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goddamn it @fangirlinginleatherboots​ I literally just did one of these

Name | Oliver
Nicknames | Ollie (ONLY BY SOME PEOPLE)
Zodiac sign | buzz off
Height | 5′2″…
Orientation | uhm. I don’t know anymore so I just say queer
Nationality | American
Favorite fruit | either strawberries or apples
Favorite season | Fall
Favorite book | books suck 
Favorite flower | …?????? I have no idea. roses are cool I guess
Favorite scent | the ET ride line at universal studios 
Favorite color | blue
Favorite animal | chinchillas and dogs
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | I’m afraid of hot drinks 
Average sleep hours | 8-10
Cat or dog person | Dog, I like cats but I’m also kind of scared of them :(
Favorite fictional character | my ocs lmao
Blog created | uhhhhhh I think 2015
Number of followers | 77 :0!!

When did your blog reach its peak: what does that even mean
What made you decide to get a tumblr: devianart sucks
Why did you pick your url: catsglade has been the account name for most of my stuff
Last movie you watched: god, I truly have no idea… probably Finding Dory
Last song you listened to: The Mind Electric (the strobey lyrics video makes me feel so good?? idk why)
Last book you read: books suck
Last thing you ate: a cupcake that I waited like 45 minutes for
If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?: in my room except with a dog and my chinchilla
What time would you travel to: OH NO TIME TRAVEL SPOOKS ME UMMMMM…. see cuz if I went to the future then I’ll know what happens and it’s unavoidable and I don’t care about the past because what’s the point if I can’t change anything for the better. but if I do change a thing for the better history is rewritten entirely, and then will I even exist? and back to the future thing–if I went to the future, would that future be a set in stone future, or would it be able to be changed? 

Ok fine I guess I’d go to the future a couple months so I can win the lottery or smth. college and service dog is expensive, I need all the money I can get

Rodney Seminar March 27th

Lara Ayad (BU/Art History)
Homegrown Heroes: Painting Peasant Masculinity at the Agricultural Museum in Cairo, 1937
Lara Ayad is a PhD candidate in African art at Boston University’s Department of the History of Art and Architecture. Lara investigates the fine art collection of the Agricultural Museum in Cairo, which was created ca.1937. Her focus on modern Egyptian art analyzes artistic depictions of peasants created during the interwar period as catalysts of national subject formation under British occupation. Lara was a FLAS and research grant recipient through the African Studies Center between 2009 and 2015, and her research interests include racial identity, sexual representation, and artistic movements in 20th century Africa and the Middle East.

Orders going out today! Thanks to all supporting the art! Really appreciate all who take there hard earned money and feel moved enough to buy a piece of what I do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. #thankyou

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