*whispers* and his hair is completely pornographic in this scene like can you not


“You fucked the dairy goat?”

CS One-Shot: Bath Time (Inspired by "The Words" Music Video)

Summary- Killian comes to the loft upon Emma’s request to only find her in the bathtub and then sexy wet fun ensues. 

AN- You can read this if you are still living. HOT DAMN COLIN! I feel like my life is complete after seeing him shirtless and wet. I can die happy and satisfied. I hope you guys love me because I’m going to be so fucking tired in the morning. Very much un-beta’d. So this was birthed after the bathtub scene aka my death. Enjoy! 

Word Count- 1800

Rated M for shameless smut



“Emma?” Killian called out, unanswered as he slipped through the door to the seemingly empty loft. “Emma!” He tried again with a tad more inflection in his voice.

Killian stomped through the loft frantically, constantly searching for his missing swan until he stopped at the closed bathroom door, his hand poised against the knob and his face pressed against the tempered glass to hear if there was movement inside.

“Emma?” He questioned from beyond the door, his eyes closing briefly in anxiety for an answer. “Emma? Love, are you in there?”

No answer.

“Emma if you don’t answer me I will be forced to break down the blasted door!” He warned, nearly shouting beyond the barrier.

There was the sound of shuffling and the distinct noise of the lock being pushed out of place that had all but invited him in.

Without hesitation, he jiggled the knob loose and barged inside, his words tinted with mild aggravation. “Just what kind of game do you think you’re playing Swa-“

His words died in his throat, his jaw falling slack and the soles of his shoes ground into the titled floor at the sight of his love; perfectly bare from head to toe, small beads of moisture rolling off of her porcelain skin.

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