(it got cropped out of the first gif but you can still kind of see it)

It’s that time again! I’ve reached 7,000 followers :O I’m always really sappy writing these things, but you guys deserve all the sap and love haha. I’m so happy that you’ve found something about my blog or me that you liked enough to decide to follow, it really means the world to me.

I’m going to thank a few people individually first off because they are one of the biggest reasons I keep this blog going (alphabetical order):

aesthetics-of-saudade - I think I’m your unnie, but you feel like an unnie to me haha, you’re one of the most mature people I follow and we always seem to see eye to eye on the important things. That support from you really makes me feel more confident in some of the stuff that I say on here so thank you! (Lab Tech fist bump)

broadways-lights Rozenn! Idk why, but I think of this a lot, when you told me one of the best compliments you received was from something I just happened to say off hand (not that I didn’t mean it haha). I’m really happy I did that for you because you deserve all the compliments in the world. You’re such a pure soul and I love that about you and wish I could be even half as strong as you are. Never change :)

daljiyong - Despite our new-ish friendship, I feel like it’s a really intense one haha. We’ve had our ups and downs but we always seem to stick through it and be there for each other. I can’t thank you enough for how you’ve made me feel when I’m down or struggling a bit with my insecurities and I really hope that I’m doing just as good a job for you. Our talks mean a lot to me, I should say it more often. As you said to me once, “you’re wanted” and the same goes for you too. Plus you’re the best co-author/head canon sharer a girl could have. Now please write for me. ( glances. ) I’ll see you in Toronto, Boo!

daizette - FATHA. I remember when I first saw you in the GD tags, I was always so starry-eyed at what you had to say and I’m glad I reached out to talk to you. I know I can always go to you to help unscramble my thoughts ♥ You’re one cool person Laura and one of my biggest fanfic supporters!

kittaekat My lovely and beautiful Sarah Bear. You’re always so caring and considerate, putting others before yourself without hesitation and it’s so so appreciated. I hope you realize that we care just as much for you. I’ve been bad at showing it lately but our friendship means a lot to me. Thank you for always being there :3

letsallsleepoverwork - Mei, you are like the fizz-bang in our little group haha, always there with hugs and cuddles and love. I think it takes a really strong person to always be that kind of friend, even if you might be feeling differently on the inside. Please don’t ever lose that spark, you’ve got something special!

seungripls - Literally the Senpai of all VIP Senpais to me and I still laugh that we bonded over GD’s freaking frontal region xD I’m glad we did though because some of the most entertaining conversations I’ve had have been with you. One of my original Tumblr bros. Joey and Cesar say hi :))))

Now to all the other wonderful blogs I follow, the cream of the crop in my opinion. Give them a follow and you won’t regret it :D

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