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I work in a bookstore, and whenever it looks as though you might be heading to town, a picture of you goes up in the staff room with a notice to new staff members to let them know that you have a habit of stealth-signing books, and that you're welcome to do so and we're not to try and stop you.

I don’t care if this is true or not. It’s how I think the world ought to work.

!!!!!!! honestly who hasn’t cried out of frustration while going through the fafsa process bc I’m pretty sure they want it to radiate hellish energy on purpose

no one deserves this staff honestly and it was so disheartening to read what was essentially an apology letter from Joaquim, like…you can tell he really cares. This staff really cares and they did so much to fight to keep Shiro cannonically mlm and people still turn around and try to tear them apart at every opportunity like…I genuinely don’t know what to do but I hope Joaquim and Lauren and everyone else knows that not everyone hates them or thinks this was ever solely under their control,, 

this is the opposite of clickbait. i now know the crazy part of this and am no longer interested because i can fill in the details on my own

its funny how fast a character gets put on my mega hit list the second they insult lance. not to say this is about krolia but this is about krolia


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