*benedict cumberbatch


I just started with putting the mustache on Tom Holland…and then I went into a very deep hole…


here is almost all of the main actors in infinity war with Chris Evans’s mustache.

  • Tony: *loses Strange in a crowd*
  • Tony:
  • Tony: MR STRANGE SU-
  • Strange, appearing through a portal: EXCUSE YOU It’s DOCTOR STRANGE I have a PhD and AN MD and I gOT thEM BotH AT THE SAME TI-

Steve: You deserve an award for putting up with me.

Bucky: You are my reward.

Steve: uwu

Tony: *overhears this*

Bucky: Can we help you?


Tony: No.

Tony: *walks up to Stephen*

Tony: You deserve an award for putting up with me.

Stephen: Yeah, you’re a real bitch sometimes.


peter p: hey what do you guys recommend for watching sherlock

strange: (same time as tony) the show

tony: (same time as strange) the movie

tony & strange: . uh wrong

everett ross: sorry i agree with stephen

christine palmer: i agree with tony

peter, watching his two dads fight: uh