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The new client is objectively worse than the old one. Sure you could enjoy the overbearing ugly design and layout the new client and it’s shitty animations but even then its bugs are fucking catastrophic and you can’t deny that. The worst problems the old client had were the menu tabs not being accessible and even then you could just reenter and it would usually work. If your first thought to reading this was “lol u have a shit pc” then you’re part of the problem.


120k “Lullaby” sales in less than 2 days 

Good Standings on Domestic Charts 

Mnet   #1
Genie   #1
Soribada   #1
Bugs   #1
Naver   #1
Melon   #34

Broke their own Youtube Records


!!!    #13 most viewed song in 24 hours

Twitter Ahgases with So Many Tweets 

#GOT7 on Twitter with 2mil. tweets

#Lullaby on Twitter with over 1mil. tweets

#PresentYOU on Twitter with over 1mil. tweets

Incredible iTunes Chartings 

!!!   #1 Album on Worldwide iTunes Album Chart

!!!   Achieved 31 #1s on iTunes in different countries

Other Noteworthy Facts 

!!!   #1 Selling album on “Hanteo Real-Time” charts.

All the members had a hand in the production of the “Present: YOU” album.

Every member has a solo song they produced / helped to produce.

They released “Lullaby” in 4 languages.

!!!   B-tracks are also charting well on domestic charts.

All solo mv’s have 1m+ views.

Over 3mil. plays on Spotify.

JB was said to have rejected JYP’s advice on his song “Sunrise” and released it as is (we love how proud he is!).

↠ Be sure to stream and vote for GOT7 lots to show your inner Phoenix! We can do even more, Ahgafam

source | @fanatic_got7_ on Twitter
source | @GOT7VotingTeam on Twitter
source | @got7forthewin on Twitter

anonymous asked:

is it ok to let my dog eat bugs that are in the house? she likes it and thinks it's fun

Even ignoring the issue of letting your dog kill for sport, this is a bad idea. Dogs have no problem eating many common insects, but some can spread disease, lead to parasites or even prove fatal. Part of the issue is that most of us couldn’t tell the unsafe ones from the safe ones, and since you don’t already know this I’m guessing you probably fall into that category. The safest (and kindest) option is to just not let them consume any, because it’s always a risk.