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I’m not gonna be one of those account who just noses in their personal life but I’m so happy for Tobi! I saw that and started smiling like no tomorrow. 😊😄

During one of the Upload panels it was revealed JJ always says Josh is the glue of the group, the one who holds them all together, and if it weren’t for him the Sidemen would fall apart and honestly that’s so accurate. He finds them so many games to try out, hosts most of the sessions for different things, makes all the GTA playlists, he really is the dad and I appreciate him so much, it’s one of the reasons he is my favorite, he deserves so much more recognition.


Simons hair looks soooo good and can I note it was for the charity as well! Love it so much!😊 Josh and Tobi also look sooo amazing!

YouTube No.1 Dad

Ok, Josh today honestly warmed my heart when ever someone was injured and he tried to help. Especially when JMX was having like a panic attack and josh was helping him through it!