showed up to class fifteen minutes late with just the excuse of “I was navigating my inner labyrinth for the answer to why God allows us to suffer” and the teacher asked if she found the answer and the girl just replied “Velcro

Bill: “I wrote this poem with a lot of alliteration because my lisp can go fuck itself. Power move”

Ben: “My poem has the structural integrity of mashed potatoes but none of the satisfaction”


Pennywise: Look all I want to do is kick back, listen to showtunes, and terrify some children, why is that a problem

Bill: William Shookspeare

Ben: Edgar Allan Woah man chill out

Richie: Charles Got His Dick-ins

Bev: Guys what the fuck is your problem, you’re being so rude???

Bill, Ben, and Richie:  …uh….we, um-

Bev: Let’s be feminists here. Jane AusDAMN BITCH

*disorderly high fives with reckless abandon*


i did this mostly for posing practice, but it turned out aight

[id start: a series of nine drwings with the ipre gang, kravitz and angus and the eeveelutions. first is angus with eevee. then magnus with jolteon, lup with flareon, taako with vaporeon, merle with leafeon, davenport with glaceon, lucretia with espon, barry with umbreon and kravitz with sylveon. end id]