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Todoroki is a very quiet and reserved kind of guy, not very touchy-feely-cuddly, but it’s mostly because his father instilled a mistrust of people into him. He didn’t realize it himself until he had it, but he really really loves being physical. His friends have since come to realize that it just takes a lot for Todoroki to trust you, but once he does he is relentless about pursuing contact. Izuku introduced him to the concept of platonic affection and since then, his friends cannot take a few steps without paying attention to him. If they ignore him for too long he’ll lean on their shoulder or, worst case scenario, sit directly on their lap and act like he is not, in fact, sitting on their lap. One of his favorite things to do is just fucken. Flop on top of his friends. Just flop on top of them. They’ve figured out that this is his way of showing affection and go along with it, and he is never happier than he is while in that situation.

Girl at my school: “I just don’t think a girl would be with someone who kills people.”

Me: “surenotpffT thAT wouLD bE craZY”

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How would Connor react to someone taking his jacket?

       he’s confused - because well he wears that jacket everywhere. that’s his jacket. no
        one elses ( he hasn’t really been in a situation where he KNOWS that sharing clothes
        is kinda a natural thing to do ) so he kinda just stares at you for a couple of seconds.
        looking like his usual puppy self before starting to realise how g o o d you look in it.
        which is saying something because it’s at least a size or two big for you and the sleeves
        come over your hands b u t it’s fine because you like grabbing at the ends and pulling
        the fabric over your knuckles to keep you hands warm. the confusion wears out and he
        has that smirk on his lips. because we all know he’s not as innocent as he LETS everyone

        it smells like him ( he smells like coffee and a little bit of that new book smell. ) you know
        the plastic ones, it’s not off putting and it’s not a weird smell - it’s really nice ( but he’s
        starting to smell more like the station then anything. ) and he comes to accept that you
        need the jacket on more occasions than he does and he doesn’t complain in the future -
        because you look rather g o o d in his clothes.