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distance timing breakdown fighting silence the train runs off its tracks kiss me try to fix it could you just try to LISTEN hang up give up for the life of us we can’t get back

Namjoon’s speech literally swept me off my feet. Wow. His speech was legit and beautiful. He found the right words in the right place. I literally got goosebumps hearing him and tear ran down my cheeks no doubt. I felt what he wanted to convey to the people.

Many teens today donot consider what they want in life. They do everythig for the sake of their friends or other people. They don’t listen to their conscience and their voice, infact they listen to the voice of other people. We make other people our inner voice. Which is wrong absolutely.

Rememer in the end its just you and yourself. You have to lift your own self up. Others can give you advice..you need to apply it to yourself.

The words that struck me hard, was when RM said, “True love first starts with loving yourself” which is true. You need to love yourself in order to make other people love you. You need to forgive and allow yourself to ammend the mistakes you’ve commited.

Love yourself first!!

As a writer, I do a lot of thinking about relationships - in particular about how people tend to gravitate towards those who are healthy balances, or foils, to our own personality traits and quirks. So, naturally, I was thinking about my own relationship, and the give and take that happens there. I was talking to my partner, trying to break down and analyze how we balance each other.

Me (sprawled on the bed, as he is going about the day being productive): so, like, what do you think we each bring to the table in this relationship?

Lover: …what are you talking about?

Me: Like, how do we balance each other? In what ways are we better people together?

Lover: ….

Me: You, for example, are organized and are great at keeping on top of daily household upkeep - which I struggle with when I’m busy or anxious. Like the dishes! :)))



Me: …so what do you think I contribute?

Lover: Well…I’m not super social.

Me: True! So I-

Lover: -give me….the majority of my social interactions.

Me: ….so essentially what could be provided by a very friendly cat or dog.

Lover: …according to you, I could apparently be replaced with a dishwasher.

Me: <3

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dude my favorite anime is fma (brotherhood/manga) you have no idea i will eat my own foot if you give me the chance to talk about them like i LOVE going off about fma.. i love the story arc and it doesn't take a billion chapters to finish AND its with characters who are like likeable and so fucking FUN. also arawaka handled real life parallels well and did it respectfully. there is only one writer in animanga we stan and its HER (this got long sdlkfjsdlk i hope you dont mind !)


i think one of the things i like best about fma/fmab is the female characters,,,,,, we have a variety of female characters from all backgrounds and professions and they all have different personalities and cool backstories and NONE of them is reduced to be just a love interest like they all have their own moment :’)))))))))

anw we stan arawaka in this house


Y: aww poor newtie, would a cuddle make you feel better?

N: aww a cuddle would make me feel better Y/n, its mainly just I feel a bit sick

Y:could I come over and kiss you all better?

N: Well I suppose you could X but… my dick might need some kisses X

Y: EWW is that infected too?

N: No no no! I swear! Its not infected I promise! I just wanted a blow job!

Y: You promise me?

N: I promise! 

Y: Well…

N: why not come over and see for yourself?

Y: Well… I’m not sure I trust you newtie X

N: If you want… I could let you see

Y: How?

N: Well… we have camera phones… how do you think love?

Y:Ohhh! well maybe newtie X but I think I would prefer real life I’ll be over to come give you some kisses after lights out 

N: I’ll be waiting love X

Okay okay but think about: Victor and Yuuri giggling through kisses, swaying to some music playing in the background and generally being loving husbands???

that one moment you just know a movie has such an impact on you. just the music, the actors, the scenery, story, everything. when you feel chills and know that this movie means something to you. to feel so blessed that you are able to witness it for the first time, and then feel the same way every time you see it. it never gets old, it never goes out of style, it’ll always be the masterpiece you know it is. its one of the best feelings ever.


“my happiest memory is you… because it’s not just a memory, it’s the present”

//slams hands on desk// when I thought I was finally over this yoi hp au, my friend gave me ANOTHER prompt and it just flew from there;;;;

more hp au


“It is you.” | Rey Kenobi

Kylo’s version: [ + ]

It is unfair of me to ask for more than you can give me but it’s unfair of you to expect me to settle for less than I deserve.
—  Things I realized when I learned to love myself, part XI