Every GoT interview with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau since 2013
  • Interviewer: *asks something about Jaime that has absolutely nothing to do with Brienne*
  • NCW: well you see when he was in the baths of Harrenhal with Brienne...

Daenerys Targaryen has chosen Tyrion to be her Hand. Right now, they’re sailing across the Narrow Sea, hoping to take back her father’s throne. Our little brother, the one you love so much, the one you set free, the one who murdered our father and our first-born son, now he stands beside our enemies and gives them counsel. He’s out there somewhere at the head of an armada. Where will they land? Dragonstone.

What changed during Jaime’s conversation with Cersei.

“Finally he saw what everyone else had been seeing. Or finally he’d had enough. You always have to believe in something, and you always have to believe you’re fighting the just cause. I think that for him he could keep telling himself that they are invading us—that Daenerys Targaryen, the Dothraki, are invading our country and want to take what’s ours, and we want to defend ourselves. I guess you can argue that point. He saw what the mad king was like, and dragons are not nice animals. But now he’s seen the truly horrific sight of these undead and he believes it. He believes how scary they are. He believes Jon Snow. He believes his brother. And he believes Daenerys when she says she saw 100,000 marching.

Obviously, the right thing is what Cersei does to begin with—that they’re all going to fight this and see what happens after. Her argument before was that they have to fight these foreign invaders; now she’s suddenly saying that she’s getting an army of foreign invaders to fight for her. It’s so messed up. And it doesn’t make sense. Fundamentally, it’s the wrong thing on any moral scale that he knows. She also has no respect for him. He’s just there to do what she says. She shows so little respect for him as a human being, as a counselor, as a partner, for everything. He’s had enough.”

What Jaime meant with the words: “I don’t believe you.”

“When he says, “I don’t believe you,” it’s not just that he doesn’t believe she’s going to kill him. For me, at least, it was more [like], “That’s it, I don’t love you anymore. You’re on your own.” Why it took him so long, god only knows, but he got there in the end.”

How his character has developed throughout the series.

“I think he’s had it all along, but what defined him was that he’s known as the Kingslayer. He got that name from an act of going against loyalty. That thing that Brienne says before his scene with Cersei— “Fuck loyalty"—that’s what got him in trouble in the first place. He killed the Mad King, and he became known as the most dishonorable man. And of course his sister says that if he does this, it will be treason. Which of course is what he might become known for now. He’s the Kingslayer. He’s the traitor. 

I do believe that he’s had a pretty good moral compass, but he’s also done horrible things, no question about it. But in all these years it was all about what was right for Cersei; now it’s about just what’s right. I do believe when he says this is bigger than any of us that he means it. When this fight is over, either the living or the dead will win. This is the right thing to do. In Season One, Tywin said he wanted Jaime to become the man he was meant to be. Clearly this isn’t the man Tywin would have wanted him to be, but this is the man that I want him to be. He’s doing the right thing—he’s joining the fight for humanity. “ - NCW