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YEUP so what I keep thinking is that yeah, by the end of KH3, Sora’s gonna be Kingdom Hearts itself. Either he has been the whole time and we just didn’t know, or he becomes it, or embodies it, or there’s time travel shenanigans again, or it’s because of some other unknown WTFery that Nomura suddenly pulls out because goodness knows his penchant for doing that to us!

There’ve been a bunch of various things throughout the games that seem to hint in that general direction, here’s just some I remember:

A WHOLE lot of Ansem the Wise’s speech at the end of 3D:

This Xehanort report:

Coupled with this from the very first game:

Reinforced with repeated stuff like this:

Even with all the bonkers plot craziness of there being like six Soras and seventeen Norts and all that junk, there’s one thing that’s stuck out from it: Sora is really good at making or fixing people. Hell, he accidentally made three entirely independent people with their own hearts and wants and such just because he loves everyone that much and it kinda…spills over into the circumstances he gets into.

It makes him and Xehanort into complete foils: Xehanort tries to spread his own self out, erasing (or at least attempting to erase) other hearts and just replace them with himself. Sora does the opposite…he takes hearts in to himself to make them safe, and makes new ones just by being himself.

Considering all this, I can easily see a scenario wherein Xehanort manages to “win” the final fight (I mean, all the Book of Prophecies stuff and anything else tying into KHUX seems to be very insistent that Darkness Will Win no matter what; although I only have secondhand knowledge of KHUX so I may be really off-base with that. That’s the impression I’m getting from that and word of god, tho) But yeah, Xehanort wins, is totally set to restart the universe because that’s what he’s wanted this whole time and what fascinates him and what he’s worked for years and years towards, and…then no, he’s rejected or unable to, because he’s still missing that most important thing.

And instead Sora opens that door, and becomes Kingdom Hearts, and in the end has to restart the universe, because that’s just the kind of person he is.

And the really sad thing about it is that it’s not something he would want! He just wants to friggin’ go home and be with his friends! But, if circumstances get that dire…making a new one probably isn’t outside his ability. 

In the aftg fandom, we don’t say “I love you.” We say heißt nicht, dass ich dir keinen blasen würde” which means “doesn’t mean I wouldn’t blow you.” And I think that’s beautiful.

Edit: translation updated and improved, thanks @groan-taire!!

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Hey! For your headcanons, have anything on Post Brotherhood/ Human Al?

Headcanon A:  realistic

Although his muscle tone returns to normal with time and physical therapy, one more permanent souvenir of Al’s time in the Gate is his somewhat lacking immune system. It’s able to fight off infection, but it takes longer about it than a normal person in his state of health, for the simple reason that it spent years without being exposed to a single virus or bacteria. So Al catches every single cold that passes through whatever location he’s in, and makes Ed panic repeatedly.

Headcanon B: while it may not be realistic it is hilarious

Al really enjoys having physical sensation back–perhaps sometimes to excess. Specifically, he really likes the feeling of rain on his skin and so he will deliberately “forget” his umbrella and raincoat, even when it’s seriously pouring.  Of course, his traveling companions worry, so it’s just two hulking men with somewhat animalistic features chasing after a laughing, fresh-faced young man with umbrellas. It’s even worse if he’s with Ed, since Ed’s old injuries mean he hates rain and gets progressively grumpier as the weather gets worse, so Al’s antics just end in him screaming at his brother to “Put a f***ing raincoat on, idiot!”

Headcanon C: heart-crushing and awful, but fun to inflict on friends

Sometimes Al wonders if Ed resents him. He knows how much his brother loved alchemy.  And yes, he always says that Al is more important to him, but how can Al know for sure that’s true? Ed’s a master of self-deception, he has been all his life. He might not even be lying to Al on purpose. These moments of doubt don’t last long, but they always cut deep.

Headcanon D: unrealistic, but I will disregard canon about it because I reject canon reality and substitute my own.

Al gets a cat.  Also, at some point in his travels with the ex-military chimera, he also meets a lovely old lady with roughly 26 cats and takes a picture with them in order to convince Ed that he’s adopted all of them.  He keeps up the charade for months.

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I didn't intent to kiss you for Steter please?

Thanks for the prompt! :D Here’s some total fluff. 

“I didn’t intend to kiss you,” Stiles says once he has his lips back. He’s all wrapped up in Peter in an embrace he never wants to leave, but the words still have to be said.

“Of course,” Peter agrees, and kisses him again. It’s a good kiss—great kiss—excellent kiss—but—

“I really didn’t!” Stiles says, placing his thumb over Peter’s lips so that he doesn’t get distracted again. “I had a perfectly good five year plan all set up for wooing you and then you had to come in here looking like that—”

Peter tilts his head back just enough to speak clearly. “So you do like the jeans.” His smugness is making it really hard not to just kiss him again.

“I’d say they were painted on if I hadn’t been feeling you up a second ago. But back to the plan. I had steps. First I was going to catch your attention—”

“Since the first day I met you, yes.”

Stiles tries not to preen, because honestly he’d caught Peter’s attention when Peter had been a murdery lunatic, but he fails. “Next I was going to see if you were attracted to me.”

“Also since the day I met you.”

“That puts you knocking me against your dead nurse’s car in a different perspective,” Stiles muses. He’d been terrified back then, but also dammit, so much wasted time. “Next I was going to make sure you’re interested in more than just something causal. And don’t say since the day you met me. I threw a chemical bomb at you. That’s wasn’t me volunteering for boyfriendship.”

“Maybe not,” Peter says, his lips twitching. “But we passed that stage when I realized I didn’t want to ever see you with anyone else. What was the next step?”

Stiles’ heart thuds in his chest. If this is a dream, he’s going to kill someone. “I didn’t think I’d actually get that far, but, uh, I wouldn’t mind you falling in love with me.”

“Done,” Peter replies, his expression hopelessly soft as he leans in to kiss Stiles again. This time, Stiles doesn’t even try to resist.

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Oooh Josephine x Adaar with 2, 14, 19 for the otp ask meme, please!!

2: Who sleeps in the other’s lap?

Iskanthe. She finds it very comforting - and after discovering the joy of having her hair played with, it becomes a must after being away for weeks at a time. 

4: Which one tells the other not to stay up all night and which one stays up all night anyway?

Iskanthe is very aware of how much of a workaholic Josephine is. It’s partially how Iskanthe earned her favour - after telling the ambassador time and time again not to stay up all night working (to no avail), she instead took to preparing late-night snacks for her and bringing them to her. It took Josephine a while  to clue into the fact that Iskanthe could, and was the one cooking. 

19: How good would your OTP be at parenting?

not that I’ve thought extensively about this and maybe planned out their whole family or anything

It would be ludicrous to think that they wouldn’t be the most amazing parents. 

(The wee one is Cassandra - named for the lady seeker, of course.)

Thank you so much for asking! I love them… so.. so much ;___; 

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Hey if you’re still doing those ship q & a could you talk more about batcat? If not you can just ignore this lol Ps I really love your art it’s gorgeous!!

(for the ship asks meme)

BatCat is one of my favorite Bruce pairings. I love pairings where one character’s attraction to another threatens that character’s sense of who they are or who they want to be. (A lot of batfam proximal pairings hit this button for me, so you may have heard me mention this before. XD)

Which means, of course, my favorite BatCat is when Selina is legitimately a problem for Bruce. She’s a match for him, at least when it comes to pursuit. (Spoilers: he can’t catch her [x].) Her moral code is different from Bruce’s in ways he can’t swallow easily. She doesn’t murder or torture, but she doesn’t mind hanging out with people who do. When she wants things, she doesn’t restrain herself. And Selina wants a lot of things – the thrill, the chase, the treasure, the luxury lifestyle that comes afterwards. Self-control isn’t her thing.

I don’t play DnD or any of it’s offshoots, but I figure Selina is pretty close to neutral on the alignment chart. (At least in the beginning anyway.)

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Alright then! You and Moira with 3, 20, 24 & 30 for the otp meme - I think we’re all thirst for that woman

We all thirst for Moira but you’re justifying my thirst by asking these questions what have you DONE

3: Who walks around the house half-naked and who yells at them to put on some clothes? 

20: Which one types with perfect grammar and which one types using numbers as letters?

We both love grammar. 

24: Which one gives the other a piggyback ride when they’re tired?

Me. But I mean… 

30: If your OTP went on vacation, where would they go and what would they do? Who would take the pictures?

Mmm, I’d be pretty glad to go anywhere she wanted. Chances are her tastes are better than mine (definitely) - although I’m sure I’d be hard pressed to get her to actually go on a vacation and not a thinly-veiled attempt at more research in a different location. 

I’d still take pictures. 

Thank you so much for asking! ~ <3

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Au where riza and roy adopt the elrics and it’s either a) their first day of school or b) Al’s graduation day

“Now don’t forget that there are extra pencils in the front pocket of your backpack.” 

A smile crept onto Roy’s face and he leaned against the doorjamb as Riza crouched down in front of Edward and began zipping up his jacket. A teasing reminder of the prior night’s conversation between them about the boys’ first day died on his tongue and he sat back to watch everything unfold. Though she had promised him and herself that she wouldn’t get carried away, Roy couldn’t help but allow her to feel what many a parent felt when their children moved on to a new chapter of their lives. After all, there was only one true first day of school.

“We know,” Alphonse proudly proclaimed. “And there are extra erasers in our pockets!”

“Very good,” Riza said when she finished zipping Ed’s jacket. She smoothed out his shoulders and leaned back on her heels. “And Edward, do you remember what you’ll say if someone says something about your leg?”

A mischievous smile found its way to the young boy’s lips. “Yeah,” he said as he lifted his fist. “I’ll tell ‘em I’m gonna knock them into next week.”

Riza’s mouth fell open but before she could reprimand his claim, Alphonse pushed his hand down and said, “I won’t let it happen, Mom. I promise!” 

Roy shook his head and smiled, and then stole a glance toward the clock on the wall. “Hey, you three,” he called as he turned back to them. “We have to get going.”

“Okay,” the two boys said in unison.

Riza gave another look of warning to Ed before the two boys raced forward and threw their arms around her neck. She wrapped her arms around them and pulled them close. “You two be good, and be sure to have fun.”

“We will,” they exclaimed. 

“And,” Edward added triumphantly, giving her an extra squeeze, “I promise I’ll only pop ‘em if they’re mean to Al.”