hi can we please stop acting like:

a) bi girls need to date girls at any point to pass the Bi Test and become a Certified Bi, 

b) that dating a dude suddenly erases your bi identity???


c) that bi wlw dating girls are pure soft flowers and bi girls dating dudes are unlikeable or cishets in disguise? ? ?

please stop this and actually like, sit down and listen to bi girls when we talk about this shit??

The thing that gets me about most arguments against accessibility features in video games is that they’re not just grossly ableist, they’re also hypocritical as hell. Video games have always had accessibility features: we just documented them poorly and called them “cheat codes”. Indeed, having a robust library of difficulty-modifying cheats was considered a mark in a game’s favour! The only difference is that a cheat code is theoretically a secret, which allows it to be framed as elite knowledge, even though it’s functionally identical to having an “infinite lives” switch on the options screen.

Here’s a thesis for you: the Konami Code was the first well-publicised accessibility feature.



I should really rename this comic “Keith’s suffering” because I just feel like I’ve been taunting him for the past few pages.

Also are you guys ready for it to get…. REALLY GLITTERY? BECAUSE I DON’T THINK YOU ARE. 

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Some thoughts on the Shallura Plot thread in this comic under the cut.

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so these are finally done

to those who got upset over the first post for this: this is meant to point out how a majority of fandom makes the characters completely unrecognizable both physically and personality-wise, to the point that they’re just unbearable to even think about and blatantly racist

it’s not cute, and it’s not “woke,” it’s literally reducing the characters to gross stereotypes and warping their personalities to the extreme

You can be penis repulsed and still respect trans wlw as wlw. No one is forcing you to date trans wlw, all you have to do is recognize and respect their gender and sexuality. That’s literally it.

There’s trans wlw without penises. There’s penis repulsed trans wlw. For God’s sake like dude it’s not all about you and your cis comfort, think about how someone else might feel for once in your life.

It’s not hard to be kind or to try and understand someone whose had a different life experience than you.

okay so like…criticizing fanon interpretations of characters is fine and all, like, no one’s stopping you from doing that, but if the things you’re criticizing fanon for are drawing characters with darker skin + nonwhite features and headcanoning characters as lgbt, you’re not analyzing and criticizing flaws in how people see characters, you’re just being racist and homo/transphobic lmfao

throwback to the time scientists didnt know where corn came from and the resulting argument between two primary botanists with conflicting corn opinions created massive corn drama over the course of 40 years that included lab-created frankencorn, multiple expeditions to mexico, MANY academic papers, several lecture tours, two live conference debates that witnesses recall as “intense”, feral corn, and a singular 50,000 plant experiment 

Full offense, but you cannot claim to like Max as a character if you support him being in a romantic relationship with an adult. Max is a neglected, angry child who has a difficult time trusting adults likely as a result of his parents not caring about him. He’s had to build up walls emotionally and has a difficult time expressing himself in ways that aren’t angry or destructive as a result. Even when we first see him, he’s still got those walls up when interacting with David.

It’s only until recently (in both season finales) that those walls are slowly coming down. That he’s realizing that David wants to help him. And while he’s not always perfect at doing so, Max knows his attempts are genuine and not manipulative or for his own gain.

And by supporting the idea that David would hurt Max by grooming him and manipulating him into a romantic relationship (at ANY age in his life, not just as a child), you’re making the message clear that you do not care about Max’s development or well-being in the slightest. You are not a fan of him if you are willing to destroy that development for the sake of some ‘hawt yaoiz’.

Actual Max fans do not support the idea of him being hurt by one of the first adults he’s able to trust.

when 20 yr olds excuse other 20 yr olds kissing 14 yr olds for the sake of lgbt rep or whatever the fuck it just honestly makes yall sound like creeps who try to get w teens so heads up for all the 14 yr olds on here… if a 20 yr old or anyone thats older than you tries to make a move on u on here or honestly just even defends anything of the sort block and report them immediately cause theyre freaks