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Any additional thoughts on the scene where Bellamy is by the fire alone and he touches the sand as it slips through his fingers (potentially symbolizing Clarke) and then touches E’s sword with a look of guilt on his face?

Well I don’t know if Ive got anything new to say, But I do love talking about it, so here you go!! I didnt think much about it at first: The feeling all those mopey scenes left in my gut was heartbreak and depression. Bellamy just seemed so hopeless and empty.. he was still fighting to get back to his family, to save everyone, but he seemed to be “functioning” on auto pilot rather than being a hero full of passion. (A lot went into that sure, not only Clarke,. but still. Clarke played her part. Especially in the rover and fire scene.)

I went pretty in depth about the rover scene having something to do with Clarke, too. Becuase while Bellamys overall mood is caused by the overall situation, Echo and Clarke and the painful fact that he is in love with two women ON TOP OF ALL THIS MADNESS are undoubtedly a factor. 

How can we be sure? Because Octavia called him out on it. By the time the rover and the campfire scene came along, Octavia had already confronted Bellamy about his romantic feelings for Clarke. So reading inner conflict into B’s expression in scenes concerning his relationship with Echo, is not a reach. In fact, its the only logical conclusion.

And the campfire scene was so damn obvious about it. We even got a whole little story about that sword.

Im just.. i feel feelings now. I have to juxtapose those scenes!!

Huh. I feel kinda bad, but I actually laughed giffing this. It’s so painfully obvious. Almost ironic. Actually, not almost: It is ironic. Bellamy promising Echo nothing will change. The sword being a symbol for Echo but THEN it actually becoming a symbol for change. Their peaceful time on the arc was over, Bellamy and his family had to face war again. relationships were tested by outside forces. And another beautiful metaphor I noticed while collecting those scenes: the campfire. Putting Echos sword next to a lonely Bellamy sitting by a fire is more than a broad hint at this point.

He’s sitting there, remembering the last time he sat like this, unable not to think of Clarke. Then he thinks of Octavia baiting him with his love for C. He sees the sword and thinks of echo; feeling guilty because he’s thought of Clarke in the first place, who just broke his heart anyways and doesn’t love him back soo why the fuck is he thinking of her when he loves Echo?? Also they might die at any given point theres razor sand storms and flesh eating worms and an army ahead. 

“What are we going to be now, Bellamy?” Is the introduction to the love triangle storyline, actually. what ARE you going to be? How can you be, what can you be, now that it turns out the great big love of Bellamys life isnt actually dead? Now that his sister knows and Clarke’s daughter knows and uhm also Clarke loves him back? The visual language and symbolism were breathtaking in this scene and UGH I cannot wait for S6!!

Ps. Oh I almost forgot: The sand might just be him fidgeting like hes done a lot in S5. But I like your metaphor a lot also!! Hm and the fact that they showed him fidgeting at all means they wanted to portray Bellamy “lost in thought”. god this scene is a feast for my starved Bellarke soul.

Y'know, I reflect upon this year in poetry and I see a lot of themes. 2018 had it all and I felt every stitch. What began in brutal heartbreak now crests with deep admiration. My soul has felt the loss and gain of multitudes. I shared with all of you my inner truths, my torment, my peace. I glorified my whispered want and held a torch to ancient romance. I gave and I took. I was humbled and swallowed and set ablaze by love again. Tenacity flourished in a sea of better judgment. A great many thoughts bubbled up and out into the passing ether. And most of you reading this post right now were here with me for all of it. I thank you. My spirit thanks you, truly.

Another side of Kiddo to fall in love with: a concept

Could we possibly get some dorky hcs of Kid in general and with an s/o please? Also have a lovely day munny!

Warning: came out a little bit too long, but I couldnโ€™t help myselfย 

  • He might have some reason left within that red, angsty soul of his, but itโ€™s deeply hidden - he much more prefers to let all this shit go and indulge in dumbass activities to occupy his brain, especially when he has matching company hint: yes, another dumbass, Luffy
  • thereโ€™s not much he cares about, as for his prison time; before he gets to sail out to the sea, doesnโ€™t matter if in a company of his whole crew or alone, on a rowboat, his top priority is getting back at Kaido - the dragon hurt his pride, his honour, took away his allies and his freedom, possibly wrecked his crew as well. The man wants blood.
  • but, as much as heโ€™d like to take that dragony head and separate it from the neck, for now heโ€™s stuck in one place - with Luffy. That means, the Ultimate Dumbass Procedure has already been implementedย 
  • apparently, the perks of his relatively young age hasnโ€™t been taken away from him just yet, meaning he still wields that sweet, childish nature at heart

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MCL headcanons: the boys as cats ๐Ÿฑ

Welcome to ✨ My cat love Café ✨ , where you can have a drink and get to know our beautiful kittens! All of them are waiting for an adoption, will you bring any of these fluffy boys home?


This beautiful black cat has probably been living in the streets for a while before ending up in the café. The carers think that could be the reason why he’s not so sociable, but don’t be fooled by his apathetic attitude, Castiel actually loves to get some attention! He is suspicious of strangers, though, and he often hisses at them as well as at some other cats. Yes, he likes to pretend he is a tough guy, yet he’s terribly afraid of the vacuum cleaner.

It might take him some time to be comfortable around you, but if you have patience with him, you’ll be rewarded with his sincere affection. Be warned, though, that scolding him is completely useless, he will always do whatever he wants and there’s nothing you can do about it. Also, be careful not to make him angry, or he will ignore you for days as a punishment.

What do you say? Are you patient enough to discover little Castiel’s charms?


Nath is a cute Ragdoll kitten that has been living in the café for quite a long time, so he’s a little bit spoiled. He’s subtler than Castiel about it, but he always ends up getting what he wants somehow, probably when you’re not looking, and he gets really frustrated when he’s told “no”. He loves being praised, though, so make sure you let him know when he’s being a good boy, he will love you even more!

He’s very friendly, but also surprisingly petty. It’s not so usual that he hisses or growls, but he might get a bit cranky if he has a bad day. He never bites or scratches people, though, even if he sometimes gets into little fights with other cats (especially with Castiel), so there’s nothing to worry about.

Overall, Nathaniel is rather adaptable and not so hard to deal with. If you like cats that purr a lot, why not give this baby a chance?


This pure white Turkish Angora cat is so fluffy and lovable it’s a mystery why he tends to go unnoticed. It could be because he’s not the playful type at all and he is rather unimpressed by toys or silly games… but that can be a good thing too! Certainly, Lysander is the calmest and most well-behaved cat in the café, you won’t have to worry about scratched curtains or broken vases with him. And he’s also really nice to other animals, so it’s a great choice if you already have more pets!

He could spend all day just sitting beside the window observing the weather and he’d be happy like that. However, this doesn’t mean he is distant! While he rarely asks directly for attention, he doesn’t mind being held or cuddled anytime and he’ll gladly spend the morning sleeping on your lap. Lysander is not a boring cat either: despite being so calm, sometimes he suddenly goes crazy for no reason, which is pretty funny to see.

So? Are you taking Lys home with you?


Ken is the most affectionate and clingy tabby cat you will ever meet! He will constantly purr against your legs and try to sit on your lap to get some belly rubs, and he will also wait for you to come back by the door every time you leave the house to greet you enthusiastically when you appear.  

Some would find it annoying that he is always begging for your attention, laying on your laptop or sitting on top of your book when you’re reading, but he just wants to make sure that you know he loves you. He’s kind of shy with other cats, though. 

Kentin also gets really excited about food, so it’s quite easy to educate him and teach him tricks by using treats as a reward. 

What are you waiting for? Kentin is longing to go home with you!


This tuxedo cat is very curious and playful! He likes to go on little adventures exploring every inch of the house and he will probably end up stuck inside a box or something weird like that, meowing desperately so you can find him and come to the rescue.

He likes humans, but he’s a little bit awkward when interacting with them. He often does peculiar things that can be equally confusing and amusing, like unintentionally scaring people by jumping on them or pretending to watch TV with you.

But, despite being quite the playful type, Armin is not really a nervous cat. Quite the contrary, actually he’s pretty calm most of the time, unlike his brother Alexy.

If you like funny kittens, Armin is definitely for you!


Armin’s cute twin brother is simply uncapable to relax. He likes to climb and jump all over the café and he has probably already broken some valuable things. He meows a lot and he is extremely frisky and energetic, so if you want a cat you can play with, you should definitely adopt Alexy! 

However, since he is also really sociable, he needs a friend at home to be happy and entertained, so he should be adopted with a partner, preferably Armin.

If you don’t mind him waking you up in the middle of the night to play, Alexy is your boy! 

Dear Diary,

It is Monday; the day I have both been wracked with nerves for and all-too excited about! 🙈🙊 I have my final Vocal Techniques class this evening (several hours from now — thank goodness!), and am hoping I feel up to performing my final song as adequately as possible. It took me ages to find the ‘right one’ (we had full choice in picking a song to perform for our final,) and finally settled on ‘Science Fiction Double Feature’ from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. 😌❣️ (It’s been a long-time favourite of mine, and I’ve always adored the glam, dreamy, Bowie // Marc Bolan feel of it! 😻)

The only thing is, is that I was dreadfully sick again last night and had an exhausting few hours spent trudging to the restroom, dozing on and off, and sleepily drinking heaps of raw Ginger tea. I am feeling much better this morning after a long shower and more tea, just drained and trying to ignore my depressive thoughts — I just hope the physical pain stays away, especially during my singing! I think it’ll be fine if I just keep hydrated and stay steady. 😌

On Thursday, I’ve got my German final, which is spooky — I hope I pass; learning a new language is pretty difficult! Still, my professor has been one of the best teachers I’ve ever had the pleasure of having as an instructor; his contagious energy and vibrancy truly can’t be matched. I’ll be sad to be done with the class overall! 💔

I s’pose this is just an update of sorts to spill my more ‘safe’ to share thoughts; to get them out of my system. I’m so thankful for the love sent my way over these last few days; it’s been keeping my spirits high! And of course, if anyone else has tests this week, know that you’ll do great! 📝 I’m scared and a little on edge about it all, but ultimately, I know that things will be just fine. And I know they’ll be the same for you, too! 💗🌟

@rose-coloured-nihilism submitted:  My version of the lovely little Lady!! She’s puerto rican-irish, and is very kind. I really love your fic!! It’s been awhile since i’ve read a good long fic that I’ve enjoyed!! Thanks for getting me back into Undertale. You’re a wonderful writer!!!


the tortoise’s two cents:  AHHHH, thank you so much!  She’s gorgeous!  <3  I love her piercings, and her freckles (I’m a bit fan of the skeletons finding constellations in freckles like they’re stars -cough-), and her SOUL is so fitting!!  

I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying it, and I’m always happy to share the Undertale love.  =D  Thank you so much, and thank you especially for sharing your art with me!  <33  And the follow!

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6, 9, 24, 25 - standrew ๐Ÿ˜˜

6. What is/are their love language(s)?

i want to say acts of service because they both definitely constantly doing things for one another without having to communicate it verbally. 

andrew brings steven coffee, filled to the brim with every sweet thing you can add into it because that’s how steven likes it. steven folding the laundry, andrew fucking hates folding laundry. he will happily do every other part of the process himself he just cannot stand folding things, so when steven hears the dryer ding he goes and pulls it all out of the dryer and brings it into the living room to fold it all while they continue watching tv together. andrew’s got this fond little smile on his face he keeps hiding behind the brim of his beer but when steven’s done he happily goes and puts it all away and brings steven another drink when he makes his way back to the living room. 

9. Have they made each other cry?

absolutely. that’s sort of natural when you spend more than a superficial amount of time with a person, whether they mean to make you cry or not right? i think they’re both emotionally competent men whether andrew wants to admit that he is A Person Who Cries Somewhat Often Or Not. they’ve made each other cry happy/frustrated/angry/sad tears bc that’s just…how it is. i imagine steven is the more outwardly emotional of them so he’s more likely to like, happy cry, though. and it’s 9 times out of 10 happy crying that either of them are doing. but they both did sob like babies when steven moved.

24. What is something they have each had to forgive the other for?

oh no this one hurts. i don’t think i like this one.

like i don’t want to say andrew had to forgive steven for leaving but like. he kind of had to? it’s hard and it hurts and even though andrew knows steven’s not leaving him, he’s leaving for bigger opportunities and new adventures, it’s andrew who couldn’t pull his head out of the sand and try something new, there’s that nagging voice in the back of his head telling him steven was looking to leave him behind too even though they’re still like? together? they still talk every day and love each other it’s just. different. 

steven has to forgive andrew for not being more open, i think. andrew’s kind with him, obviously, and he loves him and he shows him that, usually in private, but sometimes steven just wants to hold hands when they walk down the sidewalk together and andrew isn’t always cool with that, i think? like it’s not like super deep he’s just not super into pda and he’s not as touchy as steven is? (drag me if i’m wrong tho from everything my swiss cheese memory remembers steven’s usually the one to initiate touch?) but steven has to remind himself that it’s not bc andrew doesn’t like him, just that they’re slightly different when it comes to touch.

25. What moves do they know work on the other?

oh steven bats his eyelashes and those big ol beautiful brown eyes at andrew and andrew fucking melts and does anything and everything steven wants. that one’s easy. 

i’ve been sitting here for five minutes trying to think of what kind of moves andrew would put on steven and i can’t think of a single thing that man is the least smooth person on earth he either asks for it or he doesn’t get it. you’d think with a face that charming he would be too but no. 

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You don’t have to answer this, but I feel like I have to say it. I started relapsing back to my ED (I’m not very proud of it) but reading your prompts and being in this community has helped me fight those inner demons that scream at me to do bad things to myself. I even started writing again. So, I just wanted to say, thank you for being you and for being amazing. -hugs- PMA! -Thankful Anon

*hug* Thank you so much! And I’m really glad you’re feeling better. Keep fighting that fight; it’s so worth it!