*gets down from soap box*

I’m reading an article about a 17y/o actress getting breast reduction for self esteem + health reasons. these are literally the comments of several men

- ‘Heh, dumb bitch.

- ‘WAAAHHHHH! I want to be famous but people are staring at me WAAAAAH! WAAAAAHHH! I make millions of dollars WAAAAAH!’

- ‘Well, that’s just slappin God right in the face.’

- ‘Simply sacrilegious. Gods gifts and she has them hacked. Simply sacrilegious. Does she really think people watched her for her mind? Simply sacrilegious.’

- ‘She did have some tig ole bitties That’s right ! Save the Hooters!’

- ‘It should be against the damn law for any young girl to reduce the size of their teatties in any way. It should be a damn felony’

- ‘She dressed like a whore and then talks about being a child with big boobs. She was a child with big boobs who should have dressed like a child.’ - (this was from a woman)

- ‘R.I.P to those wonderful goodies.’

- ‘People are allowed to have opinions about whatever they want’ and ‘Correct-amundo! We still live in a country where we can have our own opine. Sheesh!’ - two men when someone said their comments were the exact reason the actress had the surgery

- ‘This was such an unnecessary surgery as most of these are. Why get them reduced. Just wear bigger clothing. It makes me want to cry. So Unnecessary.’

- ‘I will miss that pair. But a 34D is still great. Haha, yes men think dirty things. I just typed it. I’ve always liked big ones. Get over yourself.’

- ‘It’s stupid to blame men for something that is just the result of natural selection’ - in response to a comment saying men shouldn’t sexualize/objectify breasts

- ‘16+ is legal. And they are, like men’s bodies are there for women’s pleasure. Jesus, you idiotic women lack basic knowledge and common sense.’ - in response to someone saying women’s bodies are not for men’s pleasure and the actress is underage

- ‘If she had a boyfriend before the surgery, I truly envy him The luckiest guy in the world, IMHO.’

- ‘Being a typical woman you want to glorify everything women do, she got the reduction because she physically couldn’t handle it or because they were starting to look gross?, there is NO cause here , put your estrogen flag away, get down from the soap box..lol..I can and WILL comment on anything I want to.’

- ‘Would have been great to see those big F cup jugs in the flesh, like if she had gone into porn… But she’s silly talking about objectification. She and every other woman objectifies herself when they put on a tight dress and flash that poundable cleavage.’

- ‘'Tragedy’ is a much overused word these days. But this genuinely is one.’

- ‘Ratings for her TV show will now drop.’

Take note. The girl was 17 in this article. 17. And she was suffering SEVERE pain from neck, shoulder, spine problems plus was forced to strap down her boobs during filming for her tv show due to her breast size and since she was a 32F there were very few clothes that could fit her well…. smh america

The ASS in assumptions...

Dear, sweet little dumb fuck-nuggets…always with the believing and nothing ever about finding the brain hidden up your asses and using it?

Of course a mediocre insanely gossip, trash worthy news-blog, will tell you the truth. That a highly publicised, lying sister of the newspaper giant, owned by a shadier than most Aussie businessman, who has more skeletons in his closet than even Jack ‘the pumpkin king’ skeleton ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas ™ has Mr. (My newspaper nor my journalists lie or plaguer false witnesses or testaments) Murdoch’s newspapers/sites and blogs, are nothing but lies and cover-ups and indeed little journos in his back pocket can do nothing other than lie…The Daily Mirror and it’s dearly dreadful sister The Sun are nothing but liars that they even put the ‘Daily Mail’ to shame with their ‘ASSumptions and UN-sourced material. 

(there are a hell of a lot of nothings in that sentence, a bit like the ‘truthful’ content in their editorials they churn out, like shit down a pan.)

For those who believe that Jules Mann-Stewart would open her heart to a tabloid hack posing as a ‘serious journalist’ do yourself a favour Sharon Feinstein and smack yourself silly you are about as professional as that would be famous twat, who suggested she wanted to ‘smack’ Kristen for reportedly speaking out, about the ‘sexism in Hollywood’

So…suffice to say when i saw the smoke signals from a piece of crap reportedly released, containing an interview with Kristen’s mother - where she ‘allegedly’ spoke about her daughter’s ‘personal life’ i just had to get out my soap box, polish it down from months of neglect and like others who believe that ‘speaking their mind’ means some kind of gateway into Rob or Kristen’s life…step onto mine.

WTF is wrong with you people, that you honestly believe Jules would even welcome a journalist to publish her words, never mind acknowledge their existence? Who do you think she is, Kris Jenner??????

I forgot that we are dealing with 2nd grade children out there, who think that the words from a tab-trash are the works of non-fiction, that everything they say is the absolute truth - since when did Kristen’s family become the ‘Kardashian’s’????

As far as i was always aware, the ‘Stewart’ family have never lived their lives according to reality TV, that they have been fiercely protected from the stupid trappings of the media gossip world and instead, have chosen to ‘allow’ their children ‘normal lives’ in Hollywood as both parents are veterans of the working backbone in Hollywood and not some jumped up wannabe famous twat-head called Kris, mother of the equally disturbed. Who believe that normal is surrounding yourself with a camera up your ass 24/7.

Forgive me for not swallowing bullshit, but when it reads like a Kristen hater’s monologue as to all the things she hates about the young successful actress. Who has become famous through her own desire to work hard and reap the rewards, rather than leak a video of herself giving head and thus launch her so called ‘career’ but hey, some people have to ‘get ahead’ in business one way or the other eh? Except Kristen chose the right way, through her body of work and not the other way around. For those who believe that Jules Stewart is a wannabe famous mum a la Kris Jenner…think again. Why would she want to hitch her star onto Kristen’s? She’s famous in her own right, has worked in Hollywood longer than Kristen as a Script-writer and now Director and Producer under her belt. A well known painter, renowned author and joint owner of a movie studio…tell me again what is her gain?

Nothing, absolutely nothing and yet this dire piece of journalistic hogwash from a dunderhead of an asswipe, who wants you to think she got an ‘exclusive’ from Kristen’s mother about her daughter’s personal and private life. That suddenly her daughter’s ‘outing’ came from her own flesh and blood and not out of the actresses mouth instead?

Dear stupid Sharon, next time do your research if you had done so then you would have learnt, that if Kristen Stewart wanting the world to know of her sexuality, she would own it herself and not hide behind her mother to voice it through the trashy toid, such as the UK Daily Mirror of lies…

Maybe you should rethink your words when choosing the colour of crayon you found in the box, before making them known. How really your harpy hatred was showing the day you found a piece of paper and began drawing your story out on it. The words read like a poor hater’s explosion of all the things they don’t like about Kristen; starting with the fact that she owns all your asses, because not a day goes past, where you have to talk, ahem i mean hate about her.

All and all, when you decide the next time to voice your hate about Kristen Stewart you might to remember 3 things;

*Jules Mann-Stewart (get her name spelt correctly) is NOT Kris Jenner. She doesn’t need to make her kids famous on a gossip channel by ousting them out into the public eye and public ownership. ALL her children have or have not made their names their way and if they want privacy they have always had it. Thus is the way of the ‘real’ world and not the fucked up way of the ‘celebrity’ world.

*The ‘Stewart’s’ are NOT the ‘Kardashian’s’ nor will they ever be. You need to broaden your brain cells (that’s if you have any?) a bit more the next time you decide to create a story based on fabrication and trawling the goggle sites or indeed haters twitter feeds to get your information. You wouldn’t happen to be friends with Chelsea - head bullshitter of ‘Robert Pattinson Lies aka Twigs Life blog, now would you? I am concerned about that idiots state of mind or even if she has a mind to be concerned about - it’s so filled with hate. That and the pond scum known as Hope or Hopeless as there is no known cure for stupid!!


*A person’s sexuality is based on their life, not a trash-toid’s point of view. If you want the true story, guess what - get a fucking life!! If Kristen wants to tell the world she is gay, straight, hangs upside down at night. Wears men’s clothing and calls herself Bruce, that is up to her. Not you or anyone else not worthy of spitting on, never mind acknowledging. You want to make out that the one medium Kristen’s parents, family or friends hate more than gossip sites, who spew bullshit just for ratings - be my guest. The very fact, that the medium known as the media monster of assholes in the UK has allowed such dire excrement known as your editorial piece out…speaks volumes indeed.

AS for the fuck-nuggets who believe in it…

Well done at once again showing the world what poor excuses of lemmings you really are.