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Could you please write a headcanon post on how you think Geralt, Eredin, Ciri, Triss, Yennefer, Imlerith, Caranthir, Avallac'h, Dettlaff, Regis and whoever else you feel like adding, comfort their s.o? I really enjoyed reading your previous headcanon posts :)

The Witcher™ Characters: Comforting their s/o. 


Would most likely throw something at you and tell you stop being a lil’ bitch.

Geralt (either this)

(or deplete all your enemies in one go)


Who did this to you, where are they, and how can I demolish them? This girl is always looking to avenge injustice.  


What is compassion? 


Gosh, we adore Regis. 


Yennefer would remind you of how pointless it is to be spending time moaning about such small dilemmas, when you’ve faced much worse challenges in life and made it through just fine.

Lambert ▽

Eskel ▽





**Say something really dramatic.** 


I think this human is.. sad? 

Vernon Roche

Probably look and say something really macho-masculine. 


And then proceed to play his flute and make a dirty joke. 


Triss just has her way with words, if she really loves someone, and they love her. Oh BOY, best cure for sadness - ever? 





Thanks for your request! 🐮

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i know you did a h/c for ravus and prompto s/o being a vampire. can you do one with the rest of the cjocobros and maybe nyx?


  • “I sparkle in the sunlight too, but that’s just because I use a lot of cocoa butter.” “Gladio I’m not that kind of vampire. That kind of vampire doesn’t exist.”
  • He starts to tell you that he’s convinced Ignis and Prompto are vampires. His only evidence is that they burn easy
  • Your new nickname is “The Count.” There’s not much you can do about it but roll your eyes when he says it


  • He really does start pulling out all the obscure vampire movie facts from history. He loves old movies, and he wants to know how accurate some of their depictions of vampires are because he’s a nerd
  • He wants you to turn him because he’s tired of getting horrible sunburn, and at least if he’s a vampire he’ll have a reason for it. You don’t have the heart to tell him that you can’t just… create a new vampire like that
  • “So that bat I found a few days ago in the laundry room? Was that you?” “No baby that was just a bat. You might need to get a rabies shot.”


  • He straight up just assumes that you do a lot of the things you do for the aesthetic. You didn’t even hide that you were a vampire from him tbh
  • Big hats to protect yourself from the sun? Fair enough, Prompto burns easy too. Always drinking “tomato juice?” Not his cup of tea, but alright. And the sharp canines? They’re cute, they make him think of a cat
  • You really do need to come out and explain to him that you’re a vampire, or he will live his entire life believing you’re just the ultimate goth


  • Nyx grew up in the age of vampire love stories, he already knows what this means for him ;)
  • (He actually doesn’t, but let him have the fantasy)
  • 100% wants you to feed from him, he has a biting kink that won’t quit and you’ve somehow made it even bigger. He’ll wear the love bites from without shame

H-How… When… O___O I… Huh.

How did… THIS video get that many? I just… I’m blown away this actually happened. I’ve never gotten this many likes for a video. There a lot of Build Our Machine videos so I just didn’t expect to get a lot of attention for it but… I’ll be darned. I’m flattered and stumped at the same time. 

Feel like I should do something special for the occasion but can’t really think of anything. I will say this, I would like to another video for Bendy just too booked right now with other projects. Maybe in the future. 

Thanks for the support guys.

The video in question is this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aD5nUBI8UvY


ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. almost a month later and this is getting posted now. heck. 

I just wanted to get this request posted because i wanted to write it even though it no longer is April 1st. 

Description:  the Karasuno boy’s reaction to their s/o calling them into the kitchen and saying “I made you a cake!” But then once they get into the kitchen, their s/o dramatically uncovers a plate and is all “APRIL FOOLS I ACTUALLY MADE YOU TWO CAKES!!”

requested: yes.  I did not do every single player, if you would like me to do the ones  I didn’t include, let me know! also, I am not sure exactly what you were looking for, so I hope this is okay!  ~Admin Crow

Sawamura Daichi: 

- Daichi would probably stand there for a minute figuring out what was going on. Why did we need two whole cakes? Outwardly, this boy would probably grin and laugh, hoping you planned on helping him eat these cakes.

Sugawara Koushi:

- sly dog Suga wouldn’t even lose a beat. he’d hear the word ‘cake’ and would already be on his way to grab a fork….” t-two cakes!? F/N you shouldn’t have- oh this is supposed to be a prank? Well…you better be ready to eat a lot of cake for awhile…” would eat an entire cake by himself. secret sweet tooth he is

Azumane Asahi: 

-would grin and make his way to the kitchen, touched you baked for him for no special reason, and then blanch as you dramatically reveal a SECOND CAKE….were you trying to bulk him up more with the sugar? He’d be more concerned over what a sugar rush of two cakes would do to you. 

Tanaka  Ryuunosuke: 

- Ohoho? We are pranking for April Fools? And cake is involved? Is one cake for eating and the other for teasing? because I can just see Tanaka enjoying the first cake while using the second cake to smear all over your face. For fun and pranks of course.

Nishinoya Yuu:

- WE HAVE TWO CAKES!? Noya would not be phased by the prank. He would get just as excited and dramatic as you were about showing him the second cake tbh. expect a sugar high for hours now. 

Ennoshita Chikara:

- This boy. not just one cake to enjoy, but two!? He would probably make a comment on the prank and it being April Fools, but hey, you don’t have to worry about him not helping you eat it. We saw you enjoying your treats during the time you left volleyball….you can’t fool us Ennoshita, you have an indulging sweet tooth.

Kageyama Tobio:

- he. would. be. so confused? What? April Fools? But you just have two cakes instead of one? poor boy wouldn’t know anything else. He would definitely find your dramatic antics cute though. cue precious blushy blueberry boy

Hinata Shouyou:

- YOU BAKED HIM NOT ONE BUT TWO CAKES!? JOKES ON YOU BABE HE’S SO EXCITED. anyway….he’s another boy who would grab a fork and be like ‘lets dig in!” intending on sharing said cake, ends up eating most of both cakes.

Tsukishima Kei: 

- Probably wouldn’t be super surprised. tbh. He would be more concerned about your actions and why you were pranking him. although secretly he’s hoping it’s two strawberry cakes. 

Yamaguchi Tadashi: 

- aww. I think Yamaguchi would initially be shocked and thrown off guard but he would then go off on a beautiful tangent of how wonderful you are and how much work it must have taken you to bake two whole cakes for him and suddenly you now are wondering if it really was supposed to be a prank in the first place. 


some doodles to unwind after midterms… I…actually like these??? experimented coloring the kurama… and it turned out…not bad!

What if an alien and a human are beamed down to a planet with extremely low temperatures. The alien isn’t really adapted well to extreme cold, but it doesn’t matter because they’re only going to be there for a short period of time.

Unfortunately, an asteroid passes right by the planet and the ship is forced to fly back out of radio range to avoid being hit. They not only lose contact with their crew members, but they also lose their GPS lock on them. It’ll take them a few minutes to wait for the asteroid to pass by and to get back in range, at which point they’ll need their crew members to hail them so that they can figure out where they are and beam them up.

Even more unfortunately, both the human and the alien are getting increasingly cold and the alien, who never really liked the human anyway, thinking that humans in general get a lot of undeserved praise in the galaxy, starts getting annoyed.

“Human, stop making that clicking sound, it’s really annoying.”

“F-for the l-last f-frickin’ time, my name is J-james, and I c-can’t help it. My t-teeth are cha-chattering.”

“Well at least stop moving around like that. Conserve your energy, idiot.”

“I c-can’t h-help it. Th-this is what humans d-do when it’s-it’s cold.”

“Ha! I knew the human ability to survive the cold was exaggerated! I don’t know why we even have a human!”

“I g-got the j-job f-fair and squ-square. Being human had n=nothing to do w-with—”

“Hey! Stop that!”


“You’re changing colour! Stop it! You’re going white! What the hell are you trying to pull here, you wanna start a fight?”

“It’s n-not v-volunta—”

“’Cause let me tell you, you may think you’re so big just because you’re human, but you don’t even have venom! I could kill you in two seconds. You insult me like that again and I’ll— oh, what’s the point? I don’t even have the energy to yell at you.”

“A-are you o-oka—?”

“Shut up human! We’re going to die here.”

The alien then passes out and, to their surprise, wakes up on the ship. 

“How did you find us?” They ask, while the ship’s doctor examines them.

“Oh, James hailed us,” the doctor says, pointing over to the human, who is in the corner drinking some brown liquid with steam coming off it, “lucky for you, his species is so well adapted to the cold.”

bruh😩deadass💀🍑hungry rn👊😵🤙yah pizza 🍕whatchu want❓🍕lemme get uhhhhhhh🤔🤔👀B O N E L E S S ☠️🚫PIZZA🍕😩wit a 2️⃣ Liter of c o k e 👏😤fuck 😑❓kinda pizza❓🍕 and 👏 2️⃣ liter machine 🅱️ R O K E 🚫 we got 1️⃣ liter tho 👍 FUCK 😤😑 u mean 🅱️❓aight look 👀👌 lemme get that pizza 👅🙌 B O N E L E S S ☠️🚫 uh ❓pizza dont got bone on it 🍕☠️🚫 tf 😤❓ did i jus say then❓🚫 u said 🗣 LEMME GET IT 👌💀B O N E L E S S 🚫 like pizza 🍕 got a damn bone on it❓🍕😤 Y'ALL 🤙 GOT BONES ☠️ IN YA SHIT 💩 THEN❓🚫 nah 🚫 then whats❓the problem ❓😤 D I C K H E A D 🗣😩🚫 name 1️⃣ pizza that got 🅱️one ☠️ on it❓JUST DONT 🚫😤 PUT THEM SHITS 💩IN MY PIZZA BRUH 🚫🍕😤how many times❓😤 i gotta say it❓🗣🚫bruh 😑 just explain to me 🗣 how tf ❓pizza can be boneless 🚫🍕☠️ if it dont 🚫 got bone in it ☠️ iss 🅱️oNeLeSs ☠️😤son 👦 what school 🏫 u go to ❓ dawg 🐶 i dont🚫 understand the pro🅱️lem❓😤 just make my shit 💩 B O N E L E S S🚫☠️😤 D E A D A S S😤 im d e a d a s s ☠️🍑 not🚫 making this p i zz a🚫🍕☠️

Class 1-A as things I’ve heard or seen people do.


Iida: I studied for today’s test.

Midoriya: What do you mean we don’t have a test.

Iida: Yeah but I still studied.


Kirishima: *Runs his hand through Katsuki’s hair*

Backugou: *Twists his arms*

Kirishima: ow OW OW wtf????

Backugou: Do That one more fucking time and it’ll be worse.


Eraserhead: Ok so the word you have to spell out is “meager”-

Kaminari, from the back of the class: OMGG??!? DID YOU JUST SAY N***ER??????


Sero: *bumps into Backugou on accident*

Backugou: D A M N C H I L L Y O U A L M O S T S P I L L E D M Y C H O C O L A T E M I L K !1!1!1!


Eraserhead: Ok so tomorrow is ugly sweater day so come to school in ugly christmas sweaters.

Todoroki: *comes to school in a normal sweater but with a mirror taped over it*


Midoriya: *just read the last chapter of his favorite manga and looks like he’s about to combust out of hype and excitement after reading it*

Ochako: Deku, chill. Calm down.



Present Mic: *passes out test in the last 10 minutes of class*

Todoroki: *20 minutes later* Uh, class has been over for ten minutes we have to go.

Present Mic: Well y’all wasted time so no it’s your fault.

Backugou, from the back of the class: B I S H W E G O T N O F U C K I N G T I M E W D Y M.


Kaminari: *playing guitar* Is there a phone in your ass? *continues* cause that ass is calling to meEEeeEeEe.


Iida and Deku: *is talking about anime and stuff*

Kaminari: Yo why do you guys like anime?

Deku: Well because-

Kaminari: I mean, isn’t it all just KUN-YAAA *makes chopping motions with hands*


Eraserhead: Tomorrows theme is superhero so come to school wearing a superhero themed shirt or clothes.

Kirishima: *comes to school wearing a red New York shirt*

Deku: That isn’t a superhero shirt?

Kirishima: Uh, yeah it is? Spider-Man is from New York.


(Our tiefling warlock, Malveus, has a nasty habit of interacting with things by licking them. So far, this has included dripping dungeon walls, hallucinogenic mushrooms, a spider’s butt, a gray slime, and various other creatures.)
(Early on in our third session, the party comes across a corridor scattered with glowing crystals which shatter with a blinding light when handled roughly. A couple of us manage dexterity checks to collect a few, and then the expected happens.)

Malveus: I lick one.

DM: (exasperated) It explodes. And it takes all sensation in your tongue. You can still talk, but you can’t taste anything any more.

Malveus: What?! No!

Other warlock: Oh, man, that’s your special thing! How can you live without licking shit?

Malveus: Can I heal myself?

DM: A Lesser Restoration would do it, but none of you can cast that yet.

Malveus: (mutinous grumbling)

(We move on. After a minor scrap and some uneventful trekking through caverns, Malveus suddenly snaps.)

Malveus: I can’t take it any more! I need my freaking tongue back, guys! I summon Asmodeus to heal me.

(General commotion. Most of us think this is a stupid idea.)

DM: Fine, try it. But I hope you know just how high of a roll I’m going to make you –

Malveus: Natural 100.

DM: Bull!

Cleric: No shit, (DM,) he actually did it!

DM: Fuck. Okay, fine! Fine. Fuck it. Asmodeus the demon lord appears in a gout of sulphurous flame, and says, (scary voice) YES, MY SON?

Malveus: O my father, I beg of you, heal my broken tongue!


Malveus: Please, father, I –


Malveus: Done!

Cleric: What? Are you nuts?!

Sorceress: Don’t be a damn fool!

Malveus: Guys, it’s fine. I can see through the eyes of my familiar, I’ll still be able to see. Ish. Totally worth it. Take my sight.

DM as Asmodeus: DONE. YOU’RE AN IDIOT. (regular voice) He heals your tongue, blinds you, slaps you across the back of the head and you take six bludgeoning damage, and then he vanishes.

Other tiefling: (waving cheerfully) Bye, Dad!

Malveus: I summon back my quozzit and put it on my head, so its eyes are about where mine are.

(So now our Malveus wanders through the Underdark with his centipede-formed familiar permanently affixed to the front of his face.)

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hcs for the paladins's + coran's and allura's reactions to their s/o saying "i love you" in their sleep?

okay bye coran?? gotta love the guy jsjddjsfhgh can’t believe i’m writin for him


  • okay he be like… what
  • did you just…  dID ANYBODY ELSE HEAR THIS????
  • so he rolls over and you’re asleep and he’s like??? excuse me???
  • you just spoke???
  • and then he realizes that you were asleep and he’s like !!!! they did that !!!
  • they must really love me !!!! jdfjh;kd
  • bye boy is over here having his own party like yasss my whole life has led up to this moment
  • probably wakes you up accidentally jdhsfkjsh


  • girl can we just…. picture this, you guys were supposed to cuddle but she took a little too long to get too bed
  • when she comes you’re asleep and she’s all pouty like aww srsly
  • because yo girl was hyped she was like yay cuddle time
  • but it’s no longer happening?
  • anyway she kinda just huffs a little and crawls into bed anyway
  • and then she just hugs you and then wow it’s a miacle!!!
  • you snuggle up into her and just hold her close and she be like wow okay cuddles after all
  • and then you say i love you
  • and she be like iS THIS HOE ACTUALLY ASLEEP 
  • but it would seem so
  • so she just kinda melts into a puddle because woow that is so cute
  • kind of brings it up when you guys are brushing your teeth or something in the morning


  • okay but picture tHIS ok he was training
  • and you wanted to be with your lovely boyfi god i hate that word
  • you wanted to take a walk or something but he still wanted to train
  • so you took his little jacket thing and curled up in the corner
  • “i’ll just wait for awhile” yeah right 
  • so when he’s all done, and you’re asleep wearing his jacketand he’s like what a pain but he’s a blushing mess ok
  • so he picks you up - hes strong ok - and then you snuggle yourself into him and he’s like “cute” n he’s really blushing
  • and then you just take a deep breath and mumble out i love you and he just???
  • he stops walking and he’s on fire ok
  • so he just walks you back to your room while blushing and puts you on your bed and then he stands there and he’s all should i??? ehh whatever
  • and so he cuddles with  you
  • and tells you he loves you too


  • okay but iMAGINE THIS you guys are just lounging around the room, hunk is trying to figure out this digital thing and you’re just laying down by him, your elbow tucked under your head, facing his thigh. you just wanna get him to finish n then hit the hay
  • and he’s saying things outloud like “oh this is interesting” and “so if we connect this wire,,,” and it’s rlly calming
  • so you start falling asleep
  • and then you snor a little and he turns to look at you n you asleep and he’s like ‘y/n bro don’t leave me’ 
  • and then you snuggle INTO His thigh 
  • okay like your face is kinda pressed against it and then you tell him you love him and he’s like
  • ‘rEALLY’ and he’s so happy because wow!!!
  • if you say it in your dreams, it means you’re thinking of him
  • n your think abt your love for him while you’re dreaming
  • hunk is so happy he can’t focus anymore so he goes to tell lance because pshttt what good are friends if you can’t tell them what your s/o is yet to know jsdhjdkfh


  • bye okay she’s working late, and you guys are doing that cuddling thing 
  • where your head is on her back and your arms are around her
  • and you fall asleep while she’s working because hello that girl stays up too late
  • so you fall asleep and then you get your throat caught on a small snore ish- and you snuggle closer into her
  • and then you just kinda mumble i love you katie
  • and wow she dead
  • like she seriously dead okay because wow you sound so cute like that
  • and !!!you used her real name!!!!
  • she is so embarrassed because you are too cute she’s just dslkjkjfljewds
  • She tried to slow her heart beating and continue but i mean
  • it’s you….
  • and you’re cute


  • okay this happened to shiro a lot
  • him falling asleep way after you
  • he usually just holds you there and tries to drift off
  • yeah well today he was doing that and absentmindedly rubbing patterns into your back
  • and then you snuggle really close to him and just mumbled in a really sleepy voice that you loved hm
  • but your eyes are closed so he’s like srsly bro is asleep??? agh
  • but he thinks it’s so cute
  • he blushes a lot and just holds you there for a moment before mumbling he loves you too
  • he’s still so embarrassed though
  • like i mean were you awake were you asleep, he doesn’t know
  • so he asks you abt it
  • “i-i’m sorry? i must have been asleep” that makes him rlly happy okay dlkjdfjlfjglk 


  • okay so it’s been a long day, he’s tired you’re tired
  • everybody is tired
  • so he does his skin care routine, puts on his face mask and gets to bed
  • where your butt is long asleep
  • he huffs a little because well no fair
  • but then he kinda just goes wHATEVER
  • and he slides into bed and you notice the shift right away
  • he just moving to get to your guys most comfortable position
  • and then when you get in it, he smiles because this really is comfortable
  • and then you hug him and start moving around and then he’s just watching you with that smile on his face
  • and then you say it wow
  • lance baby is so bLUSHING HE IS SO RED OKAY
  • god he loves you so much???
  • tomorrow he will tease you about it
  • but rn he just holds you closer

1998: Don’t believe everything you see online!

2008: I have to e-mail this to everyone I know so I’ll have the good luck promised at the very end!

2018: No I did not read the article but I saw a headline on Facebook which must be true so now I am 100% informed on The World.

2028: “Mom what time is dinner?”
7 o'clock.
“Hmm..doesn’t sound right, let me check online…..no, the Internet says dinner is at 8.”
But I just finished cooking it, it’s at 7.
“Sorry mom, you’re wrong, it says so right here.”

hc Request: IS IT POSSIBLE I COULD REQUEST A HEADCANON WHERE THE READER IS CUDDLING WITH CHICA? (possibly at a charity livestream etc.) (btw, you are AWESOME)

((thanks love, you’re so sweet!))

-it was just when the livestream started that Chica wanted some attention
-Kathryn was watching the chat and checking donations
-Amy had a handle on the camera
-The guys all sat on the couch just doing their thing
-you were the one that was on the floor, beside the couch, so the lil doggie chose you
-it started off as you two jackin around and playing, the chat found it cute but no one was really interest
-until you had laid down, a few hours later just getting tired, and Chica snuggled up against you, causing you to slowly fall asleep as she did
-it was fine and dandy until that one comment
“Mark look on the floor”
“what why”
“j u s t d o i t”
“alright alright- AWWWW”
-Everyone in the room and the chat DIED from adorableness
-Ethan took a few pictures and posted them on Twitter
-The guys paused what they were doing and everyone just spent the next few minutes to admire you and Chica
-lets just say that you didnt wake up till after the livestream and found out everything from tumblr
“you were just so peacefuuuul”


i’m not saying you should idolize larry murphy, i’m not saying you should love him. but i think before you go bash on him, you need to understand him.

the charcters in dear evan hansen are incredibily three dimensional, we all know that and we all acknowledge that. do they fuck up? yes, of course. everyone makes mistakes, and DEH focuses on the why. why does it happen? why do they do it? what makes them do the things they do?

we already know evan’s story well, we’ve seen many glimpses of jared’s, connor’s, heidi’s, cynthia’s. they’ve all made some mistakes. excpet everyone is so keen on blaming one person for this. that person is larry murphy. it might be because he has such a minor role in the musical (compared to characters like evan or heidi) or he just doesn’t do anything. he doesn’t do much, he doesn’t say much about connor and apprently people are angry with that. everyone’s so keen on bashing larry murphy, and i mean bashing. i’ve seen some pretty horrific attempts on humour circling around larry and the hate on him. ‘he should’ve taken care o his son like he did with his glove’. you hate on him because he ‘wasn’t there’ for connor.

but isn’t that exaclty what connor did? isolate himself? cause grief to his family, push himself away from cynthia, abuse zoe and ignore larry? you all see to forgive connor to easily, that you aren’t aware of what larry is trying to do? he’s quiet, he seemingly ‘doesn’t’ care’ about his son, but maybe because… he doesn’t know how? just like connor didn’t know how to talk to zoe, or make friends at school? how brash connor and evan’s first interaction was? larry murphy doesn’t know HOW to deal with anything. but he’s trying, and y’all just ignore that.

in ‘to break in a glove’, larry says:

‘or you’re just trying to do what’s best for a kid who’s lost control,’

he’s not trying to say that he did everything he could for connor and it’s CONNOR’S fault that their family is broken, he’s not trying to justify his lack of communication and say ‘it was the right thing for connor but connor didn’t listen’

he’s trying to say that he’s tried HIS best to help connor but his best wasn’t enough, and he KNOWS that it wasn’t enough. and he’s quiet, maybe not as close to connor and maybe that’s viewed as neglection. maybe he wants to talk to connor but he can’t. maybe he just doesn’t know what to say and is scared of screwing the entire thing up even further. or maybe, just like connor, he doesn’t know HOW to talk to someone. maybe, he’s just like connor. 

i’m not trying to justify his actions. i’m not trying to say that what he did wasn’t wrong. 

i’m just trying to get you to understand that there isn’t ‘one villain’ in this story. there’s more than one. villains are actions, villains are words, but in DEH, villains are not people. 

Sure we could continue to imagine Yugioh DM taking place in the early 2000s, OR we could imagine it taking place now because the implications are much funnier. For example: Kaiba Corp.

- the concept of a weapons manufacturer turned game company is wild in and of itself and in the year of our lord 2k18 i would absolutely marry kaiba just for the idea of it

- but imagine the gamer culture

- like they probably put out a lot of video games as well as just blue eyes white dragon sex toys? (That was a joke) VR is already on the market imagine the sort of shit Kaiba Corp would put out

- imagine people making lets plays of KC games. Imagine Polygon videos of KC games

- imagine griffin mcelroy playing a kaiba corp game. This is a very powerful concept. Imagine monster factory Blue Eyes Shooter 4

- just Kaiba, the overdramatic teenage CEO existing in the era of meme culture is so so good???


- *your duel disk malfunctions* “SETO KAIBA DID THIS TO ME PERSONALLY.”

- *3 of anything appears in a row* “Check out my blue eyes white Sedans there used to be 4 but Seto Kaiba destroyed the last one”

- “duel monsters isnt even that fun” “shhh dont say that or the kaiba corp snipers will take you o-”

- *image of anyone in BDSM gear* “DUEL ME YUGI”


- Mokuba as a Gen Z genius running a very successful vine account that brings so many customers to KC just because if you see someone putting out enjoyable content youre inclined to be curious

- Mokuba as a Gen Z genius in general!!!!!!

- Seto and Mokuba Kaiba, millennial/gen z power duo from hell who are here to make this world a happier place if they have to kill you to do it

- These are actually turning into serious headcanons now so just. Kaiba Corp existing within our modern culture. Its such a good concept. Its so good. It would bring so much joy to this horrible horrible world. Kaiba Corp why arent you real? Someone get Kaiba to punch his way into this dimension.

Days of the week (smut)

Words: 1148

Warning: Smut

Reader x All the members

A/N:  This is a special smut that contains 8 parts, this is the first one and does not have smut yet

Days of the week l Monday - Jin l Tuesday - Yoongi l Wednesday: Hoseok l Thursday - Namjoon l Friday - Jimin

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 Everything started with a fan meeting. Everything started only with that.  You were nothing but just a fan, a fan who never thought that all that would happen. Once you went there, your life changed.

  You were there, waiting for your turn to see them, to talk to them, to give them gifts. You couldn’t be more anxious, you had been waiting for that moment all life. And finally, your turn came. You talked to them, one by one, sharing smiles and compliments. In the end of the FM, when you were about to leave – it was already empty, you wanted to stay there the most you could - someone stopped you. You turned around, and a big man was standing behind you.

“Can I help you?” you asked politely, and kinda scared.

“Come with me, please” the man said. He must be one of the securities, and your stomach started to burn up. What did you have done? Why was he calling you? What the fuck. The man took you to the backstage and while you walked thru the hallway, no one seemed to pay attention on you both. The man stopped in front of a door and looked at you.

 “I am the boys’ bodyguard. They are right inside this room” he said. Namjoon, Jin, Jungkook, Taehyung, Jimin, Yoongi and Hoseok were right there? What was gonna happen?

“They want to talk to you” You felt your body tensing up; you felt your heart stopping. What… the…fuck…? They want to talk to me? Oh my… “But I have to check you before”.

When he finished checking you, he looked at you again.

“And one more thing… You have to assign something” he said and gave you a paper.

Confidentiality Term?

“What is this for?”

“You can’t see them if you don’t assign this” He said.


You did as he said.

“You can go in”.

And just this way, he opened the door, and there they were. The youngest ones were sat, while the hyungs were standing. You entered into the room, your body shaking while you heard the door being closed.

“Hello” Namjoon said, “nice to meet you again” he said. Oh ma.

“H-hi, oh my God” you said, voice trembling.  You looked at their faces; they were looking at you as if you were an animal in a zoo, smiling cockily. They said a “hi” in unison.

“Don’t be nervous. What’s your name again?” he asked. Of course they don’t remember, they knew a lot of fans today.

“Y/N” you answered, blushing.

“And how old are you?” Jin asked. You almost lost your conscience because of the sound of his voice.

 “I am 18”.

 What was happening? What did they want? And whatever they wanted, why me? You must be dreaming. You were not in a room with the boys of BTS.

“Hum… old enough”.

They kept talking to you, asking things and you just answered, not daring to ask what was happening. But minutes later, maybe hours, you didn’t know, after a lot of conversation, the boys told you to sit.

“You are really beautiful, you know?” Taehyung said, making you wide your eyes. His deep voice did send you shiver. His lips… oh.

“Huh, t-thank you” you said, your face probably redder than a tomato.

“You are single?” Jin asked.

 “Yes” you answered.

“Well, Y/N. We gotta say that the fact you are wonderful is seen by all of us. Not just wonderful…You are hot too…” Namjoon said, his voice deepened as he said “hot”, looking you up and down. Your heart rushed. Did Namjoon say you were hot? Nah… Taehyung sat beside you, and your body tensioned. He seemed to notice because he smirked cockily.

“Are you nervous?” he asked. You nodded.

“Why Am I here? Did I do something wrong?” you asked shyly. They laughed.

 “Of course you didn’t, baby girl. Tell us… as a fan… you think we are hot, don’t you?” Yoongi said.


“O-of course I do” you said, blushing and looking down.  You felt Taehyung getting closer to you.

“And would you like to kiss me?” he asked, putting his arms around you. Oh my God that couldn’t be happening. Not with you. He got closer, his lips touching your ear, “would you like to touch me? Would you want me to…” he said, his hands flew to your thighs, squeezing at it and making you jump by the sudden touch, “Fuck you, hard and good?”

 The world stopped to you. You looked at him by the moment he said that. Did he say…did he ask…? Shit. You looked at the boys and they didn’t seem to be surprised. They didn’t act. They just stayed there, waiting for you to answer. You were so chocked that you didn’t realize Jimin had sat in your other side.

“Wouldn’t you want me to suck on your clit?” he said, his hand on your other thigh, getting up toward your breast, “or your boobs”

You got up immediately. What the fuck are you doing? Don’t. You didn’t know what to do.

 “We are sorry… sorry” Taehyung said, now apparently worried because of your reaction “We shouldn’t have touched you, we are sorry. You can go if you want”

No way.

“Why did you call me?” you asked. “That’s what I want to know”.

 “We liked you. We want you” Jin said simply. You looked at their faces again and noticed that Jungkook was the only one who wasn’t talked yet. So he is really shy.

“All you?” you asked shyly, looking at Jungkook.

“Yes, all of us” Jungkook said, making you surprised again. He was so fucking cute. They kept there, waiting for you to say something, anything.

 “I… I don’t think I understand” you said. What did they want? To fuck you all at once?

 “We are seven. There are seven days a week. We want you. That’s it. But if you don’t want to, you can go. But remember you can’t tell this to anyone” Namjoon said.

You thought about it… You wanted of course, but that was so sudden.

“You won’t live with us or something… We are staying here for 2 more weeks, and then we leave. You’ll go to our hotel room to see us when we call you and that’s it. Don’t think you are a slut because of it. You will be just a girl who wants to fuck her idols. Her idols who want to fuck her too”

That’s enough.

“Yes” you said.

“What?” Jimin and Hoseok asked, this time surprised.

“Yes. Let’s do that”  

Did I just accept?

 All of sudden, Jin walked towards you and grabbed your waist, pushing you back till your back hit the wall. He licked your earlobe while squeezing your butt with both his hands and whispered:

“Tomorrow is Monday. I am the first one”

Dating Yoongi;

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- him being a complete smol bean, and completely different to how he is on screen and stage
- when he’s stressed out, him asking you to cuddle him
“babe, please come and cuddle with me. i’m lonely.”
- and you obviously obliging.
because who would miss out on a suga hug?
- having cute little movie nights every single Saturday, if he’s not on tour
- cute little snores
- GuMmY sMiLeS
- wearing his shirts
“y/n, have you seen my grey shirt, i can’t find it anywh- oh.”
“sorry, yoongi, you can have it back.”
“no, keep it. you look adorable.”
- no pda when the other members are around
- but he can’t stop hugging and kissing you when you’re alone together
- him letting you have little previews of his new songs
- song written about you
- silly and weird snapchats/texts
- lots and lots of swearing
- literally, the guys would think you’re trying to have a competition to see who can swear the most within one conversation
- being with you whenever he can
- “yoongi, go hang with the guys. i can last here on my own for a couple hours.”
- “no, i don’t wanna leave you.”
- “god, you’re such a pain in the ass.”
- “but you love me.”
- “don’t flatter yourself.”
- him taking a while to say “i love you”, but after saying it the first time he’d never stop
- “text me when you get home.”
- s o f t a s f u c k
- he would literally worship you, you were his religion and he’d happily follow you until death
- having really heated and aggressive arguments with him, but after about 10 minutes him kissing you and apologising for what he did wrong.
- “babe, just shut up and kiss me.”
- you gotta have a lot of tolerance
- going on little adventures in the middle of the night. if he wasn’t busy sleeping
- taking long naps with each other
- massive fits of laughter that lasts about 20 minutes at a time
- “what colour are you dying your hair next?”
- being really good friends with the rest of the guys, especially hoseok
- him getting jealous of your and hoseoks relationship
- “min yoongi, i love you, and no one else. okay, hoseok is just a friend.”
- sarcasm
- when he can’t sleep, you’d sit up with him and have deep meaningful conversations about how much you love each other
- “y/n, you know i love you more then anything in this world. i would do anything for you, i honestly don’t know what I’d do without you.”
- hIm LeTtInG yOu WeAr HiS lEaThEr JaCkEt
- lazy morning snuggles
- his being the little spoon whilst sleeping
- cute facetimes whilst he’s on tour
- him getting stressed easily and flipping out a lot
- your arguments would be the worst
- lots of shouting and screaming, sometimes things will be thrown around
- him yelling “i fucking hate you, i wish we never met.” before storming out the door
- you probably breaking down into tears
- him coming back several hours later, wit sore eyes
- “I’m so so sorry, you know i didn’t mean it. don’t you? i love you, and without you I’d be nothing.”
- going out on random dates
- yoongi calling you up at stupid times in the morning just so you can cuddle
- cute little suga
- him getting jealous of other boys staring at you
- “hey, prick, get your own girl.”
- grabbing your hand randomly and squeezing it tight whilst saying “i love you.”
- out of the blew hugs from behind
- his deep and husky voice in the morning
- “morning babe. did you sleep well?”
- going crazy over his raps in all the cyphers
- “so, I’m guessing you like my tongue technology.” *winky face*
- so basically you just having the cutest of cute relationships, yeah, you might have a few problems but no relationship is perfect. but yours would obviously be pretty close.
sup, hey, how ya doin!
so, heya, i hope you enjoyed this. i will be doing the same for all the rest of the boys, just later on- like next week.
anyway, thanks for reading. and guess what; i have a masterlist! go check that out!
- love ya!
- kala <3
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Guys Stan did not wander off in that sewer scene? I keep seeing people saying this. He did not. He heard a noise, turned to investigate thinking it was Beverly, crawled a A FEW INCHES inward and saw Pennywise. Once he saw him he immediately turned to alert the group and found himself in a totally different room.