Why does tumblr or other (allegedly) socially/politically conscious websites talk up Spider-Gwen, Kamala Khan, Riri Williams, Miles Morales or other characters from minority/marginalized groups but near universally do not talk about Mayday Parker?

She is still the female marvel character with the longest running, unrebooted solo-series in all history and in terms of comics unquestionably the most successful female Spider character ever.

In fact outside of She Hulk, Carol Danvers and probably Kamala Khan she is the most successful female spin on an established male Marvel hero.

Why no love her her near 150 issues and 10+ year continuous publication record, which involved being one of, if not THE first, digital Marvel series ever?

Why does Spider-Gwen get prominent roles in cartoons wherein she has been changed beyond recognition sans the fact that her Dad is a cop and she is in a band but we can’t even get Mayday in one episode about dimension hopping spider people?

Why does Spider-Gwen get given kudos and promotion and a whole month of variant covers when Mayday doesn’t even get to be  featured prominently on the covers of a series which is about a group of Spider-Heroes…but Gwen gets most panel time in that?

Why does Spider-Gwen get more kudos at all than Mayday when, shit I’ll say it, she’s objectively an inferior character to Mayday?

Mayday has more personality, tension and yes even originality to her character inspite of playing upon themes and story elements from Peter Parker.

Mayday has more unique powers and skills than Spider-Gwen.

Mayday’s villains aren’t simply hipsterized versions of Spider-Man’s villains. Brenda Drago is for instance a far more substantive character than the original Vulture. Mayhem isn’t merely ‘another symbiote’.

Mayday’s supporting cast also do far more and have more substance of their own and relevancy within her narrative and no I’m NOT just talking about her parents.

Even Mayday’s interests are more unique and utilized within the narrative. Spider-Gwen…likes music. Okay…but they don’t use that too often though from what I’ve read. Mayday’s interests are science and basketball which then causes her to get caught between two different kinds of crowds in school who don’t mix much. As a superhero though she can bring her interests in athleticism to bear whilst complimenting it with her intellect. Case in point when she physically defeats her first villain by first out thinking him. Later on there is tension over the morality of her playing basketball since her powers give her an unfair advantage.

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough for all the folks out there singing the praises of how progressive and wonderful Spider-Gwen is for merely existing I guess…Mayday literally volunteers at a woman’s shelter and I believe one of her creators implied continuing to work in that field would most likely be her chosen career path in the future.

All this and…her costume is way more awesome. 

Yeah I said it. Hoodies obstruct vision and white is guaranteed to get dirty in their line of work. 

Even her black variant costume is more awesome than Gwen’s. Just compare how OTT this thing is:

To the sleek simplicity (which was kind of the whole point visually of the OG black costume) of this

Bad ass.

Kaylor, an undeniable truth

So i’ve seen a lot o Kaylors posting about their experience regarding taytay and kaykay. Since its a new year, and dare I say a promising one, I want to share mine. So please join the ride and saddle up:

To be honest I didn’t know much about Taylor before 2014, I knew Love Story, but come on that song is a living legend and even my mother knows every word to it. To be fair, I’m from Spain, and country music isn’t exactly what you’ll call a popular genre among young people and the average consumer of Top 40 music. But 2014 came along, and 1989 arrived with its eighties throwbacks, and what can I say i fell in love. I looked for info everywhere, I wanted to know who this woman was and why on earth was she such a big deal??? 

I’m not ashamed to say I found out about Karlie thanks to Taylor, because I was enchanted by her, a young model, humble, who loved coding!!! Ok growing up I only thought of models as silly dolls with too much hunger in their bodies and too much room in their heads, which made me face the hard truth of how shallow was I to begin with.

So i watched this friendship, and for some reason it didnt sat right with me. I coundt shake off the feeling that something was off. Dont get me wrong, they were freaking cute together, but they were suddenly everywhere, and it seemed so random. So i read their interviews, how they’d became fast friends, very best friends, set up to be friends ( HELLOOOO I’VE BEEN SET UP ON DATES NOT TO BE FRIENDS!!!), having my own room in my best friends brand new apartment because I spent there half my nights, even though i live ten minutes away and have a steady boyfriend kind of friend  (this article on Rolling Stone was the very first red flag for me)

And Kissgate happen, and my friends and I talked about it, they knew I was a fan, and they asked me if this unfathomable idea of Taylor kissing another woman was remotely possible. And i actually didnt care if it was true, my family is catholic but me and my cousins have been raised to be very open minded and just kind to one an other, but still heteronormative is something very real, so around that time unless it was with proof and acknowledgement I wasnt easily sell on the idea. And that infamous tweet came along and i went with it, see it was just the media with their abrasive and violating ways. How, how ignorant and naive was i then.

And then came the fall out. How powerful is the media, how much control it has over us, when we are just mere rooks in their wicked and crafted game of perception. I fell for their trap, started hating taylor for the same inexistent reason stan twitter shields behind of now. I saw my perception of Taylor during 2015-2016 so brilliantly portrayed in the LWYMMD music video, that I’m still amazed by Taylor’s brain. I did kept up with Karlie mostly because my cousin is in finances and in love with her because of her brain, which mind you is a gigantic achivement, so I thought she was worth caring about. ( See told you, shallow much, still working on that)

i didn’t think much of tayvin and hiddelswift, Calcium has always been a mystery to me, cause i dont feel any attraction towards him, always has my skin crawling, and had a look on his face, that kind of made me feel sorry for him. Hiddleswift was a joke, and i thought either she was filming a music video, or had gotten pregnant and was recreating every relationship milestone in three months to make everything easier. Now i know why, but back the  i dindt know why watching taylor with her boyfriends always made me uncomfortable ( not guys, come on she and ed a disgustingly cute together in an asexual kind of way).

And finally this april, during my worst week of finals, looking for an inmature, totally irresponsable, but necessary scape I went to wattpad to procrastinate and waste my parents collage money. I was reading, when I thought  “lets see if there is someone as crazy as I was when i thought karlie and taylor were in love and in a secret relationship” Well hello TIMELINE. And I was so elated that i went to tumblr, to see if there was a community who shared my hopeless romantic dream that perhaps they were together at some point in 2014.

I spent three days on tumblr, read all the masterpost, found out about the VSFS, the AMAs, YAIL, cookies, Swiftgron, Taymily, everything….

I got out with a failed exam ( dont worry I passed it later on June), and too many hours of sleep lost, but I was happy, overwhelmingly happy, because the woman i once admired, and now hated and thought of as shallow and a snake, was someone much more complex and brave than i thought possible. Kaylor opened my eyes to how the world, the media, the perception controls us, and I was so so sorry for being naive.

So no I wasnt betrayed by Taylor, or thought of her as a fraud. I saw two resilient women who fought and did what they had to do to survive in a world and industry that otherwise wouldnt bow to. 

i am utterly distgusted. this is the most disturbed, torturous way anyone should treat anybody. how are they allowed to be alive? how can you people look in the mirror and say i’m gonna be a father or mother one day? what happened to logicality? what happened to modesty? what happened to sanity? what happened to you?

travellover1245  asked:

Any time travel fix it fic?

Hi, here are some stories involving time travel:

A Redo in Time - AULOVE

Another Time, Another Place - sponsormusings

Equinox - Jlala

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Serachtuague Pearl - Famousfremus & Titania522

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The Shimmering Colors Between Two Worlds - MTK4FUN

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Hunger Games: a Timetravelers Paradox Demonkakan

The Mockingjay and Green Arrow - icearrow2099

If anyone knows of anymore stories to add to this list, please let us know!


> When the weather’s cold, they’re especially pleasant.

+ Except it’s super inconvenient when you tie the sleeves together.

> But, why would you?

+ What? Why wouldn’t you!

loopy-fruitz  asked:

Are there any fics that are single parent but they have to raise a family member or younger sibling?? Kinda like Blessed Accidents?

Here are a few:

Just When You Think It Can’t Get Any Worse - Ijustwritehungergames

Small World - Izzy Samson

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