Never let anyone tell you that doing something because of your bias is wrong. I am taking Korean because I enjoy Kpop, I got a job to pay for band merchandise, I started working out because a member that I love said he likes girls who work out. Despite the fact that I know I’ll probably never even get to meet him it kick started me being healthier. I now am almost fluent in Korean which will help me later on in life, I now get a paycheck every week that covers more than just band merchandise, and I now have a healthy body because of an interest in Kpop. Never let someone tell you you’re wrong for learning or doing something simply excuse the interest sparked through Kpop.

if you have shitty parents then guess what im your mom now make sure you eat a good meal, drink some water, and take any medicines you need to! also take a nap if you haven’t been getting enough rest! play a song that makes you happy! tell someone you love them! write down one thing you see around you that makes you happy! i love you and you’re important to the universe. be safe 💓💓💓

I tried to look for the episode previously, but couldn’t track it down.

All I wanted to do was make remastered gifs of Scooby infinitely eating/generating hotdogs.

But now, after starting “To Switch a Witch” again…

that dream can finally be a reality.