okay so in psychology years ago we learnt that it’s common for companies to put women in charge when there’s a predicted downfall so that they could be all ha see women suck at being in charge. and I just find it interesting how the UK is gonna have a female PM right after Brexit so like years from now people are gonna be like “the country saw some of its worst years under a woman” when it was men that fucked it up and then ran

so let me sum this up… Andi Mack, a DISNEY CHANNEL show, has a main trio that consists of Andi – an Asian-American girl with short hair (which is quite atypical when it comes to Disney’s girl leads), Buffy – a black girl who excels at sports and Cyrus – a very relatable Jewish gay boy… they’re best friends, no petty stuff because they SUPPORT each other no matter what. throughout the series Andi Mack has tackled some controversial and important topics including teen pregnancy, atypical families (which is pretty much taboo on Disney), school’s problem with Buffy’s natural hair, Cyrus having crush on a guy, panic attacks, dyscalculia, etc… they even went on and showed us uneducated girlies what Chinese New Year and Bar Mitzvah look like… yet HERE I am being spammed with Bughead and Varchie xD kisses on my dash… ENOUGH is ENOUGH. turn that trash OFF and go support Andi Mack instead you COWARDS