You know what will never cease to frustrate me?

Renesmee was the antichrist. Every detail about her from conception onward was creepy and dissonant and full of explicit body horror. Every single trope involving her was pulled straight out of Rosemary’s Baby and The Omen and stories in that vein. Even in-universe, there was textual evidence that creatures like her were apocalyptic events unto themselves. 

And after all of that setup, the narrative pulls back and insists that all that horror and dissonance was a big fake-out, or else entirely unintentional. The baby isn’t the antichrist, she’s practically the messiah!

…which is, literally, exactly what the antichrist would say.

One of the things Venom did very well that I’m really into is what I like to call Benevolent Possession. 

This idea of sharing your body/head with another creature that’s on your side and actually cares about your wellbeing– and that sometimes you can just tap out and it’ll take over for you. I don’t care if it’s an alien symbiote or a demon or the ghost of a dead pharaoh or whatever, the concept tends to stay the same, as long as that other being decides that they like you and they want you to be happy and in good health.

Those times when you’re just so tired and you know there are things that you Need To Do but you know if you push yourself any harder today you’re going to fucking break down? Just hand the joystick to your buddy and let them do their thing while you disassociate for a while.

Get caught in a depression or anxiety spiral that you can’t get out of? No need to worry, you’ve got a bunkmate inside your head who is aware of the situation, and they’re louder and more persistent than the other voices in your head. 

Pining for your ex? Good thing you’ve got a second opinion right there in your head telling you that it’s not a good idea and they don’t deserve you anyway.

Second-guessing what you wrote in that email to that very important person? Guess who you can ask about it.

Scared of walking alone outside for fear that something bad could happen? No need to worry, you aren’t alone, and if anyone tries to hurt you, your friend will f̶̨͉̬̜̹͙͈̍̂͒͘͞͠ͅư̴̦͕̰̞͛̈̄̾̇͢ç̧̛̦̱̫͌̆̑̆̿̚̚͜͢k̷̡̭̻̯͈͑̏̓̀̏̐͋̈̚͠i̸͈̤͍͚͔̙̹̙̮̿̊͂͒͋̇̑̾ͅn̷̼̮̳̥̱̊̉̋͒̄͗̌ͅg̷̺̞̠͎̼̙͉̬͉͌̿̽̒̓̚ ę̼͔̪̺̒͗́̈́̏ǎ̛̹̪̫̲͎̜̜̼̩̒̇̑͟t̩̮͈͕̰̎̀̽̽̀ t̴̡̼̬͚̞̂̀͊̾̒̃̊͑͜h̸͙̻͍͕͐̊́̋͢͡ę̖̟̬̟̰̫̭̖͔̾̃̄̑̍͘͠m̺̭̲͚̥̬̪̔̔̓̓̈́̅̚͡͝.

It’s just something that really appeals to me, you know?

Criminal Minds: Spencer’s in danger! Tune in next week/next season to see if he makes it!

Me: You do this every other time there’s a major team storyline. I’m not falling for it. I know you’re not really gonna kill him off. He’s gonna be fine.

Unsub: *holds knife to Spencer’s throat*


I can’t believe this isn’t even the entire album. This isn’t even the full spectrum of his entire album. These four songs are just a glimpse but there’s already so much thought and anthemic provocation and emotion in this little taste!!!! There are likely going to be six to ten more songs on the full album but just this handful has got me feeling so introspective and invigorated and wistful for things I’ve never experienced and that really is the power of andrew hozier byrne i guess!!!!!