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ghoul boys keep taking shots at the worth it boys but the very second episode of worth it ever, guess who was on camera for worth it????? shane madej, you hypocritical bastard

you’re right!!!!

also ryan was a co-host for a worth it lifestyle episode and was also in another worth it lifestyle video so like….. a pair of hypocrites

Guys listen to the beginning of Dream Alone by NateWantsToBattle and tell me it’s. Not about the community to Anti. XD

  • I know I said I’d keep my distance but you’re becoming an addiction.
  • You gave me you taste (Sister Location), can’t stay away.
  • So much shit (theories, confusion) going on in my brain.
  • I can feel you moving - we always know when Anti appears anywhere
  • I know that this would get confusing.
  • You’re in control.
  • You’re a bad idea and I need you to stay.
  • I can’t but think you’re filling me.
  • Now maybe I can make you mine (we help Sean decide what Anti’s like), so I’ll enjoy our time.
  • I really know that I should relax, but without you I’m in a relapse (the last two are little farfetched tbh)

Some parts are as if some egos were talking to Anti:

  • I don’t want t go, but your in control. Give me direction for playing my role.
  • I can’t stay away, you’re killing me.

And now, inexplicably, something that has basically nothing to do with dinosaurs. Although he has kinda chicken legs, which I think are cool. 

Grievous has always been my favorite Star Wars character, at the very least because he has a killer design. I’m also a big fan of the Clone Wars in general (mostly just for the planets and lore, Episodes I & II are stinky) since they’re the ones I grew up with. No disrespect on any of the other movies, I just dig this asthmatic, four-arm-havin, cyborg skeleton.

And I draw him next to never so I thought I’d give him a crack for Inktober.

includes over 74 icons from season two of riverdale

  • icon pack also features josie mccoy, toni topaz and veronica lodge
  • 150x150 px
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