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remember how on december 10th, isak and even were lying in isak’s bed, and even told him that it wasn’t going to work out, the two of them, because he was only going to hurt isak? and you know, that had been even’s mindset for a long time, and that was why he would distance himself from isak, because he was afraid he would ultimately hurt this boy he loved, that he wouldn’t be good for him? but then on april 10th, four months later, they were moving in together, and isak was actually the happiest he’s ever been

and the thing is that there are many little moments they share, during which even is reminded of how good he actual is for isak, like when they wake up in the morning and isak squeezes his waist so they’ll stay in bed just a little longer, and he whispers with a sleepy voice “i just sleep so well when i’m with you”. and when even makes breakfast for them, and isak tells him “can you believe i didn’t eat breakfast at all before you?” and when isak gets a grade back, and it’s a 6, and he has this big and excited smile on his face, and he tells even “thank you for helping me study”. and when they cuddle on their couch while watching a movie, and isak lifts his head from where it rested on even’s shoulder, and he looks up at him and says “i’m so happy we’re here”, and even feels a sense of warmth and comfort spread through him, and he has to believe isak’s words when they’re infused with so much sincerity and appreciation, and he tells him “me too”

au where Yao is a witch who accidentally turns his bf into the worlds biggest cat and has been trying to reverse the spell ever since.

He’s managed to succeed a few times, but can’t seem to find a way to stabilize it, so Ivan always turns back into a cat after like 2 seconds.

The problem is, Ivan hasn’t ever gotten the time to tell Yao that he actually doesn’t mind being a cat so much; there’s a lot more affection from Yao than there was when he was human. He also gets how hard Yao is trying, so he probably would hold back from saying anything anyways, given the chance. 

Yao also likes being bigger than Ivan for once, but he still feels incredibly guilty that it happened in the first place, so he refuses to give up.

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