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The Internship arc is a lot less enjoyable when you realize that the protagonist, at the age of sixteen and in the first year of high school and during his internship experience: discovered a child was being used as a human experiment by the leader of the yakuza, was then deeply involved in the case dedicated to saving said child, would have been gravely wounded in the later fight if it weren’t for the quirk of said child, showed up to the battle in time to realize that an older student who he looked up to had been fighting the leader of the yakuza quirkless for several minutes, witnessed the person he was interning for get speared through the stomach, and later learned after the fight that a classmate was wounded so badly that the skin broke off of him. The person he was interning for died in the hospital with the protagonist standing beside his hospital bed, being held onto by the now quirkless older classmate for support.

Okay….soooo if I did a small detour and wrote a Daisies & Dinosaurs Halloween-themed drabble because I’m emotional for Namjoon today, would y’all read it?

man~ tomorrow I’m going back to hell~
I’m so sad I was not being able to show off a few new babies (I kinda wanted to do it before I will go but I’m still not close to be done T^T at least I was working hard on the comic :>)
anyway here is a little wip of those kids I wanted to show off I hope when I will be done with them that you will like those monsters

((Sorry for not being super active here lately!! I’ve been trying to catch up after vacation and adjusting to my new full-time job and art block struck me kinda hard! I’m gonna make it a goal to try to reply to some stuff this week so we’ll see what I can get done! I’m gonna try some new things with this blog, but even with all kinds of stuff keeping me busy I still want to keep it active! ))

“what’s your name?”

my name is Paška

i’m a montenegrin refugee. i’m a young gay woman being raised in a conservative religious household. i’m the voice my four little sisters follow when they’re lost in life. i’m the person who gives advice they never take them self. i’m a silenced voice who wants to become louder and become heard and stand for others. i’m recovering from anorexia and depression. i’m someone who often feels worthless and unmotivated and unloveable. i’m an artist. i’m sensitive and wear my heart in my sleeves. but i’m strong. i’ve made it 19 years and i can and will go for more. i’m studying in hopes of researching cancer and saving lives in the future. i aspire to lead and teach. i’m not weak and i’m not going to stay silenced. “speak yourself” ? okay.

i’ll speak for myself.


I just read the news about Choro’s VA for the dub, and I’m devastated. I don’t know much about what he’s done, I’m not experienced enough for that, and I don’t want to know all about it, but I know that it’s bad. and they should recast him.

i don’t want to get on anyone’s bad side here, this is just my opinion.

Whatever you do, please, please don’t hate on the people who love Choromatsu himself. You. I’m talking to the dramatics, the trolls, the people who rage a lot in this fandom, the people who hide behind anons. You guys. I know you’re out there.

Choro is a comfort character to me, and I’d hate to see people quitting the fandom because of others hating on them. 

Just… please. I know I’m not someone that people listen to. I’m one person in the masses of the Ososan fandom, why would anyone listen to me?

but please consider.

- Timey

Sorry for the lack of art and content here lately.  I’ve gone and damaged a tendon in my wrist and can’t draw (and barely type) at the moment until I can figure out how to set up my tablet in a way I don’t need to hold it with my left hand. (It’s a large, foot wide tablet and fairly heavy). I work in an easy chair with a laptop and don’t have a desk so it’s a bit tricky!

Not sure when I can comfortably get back to doodling but hopefully soon!  In the meantime I’ll be awfully quiet while I wait for it to heal. 

I probably just slept on it wrong or something the other day and hurt it. It honestly doesn’t take much for my body to take some serious damage over something so minor or simple. It’s a real pain, no pun intended lol. Here’s to hoping I can get back to drawing soon!  I neeeed to draw Vaard but for now I’ll just sit here with grabby fingers at my tablet while I wait.

Wishing everyone a great week, and no sleeping wonky on wrists!