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I may never recover from finding out today that Winona Ryder married Keanu Reeves while filming in Romania in 1992 and legit does not know if it was legally binding or not,,, 25 years later and she’s just like lol idk


me: i wish there was lgbt rep in this game

y’all: actually? in this secret unlockable side quest that you pick up in the middle of the woods on a hidden island if you purchase this, this, and this dlc + if you are max level and strong enough to fight through the 50 elite mobs guarding the area… it is implied that the quest-giver (a woman) may have had some sort of relationship with another woman. If you stay 15 minutes after turning in this quest, she briefly sort of mentions this other woman, and the way she speaks hints that she knows that woman in some sort of way. 

y’all: so :) think before you speak of things you dont know :) sweetie :)


5 papargraphs into the article: “There is no actual evidence that the man is wanted for murder in a country he hasn’t lived in for over a decade”

“I’ve worked as a doula for over twenty years.  I’ve attended over 400 births.  My job is primarily to support the mother.  And I try to bring a spiritual element into what can seem like a clinical experience.  I never speak the language of the clinician.  Because if you can change the language, you can change the energy.  Birth is a mystery initiation.  It’s the transition between spiritual consciousness and earthly consciousness.  I tell the mother to ignore the machines.  Ignore the beeping and the charts.  Technology can seem sexy but it’s really a bullshit representation of what’s going on.  Nothing is broken and nothing needs fixing, because birth is not pathology.  It’s a beautiful design that’s worked since the beginning of time.  So just tune into your baby who is a sentient, conscious being, and do this thing together.”