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I just found your blog yesterday and I am already in love. Like your art is absolutely gorgeous and your views (especially ones abt glee) have me so shook like I've been thinking that for so long!!! You're the bees knees

LOOL THANK YOU SO MUCH!! > v < im so glad u enjoy my glee shit talk as much as my aRT UHSGUS THAT MEANS OS MUCH

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I LOVE your art I just want you to know that

OMG AHHH! Thank you so such I’m so happy you like it! \(^O^)/

It honestly makes me so giddy when you comment on my art like that!❤️

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i hope im not being a jerk (i dont wanna be, im sorry if i am) but you got the busted + blue lyrics a bit wrong! it's supposed to be "beam a light on me"! i just wanted to let you know! other than that, your art is really good, i love it and i hope to see more in the future! 💖

No worries, I appreciate u letting me know! when i looked up the lyrics they seemed off but i used them anyways ansjdjdjdjdjsjs

Would You Rather ft. MidCin Suitors!

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Would you rather assist Alyn in battle or Leo in politics?

Deffo Alyn in battle, as much as I love politics, and unhelpful as I’d probably be on the battle field, if I can help Alyn I’d rather help him… (it sounds so impractical cuz I would slay at politics but yeah…)

Would you rather wear Byron’s eye patch for a month or wear Albert’s glasses for a year?

Depending on weather Albert’s long or short sighted, because if it’s short like me then I’d wear his cuz they’d help me, although I doubt I’m as blind as he is… at least I hope I’m not *grimace*

You accidentally destroyed something. Would you rather it be Robert’s masterpiece that he was working on for months, or Leo’s childhood scrapbook?

Omg nooo!! This is too much!! As much as I dislike Leo I could never destroy his precious memories that’s too much no way. I’m sorry Robert, but I’ll help you remake the masterpiece if you want?? I’m no good at art though… but he’s so nice he’d forgive me… right? You can do it again, right?…

Would you rather wrestle with Byron in a pool of jell-o or do Rayvis’ hair in braids?

Jell-O? Why do you guys call it Jell-O btw just call it jelly? Anyway, have you seen Rayvis’ magnificent hair??? I’d love to play with it, not food, that’s weird…

Would you rather have your favourite suitor accidentally know about your sexual fantasies or have the sexy letter Byron sent be read aloud to the bureaucrats?

*cOUGH* well Byron sent the letter so shame on him, right?? I joke omg no shaming here if Nico knows then he knows let him find out idc I’m open about that lolol I’d probably teach him some things *evil laughter*

Would you rather declare war on Stein or resign as a princess?

Nooo no war! I would hate to resign but I’d rather do that if it means peace

Would you rather be stuck in your study with your fav suitor *YOU’RE NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP* and fart nastily and loudly or be stuck with your least fav and hear him talk and complain all the time?

Nah bro I’d rather hear Leo/Alyn/Giles complain than fart in front of anyone. Maybe I can even help them with their problems, I’m good at that XD

Would you rather booty slap your favourite suitor publicly or be booty slapped by your least favourite secretly?

I will slap that a** no questions asked Idc if it’s public lolol no one touches me anyways

Would you rather let Louis teach you how to twerk or learn pole dancing from Sid?

Pwahahahah XDDDD Louis twerking just doesn’t look right to me omg especially with his rbf, tbh pole dancing seems fun leggo Sid

Would you rather have your favourite suitor kiss your least favourite or have yourself kiss your least favourite?

Yeah no, don’t touch me. Nico Ni can kiss Leo all he likes tbh XD

Would you rather have Nico catch you having sex or catch Sid having sex?

Why is Nico catching me? He’s the one with me???

Would you rather marry your favourite suitor but not have babies or not marry but have babies?

Well I never want babies so this works for me lolol

Would you rather have a long sexy kiss with Giles or awkward cute kiss with Albert?

No Giles can eff off, I love Albert. Plus actually kissing is kinda gross imo so small awkward cute kisses with Albert sounds great! >○<

Would you rather walk around the castle in your lingerie for three days or never change your attire for a month?

Ummmmm…. lololol not changing clothes for a month ngl sounds lazy and ‘fun’ and tbh if you shower everyday then maybe…? Lol but never in lingerie though I mean I wear full sleeves and a jacket even in summer so… ya I’ll wear perfume it’s fine XD

Anyways thank you again for the tag! These questions were very interesting and very fun lmfaooo

- Widzz

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