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My supervisor never schedules enough people. Most of the time I have no problem with coming in early, staying late, picking up an extra shift, etc. But the last few days I haven't been answering when they call because I've been sleeping 14+ hours a day because I'm very sick. I go in for my scheduled shifts and push through then leave asap. She's super pissy towards me for it. Leave me alone! Stop calling! Let me have time to get better and I'll start working extra again!

Imagine Woozi secretly giving you a kiss on the forehead when you’re asleep.

Johnlock AU, Sherlock loses his memory
  • John: Sherlock, its me. John.
  • Sherlock: John who?
  • John: *quiet for a moment* John. John Watson.
  • Sherlock: Never heard of you.
  • John: For gods sake Sherlock! Its me!
  • Sherlock: I've never seen you before in my life.
  • John: Sherlock. Its me, John, your flatmate, your best friend!
  • Sherlock: *clearly confused* I'm sorry, I think you have me mistaken for someone else.
  • John: *chuckling sadly* Who else do you know is named Sherlock? Sherlock Holmes? Hmm?
  • Sherlock: How do you know my name?
  • John: Because I'm John Watson! I'm your best friend! Have been for the past 3 years!
  • Sherlock: *slowly backing away* I'm sorry, I don't know who you are. I don't know who you think I'm suppose to be.
  • John: Sherlock Holmes. The Sherlock Holmes. Consulting detective, only one in the world. MY best friend.
  • Sherlock: You're clearly mistaken. Thats my name but I'm not any of the things you've just mentioned.
  • John: *completely baffled* Jesus, you really don't know who I am?
  • Sherlock: I'm sorry. I don't.
  • John: This isn't right. This is wrong. All of this is WRONG.
  • Sherlock: Um, right. I should probably get going.
  • John: No! *more softly* Please, don't.
  • Sherlock: I'm wanted at Uni. I'm already late as it is.
  • John: Uni?
  • Sherlock: Yes, I was suppose to take some exam. Though I quite frankly don't see the point of it. They're just simple, dull, to-the-point questions; I could do them in my sleep.
  • John: You don't go to Uni.
  • Sherlock: Of course I do. I know I haven't been for the last four days but-
  • John: You haven't been for the last couple YEARS.
  • Sherlock: *chuckling* I think you've had enough to drink, don't you? I suggest you go back home-here I'll pay your taxi.
  • John: I haven't had a single drop.
  • Sherlock: Clearly you have.
  • John: Sherlock, please. Its me. Your friend.
  • Sherlock: Okay, I'm going to call that taxi for you.
  • John: No, listen to me. Your name is William Sherlock Scott Holmes. You're a consulting detective, a job you invented for yourself. You haven't been to Uni in years. You live at 221B Baker St with me, John Watson, your flatmate and best friend. We solve crimes together. I blog about it.
  • Sherlock: *chuckles* Thats absurd.
  • Sherlock: Wait. You know my name. How, how do you know my name? I've never mentioned that to anyone.
  • John: *sad smile* Because you told me.
  • Sherlock: Thats impossible. I don't even know you.
  • John: Let me help you, Sherlock.
  • Sherlock: No. Stay away from me. *backing away*
  • John: Sherlock, please, don't!
  • Sherlock: Stop! I don't know you! You don't know me! Stop saying my name!
  • John: If I didn't know you, how would I know you had a drug addiction?
  • Sherlock: You could have easily heard that from someone in Uni.
  • John: Or that you like talking to your skull Billy?
  • Sherlock:
  • John: Or how about the fact that you use three nicotine patches when you're trying to think? Hmm? Or that you prefer texting to calling? Or that you have a brother named Mycroft that you despise and he in turn spies on you?
  • Sherlock: Who are you?
  • John: I'm John Watson. 5th Northumberland Fusiliers. Army doctor. Your best friend.
  • Sherlock: How come I don't know you?
  • John: I don't know. But I'm going to find out.

hi, everyone. i hope you all are doing well! take care of your health and get enough sleep~! quick thank you all for following this particular funny kpop gifs blog (OTL i feel like a ton more pop up every time i look). i understand everyone’s tastes may be different and i am biased but i still try to post a variety. please continue to enjoy <3