Waverly does The Face Thing™ when she confesses she likes Nicole. (and really “they’re my favorite” is basically “I Like You’)

S2E02 || “I Like You”
S2E11 || “You know, Sherrif Haught, you always smell like vanilla dipped donuts. They’re my favorite”


my new OC!!

SHE is very delusional at times. She can be insane at times, but she tries to repress herself. She has this  disorders such as; emotional blunting, delusions, and hallucinations. Her disorder only triggers when she smiles. Meaning of that, she doesn’t smile, not one bit.

she is also hot headed

and easily get flustered 

also, she is a T s u n d e r e


also, you can draw her if ya want!! I dont mind. :D

(I’ll be very happy if you do. lol)


Marcher Arrant, walking the earth, getting into adventures.

Every week I go walking in the mountains by my house. I bring a lunch, a book, a notebook, a marker and some cans of paint. At the trail entrance is a bridge which has a tunnel under it. I walk, eat lunch, read a bit then walk back. As I pass by the tunnel I go inside and write things that came to me during my walk or quotes from what I was reading. After the tunnel is full I will throw a party in the tunnel and then make a zine with photos of the walks and art. I will be posting my progress here along the way. This is part 10 of the Mountain Tunnel series.