(look I adore him but he's not a good person??)


Colored reference versions of my 3A designs. BIG THANKS to @blackbarbooks for doing the amazing colors to my outlines! It was so much fun to see the characters REALLY come to life with the colors. Hope you guys enjoy them just as much because tbh I got SO excited just seeing the main 4 in colors, now there’s Sero, Kaminari and Mina too!

Please reblog if you can <3

Gonna copypasta here what I wrote last time for the main four and add to it!

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Rewatching IT and noticed a couple cute things.

1. Bill is so good and protective over Richie in the Niebolt House. He holds him and calms him down over the missing person poster, he pushes Richie behind him and Richie clings onto him when they open the door looking for Eddie, and Bill puts his arm up to stop him when they run into the kitchen. Protective Bill is so sweet.

2. Eddie and Stan playing in the quarry is adorable! They are splashing and dunking each other, laughing and just having so much fun, it’s so cute. I just love seeing Staniel smile.

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What would Boris be in the animation department if he became alive to? Bendy's assistant? I feel like if he was, he'd be the only one that Bendy wouldn't get to mad at, despite Boris screwing up a lot. Like Boris spills a couple of gallons of ink, and Bendy is like: "BORIS!" and Boris is like: "Oooooh golly! Boss is gonna yell at me!" And Bendy is like "... Oh I can't be mad at you buddy. I mean look at this face! It's one of the few nice things I see on a daily basis! Here have a cookie!"

Oh my god I love that! Boris being bendy’s personal assistant that’s adorable. On the other hand though I also kinda like the thought of him being in the sound of music department working on the soundtrack and sound design for the show.
I hear he pretty good with the clarinet.


*Poirot adorableness intensifies*

Cards on the table: I love Oswald most of all. I am #TeamOswald to a probably irritating extent. I also hate all the ways he’s (both knowingly and unknowingly) taken advantage of Ed.

I think he hates it too, honestly?? I think regret is part of the love-based weakness he’s vowed to do without; to even attempt to make things right with Ed would require him unraveling the way he sees the world like he did after his mother died. Self-preservation is one reason he won’t do that, yes, but I think it’s more complicated than that.

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Sometimes I feel like there is a lot of people who see Tom Hiddleston only as sexual object and it makes me so sad.

He is obviously very, very attractive (I think he looks absolutely perfect), but is this the most important thing about him? I don’t think so.

He is such a great actor.

He is polite.

He is funny.

He is modest.

He is wise.

He is a gentleman.

He is such a good person.

He spreads love, kindness and joy.

He smiles at everyone.

He hugs everyone.

He is a Unicef ambassador.

He is a feminist.

He respects people.

He loves his fans.

He is pure, sweet and adorable.

So, please, stop treating him like he is just a hottie.

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Song or quote: Gotten by Slash Feat. Adam Levine 
Who: Bucky Barnes 

So nice to see your face again, tell me how long has it been
Since you’ve been here. You look so different than before
But still the person I adore, frozen with fear 

HYDRA had kidnapped [Y/N] for leverage on Captain America back in the forties. Little did they know that even though [Y/N] was a good friend of Steve Rogers, she would have been more useful in using her against Sergeant Barnes. She was the love of his life, the one dame who could take his breath away every single time she walked into a room. She had powers over him that he never thought a woman could have. But, sure enough [Y/N] had them and fell just as hard. 

Fast forward to when HYDRA had their files leaked, JARVIS caught and deciphered most of them. Leaving Steve with the information that a girl he had grown up with was frozen in time just like he had been. There was no argument on whether or not he would go get her because before he could discuss with anyone, he was already on his way. 

It took months for her cope with the fact that her last memory was being bound and gagged against her will with scientists hooking IV’s and strange equipment to her body and then the next, she was waking up to a familiar face but in an unfamiliar time. Struggle was an understatement because she couldn’t understand how any of the things she was going through was actually happening. 

But, time was the only thing that would help her. And eventually, she adapted. [Y/N] wasn’t quite as strong as the others but where she lacked in strength, she made up for in her precision. [Y/N] could calculate fight sequences before they happened, and it was like every weapon you threw in her hand, she knew exactly how to use it despite the fact that she had never picked up one prior. It was scary how she never missed and [Y/N] couldn’t even begin to tell you how she knew how to do some of things that she could do. She just knew.

“The Winter Soldier’s a ghost, huh?” [Y/N] said sarcastically as she watch the shadow move across the rooftops through her scope. Re-positioning the rifle against her shoulder, she looked through the scope again. “Looks well and alive to me.”

“Do you have a clear shot?” Steve asked. 

“Oh yeah, I’ve got a real clear shot.” Zooming her scope in, “Do we want him dead or alive?” 



Alive.” Steve growled. 

[Y/N] chuckled, “Alive it is.” Just as she was about to move her aim towards the man’s shoulder, she caught sight of a pair of eyes that she hadn’t seen in a long time. “No.” She whispered, low enough for her team members to not hear. 

“Hello? [Y/N] you going to take the shot?” Natasha asked, her tone a little annoyed. “He’s going to get away!”

Struggling to regain her focus, she desperately tried to get a good aim on him before he ducked down between two buildings. Cursing in her head, she yanked the rifle away from herself. Running her hands through her hair, she kicked the rooftop railing. “Steve, private talk, now.” 

In minutes, the kid she knew from Brooklyn was waltzing through the rooftop stairwell. His face was laced with concern and slight annoyance. “[Y/N]? What happened? You said you had a clear shot.” He removed his earpiece and turned it off, watching as [Y/N] did the same. 

[Y/N] inhaled deeply, her eyes staring up at the dark sky. “I never asked you about Bucky because I didn’t want to know.” 

Steve’s brows knitted together, he had always wondered why [Y/N] never asked about Bucky. At first, he thought it was because she didn’t remember but after she started to recall memories, it didn’t make sense why she didn’t ask about the man who swept her off her feet all those years ago. “Okay? I’m not trying to be insensitive right now, [Y/N], because I know how much Buck meant to you but why is this relevant?”

She ignored his question, “What did Bucky and I used to tell each other every single day before we left to go our separate ways?”

Steve could never forget, it was like clockwork every time they’d say goodbye or goodnight to each other. Steve had so desperately wanted a relationship like that, to look a girl and just have the words slip right out his mouth before he even thought about them. “Bucky would ask you to smile and he’d say, ‘you’ve got the best damn smile in this town, a smile I could never forget even if I tried.’ And you would follow with, ‘and you’ve got the best damn pair of blue eyes I’ve ever seen, eyes I will never forget in a million years.’”

[Y/N] smiled, trying to remember the last time they had shared those loving words. She wasn’t sure if he actually meant it, but she sure did. “I meant that, every single word.” 

Steve nodded, unsure of where this was going but not going to interrupt her trip down memory lane because perhaps this was why she missed the opportunity to shoot the Winter Soldier. If she needed to vent, Steve wasn’t going to stop her. “I know, and Buck did too.” 

“Steve, what exactly happened to Bucky?”

He inhaled, “Long story short and to spare you the details, he died during one of our missions.” 

[Y/N] turned away from him, looking at the spot where the Winter Soldier had just been. “What was the mission?”

“To destroy HYDRA bases,” Steve stepped forward, concerned. “[Y/N] why are you suddenly interested in this now?”

A tear slid down her cheek, as she turned to face Steve. “You and I are not the only ones who were frozen in time.” Inhaling deeply, she firmly spoke through her teeth. “The Winter Soldier is a ghost, Steve. It’s Bucky, I know because I saw his eyes.”

Kind of tempted to do a part two. Anyone interested? 


I haven’t seen anyone else talk about this little tiny thing in particular but I’m full of feelings right now and I wanna talk about it so

Has anyone else noticed the way Alec, for just a fraction of a second, does this thing where he lowers his eyes/pulls his gaze away before he looks at Magnus again

I’d personally like to think that it’s partly out of tender vulnerability (Alec’s talking to the guy he likes; he’s with the guy he likes; he’s trying to ask the guy he likes out on a date - all over again, and this is Alec opening himself up to Magnus for the first time after resolving their issues in 2x01 and after Magnus stays with him and helps save him in 2x03 so he has a very good reason to feel a little bit vulnerable) and also partly because Magnus is simply just a dazzling person, with a smile that lights up his entire face and who effortlessly brightens a simple conversation to the point where Alec just has to look away for a second just so he doesn’t get overwhelmed by it

Remember, Alec canonically thinks Magnus is magical and he said so himself using that exact word

They’re so pure I can’t even begin with how much I adore lovely little details like this

Billy is tolerated at Casa Harrington (not that Steve’s parents are often home)- he’s just one of Steve’s little friends who comes around nowadays. Billy doesn’t care about them except that it makes Steve laugh when Billy talks shit about them. But after a little while one day Billy’s at the Harrington’s and he’s out by the pool smoking and Steve’s dad comes out to smoke. Awkwardly formal small talk, Billy plays nice. 

But Billy finds himself dying to ask questions because he considers himself a Steve Harrington Scholar, it’s been that way since Day 1 even when he wanted to hate Steve. And the parents ought to be such rich resources of Steve Harrington Information. 

Billy chats his way around to asking a couple questions about Steve: What was Steve like as a kid? Did Steve ever have a dog? Did Steve always love kung fu movies or is that new? Was he always obsessed with breakfast? Billy quickly becomes frustrated because Steve’s dad seems to know nothing about Steve except that he never had a dog because his mother didn’t want fur everywhere. Then Steve’s mom comes out. Billy prods. She seems to know nothing about Steve either. Billy’s getting pissed. He asks like 10 more questions. The Harringtons seem a little offended at the interrogation (they get defensive and make some noise about work and ‘social responsibilities’) until Billy’s finally like “Jesus Christ, do you know anything about Steve?" 

Steve’s father says, oh so droll: “I know he’s not going to Harvard.”

Billy wants to punch Steve’s dad and he doesn’t because that would destroy everything but he has to clench his fists and take a deep breath.

His mother gives it a shot and says that Steve loves the Pacers which should’ve been a gimme except that Steve’s loyalty shifted to the Bulls a couple years ago, they’ve talked about it multiple times. Billy shakes his head and throws his smoke in the pool to the Harringtons’ consternation and he stomps inside and upstairs to find Steve; beautiful, special, brave, wonderful Steve who Billy thinks is absolutely fascinating. Billy kicks off his shoes and plops down on the bed. Steve is at his stereo, dancing like the dork he is to whatever song he put on that Billy withstands. But he’s so goddamn cute, especially when he grins over his shoulder at Billy like he’s just so happy that Billy is there and isn’t everything great?

“Your parents are idiots,” Billy says.

“Probably,” Steve says shrugging. “Why?”

Billy doesn’t want to say why because it would make Steve sad and Steve looks so happy…

“They just are,” Billy mumbles.

“Fair enough.”

“You know when I first got here, I saw you…” Billy says. “I was figuring out the layout of the school…who belonged where…all that dumb shit…And I saw you in English class…fuckin’ doe-eyed prep…and I asked about you. King Steve they told me…” He ignores Steve’s little scoff at that. “And I thought, this kid ain’t nothin’ special…which made it fucking weird when I couldn’t stop asking about you and I couldn’t stop thinking about you and I coudn’t stop hassling you…”

Steve’s smiling, sunshiny as ever and sits on the bed next to him. “Well…wish it had started out differently…”

Billy hates to think of the fight and looks away, his stomach always feels a little sick when he thinks of it. “Yeah…”

“Nancy once told me the opposite of love is indifference.”

And Billy hates what that means about Steve’s parents but he turns to Steve and says, “I can guarantee you, babe, I’m not indifferent.”

Steve looks serious now and Billy can see it, the way that Steve is registering who has been indifferent to him. He gets it. Billy’s not the most self-aware but he can dissect other people okay and he can see clear as day the way Steve drank up all that attention and adoration at school when he reigned like it was cold water in the middle of the Sahara but he was too good a person to keep his title for long and gave it all up for Nancy who turned out to be just as indifferent.

Billy can’t seem to sum up the words to say, “I love everything about you, I want to know everything about you, teach me more about Steve Harrington” so he instead he asks questions because Steve is still just smiling softly at him until he leans in to kiss Billy’s neck.

“Steve,” Billy says. “Did you ever have a dog?”

“Nah…they didn’t want fur everywhere.”

“Any pets?”

“We had fish sometimes. I hate fish.” Steve murmurs as he tongue kisses Billy’s neck.

“Did you always love kung fu movies? Also, when do you get obsessed with breakfast? And which cereal is actually your favorite because I can never tell if it’s Apple Jacks or Cap’n Crunch and did you always dance like such a damn goofball?”

Steve leans back, looking at Billy like he’s nuts. “What’s with the twenty questions?”

Billy turns bright red and stutters, “I dunno, I’m just, ya know…asking. Just wanna know.”


“Because…I’m, because I…I’m the opposite of indifferent to you,” he says, looking Steve dead in the eye and seeing the moment that epiphany makes him smile like sunshine again.


yuri!!! on ice instagram: phichit chulanont, leo de la iglesia, & guang hong ji

(part 2/7) (part 1) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5) (part 6) (fancast)

ok, hear me out: Kent Parson and Victor Nikiforov totally hooked up, took roughly 10,000 selfies, and griped about their lives over margaritas at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Topics of discussion included:

  • God it’s soooooo lonely being the One Supreme Player in my sport, I haven’t felt challenged in years
  • Come to think of it I haven’t felt anything in years
  • Look at these pictures of my pet! Isn’t he adorable? See, here she’s dressed in a tiny Team USA jacket to match mine!
    • Oh god my pet is the only being who will ever love me
  • Undiagnosed major depressive disorder? *readjusts Gucci sunglasses indoors* I don’t know her
  • Flying cross-country to hit up an old flame and offer to completely rearrange your life for him if he’ll just be with you again, please, you’ve never felt as alive as you do with him: good idea, great idea, or best idea ever?
  • Borderline personality disorder? 
Match Made in Heaven (Wonwoo x Reader)

Admin: Mimi

Prompt/ask: Could I have a scenario where SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo and you like each other and pretty much everyone knows but the two of you so the other boys plan to get you two together? Thanks! (:


Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Wonwoo x Reader (female)

Warnings: danger? I guess, but other than that, none!

Word Count: 5494 (got a bit carried away lol)

Authors note: Ahh thank you so much for the request! My first one! And for my bias from Seventeen, no less! I really hope you enjoy this ^^ I got a bit carried away writing this, but I hope you like it. Feedback is appreciated, so don’t be afraid to talk to us! This is quite long so it’s under the cut!

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Kiss Me, Fred

Summary: George has an embarrassing crush on the owner of the shop across the road. He decides to talk to her as Fred.

Pairing: George Weasley x reader

Warnings: Swearing.

Word Count: 1,674

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“Oooh, Freddie! She’s reading that book again.”

Fred looked up from the counter. “What book?”

“You know, the one with the yellow cover.”

Fred pulled his best poker face. “Sorry Georgie, I’m not the creepy twin who stalks the cute shopkeeper across from us.”

George pouted, feeling slightly offended. “I don’t stalk her….I just like watching her do cute things.”

“Ah yes, and staring at a book for an hour straight is so cute.”

“Don’t attack me.” George continued looking out the window. “Why is she still reading? It’s her dinner time.”

George heard a snort behind him. “Yeah mate, that’s not creepy at all.”

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The Scholarship {Badboy! Ten}
  • Pairing: Ten X Reader
  • Genre: Fluff; Badboy! AU; Bulleted Scenario
  • Request: “hey!! i hope you’re having a good day ((: could you write a bad boy! or gangster! ten au? take your time, remember to drink water, sleep and eat. Thank you btw lol <3″
  • Word Count: 1293
  • Summary: You are given the chance to receive a scholarship, but only if you turn a bad boy, good.

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BTS reaction: they’re insecure

They have a crush on you (gender neutral reader), but think they are not enough for you


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everyone knows seokjin is confident, so you would definitely notice something was off when he seemed to be insecure around you. when he realized he had feelings for you, he would probably even avoid you to some extent, being confused by his own feelings and why he kept comparing himself to your beauty. however, he wouldn’t tell anyone, so you’d have to confront him about it. you’d ask him to talk to you privately, then carefully approach the subject

“seokjin, is something wrong? i’ve noticed you act a bit distant around me”

at first he’d probably tell you it was nothing important, not admitting something was bothering, but neither denying it

“please tell me. i just want to help, did i do something wrong?”

jin wouldn’t be able to let you blame yourself for his behavior at all, so he’d end up telling you

“ehh i just keep comparing myself to your overshadowing beauty and don’t see myself worthy”

you knew jin by heart and immediately caught on to the true meaning behind his words

“seokjin, don’t. in my eyes you’re the most overshadowingly beautiful person in the universe”


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it’s not a secret yoongi is bad at expressing his feelings, so he’d end up bottling it all up inside his head. he’d be pretty good at hiding how insecure he feels around you, so you wouldn’t really even notice.

i feel like yoongi would end up writing about his feelings in his lyrics for his next mixtape, of course not exposing who it was about. when you’d hear the lyrics, you’d get worried. you would be sitting with him in his studio, helping him with another song, when you’d cautiously bring the lyrics up in conversation

“yoongi… about those lyrics… are they real? may i ask who they’re about?”

when yoongi would look down and avoid eye contact with you, you’d get even more worried

“they’re about you” he would mumble under his breath, still avoiding eye contact. but you’d heard him loud and clear. you’d get shocked and speechless, totally not expecting this sudden confession. going through the lyrics inside your head, everything would make sense. once you fully registered everything, you’d crash your lips to his, showing him the feeling was mutual.

“please don’t feel insecure. i like you back just as much, if not more”


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this boy wouldn’t exactly hide the fact that he liked you. every now and then he would be giving you small compliments, whether it was complimenting your outfit, your hair or a personality trait he found extremely attractive. you’d blush at every comment, but notice he’d look down at his feet after giving them. it wasn’t that he was feeling shy, there was something else there, something painful and it broke your heart everytime he did it

“you look very cute in that outfit, (y/n)” *looks down at his feet*

“namjoon..? are you okay? :/”

he’d get strartled when he didn’t hear the usual thank you leaving your mouth and look up at you, only to find you staring at him worriedly

“no. no i’m not. for a while i’ve really liked this amazing person but they would never like someone like me back” *looks back down*

you’d walk up to him, tilting his head up by his chin to look at you in the eyes

“kim namjoon. i feel this person you’re talking about absolutely adores someone like you”


Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

since hoseok is completely smitten by you, he’d be clingy, always ready to help and be there for you in a heartbeat, with a bright smile on his face. the members and everyone else around you would all probably know about his crush on you, since he wasn’t good at hiding the excitement whenever someone even mentioned your name. however, whenever someone else would compliment you, or flirt with you, he’d get insecure and shut down. he’d become silent and whenever you asked him about it, he’d brush it off with an excuse like him being tired after a hard day at practice.

eventually he’d get fed up feeling so insecure, but being afraid of total rejection, he would leave a long text for you in the middle of the night, when he knew you’d be asleep. he’d explaing everything in great detail, how he thought you were so beautiful inside and out, then tell about him feeling insecure

.. the reason i’m texting this to you is because i already know you don’t like me back like that, so i thought i’d save you from the trouble. i just can’t take feeling so negative about myself i needed to let it all out

by the morning when you’d found his text, you’d instantly call him, not bothering to text back

hello?” he’d answer with a tired voice

“hoseok, good news! i do like you back and i’m gonna make you realize just how incredible i think you are”


Originally posted by chimcheroo

jimin would act so shy around you. he would always admire you from a distance, being jealous of how easily the rest of the members came along with you. however, you noticed his shy behavior, and would always be asking his opinion on things whenever he was being quiet. he’d blush, his eyes becoming wide whenever his name left your lips. it’s easy to say he’d be a stuttering mess, making him think you saw him as a complete fool.

you’d be having a movie night with the maknae line. everyone would be cuddled up in blankets, eating popcorn, talking and joking around all throughout the movie. everyone else but jimin. you’d be talking about some stupid decision the main protagonist made in the movie, taehyung and jungkook laughing along with you. then you’d once again notice how jimin was being quiet so you asked for his opinion

this time, jimin didn’t even look at you in the eyes, but mumble a short reply under his breath. you’d get visibly upset, thinking you did something to set him off. the other two maknaes would notice this, and swiftly make up some excuse to leave the room. once the two of you’d be left alone, you’d speak up

“jimin? whatever i did i’m sorry”

his head would shoot up, panic in his eyes

“no, no, no you didn’t do anything i just- *sigh* i just really like you and i guess i feel a little unworthy” he’d look down like a puppy, the words just slipping out of his mouth. you’d smile, feeling relieved he didn’t hate you, until you scooted closer and kissed his cheek

“you should have told me sooner. the feeling is mutual”


Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

taehyung would be a mix of namjoon and hoseok with his own little twist. he’d be giving you cute little compliments at literally everything you did, a genuine look of amazement on his face everytime. and as his admiration for you would grow, the more he would start to think he wasn’t good enough. he would compare himself to the other members, being convinced you must’ve liked one of them. you’d start to notice small things about him, that reminded you a lot of another member. but you also noticed those things weren’t the kim taehyung you knew.

“oh, taehyung you’re cooking again?”

“oh hey (y/n)! i just suddenly got this inspiration to cook something. you like when someone cooks for you, right?” he would try to pretend like he knew exactly what he was doing, when obviously he was struggling

“isn’t jin responsible for cooking?”

“jin? oh well i thought i’d let him rest for once heh heh. i can cook!!!!”

“..taehyung? you don’t need to pretend you like cooking, you know?”

his jaw would drop, not expecting you to see through his lie so easily

“ahh i just really like you and you always look so happy when jin hyung cooks for you”

you’d smile, walking over to him and grabbing his hands in yours

“you make me happier, taehyung. just by you being yourself”


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(my notes literally said “put some meme ass gif here”)

this boy would definitely be shy around you. i feel like he would be so confused over his own feelings, not understanding how and why you were making him feel like he wasn’t worthy of your time and the sweet smiles you’d send him whenever your eyes would meet. he wouldn’t ever realize that whenever another member was in any kind of skinship with you, he’d be glaring at them, wondering what was wrong with him for he couldn’t be as close with you.

he would think the smiles and the glances you were giving him were only in your kind nature. he’d think you were acting that way just because you were kind and didn’t want to completely ignore his presence. but oh, how wrong he was.

jimin was always telling you jungkook was shy, especially around people he found attractive. you took confidence in his words and mustered up the courage to ask jungkook to talk privately with you. to say he was shocked and nervous by what you asked was an understatement

“jimin told me you’re quite shy at first and i understand that. but it’s been a while and we still haven’t talked to each other as comfortably as i wish we could”

once again this punk would be completely oblivious to what you were implying, only thinking you were being kind and considerate

“oh, y-yeah. hyung is right, i’m sorry i haven’t been very social around you.”

“it’s fine jungkook. i just think you’re complitely missing my point here” you’d smile shyly, shuffling with your feet, a blush on your cheeks. realization would hit him like a train

“o-OH YOu liKE mE??? I l- liKE yoU TOO a loT ACTUALLy”

AN: I recently hit 100 followers on this blog so thank you everyone so much <3 it makes me so happy that some people actually enjoy what I post! I remember when I started this blog I was so scared to post anything because I thought no one would like what I write, but now I’m so glad I overcame my fears :,) Thank you <3

Also this is my first reaction post and I have been considering starting to take requests so would anyone be up for that? Let me know :)

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Something I noticed on my season 7 rewatch is how supportive James is of his fellow classmates. I know a lot of fans shit on him because he didn't get along with Keith but let's face it, none of Keith's peers liked him it wasn't just James. But when the students are trying out the simulator James is shown cheering them on and looking just as let down as them when they fail. He might be strict but he's one of those friends that will cheer you on and I found that adorable.

I know right. Look at this boy.

James is a good boy. A good person. Yes, he may be a stickler for the rules but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s an asshole. He was friends with his fellow students, excluding Keith of course, but something tells me that Keith wasn’t a very popular student. But with everyone else, he was encouraging and kind.

Let’s not forget that James doesn’t always put rules first. He did help sneak Keith and Hunk out so that Hunk could find his family. He didn’t care about getting in trouble.

If there’s anything I hate, it’s people who put rules over kindness. People who’d rather just play safe and secure their own well-being instead of bending the rules a bit to help others. 

James didn’t do that. He bent the rules. He helped Keith and Hunk. So even though his profile says that he does follow the rules, he isn’t an asshole. His profile even said that he’s a dependable friend, which he has proven multiple times to be. 

I’ve said it many times and I’ll continue to say it until the end of time. 

James 👏 is 👏 a 👏 good 👏 boy.

my (personal) rank of dads

1. mat sella (he’s cute, he’s anxious, he’s a musician - he takes mc dad to a pup concert and i love pup. i’m literally in love with him. also carmensita is such a good kid)

2. damien bloodmarch (look, in general i love goths?? but damien is also cute and awkward and fckn trans and i adore him. also lucien cask of amantilladod a kid and that means i respect the fuck outta him - tho he also sold me oregano instead of actual weed,,,,,,,tf kid)

3. craig cahn (he’s Soft As Fuck™, his kids are adorable, and also i have a weakness for friends-to-lovers. also his facial expressions are my fav)

4. hugo vega (he’s a nerd, but he’s a cool nerd??? he’s hella smart, but i’m into that. once called a kid bitch +12. named his son ernest hemingway -27)

5. brian harding (he’s,,,,,,,so good,,,,,why is mc dad such an asshole to him at first,,,,,,i’m sobbing. also daisy is adorable and i wanna squeeze her)

6. robert small (he’s funny af, he genuinely cares about mc dad, he apparently whittles. his daughter’s a gorgeous af wlw and i love her. -5 for love of pineapple on pizza +10 for being such a cutie)

7. joseph christiansen (his kids are the cutest things ever and chris is autistic. he’s genuinely charming and i want him to be happy and in an healthy relationship. both he and mary deserve much better than what theyre getting. HOWEVER HE WANTED ME TO BE THE SIDE HO AND THAT WILL NOT STAND)

my Midoriya Izuku Bachelor edition Au would include:

  • Midoriya literally looking like a yakuza (remember season 3 where he, Todo, Iida and Kiri dressed up to rescue Bakugou from the LoV) because of Yaoyorozu, or being put in a very extravagant, very tight, and very sparkly suit because of his other stylist, Aoyama
  • Mirio being the host of the show
  • All Might, Kouta and Eri as the “judges” - they give their opinions on every candidate
  •  Hakagure as the camera-woman during the dates.
  • “Thanks to my quirk the bachelor and his love interests can feel comfortable, and maybe get more intimate-”
  • All Might: “-no.”
  • Kaminari: “It’s actually quite freaky seeing this camera floating in the air with no one touching it”
  • Kirishima: “Like yeah, weird. Like, I forget about it, but then occasionally we’d hear someone squeal and get absolutely terrified that there might be a ghost, you know”

Highlights of the first episode of the show:

  • Mirio: “so what do you like about our Izuku here?” 
  • Kirishima: “I really really like him! His quirk is really manly and have you seen how masculine his body is?”
  • Jirou: “I find him super cute!”
  • Tokoyami: “I already like him as a friend and I think we could be more”
  • Iida: “He’s been a very great friend of mine for years. He’s a truly great person. He’s very honest, strong-willed. He’s one of the best people I’ve known and I trust him wholeheartedly. I can always count on him. The best thing about Midoriya-kun is that he’s very caring and self-less. He wouldn’t hesitate to help you. You could ask him the world and he’d really try to give it to you.”
  • Mirio, the audience, a teary-eyed Midoriya and the judges: “….”
  • Mirio: “Wow. Just…wow.”
  • Kaminari: “Everything I’ll say now will mean nothing compared to the poetic Iida had thrown before, so I’ll just say the truth and *finger guns Midoriya* I think you’re adorable”
  • Kouta: “Delete him.”
  • Shinso: “I like how dumb he is, I guess. He knows about my quirk, but he still answers to my every question”
  • Shindo: “He’s hot, I’m hot, so”
  • Kouta: “Cancel him too.” (All Might: calm down, young Kouta)
  • Uraraka: “He’s reliable and strong that’s why I admire him so much. That’s why I, uhm, *starts fidgeting while looking everywhere but Midoriya* l-l-l-l-likeEeeeEeeEEEe-” and there she floats away in embarassment
  • Mei: “Midoriya Izuku is a good person, but you know what’s better? *pulls out one of her own creations that she’s been hiding under her clothes and proceeds of advertising it for about 4 minutes and 34 seconds before the security comes*
  • Todoroki: *stares at Midoriya* *stares some more* *stares a whole minute at Midoriya* well, what’s there not to like?
  • Mirio smiling at the camera, as Todoroki goes half on fire and half freezes at seeing Midoriya blush and hide himself because of the staring: “Five minutes break as Recovery Girl checks on our Todoroki-kun!”
  • Bakugou, already emitting small sparkles in his hands: “I don’t *censored* like that *censored* *censored* *censored* nerd!”
  • Mirio, confused: “…then, why are you here Bakugou-kun?”
  • Bakugou: “To defeat him! And him *pointing at Todoroki*!”
  • Mirio: “……………….what do you mean?”
  • Bakugou: “What’s so hard to understand? I will *censored* beat *censored* out of that *censored* half’n’half and of that *censored* nerd!”
  • Mirio, speechless for ten minutes: “……………………I still don’t get it”
  • The first episode/introduction episode finishes with Bakugou literally making the stage explode after Mirio asks him to explain for the fifth time and Midoriya chooses Iida, Uraraka and Tokoyami (what he considers safe choices) as the three people to go out on a date with