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I guess the media will have to wait for a BTS scandal just a little longer…

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Okay but how come no one is talking about the fact that Peter had to have gotten Lara Jean her heart necklace before Christmas, before they were even officially together!?!? He didn’t give it to her until Valentine’s Day but it says that LJ’s dad tried to get it for her for Christmas but it was gone. So Peter had to have had it then and I wanna know what happened!! Did Peter get it for Lara Jean for Christmas? Was it supposed to be a “hey thanks for being my fake girlfriend for 4 months! See ya around!” gift? Or did he get it right before the ski trip because he decided he was gonna tell Lara Jean how he really felt on the trip and he was hoping they’d be together for Christmas? Did he get it after the ski trip because he knew she was mad at him and wanted to make it up to her? But then they weren’t talking at Christmas. Did he bring it to the recital to apologize but didn’t have the chance to give it to her before they got into the big fight? I want to know what his plan was! And how did he know which one to get? Did he have to ask his mom which one she was always looking at? Did he catch her looking at it that day in the store? Ugh and the conversation he would’ve had with his mom negotiating a price for the necklace woulda been A++.

“Peter, that necklace is 400 dollars!”

“Come on mom can’t you give me a break?”

“Well I paid 250 for it. Any less and I’ll be losing money on it.”

“I’ll give you 150 and I’ll pick up stuff for the store whenever you want.”

“You hate picking up stuff for the store.”

“Yeah but I really need this necklace”

“You must really like her huh?”

“Yeah. I really do.”

“Okay deal”

Anyway he had the thing for a whole 2 months before he gave it to her and I can’t believe no one is talking about this

i feel like people mock doctor who a lot because of like cringe culture and the whole superwholock thing, and im aware its not a perfect show and everything, but like, sometimes its so important and i feel like todays episode was the perfect example of that. at school i was never taught anything rosa parks and like her story is obviously so important and i think by them making an episode of doctor who about it so many more people are aware of it and thats just so good

not to mention doctor who has always had loads of female characters in loads of different roles, as well as lgbt characters (though im aware there could/should be more) and theres so many episodes that cover pretty important issues

like i said before im aware that doctor who isnt perfect but in regards to things like representation its trying so much more than so many other tv shows and i dont think it deserves the kinda cringey reputation it seems to have

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YaoYutong 5. I never read them in a au fic so it will be interesting 🌸

Alright, alright, I’ve wanted to try evil!Zhan Yao for a bit now. :D

The first time Bai Yutong meets Zhan Yao, it’s in an interrogation room, and Yutong honestly can’t tell if he wants to hit Zhan Yao, or if he wants to slam Zhan Yao against the wall so Yutong can fucking kiss that infuriating smirk off his goddamn face.

“Buddy, it’s been seventeen hours,” Yutong grits out. 

“It has,” Zhan Yao agrees. “And I see you haven’t made any progress in the investigation. You do realise if you can’t find enough evidence to charge me, you’ll have to let me go, right?”

Yutong wants to hit him. That’s where it’s leaning now. “Don’t get cocky,” Yutong warns. 

Another flash of that goddamn smirk. Zhan Yao leans forward in his seat. “I haven’t even started getting cocky yet, Bai Sir,” he murmurs. “I’ll wait till we’re counting down to the last hour to start. That gives you…six more hours to figure something out before I get really annoying.”

Yutong leans in close. “There hasn’t been a suspect I’ve been unable to crack yet,” he tells Zhan Yao.

Zhan Yao laughs, and leans back in his seat. “That’s because you’ve never had to deal with me before, Bai Sir.”

“Cut the bullshit,” Yutong snaps. Zhan Yao looks too comfortable, too relaxed, like everything is going exactly the way he wants it to be. “Where is Zhao Jue?” 

“I can’t solve the puzzle for you,” Zhan Yao says. “You’ve got to at least do some work, hmm?”

Yutong slams his fist on the table. “Zhan Yao.”

Zhan Yao sighs. “You really need to learn how to play nice.” He smirks again. “I’ll tell you what - I’ll trade you a hint for a kiss. Does that sound fair, Bai Yutong?” 

send me a fandom/character/ship and a number for a headcanon

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From the writing prompt list: 14. “Aw man. You’re still alive.” With SpicyBBQ, please? (Or whatever the ship name for Underfell and Swapfell Paps is)

/warnings for general fell-verse stuff. scroll down to end of drabble for more specific ones/ 

“Aw man. You’re still alive!” 

Edge snapped around, eyelights flashing dangerously as he heard the cocky call. Slim was reclined against the wall behind him, snickering as Edge’s posture very noticeably tensed. He fingered the trigger of his gun and fluidly pushed off from the wall, prowling closer to Edge’s rigid form.

He clicked his teeth condescendingly as he crept closer. “You always were a survivor, Edgelord.”

A snarl tore itself out of Edge’s chest, and he lunged at Slim, his usually fluid movements jerky and uncoordinated with anger. Slim nimbly dodged aside and wrestled him onto the ground, easily overpowering the distressed skeleton beneath him. With uncharacteristic gentleness he pet Edge’s skull and cooed, “I guess I’ll just have to keep you that way.”

The trapped skeleton flailed against the wet, dirty ground, scrabbling madly for any type of leverage, but his struggle was swiftly ended when Slim slammed him roughly into the ground. Edge let out a sob, pinpricks of red magic beginning to gather in his eyelights. He let himself fall limp and extinguished his eyelights, all of the fight that was in him abruptly draining out. He felt a hand stroke his cheek and felt disgust roil within him, but he remained unmoving.

Grit and dirt shoved up against his face, mixing with the dust and bone marrow into a disgusting conglomeration, and dimly he realized that there was no way to salvage the dust of his counterparts from it. The hand that had been stroking him harshly grasped his chin and forced him to look at Slim; Slim, his eyelights large with bloodlust from the LOVE he recently gained, Slim, bone marrow dripping from large gashes across his face, Slim, who just killed Rus and Stretch. “I did it for you, y’know. I saw how you looked at them; acting all love-sick. You were getting too soft, too kind, too… tale-verse. You’re from a fell-verse, Papyrus, and you always will be.”

/warnings for murder, violence, and kind of yandereish stuff/ 

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i know you just got a samon ask ;-; but what about samon comforting an s/o who just had a nightmare? :3

Ooof I can relate to this on a very personal level. I rarely dream but when I do it’s usually a nightmare. ((;゚ェ゚;)) yike

Samon Comforting an S/O Scenario

A soft gasp falls from your lips as you find yourself jolted from your dreams violently. The sharp sting of reality sends you into a stupor and blinking in confusion. A shudder wracks your body as you feel the cold drip of sweat dribbling down your body. Heart racing, you exhale shakily.  

You flinch as a hand touches your shoulder, “(Y/N)? Somethin’ wrong?” A drowsy voice murmurs. Blinking twice you try and make sense of the dark shape next to you.

You say nothing as your mind pieces together that you’re safe at home with your boyfriend. Hesitantly, you reach out and grasp Samon’s arm and tug his to you gently. He relents and shuffles closer to you.

Exhaling shakily you grab Samon’s hand and squeeze. “I had a bad dream.” Toned arms wrap around you gently and legs intertwine with your own. You feel your body relax instinctively to the warmth and reassuring touch of your boyfriend. He says nothing in response and simply holds you tighter.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Samon whispers to you after a brief silence, voice gravelly from lack of use. Shaking your head, you bury your face into Samon’s shoulder.

A thumb traces circles slowly on the broad side of your thumb absentmindedly. “You’re safe. You’re here with me now,” Samon says confidently and you can make out a soft smile on his face in the dark. You hum in acknowledgment. “I’d beat up your nightmares for you if I could!”

Snorting once, you surrender your body to a fit of giggles. “What? I would!”

“I know you would,” you say between laughs. “And that’s what makes it funny!” You giggle softly once more before pressing a soft kiss to Samon’s forehead and cheek. By the time you manage to fall asleep again images of a tiny Samon screaming while beating away your nightmares with his bo are all that fill your mind.

The mighty Supreme Leader Ren saying he’ll destroy Rey: Version 2

This version is dedicated to @darth-reyofsunshine and @blackwidownat2814 thanks guys I had trouble sleeping because of your comments on the first one