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Okay here we go again, another Sunday Ficnic for the Voltron discord. Although it’s not exactly supernatural whoops 😬 I’m super open for prompts or a chat any time!

Lance gets sick and Keith thinks he’s just being inconsiderate and lazy until he passes out in Red during training. Warning for persons with emetophobia because there is some icky vomit.

Enjoy and thanks! Part Two Here

Lance really wasn’t in the mood for training. He had woken up that morning shivering–his blankets had been flung off sometime during the night and hung haphazardly off of his foot. His eye mask was crooked and pulled at his hair as he squinted at the dim lighting. His head throbbed as he slowly sat up in his bed.

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Peter and the reader where best friends but start dating recently and nobody knows, so May catches them making out and she starts fangirling over them saying how great they were for and another Pleaseeee, congrats btw ^u^

You sighed as you felt Peter’s fingers brush down your sides to travel under your shirt, coming in contact with your bare skin. His body pressed harder against yours, tongue exploring your mouth slowly, hot and wet. You tug at his hair, feeling rather than hearing the groan vibrate through his body. You legs wrapped around his waist as he pushed you further up the table on which you were sitting.

“Dinner’s read-” You gasped and pushed Peter away until he stumbled a good few feet away from you. Your wide eyes caught Aunt May in the doorway, mouth hanging open as you pulled your shirt down.

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Hey if you don't mind writing a Jason x reader where Jason is hollering and winking and publicly making dirty jokes in front of dick Tim babs class steph Bruce and technically everyone in the family and Damian is clueless. Y/n also has a cold standoffish attitude and gets super heated and angry when he does this. Stuff like "shut up jay!!" and "YOU didn't last night" etc. and everyone's laughing and y/na an angry little bean. Congrats on 1k. I ❤️ ysm ❤️❤️❤️ it would make my day if u did this luv

Hi hun, I’m just getting home from a field trip (yes, on a Saturday, I know :-( ). Hope you enjoy this!

Shut up Jay!” You yelled as you threw a pillow at Jason. His laugh echoed as he ran through the halls of the manor. As his laughs became louder you grabbed a vase from one the tables and right before you threw it, a hand caught your wrist. 

YOU didn’t last night!” His snickers grew. You pulled your hand away from the wrist and delivered a kick to the man’s thigh. Thick thighs, you noted as you. ran faster and threw the vase, watching as it hit the wall next to you Jason. 

“Sorry, Richard!” You screamed as you tackled Jason. A thump resonated through the dinning room along with his groans. He flipped himself so that he was on his back and you straddled his waist. You grabbed a piece of the broken glass from the vase and held it to his neck as you got face to face with him. “I’ll end you.” 

“You didn’t want me to end last night when you kept begging for -” Jason was shut up when you clamped your hand over his mouth. You sneered at him as Damian’s voice broke your concentration and the piece of glass fell beside him.

“Tt, what are you two imbeciles fighting about? Did you have to ask Todd for assistance?” 

“Oh, she really needed my assistance,” Jason mumbled through your hand. You growled and knifed his throat with the side of your hand. Jason’s eyes rolled back, eyebrows furrowed and he groaned out in pain while you unclamped your hand. 

“And that’s the sound Jason makes when he begs for assistance,” you smirked as you got up and walked away. Damian quirked as eyebrow at Jason before he walked away and muttered “what a weak imbecile.” 

“Worth it,” Jason breathed. 

1k Milestone Celebration

There are some here and here are more:

The Wilds by teapotscandal, XanderB

The Omega made an agitated squeal, kicking and reaching up to scratch at the trap he was caught in. His movement caused him to lightly swing back and forth mid air. He made an exaggerated sigh, continuing to swing as he tried to think a way out of this predicament, when a familiar smell crossed his nose. Alpha. An Alpha he didn’t know.

The Omega hissed in defence, his hackles raising, holding his knife out in threat as a figure stepped out from behind a tree.

Levi is an Alpha from a warrior tribe and Eren is an Omega from a pacifist tribe with two very different cultures. They meet and life as they know it changes in an instant.

Mark Me as Your Own by TheBookThief14

When Eren goes into heat before his normal time, he rushes to find somewhere safe to hide out. Little does he know, he’s locked himself in Levi’s room. What happens when Levi comes back to find a half naked Omega in his bed?

Playing with Fire by Mastia, snakemittens

The porn industry in a world of Alpha, Betas, and Omegas has its perks and quirks. Levi, an Alpha, works on screen as one of the stars for SnX, and Eren, as assistant to the director, gets the pleasure of working in a world of raging pheromones and an Alpha that continues to set his heart ablaze.

The Sweet Scent of Intoxication by Chou_cosplay

Eren had just finally started to get his life under control. He had gotten into the college he wanted, had been looking for a part-time job and had applied to the same dormitory as Armin, to get the fuck away from the clutches of his abusive asshole of a father. But then, one morning a sudden dizziness overcame the supposed beta on his way to school. Fever breaking out on his skin, heat crawling its way up to his stomach, legs wobbling and shaking underneath him. What was happening to him?

Kissed by Fire by gayofthrones

A Saturday afternoon between the sheets.

Embrace the Darkness by Syao

Levi is an overworked detective for the city of Trost. The mysterious gang called ‘The Titans’ have been linked to several murders in the neighboring city of Shiganshina and the carnage continues as they move onto Trost. It is up to Levi to stop the elusive gang while trying to not get distracted by the green eyed brat who decides to show up at the worst times.

Obedience by jirumaru

Erwin had always known about his nephew’s obsession for control, so with the right kind of connections, he bought the best gift for Eren’s birthday: Levi, a docile slave, reduced into submission and brainwashed into perfection, ready to serve his master.

An Icy Love Story by BumbleFree

Eren Jäger, a rapidly uprising star in the world of figure skating, meets Levi Ackermann, the unsurpassed champion in this devision of ice and cold.
Erwin wanted to let these two graceful forces clash and see what happens. Whether they may form a destructive power together, that would stun audiences for years, or end up being devoured by the ice beneath them.

My Desert Jewel by EreriLovesMiyano

Levi is the pharaoh of Egypt and one day he comes across a beautiful slave. He was dirtying his water fountain with his voluptuous dirty body that made Levi drool like a Jackal. One thing leads to another and Eren ends up working in the palace for Levi. But what he will be doing for the mighty pharaoh was still a mystery.

The Raven’s Nightingale by teapotscandal, XanderB

The rattle of his front door did nothing to stir Eren as he continued to stare at the video of the courtroom before him.

“Levi Ackerman, this jury finds you guilty of twelve counts of murder in the first degree and hereby sentences you to the maximum penalty equal to that of your crimes in the form of twelve consecutive life sentences to be served in a maximum security penitentiary without the possibility of parole,” a woman’s voice spoke through the speakers. Eren felt his heart clench.

“Eren,” said a voice from behind him. Armin had come to visit once again. He felt a hand press onto his shoulder from where he sat, trying to garner attention away from his Raven. “Eren… This is unhealthy. You need to eat… You need to sleep… I need you to take care of yourself, please,” Armin said with a hoarse voice, choked by the state of his best friend.

“No,” Eren said, shrugging off his hand. “What I need to do is be here for Levi when he needs me.”

Boyfriend! au - Hui

hui is so precious must be protected but sometimes i also just wanna punch him in the face…?? idk probs not relatable but i promise i love him dearly lol

Originally posted by cherryjinho

also basically radio dj! hui leggo

  • School dj Hui lets go
  • So of course hui has personality so what better way to show it off than being a radio dj for his school?
  • Like he’s not the super annoying type that always gotta be saying something cuz he understands music is more important lol
  • So towards the evening every thursday he has a hui talk time where he just talks and answers questions and stuff for like 15 min
  • Other than that he just does basic announcements & plays bomb ass music
  • Sometimes sings snippets of songs on the radio before he airs them which has the ladies panties dropping instantly
  • And he’s not hiding his position but when people come up to him and ask if it’s him he tells them no to fuck with them
  • & he surprises himself when he finds he loves being a dj cuz originally it was just to earn extra money
  • But now he enjoys setting up playlists & answering people’s questions & just the whole atmosphere
  • So that’s why he decides to start a radio club
  • & surprisingly a lot of people were waiting for a club like this to start to he has a big group from the beginning
  • Ur a part of that big group, but probs not for the same reason as everyone else
  • U just want to improve ur speech
  • & u decide instead of joining the speech club and talk about something ur not even interested in, you’ll join the radio club and talk about music which is at least somewhat enjoyable lol
  • So u planned to just sit through the meetings and hear everyone’s input about radio etc and then just practice ur speech in ur dorm or to a friend
  • Just basically remain kinda invisible in the club maybe make a couple friends
  • But ur plan doesnt work hui doesn’t let that happen
  • He becomes friends with literally all the members & tries to get everyone to speak & have fun at their meetings
  • So ur both surprised when he comes up to you and begins speaking to you
  • Youre surprised for obvious reasons
  • Hes surprised because everyone he met were loud and boisterous and u know just classic comedic personalities cuz thats what radio djs usually act like
  • But ur quiet….and timid….and frankly he doesnt understand why youre not trying to talk to others and just standing by yourself
  • For rn tho he decides to not dwell on it and just is friendly to you like everyone else
  • So u both dont notice each other for a while until he’s walking back to his dorm one night and sees u sitting on a bench by yourself

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skinship hcs with rowoon

no one asked for this but i started thinking about it and i wanted to write it down

  • touchy!!!! baby!!!!!
    • wants to be touching u at all time even if it’s just ur shoulders next to each other 
  • congrats if ur dream job was to be someone’s chin/arm rest, consider this a dream come true
    • will just casually rest his arm around your shoulders whenever
  • forehead kisses all the time
    • does it when he thinks you’re sleeping but sometimes it’s just. sike caught him being a cheesy fuck
  • not one for anything more than light pecks in public
    • prefers to keep making out and stuff in private
    • he’s not overly affectionate in public unless he thinks someone is hitting on u then it’s Koala mode activated
      • his mom should’ve named him saran wrap bc boy is he clingy
  • eskimo kisses!!!!! all the time!!!!!
  • so giggly when he kisses u half the time
    • ‘what are u laughing at rowoon’ ‘nothing’ *continues to giggle*
  • rests his head on top of your head
  • more for putting his arms around your shoulders/waist than holding hands
  • sometimes in the morning he wakes u up by kissing your face everywhere except your lips
  • overall,, the cutest bf A+ 11/10
brock’s stream! 1/22
  • Brock, Brian, Craig, and…well, he’s trying to connect, but Anthony too for Mario Kart
  • they’re having a lot of technical difficulties oh no :(
  • the first race was baby park and Brock got 2nd!
  • “bite me, Brian” —Brock
  • Mini has the crown and I’m not sure how to feel about this??
  • the rivalry between Brian and Brock is so intense holy shit
  • something’s wrong with the servers, all four of them can’t connect at once 
  • Brock had the crown once before they backed out, rip
  • Anthony and Craig can’t be on the same server for some strange reason, so Craig respectfully left; you will not be forgotten my boy
  • they showed the code and invited the lobby to join oh my god
  • Anthony’s getting not last, Brian’s somewhere in the top five, and Brock tends to stay in the middle love u
  • it’s mayhem. that’s literally the only word I can think of for this stream.
  • Im lovin the donations that have really nice comments about Brock and his daughter, y’all are sweethearts!
  • stream’s over! see you guys later!

hyojong the slytherin (hogwarts! ptg au 4/10)

  • a troll
  • not a literal troll, but a personified troll
  • a meme prankster u name it
  • best friends w peeves
  • also chills w the weasley twins?? like a lot? 
  • “hey hyojong, wanna kno something?” “what george?” “ur like..the brother we never had” ron charlie bill and percy: “ . “
  • works full time at the weasley wizard wheezes during the summer and helps sometimes during the school year
  • tbh is probably gonna take over the shop when the weasleys retire 
  • is also like?? super smart? in a clever witty way
  • jinho is highkey jealous of his intelligence 
  • and hyojong likes 2 tease him abt it
  • also speaking of jinho
  • hyojong is the person who keeps stealing his quills
  • and jinho has yet to catch him in the act
  • in his spare time invented the marauder map 2.0
  • it’s bigger and better
  • only him and his posse kno abt it tho
  • tbh sirius remus james and peter wouldve been proud 
  • plays a major part in his pranks against his friends cruel profs (read: umbridge), and just ppl who need to wake up 
  • tbh also is such a good wizard
  • learns spells n charms after trying it out like. once 
  • he may be good at spellcasting but his real forte is potions 
  • like so good
  • snape is shaking in his boots rn 
  • tbh actually snape wouldve been proud of him 
  • ppl accused him of using the halfblood prince’s book 
  • but it turned out he was just that good
  • also throws the most turnt parties at hogwarts?
  • he may be a prankster but he’s popular af 
  • the definition of quiet but deadly 
  • every1 wants to be invited it’s like a rite of passage
  • your #1 chocolate frog stan
  • has like
  • every card imaginable and a thousand copies of that card
  • runs a black market chocolate frog business and is rolling in that dough
  • wooseok is his promising dongsaeng sidekick who helps him complete his pranks and run the choco frog business 
  • has yet to be caught
  • despite being such a meme hes chill w dumbledore
  • theyre practically besties 
  • “no riding brooms in the great hall, hyojong” “ayy dumbledore wuz goooood” 
  • he’s also the slytherin seeker
  • and a damn good one at that
  • other team’s seeker: “o shit hyojong’s going that way better follow him for the snitch” hyojong: “SIKE congrats u played urself i just caught it while u werent looking” 
  • always leads slytherin to victory
  • a fan favorite tbh
  • probably going down as hogwart’s class clown/evil mastermind, right after the weasley twins
  • all in all
  • even tho he’s a little shit, he’s a pretty lovable little shit

zorosgirlfriend  asked:

Hihi! Ur rules link is broken so i HOPE im not breaking any by asking this but- I rlllly like drunkfluff, so if you’re willing, could I have the quote “have you been drinking?” From Shizuo as a fluff request instead of an angst request? Thank u so much! Reader would be a sort of cute, optimistic, yet not airheaded or immaturw girl who gets caught up in some drrr! typical trouble often enough to be acquainted with Shizuo. Thank u so much again, and congrats on 10k angel!!

Thank you! I fixed the link in the description box, thanks for telling me! It should work now. Usually I wouldn’t mind a stretch for a request, but I’d like to keep it simple for this event and just go with the outline as it is. I hope that’s alright with you, sorry ;;

anonymous asked:

Oh my gosh, congrats on interning with Disney Interactive! I'm so proud of you! How'd you go about getting that, and what do you think about the company?

thank u so much, precious anon!

a few recruiters and art directors from disney interactive were at my school’s grad show. every student gets a wall space, so i did circle for mine (bad pic here of my wall). one of the art directors liked my work and said it caught his attention because i was the only person that did a game concept, we talked about games for a bit, then he recommended me to the director of the internship and i did some interviews now here i am! playing video games instead of writing papers finally paid off.

it’s easy to get dazzled by disney because it’s disney, but i seriously had a great time interviewing and going to the creative campus. everyone there is so nice and down to earth and very forward thinking and creative. i’m super excited to learn a ton and get to make some cool stuff!