*sobs* i just..... love this boy....... so much

You know, I’m actually not that surprised that Kaminari was the one who made his wish to make friends with Shinsou known before anyone else because, like

honestly, we don’t give him nearly half of the credit he deserves

I mean, he canonically befriended two of the most unapproachable, private and lone wolf-ish people of the entire class, and I don’t just mean Bakugou

but also Todoroki

(who has come so far from where he started, yes, but still pretty much only ever hangs out with the dekusquad, and that’s a fact too)


please give my boy Denki all the love he deserves because he’s a pure soul who will adopt all the lonely introverts he lands his eyes on just because he can 

Being a teen avenger part 2

(Much funnier)

Just goofy fun headcannons:

- ugh your first period at the tower is the worst

- Steve won’t be home to take care of you because he’s on a mission

-you hate everything and everyone one second the do a 360 the next

- “sam, can you please not breath so damn loud…you make me want to peel my skin off” “keep on and you’ll be walking to the mall later”

- you keep glaring at everyone….especially Bucky. Bucky is frightened

- “cmon stark just for a few days” “Barnes you don’t get Cyro! You suffer like the rest of us!”

-you slowly scoot next to peter “you look really nice today and I really want you to hold me” “what” “UH I SAID YOU SUCK”

- Thor just stays away until summoned

- Natasha gets you face mask and a heating pad so you’ll stop stealing vision and using him for warmth.

-Wanda cuddles with you and gives you food and love and I just love her so much

- pietro???personal take out delivery boy???

- Bruce and tony try to make the ultimate pain killer but fail

-clint says “no no”



-you’re just skipping home tra la la when you notice the most beautiful mess of blonde locks and pretty blue eyes….and angel wings?oh my is that warren.That’s the cute guy from Xavier’s. OH HES LOOKING AT YOU OK STAY COOL! Oh…oh…you fell, you definitely fell

-but it’s like a scene in one of those romance movies where he grabs your hand and helps you up and you stare into each other’s eyes.

- “Hi, I’m warren, you’re (y/n) right, the realm cool girl from school”

“Uh um hehe I guess I mean yes I am (y/n). That is me. I am her….uh…hi”

-he thinks you’re SO cute so he walks you to the tower so a cutie like you doesn’t get hurt or something

- when you get there you’re all flustered and what not. His face is really close to yours. “So cutie pie would you like to go on a date tomorrow. How bout we go have dinner at a cafe? Around 6?” “Uh yeah warren I’d love that, I’ll see you then” AND THEN HE ACTUALLY KISSED YOU IT WAS SO NICE! (I fucking love warren)

- you go inside and your face is all red and you just so giddy like a school girl

- but you see sam on the couch looking quite protective

- “What’s the little fuckers name? What does he want from you? How old is he? When do we meet him and when do I get to beat the shit out of him” “uhhhh please don’t tell everyone else”

-you see Natasha walk in , loading her gun “oh that’s to late because most of us now”

-Thor has the hammer on sight “I shall inform captain Rogers” “NO!” “YES!”

- “YOU GUYS DONT DO THIS TO PETER” “yeah because society has weird standards. That and I don’t have a huge ass that lots of guys want to take advantage of” “what about wade” “wades my boyfriend he doesn’t count”

- tony is ready to fight. Def has a poster that says “GET WREKED WARREN”


-oh my lawd vision has a weapon ready “he is incompute” “WTF VIS”

- team maximoff ready to rumble. “Wanda will crush his mind and spirit and I will taunt him by running in circles” “that’s all you ever do” “least I don’t look stupid in my outfit honestly wtf are you wearing you peasant” “wow. Death changed you.”

- Bruce is ok with it and so is Clint. They think you’re grown and mature but if he hurts you they’re only one call away.

-Bucky is not ok with this. His baby with a boy = no no

-BUCKY IS READY TO MEET THIS HOOLIGAN GODFATHER STYLE! “Warren just do it” “I am not kissing his ring babe”

- “you come into my home and disrespect me?” “Bucky you’re embarrassing me”

- OH MAH GEE STEVE IS SCARY CALM. He shakes warrens hand rather hard, he puffs his chest out, then he pulls warren aside “I’m captain America,I’ve done good stuff and I’ve done bad stuff. But that’s my little girl. If ANYTHING ever hurts her, then I will hurt it. She’s had a hard life and it’s about to get harder because of the accords, she needs someone, and you better be there you understand?”

“Yes sir, she’s the most amazing girl I’ve ever met”


Reaper76 Week Day 4 “Defended” - Defense/Support

-Hides face in hands- I just can’t write good dialogue, good thing I could just steal some of it lol. C'mon Soldier boy don’t be such a fucking pushover.

(When u act helpless so your “Ex” will put his hands on u cuss u miss him n ur vry touch starved lamo)

I drew a good 76 booty but I had to cover it with Reaps gun lol. I guess Reaps didn’t want anyone lookin kahah

I wonder if boys know about the girls crying in their beds, tears leaking from their eyes as they replay all of those memories. Do boys know that their words mean so much more than letters strewn together to express careless thoughts? Every teenage girl knows what it’s like to feel that first heartbreak. The butterflies become uneasiness. The flutters become heavy and slowed. The smiles become sobs. All for a boy. A boy who sees other girls just like he sees her. He’s not different, darling. At least not yet. No one’s taught him how to love you right.
—  teenage girl

I know i scream about him too much, but I’m honestly so damn pleased with how Hak is handled as a character.

Like… he’s a guy with a decade-long unrequited love and not only does he not act bitter or petty that it is unrequited, he’s just genuinely fine just being friends with Yona. Sure, at times it makes him a little sad, but he never blames her and always respects her feelings. And like, even though he’s a big tease that says things to get a rise out of people, you’ll notice he doesn’t make fun of anyone for the things they’re genuinely insecure about. He doesn’t mock Yona’s hair or Jaeha’s foot, he doesn’t badmouth the dragon brotherhood to Kija, and he doesn’t tease the very socially-awkward Shinah about anything. 

And any romantic rivals he’s got? Yeah, he befriends pretty much all of them. Suwon? His best friend for years. Jaeha and Kija? Pshhh, they’re his bros. He doesn’t act jealous or possessive–I even get the impression that if Yona happened to fall for one of the other guys, he’d quietly support it the way he used to with Suwon. Any amount of over-protectiveness he had at the beginning of the series is gone and in it’s place is pride and trust. And that’s not to say he’s not still protective at all (clearly, he’s still willing to throw himself in front of an arrow for Yona), but he’s grown to respect her ability and see her as a capable equal.

Like…. Hak is honestly just such a good boy. At this point, his biggest flaw is having trouble being able to healthily express his feelings and being unaware of his worth as a person. I just love him so much okay he’s so g o od 

“I was giving you an opening.”
“You think I needed one?”
“I don’t know. I just reacted.”
“That has always been your problem, Val. You react without thinking…“

I’m late to discover this bc I haven’t played!
I love this so much, i understand that some people are mad there isn’t a new champion for the story, but personally I’ve always loved Varus and this makes me sob intense fangirl tears ;-; So beautiful and tragic!


“I missed you, Killua! I missed you so much!”

“Dummy! Stop crying! … I missed you, too.”

When you see your best friend face to face for the first time in a while and it hits you all at once just how much you missed them and now you’re both sobbing messes.


My best boi Minato is a beautiful boy.

guys, really, I have so much appreciation for christophe giacometti, like look at that boy - he’s beautiful and comfortable in his skin and with his sexuality, he doesn’t shy away from a challenge, he’s all about embracing that free spirit life and that is just impressive af, but more than that? he’s been skating for years on end, battling it head on with the best of the best and coming second to the living legend victor nikiforov for Y E A R S and still you don’t see that boy give up bc ofc not. in fact, what does chris do?? HE MAKES FRIENDS WITH THE ONE PERSON WHO ALWAYS ROBS HIM OF GOLD and it’s not for any underhanded reasons as you might expect, it’s simply bc he likes victor the dork and is genuinely a good, good person who would never emotionally manipulate a friend and instead is just happy for him when he wins, even if that means he himself has lost again

just g o d I love chris so much //sobs

doge vloge highlights
  •  the very beginning with a very soft voiced phil having a chihuahua boop the camera i’m deceased
  • dan Literally Basically Actually sitting in phil’s lap. wyd
  • “we were inspired by awkward family photos
  • thew fuckign tiny dog outfit “obviously this is phil’s and he’s really looking forward to getting into it” “what pokes out of that hole?”

i am SOBBING dan looks half ready for death half “really??? i hate u so much (love u)”

  • “””accidental”””” dad balloon? false. factoid statistical error. u got that on purpose and we know u got it on purpose smh
  • the boys getting softly brushed w make up its so cute ssdfhasf
  • the corgi!!!!! phil is so happy!!! 
  • one of my f a v o u r i t e things is when phil says something funny and dan is about to say something but then he just can’t and laughs cause he can’t help it, he does that a lot and it kill me every time. he had to laugh when phil referenced a movie they’d seen together ofc hhhh
  • dan’s constant “hello there!” in a high soft voice and phil’s sweet gentle voice too h e l p me
  • i’m not even gonna SPEAK about valentines ok just. leave me alone
  • ok i lied i’m gonna speak about it: dan looks really fuckin good in those suspenders i know he hates them but he looks SO good. i hate that phil did a shit pick up line on dan end me
  • “i feel like they’ve fallen in love” “they have! they’ve fallen in love on the shoot!” and the ‘canoodling’ thing again i hate dan so much
  • phil constantly zooming in and focusing on dan and dan tries to say “babe ur supposed to be focusing on the dog… I MEAN THE DOOR” smh
  • fucking DAN recording and zooming in on phil’s ass AGAIN for literally seven seconds yes we know dan ur bf has a sweet ass WE KNOW ALREADY
  • “let me put some mustard between your buns” dan fuck off??? also ~demon time~ but i swear phil would’ve usually laughed way harder than he did so i think he was a bit 2 turned on to laugh properly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • dan posing like the pretty bitch he is and going “how do i look phil?” “you look…” phil says as he pans the camera up and down, checking dan out. “be honest… amazing” “you look amazing i won’t lie” god can y’all stop showing off how hot u think each other are??? smh
  • phil with a fucking quiff and glasses jesus he’s so fucking hot @dan once again i hate u so much but the meme game ridiculous
  • dan being sad about saying good bye to the dogs then saying “well i guess we’ll just have to…. relive it every day!!! …when we get the calendar??” fuck you dan i’m so angry i literally thought he was gonna say they were getting a dog i hate this
  •  we end with the boys literally super glued to each other

incredible thank u boys for star content ;v;7

When Will My Husband Return from the War?

“Draco, can I talk to you for a second?” Harry asked his boyfriend of three years, who was currently levitating the dishes back to their proper places.

“Sure, babe.” He closed all the cupboards with a flourish of his wand and turned to face Harry. “About what?” Harry sat him down and drew in a deep breath. “You’re not breaking up with me, are you.” Draco teased.

Harry eased a bit at the joke. “No, of course not.” He took another breath, trying to figure out how he was going to say this. “You know that case that no one can crack? The one in America?” Draco nodded. “Well, they’re rounding up the best Aurors for the job and-”

“And obviously you got picked.” Draco finished for him. He reached across the table and grabbed Harry’s hand. “How long will you be gone?” He asked, looking down at their intertwined fingers.

“A year.” He answered.

Draco nodded, still not meeting his eyes. “A year.” He sighed. “When do you leave?”

“Two weeks.”

Draco let out a shaky laugh. “I’m not going to see you for a year?” Harry noticed his eyes start to water, which in turn made his eyes water. He stood up and hugged him tightly.

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