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Project Nooboo: Lots of Tots

This project was started in response to the declining rate of berry nooboos in the sim worlds. To avoid this unimaginable tragedy it was decided that certain measures must be taken. For my part, I have obtained an empty neighborhood in which to conduct this experiment. It should not only increase the number of adorable berries out there, it will also be a fun test in genetics.

bucky on the bachelor: me and tony dont see eye to eye

bucky: not that i have anything against him, hes just. small. a short fella. Tiny

tony backstage: *pushing the producer away, knocking down the lights* kick him the fuck oUT-

on mother’s day, peter makes sure to clean up the entire house before may gets home from work. he orders some food and hides her present in her closet for her to find before going to sleep - a silver bracelet with a small rose pendant, and a huge box of those almond pralines she absolutely adores. he waits for her to come home with open arms, ready to squeeze her in a hug that he hoped showed just how much love and gratitude he feels for her, and though he met all the superheroes he looked up to as a kid, no one could convince him that May wasnt the strongest one.

on father’s day, he buys two bouquets of crimson roses for two graves - his uncle ben’s and mr. stark’s, leaving the flowers on each one quickly before the tears could come, cause he knew that they were looking over him and they would be sad to see him cry.