(muff)dive! (muff)dive! (muff)dive!


I hope this scene happens!

If this girl *IS* Seij and Momo’s sister…
…surely this would be the correct Mikoshiba reaction to meeting Gou ^^

(also fankoo @bakapandy for helping me to un-derp my brain re: fake subs)

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Psst... Mulder loves to eat pussy. Pass it on 😉

Damn! Does he ever! Mulder is a world class muff diver. He doesn’t just snack on that snatch, he really gets in there, like he’s searching for a secret treasure. He eats pussy like that kid from a Christmas story eats his mashed potatoes…. nom nom nom…


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I mean, there has to be a reason why Scully put up with so much shit over the years… right?