make me choose meme [temporaliter asked]: zuko and iroh or toph and sokka 

↳ “After I leave here today, I’m gonna free Uncle Iroh from his prison and I’m gonna beg for his forgiveness. He’s the one who’s been a real father to me.”


I wanted to thank you all for following me! 100+ of you ;u; Thank you all so much and here’s a little gift for all of you! Since I don’t like to make hair too often, I felt inspired to make this for my simself (I always push my hair back since it’s irritating so I thought this was the perfect hair haha!) I wasn’t able to make anything spectacular since schoolwork and everything, but I really hope all of you like it!

  • BGC
  • All 18 EA swatches
  • Teen-Elder
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Feel free to recolour, tag me if you do! (Just don’t include the mesh)
  • Do not reupload without permission/or to any paysites
  • Not hat compatible (Sorry!)

Download under cut!

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