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1. Status? being lazy & playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

2. Fave colour? Pink, always

3. Lipstick or Chapstick? Chapstick. My lips are historically always dry. It is a nightmare

4. Last song? ffffff I guess, um, probably a Love Live! song? I forget which one; they blend together when you’re playing for a long time.

5. Last movie? I think that was when I watched Hanna while I was sick with the flu. It was a pretty good “watch-while-sick” movie.

6. Top three shows? Revolutionary Girl Utena, Princess Tutu, Sailor Moon

7. Top three ships? um, Aang/Katara, Chibiusa/Hotaru, Utena/Anthy

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We are God’s children when we are Christians as we are adopted into his family. God is the King of Kings so this means we are all Princes and Princesses. When we become children of God we sort of inherit the power of prayer. If we pray for someone else God will listen and will help if it’s the right action at the right time (God knows best and unlike in tangled that song it’s very true). I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. That a verse from the Bible. (sorry for rambling)

Love you all my Prince and Princess brothers and sisters in God!
May God bless you!
God loves you!

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Friendly reminder that your the most handsome of prince's and that i love you so much and wish nothing but the best for you!!

will smith poses at u.

have y’al ever seen a princess so beautiful ??? so fair ??? so enchanting ?? so—so incredible ? no ? didn’t think so… cause my princess is all that && MORE :’) <3 

there is a “WAPEACH” in this au! she is PRINCESS BLOOM of the radish kingdom! she has feelings for prince mario and tends to try and kidnap him, but fails to do so. ( especially since he got kidnapped by bowser ) she’s actually very pretty, but has an ugly personality. ( considering how the wario boys are considered the ‘bad’ versions of the mario bros ) she’s a bratty girl who thinks she should get her way. 

her name is a pun of BLOOMING ONION. 

im so glad they didnt do the “bury your gays” trope in izetta the last witch

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her parents wanted to own a bakery so constantly as a child, she was surrounded by all kinds of treats! from donuts to cakes. her most favorite is actually strawberry shortcake and she loves cheesecake too.

oOOO OH OH UHM!! okay I have this?? headcanon/theory about how the cobalt star sprite that appears in the star shrine in Partners in Time wasn’t elder princess shroob entirely?? and it kinda connects with how starlow became the representant of the star sprite kingdom (still a headcanon tho)!!

i kinda headcanon that the cobalt star was like, the maximum authority among star sprites, followed by a council who ran errands and stuff. maybe 6 or 7 star sprites.

ill prolly have to put part of this under a read more so it doesnt become very lengthy but pls bear with me asjhsdnf;; im rlly excited to share this bc ive thought of this for some time now!! <:’3c (also pls forgive my very messy doodles, i feel like if i had elaborated them more, i could have taken t o o long)


Elder shroob saw the potential within the star sprite, and fought for their powers- fooling the brothers with their presence would surely move her a step forward to breaking free, right?

knowing they were no match for her, the star sprite surrendered and gave up their power to prevent further damage. Powers that Elder Shroob used to her advantage (only going as far as using the sprite as a medium of comunication since i guess shroobs wouldnt be able to speak english /that/ fluently without help, and being able to locate the other cobalt shards)

Once the shards were complete, and the elder princess broke out of the cobalt star, it ceased to exist, as it was shattered (Elder Princess Shroob says it herself- “the cobalt star is no more”). This almost KO’d the sprite inside it, and had their energy drained out of them almost completely. 

(more under the cut so it doesnt become very lengthy)

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Sketches of Remy carrying Lucie <3

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For Sakuya ₪

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₪ -  For a kink.

“Uh… do feminine girls count?”

Surely not, but she doesn’t really know a better way to phrase it. She’s terribly guilty of having a huge thing for beautiful, highly feminine girls. Girls with pretty hair, girls with jewelry, girls in cute skirts - she adores them.

“I guess I’m really into girls who are princess-like. I love the idea of treating a girl like she’s royalty and spoiling her. It would be fun to be her prince charming.” A pause. “Wait. We were talking about kinks, right?”