( It was too cute that he was like: 'let's play like father and son!' )

Being Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Daughter...
  • Lin would cry the day you were born but he would also brag a lot.
  • He’d shower you with gifts but he was also careful not to overdo it
  • Chances are, (depending on your age and whatever year you’d picture this for) you’d be friends with a lot of the Hamilton cast/ and or their kids
  • There’s no doubt about it you’d be a freestyling genius much like him and musically talented.
  • And Lin would be so proud of this
  • Lin’s heart would melt every time you called him ‘dad’
  • He is probably one of the most caring, sweetest, and involved father out there.
  • And if your mother wasn’t in the picture, Lin would be sure to work to fill in her shoes.
  • He would attend all your school events and extra curriculars too.
  • On mother’s day he would plan a brunch inviting his sister and mother over making sure you knew you weren’t alone when it came to the amount of females in your life.
  • Whenever he goes to Richard Rodgers Theatre or goes to work for whatever project he’s working on he is constantly pulling his phone out to show his fellow coworkers pictures of you
  • He can’t help it
  • But one thing is for sure, Lin would make sure you knew how strong of a woman you were. Being a strong activist for equal rights Lin knew how easy it was for girls in today’s society to feel weak and defeated by the powerful and he never wanted you to experience that. So he would make post-it notes and stick them in your lunchbox, on your mirror, and anywhere he could find with sayings such as…
  • “I am woman hear me roar!”
    “Though she be but little, she is fierce!”
    “A strong woman looks fear in the eye and gives it but a wink.”
    “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”
  • And because your father is one of the most encouraging and inspiring figures in the world, not only in tweets but reality as well, he excels at giving the best, most needed pep talks when you’re down in the dumps.
  • Lin had you speaking Spanish as soon as you said your first word
  • Lin would practically document your entire life. He liked taping you and taking pictures while you were doing casual activities such as coloring, singing, dancing, playing with your dolls, running around the house, etc.
  • Tobillo basically being your best friend
  • That dog follows you wherever you go
  • Lin has thousands of videos from when you were learning to walk, practically waddling around and Tobillo was right on your heel the entire time following you.
  • The whole Hamilton cast would be obsessed with you
  • Especially Phillipa
  • That girl loved you as if you were her own
  • And if you were old enough, you would join the Schuyler Sisters in their inbetween shows closet talk.
  • Sleep overs at Jasmine and Anthony’s while your dad is out of town
  • And they would absolutely LOVE having you over
  • You made them want to have kids that much more and Anthony loved taking you to the movies and Jasmine loved taking you out shopping
  • Speaking of shopping, Renee, Jasmine, and Phillipa are always spoiling you with the newest trends and what nots.
  • The Hamilton cast would be like another family to you
  • Always running around backstage with Groffsauce, who usually was assign babysitting duty.
  • The Schuyler sisters- as well as Leslie teaching you how to harmonize
  • Daveed loved helping you with your freestyling
  • You and him always got in heated battles- in good spirits of course
  • Playing childish games during intermission and between shows with Oak, Daveed, and Anthony.
  • Trying to braid your dad’s hair during his Hamilton days
  • Let’s be real, Lin would dedicate Dear Theodosia to you
  • And during Stay Alive (reprise) and It’s Quiet Uptown he had genuine tears pinching at his eyes as he fathomed the thought of losing you
  • But Lin would always run to you and spin you around every night after shows
  • The two of you would walk hand and hand together home and Lin would sing you to sleep every night
  • He’d love making you breakfast and basking in that domestic life
  • I could see him making some of the best pancakes in the world
  • And one morning when you were little, you convinced him to let you have a sip of his coffee
  • “Daddy, what’s that black stuff in there.”
    “It’s called coffee, bebé.”
    “Can I try some?”
    “Uh, I don’t think so, Y/n. You wouldn’t like it.”
    “Please, papi.”
    “Oh alright.”
  • Like he predicted, you hated it. The liquid burned your throat and young little you cried at the bitterness for at least a minute which broke Lin’s heart.
  • Lin would be the type of parent that would love to show you off to family and friends but when it came to posting pictures of you on social media, he usually made sure your face was covered, just to keep an element of privacy in his life.
  • But he does love tweeting stories about you or cute things that you do
  • Your childhood years would be a little hectic. Lin probably wouldn’t be around as much as he wants with filming, acting, composing and all but he would make an effort of a lifetime to be as involved as possible.
  • By your late teens you had already seen much of the world but that didn’t mean you were bored by any mean. Adventure was in your soul.
  • Lin would spend a lot of time with you during his time working with the film Moana. He liked to come to you to find inspiration.
  • Family trips to Disney World and Land
  • Lin is constantly trying to help you with his homework
  • “You know I was a teacher.”
  • Coming to him when you start learning about the American Revolution
  • “Well I mean you came to right person. I did write an entire musical about this stuff. Just use the album for a reference, it’s mostly accurate.”
  • Walking into your house one day after school infuriated as you set your pop quiz on the Schuyler Sisters in front of him, a large 9/10 circled with red pen.
  • “And I quote, I’m the oldest and the wittiest… My father has no sons… dad you cost me a perfect score! Why did you lie in the lyrics, I thought you said I could trust them!”
    “I’m sorry I forgot they had other siblings!”
  • Similar to your father, you swore like a sailor
  • Which also meant you were constantly getting scolded and death glares from your father who claims “He didn’t raise you to speak like that.” Even though you both know he did.
  • But honestly I could see Lin being into girl drama. Like when he picks you up from school and sees an annoyed look on your face he’d just shake his head and say,
  • “Spill the tea, honey. I’m ready!”
  • And on your bad days after dropping you off at home after school, Lin would drive to the nearest DQ and Chick-Fil-A and movie store returning home with gifts in toll.
  • He was one of the only people in the world you trusted enough to tell everything too
  • Dad jokes, so many dad jokes.
  • “Dad I’m thirsty. Do we have any-“
    “Hi thirsty nice to meet you I’m Lin-Manuel.”
  • Being very close with your grandparents
  • Your grandpa teaching you how to cook
  • Your grandma would spoil you tbh
  • Girl talk with your Aunt Luz
  • Your dad would be really big on making sure you knew and understood the importance of equality and treating others with respect. 
  • Weekly meals at their place where your grandpa is also telling tales
  • “You know pequeño, when your father was your age I couldn’t get him to shut up!”
    “He was always doing his rapping, talking fast and never making sense but he had passion just like yourself so don’t you ever give up on yourself carino. If your father did he would not be where he is today- and neither would you.”
    “Thank you abuelo.”
  • And when you finally do make it, doing whatever or being wherever that may be, you’ll have Lin’s as well as the rest of your families support because Lin knows exactly what it feels like to have millions of people doubt you and laugh at you for doing the unexpected so his support will never run out.
  • When Lin finds out you have a passion for writing and composing, he immediately takes you with him for a daddy daughter date to the studio.
  • He pretends to be out of ideas for a song and you play along knowing it would be a lot less painful to take the easy path.
  • “Well there are a few different projects I’ve been working on lately. They aren’t too good… pretty shitty-“
    “Sorry… but uh, you can have a look I suppose.”
  • Becoming a co writer beside your dad on his next project
  • Going on walks and hikes together with Tobillo
  • But for real though Lin would be insanely protective over you
  • Like when it comes to you Lin always needs to know where you are and constantly has eyes on you
  • When you got your first boyfriend/girlfriend Lin would FLIP
  • You’d suddenly become a player in the game ’21 questions’ or more like 101 questions when it came to your dad
  • He demanded meeting your significant other and no matter the gender, he held his strong demeanor and hardly cracked a smile- well until he saw how happy you looked in their presence.
  • But eventually he’d come to term with it. Although he would always see you as his little girl, he knew you had to spread your wings and he was not about to hold you back from doing so.
  • And when you finally land a lead role on an upcoming Broadway show, Lin is ecstatic.
  • Every day he calls you to ask how rehearsals are going partly because he’s interested and excited for you but also because he remembers his restless days and nights where he’d come home so stressed he’d forget to eat for days. He didn’t want to see you go through the hardships he did.
  • Ironically enough the new production is held, opening night, in the same old theater you grew up in, Richard Rodgers. Home sweet home. 
  • And on opening night you can guarantee your father is sitting front row with four bouquets of various flowers surrounded by all your family and friends as well as a handful of the original and new Hamilton cast.
  • And he would cry. A lot.
  • But he would also be that dad that right before the show starts, as the lights are dimming, he stands up and shouts,
  • “Go Y/n!”
  • His proud dad tweets would be never ending that night
  • After the production he was sure to be the first backstage and the first to hug you.
  • “You did it, you did it! I’m so proud of you, mi ángel. Congratulations!”
  • You’d be lying to yourself if you said your dad didn’t have a surprise party planned for after the play because he did.
  • Not to be a downer but there would be days where Lin would cry himself to sleep thinking he hasn’t done enough, or given you the life you deserve. He worked himself far too hard to make sure you had everything you could ever need and knew you were loved, but sometimes he couldn’t help but fear the worst.
  • Although at times he can be overbearing, you wouldn’t want it anyway else.

This was so fun to write oh my lord, hope you enjoyed!

-Daizy xx

Dating Jonathan Byers Would Include


  • Photos. Let’s just get this out of the way here and now.
    • Photos of you, photos of the two of you, photos of you with his family –
    • According to Jonathan, there can never be enough photos of you
      • Well, he never outright says it, but you can assume such from his actions
    • Depending on how you are with getting your photos taken, there can be a mix of what kinds of pictures of you Jonathan has an abundance of
    • If you enjoy it, you model and pose quite a lot. There’s plenty of goofy pictures of you that were done to make him laugh
    • If you detest it, he tries to respect your wishes. Honestly, he does. But sometimes you just look so beautiful and natural and that profile of yours looks so right in this lighting and just –
      • *click* “… Did you just take a picture of me?” “I’m sorry..!!”
  • Meeting *because* of said profile looking great in lighting
    • You were honestly probably just getting some reading done while walking to your car/the bus/however you get to and from school. Jonathan happened to look your way, saw you, and became incredibly smitten
    • Normally he’d just take the picture he wanted with or without the subject’s awareness and move on with his day. With you, however… He felt different about doing that. Almost ashamed in himself if he did it without your awareness, or even permission
    • Nancy looks in the direction Jonathan has been staring at for nearly an entire minute and immediately knows what’s going on, suggesting that Jonathan just go talk you
    • Of course, Precious Picture-Taker™ is too shy to do it, so Nancy tries another route: Gently pushing him towards you until he’s about halfway to where you are
    • He was about to give up and walk away but you looked back at him just before he could. Poor soul froze and could feel his heart beating so fast it felt like it was encased in ice. Meanwhile, his face was growing warmer by the second
  • Jonathan was incredibly tongue-tied when you asked if you could help him. Nancy had to step in and say he was doing a senior project for photography and that you seemed to fit the criteria he’d told her about
    • His face said “What?”, his eyes said “Panic!”, but his heart said “Thank you, St. Nancy.”
      • After you two became a couple, you would occasionally tease him about how shy and cute he was being over “little ole you”
  • Him making you breakfast
    • It’s already a part of his regular routine, so if you spend the night at the Byer household or arrive there in the morning on the weekends or even school day, you can trust that there will be a fourth plate laid out and stacked with food for you
    • If he goes to pick you up in the morning to go to school, he packs you a bag with a breakfast burrito or breakfast sandwich
  • Being involved in a two-headed mother hen of a relationship
    • You’re protective of your lanky prince, always trying to get him to sleep more, making sure he’s dressed warmly in winter when he goes out to take pictures
      • You’ve stood up to many bullies and unsavory people on his behalf, much to his dismay (and much to his poor heart’s horror)
      • This includes his father, whom we will discuss later
    • Jonathan, however, is virtually the same with you. In fact, he might even be even more of a mother hen!
      • If you’re begging him to put on gloves and a scarf, he’s darn-well making certain that you’re doing exactly that – even when it’s not that cold out
        • God help you if you sneeze …
      • He carries a mini first-aid kit in the glove box of his car not long after you two begin dating, which he’s glad to have done after you once got a splinter during a walk
      • You’re pretty sure he just plain likes feeding you because even beyond packing you breakfasts (which he makes because he thinks you aren’t being healthy enough), he’s always offering you snacks or has some on standby
      • Jonathan isn’t a confrontational person, but he will throw fists if somebody speaks ill of you
        • (To be honest, as upset as it makes you to see him hurt, you need to admit that there’s something attractive about seeing him get animalistic
      • Clarification: Jonathan is definitely the bigger mother hen
  • Developing a big sis-type relationship with Will and his friends
    • You learn a bit about Dungeons and Dragons for his sake before realizing it’s pretty fun. You want to join the group at some point, and agree to do so after Mike’s current campaign is over so that you don’t feel like you’re intruding
    • You inherently become protective of Will and make it your vow to mess up anyone who dares mess with him
      • Jonathan quietly appreciates this
  • Joyce adoring you and always ready to save a spot for you at the dinner table. The Byers household ultimately becomes your home away from home
    • She’s just so happy that her eldest son not only has a significant other, but one who treats him properly and embraces his oft ridiculed characteristics
    • (However, if you spend the night or anything, she still would prefer his bedroom door stay open. Just an involved mother’s preference)
    • She always makes sure you go home with a plate of something
      • Since Jonathan is the photographer, there aren’t too many photos with which she can embarrass him with – doesn’t mean that there aren’t any at all, though
  • The first time you meet Jonathan and Will’s deadbeat father, you try to hold your tongue. However, the keyword here is “try” because you ultimately failed
    • The moment that bastard uttered a single word about Joyce and/or her boys, you were hot as a studio light
    • You were cussing and screaming and calling out as though you were getting paid for it, growing hot in the face
    • Meanwhile, Jonathan stood there for a few moments, completely gobsmacked: Even when faced with ridicule back in Hawkins, he’d never seen you so pissed
      • When he finally comes back to reality, however, his instincts kick in and he gently ushers you away.
      • He can’t tell why his face is red: It’s not embarrassment, he decides, but maybe it’s a little closer to shock, pride, and … excitement?
  • Double dates with Nancy and Steve
  • Nobody telling you about the Upside Down or anything that happened until at least a year into the relationship
    • You’re not exactly upset that such information was withheld. How could you be when you’re too busy being horrified at the trauma everyone has surely gone through
    • As a result, you become a lot more affectionate towards Jonathan, always nervous that somewhere deep down he’s still very much frightened over his experiences. Speaking of affection, though …
  • PDA being a very quiet, tame thing between you two
    • Jonathan, being the closed off person that he is, isn’t necessarily going out of his way to show PDA in the way that most of your peers are.
    • At most, he’ll peck you on the lips or hold your hand. But in every peck and every hand-holding moment, you can feel the growing love he has for you, never allowing you to doubt his intentions even once
  • In private, Jonathan still exhibits slight hesitancy to show bigger, more emphasized forms of affection towards you, often fidgeting when you two are sitting together and watching a movie
    • He may need some encouragement or a clear sentence where you consent to him wrapping an arm around your shoulders
    • Once you get him cuddling, though, Jonny’s as comfy as a kitten in a sun spot.
      • Nothing will stop him from nuzzling you and quietly sighing with content
      • The boy loves neck kisses, giving or receiving. He won’t do the former as often due to his shyness, however. But you rarely let this stop you from placing a quick peck on his own neck to receive a slight shutter or him turning his blushing face elsewhere
  • Jonathan can’t help but feel like any nickname he gives you sounds awkward falling from his mouth.
    • At most, he’ll call you “sweetie” or “honey” but he often winds up sounding so unsure or clumsy about it that you can’t help but giggle about it
    • You, however, go nuts with naming him things and he doesn’t seem to mind: Jon-Jon, Jonny, Jon Boy, Jo-Jo, Baby, My Tired Puppy, Jon-Bon, Stieglitz, Picture Perfect, etc. (After 1983, you begin referring to him as Jon Bon Jovi sometimes)
  • Blasting The Clash from his room when you’re over or when it comes on the radio in the car
  • Jonathan becoming so used to your bizarre comments and conversation topics that he’s barely phased by them anymore
    • He plays along with them, even offering genuine input when you ask for it
    • He never wants you to feel like you’re too strange or your thoughts are invalid – he knows that feeling all too well and would never wish that on anyone he cares about
    • As such, he invests himself into every conversation you have, even if he may not have any real thoughts on the subject matter. But if it’s important to you, then he at least needs to make an effort
  • Helping him prepare his portfolio for his NYU application
    • Jonathan was honestly a little nervous about telling you that his dream school was NYU – most wouldn’t imagine a shy, quiet guy from a town like Hawkins to be able to make it out of the neighboring cities, let alone to such a prestigious school in a big city.
    • His little heart did an entire gymnastics routine of shock and complete glee when, after he told you, you gained expression on your face and told him that you needed to start immediately to create the perfect portfolio
    • In the end, a great portion of the photos wind up including you in them or some aspect of you or something Jonathan later admits he finds symbolic of you
    • You want to ask him why, but you kind of already know: You’re his muse, simple as that
  • Enjoying just that: Life with Jonathan (when it’s not involving the Upside Down or whatever else is out there) is simple.
    • Not in a bad way, but in a sweet way, the kind of way that makes you think of cute diner dates on Friday evenings, walks for ideas for photos on Saturdays, baked pies for Sunday dinners.
    • The sweet feeling of holding hands as you walk down Main Street, making idle chitchat
    • Life with Jonathan feels like you’re eternally wrapped in one of his sweaters – which, much of the time, is plenty true
  • Always being so proud of him and knowing that you two are a team, be it for fighting against the supernatural odds, or for fighting against the more difficult parts of reality
    • He’s your weary-eyed prince, you’re his knuckle-bearing, fire-tongued princess

Trollhunters Season 3

Sooooooooo….. is anybody ready to scream and cry about this with @lycidas-spooky and me yet? Please?!


- Still having Anton’s voice at the beginning!

- The beautiful change to Emil’s voice in Episode 3 - them actually explaining it, that is NOT a given!

- Jim actually admitting (to himself AND Strickler) that his mom still loves and cares for Strickler


- Claire beating Morgana’s evil ass; gaining some sweet magic and full control of the staff

- The parents finding out about everything and being COMPLETELY supportive!!

- Dictatious switching sides and REALLY wanting his brother to forgive him - touch starved little bean…

- Knowing it was necessary for Jim to destroy the amulet BUT IT STILL BEING SO PAINFUL TO WATCH

- The amulet is actually made out of Moragana’s hand?! What the actual fuck, Merlin?!

- Angor Rot saving Draal because ‘he could still be useful’ - yeah right, we all know he felt sympathetic towards him after the whole dog/leash line from Gunmar!


- Morgana vs Merlin being the REAL battle of Killahead Bridge


- Usurna FINALLY getting what she deserves

- Angor Rot realizing he’s nothing but a pawn to Morgana, but having been nothing else for so long, he doesn’t know what else to do

- Strickler’s Wings?!


- 'My life is not worth the world!’

- 'It is to me…’

- Going from: 'Merlin’s a dick I want him to die!’ to: 'He actually kinda has a point - but he’s still a dick.’



- Jim’s Troll Desgin??? I mean, it’s still HIM, but also sooo different, like aaaahhhh

- How happy AAARRRGGHH!!! was after realizing Jim’s now a troll too? Like? How cute was that??

- Jim’s entire breakdown after he realizes he doesn’t belong in either world, human or troll

- Him doing the complete opposite from what he did in the Darklands and actually ACCEPTING the help from his family and friends!!



- Steve having Eli on his shoulders during the concert?? *^*

- Claire just running up on stage and basically telling the whole town the truth

- Almost EVERYONE fighting and defending their hometown, even if they don’t really know what’s going on

- Humans AND Trolls being treated in the hospital

- The entire Trollhunters Team being the DEFINITION OF BADASS - INCLUDING THE CREEPSLAYERZ

- Gnome Chompsky and NotEnrique totally saving those babies

- Jim being the one to remind Angor Rot about who he really is

- 'I heard you were once a great warrior, a hero to Trollkind! What’s your excuse now that you have your soul back?!’


- Merlin basically being useless during the battle….. I mean…..

- Angor Rot switching sides and FUCKING decking Morgana straight in her damn face

- 'Witch! I am no one’s pawn! The boy reminded me who I fight for!’

- Angor Rot dying a MOTHERFUCKING HERO

- 'Well played, hunter…’





- The town’s people just…. accepting the trolls and HELPING THEM


- 'I promised I’d never leave you…’

- Claire’s parents letting her go with Jim after they basically hated him most of the time he was dating their daughter??

- Realizing Strickler has to stay in his troll form forever now - and Barbara giving single fucks and just staying by his side

- AAARRRGGHH!!! staying with his wingman although he KNOWS he’ll die eventually without a heartstone




Maybe, if I post every time this happens, abled people will stop thinking that this sort of thing is rare.

A while back I was sitting by the restaurant in Ikea and using my phone while I waited for Marvin to buy some things.

I was seated at one of four high-backed chairs arranged around a low coffee table. Across the table from me was a stranger, his young son sat in the chair to the right of me, and his daughter, who was about nine-years-old, sat on the floor at the coffee table. She was colouring and her brother was playing on a DS.

Their father stared at me while pretending he wasn’t. It’s pretty obvious when someone is watching you from eight feet away, though. I didn’t get angry vibes so I wasn’t concerned and just pointedly ignored him while catching Pidgey after Pidgey.

My phone had a semi-transparent, soft plastic case on it. I usually covered it with cute stickers. At that time, it had large words written in sharpie on the back that said, “It’s rude to stare”.

I was absorbed in my game when the stranger across from me laughed suddenly, loudly, and pointed me out to his daughter.

“Her phone says, ‘It’s rude to stare’,” he said.

He chuckled and looked at my face, expecting an explanation.

I stared at him.

He stared back.

I sighed.

“Oh, yeah. People stare at me a lot,” Just like you were, I thought. I waved my phone to show off the words. “So I wrote that on there. So, yeah.”

I went back to my game. Guy chuckled again.

“Really, people stare at you? Why?” He asked.

I looked up from my phone. I stared at him.

He stared back. I raised my eyebrows. He kept waiting for an answer.

I held up the butterfly-printed cane that had been leaning against my legs by way of explanation. “Sometimes I use a walker or wheelchair, too.”

“And people stare?” He pressed.

“Yep,” I said shortly.

“Wow. Well, you know, I think it’s probably because of their own personal fear.”

I seriously bristled at that. The tone was awful, really patronizing.

“Yeah. Seeing disabled people in public is a real shock. We remind people of their own mortality,” I said humourlessly, adding in some sarcastic laughter for good measure. I tried to signal my disinterest by lowering my head and leaning over my phone screen.

“Yeah-” he said, charging full speed ahead like he didn’t even need me for this conversation. He clearly had something to say all prepared.

"And you know, it’s funny. But I used to be scared of- people- people with disabilities,” he said, with a smile and lean-in, touching his fingertips together, making me want to punch his face.

I was in a bit of social shock. I just kept thinking, are you kidding me? This Ikea food court confession is happening right now, huh?

“Not physical disabilities, but mental disabilities.”

He was so smarmy, you guys. When he said that, I think my soul left my body. And I had no idea how to either respond or extricate myself reasonably. 

I hesitated, looked from this guy to his children, who were watching the exchange with awkward interest.

“Oh. Uh. Well, I’m autistic, so…” I let my words trail off. To this day I have no idea where that sentence would have gone.

“Oh. Oh! But I mean, you can’t tell,” he turned tomato red. “You’re so well-spoken and- I guess you could say that you have really overcome.”

As he was fumbling, I was giving him an exaggerated but sincerely felt grimace and an unimpressed "ehhh”.

At his pronouncement of my overcoming, I sat up straight and said, loudly and pissed enough that his children started looking worried, “Uh, yikes. No.”

Guy’s daughter looked like she would rather he did anything but continue talking, but that’s what he did. Like any allistic abled white dude worth his salt /s, he powered through, ignoring my obvious and projected displeasure.

“But, I mean. In school, it’s funny, because it ended up that most of my friends were handicapped. I guess I kind of protected them-” His voice took on an artificially soft, sticky quality. It was at this moment that I snapped.

“Okay. I’m going to cut you off there,” I said. I put my hand up. His tomato face spoiled.

“What? Why?” He seemed torn between expressing frustration and wanting to appear kind-hearted and open-minded in front of his children.

“Well. Uh. Ugh,“ I looked at his kids, wondering how harsh or how kind I should be. I hated that he put me in this spot. In that moment I hated him so much.

"Well, you’re saying a lot of stuff that non-disabled people think is nice to hear, but it’s not. It’s just- it’s just not.” I knew it was pointless to try to explain. My words were failing fast. He didn’t really care, anyway.

“I wouldn’t even be able to explain it to you,” I shrugged.

He gaped at me. Now he was angry. This wasn’t going how he had wanted it to.

“I know you’re coming from a good place. But it’s not nice. It’s just not… yeah.” I gripped the handle of my cane in one hand and my phone, Pokémon Go forgotten, in the other. I fought the urge to literally run away. I felt the surreal pressure of my behaviour being one of these kids’ formative disability-related experiences.

“Oh. Uh. Well. Okay. Sorry,” he said, embarrassed, not sorry. “And uh, thanks for saying that,” he said, trying to get me back. I looked away.

“I just-” he started. Even his children looked unhappily surprised that he was trying for that last word.

“I just want to say that you’re great.

I didn’t look at him. I smiled at his daughter, who smiled back out of habit, more confused than anything. His son looked down at his DS, secondhand embarrassment turning him red too.

“Hmm. Well, your kids seem nice,” I offered breezily.

After that, I moved away from the circle of green chairs and sat in an uncomfortably high stool in the corner. I hid there, head down, my hands shaking very slightly, feeling paranoid. Like I failed. And that my friends, is ableism. 

anonymous asked:

Can I get single dad shownu if you haven't done it yet please? :3c

find other versions: hyungwon | wonho | kihyun 

  • has a four year old son who is just as laid back as his dad,,,like literally,,,,,,the babysitter that stays with him sometimes forgets she’s babysitting because he’s just so quiet and well behaved
  • the two expressions he has is: smiling, his chubby cheeks almost masking his eyes completely and frowning, small hand pawing at shownu’s broad chest
  • minhyuk teases that he’s just a mini shownu
  • whenever the boy grabs onto minhyuk’s fingers, he pretends to be in pain just to go “strong,,,,just like his dad!!!!”
  • the little boy thinks it’s hilarious, always smiling while around minhyuk,,,
  • kihyun on the otherhand suspects there must be something wrong - why doesn’t he cry out like other kids
  • hyungwon, deadpan: “not everyone is born annoying like you.”
  • kihyun: *pretends to be shocked by that burn* LOL
  • out of all the animals, shownu’s boy loves bears,,,,,,like teddy bears and all that
  • shownu sort of thinks it’s because he reminds his son of one,,,,,,,which is honestly????? the cutest thing
  • so one evening, as shownu’s on the bus with his son seated beside him - playing with the small bear in his hands
  • you come on at the next stop,,,,,carrying a gigantic stuffed bear you’d just won your cousin at the fair
  • the only problem is,,,,your cousin didn’t want it,,,,so you - a grown adult - were riding the bus with this gigantic fluffy bear
  • the driver gives you an annoyed look as you lug the thing in
  • and you return the look, paying your fare and plopping the bear down in a two seater - glad that the bus is relatively empty
  • but,,,,,,,there’s one person who doesn’t give a ? look and it’s shownu’s son
  • whose eyes go wide, a spark of excitement washes over his little face
  • “papa!” he pulls at shownu’s sleeve and points to your bear “big bear!!”
  • you hear the small voice, looking over to see a boy of about four looking at your fluffy friend fondly
  • you smile at him, picking up the gigantic paw and waving it at the little boy
  • he lets out a small clap and waves back
  • shownu eyes you, then the bear and he can already see his son itching to get off his seat and into the arms of the big teddy bear
  • but the bus is moving, and he isn’t risking letting his son stumbling over to a stranger, so he pats his head and says “you have your own bear too.”
  • the boy looks unimpressed at the tiny bear in his arms, he even chucks it onto the seat beside him
  • and before shownu can react, he’s sliding off the seat and trying to make his way over to you
  • alerted, as the bus is moving at a pretty fast pace, you get up and out stretch your arms
  • the boy nearly tumbles into you, and you’re thankful that you caught him before he could fall over
  • “you shouldn’t do that when the bus is moving!” you scold, as carefully as you can
  • he nods, a sadness flicks in his eyes but then he turns to your bear and grins again
  • “big bear!!!” he exclaims and you nod, “yes, do you wanna sit with him?”
  • the boy nods and you get up, lifting him up to take your seat
  • you’d rather stand than risk him toppling over again
  • “im sorry.”
  • a quiet voice comes from behind you and you notice that his father has walked over to your side of the bus, watching his son whose small hands are playing with the teddy bear’s big paws
  • “it’s ok, im just happy he didn’t fall coming over to me!” you sigh, looking at his father more closely this time
  • he’s a large framed man, muscular but with a soft looking face. 
  • he kind of looks like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • you glance at the teddy bear and back at him
  • “i see why he likes the bear so much.”
  • shownu gives a small surprised “why?” and you laugh a little “you look alike, you two.”
  • you wag a finger between the bear and shownu, the tips of his ears turn pink when you add “you’re both cute.”
  • the bus driver announces that the next stop is yours, you think of how you’re going to lug this huge bear from the stop to your home
  • but then look up at the boys dad again “do you,,,,,want the bear?”
  • he looks surprised again “isn’t he,,,,,,expensive?”
  • you shake your head “he was free, originally for my cousin but she doesn’t like bears. but,,,,,your boy sure does.”
  • shownu’s son is literally beaming, hugging the big bear with an iron like grip
  • shownu chuckles and nods “he does, thank you um -”
  • you introduce yourself and shownu tells you his and his son’s name
  • the bus is slowing down and you wave to his son, who thanks you for the bear as you turn to leave
  • but before the bus comes to a full stop shownu calls out that he owes you,,,,,hopefully one day you can meet again and he can pay you back somehow
  • you agree lightheartedly, completely fine with making the boy happy as all the payment you need
  • but,,,,,,,,,a week later you find yourself in line for coffee, about to pay for your drink when a large hand slides over a bill and you look over your shoulder
  • shownu smiles at you, “i said i owed you.”
  • you laugh, looking around for his son whose pressed against the display case of cookies
  • “would you like to join us for a bit?” he adds as the cashier hands back his change and you nod
  • the three of you take a seat at the table, shownu’s son nibbling on what looks like bear shaped cookies
  • you grin and ask, “so what did he name the bear?”
  • shownu reddens, looking down at his coffee cup with a slight embarrassed tone in his voice “papa bear,,,,”
  • you don’t have to ask who inspired that hehe 
It’s a Fuck Yes (Steve Harrington x Reader)

Request: 7 with Steve 💕

Prompt: “You’re really cute and it’s ruining my life because I think about kissing you all the time.”

Word Count: 1384

A/n: I hope you guys like this. I think it’s the longest thing I’ve ever written.   It’s almost the holidays so I wanted to wish you all a Happy Holidays!! ❤️❤️❤️

Originally posted by finnwolfshards

Desperate times called for desperate measures. Steve knew he couldn’t talk to Jonathan, what with you being his twin sister, and Nancy was completely off the table. As much as he didn’t want to admit it, things were still too awkward for him just appear out of no where to talk to his ex girlfriend about his feelings for another girl.

Steve resorted to talking to the next best person: Dustin Henderson. While the kid had never had a girlfriend before, let alone fallen in love with a girl, (that he knew of), Steve knew that Dustin’s advice would be honest. Besides, over the weeks he had spent with him, the older teen had bonded with the young boy and had come to trust him more than almost anyone in the world at this point.

That’s how he had gotten himself sitting in Dustin’s living room ranting about his feelings for (Y/n) Byers.

“Just calm down Steve.” Dustin tried to reassure Steve, but it wasn’t working. “If this is about how you think Nancy will react, she’s long over you dude.”

“This isn’t about Nancy.” He rubbed his temple in frustration.

“Well, if it’s about Jonathan, then I think you’re in the clear.” Steve sighed lightly but disagreed.

“I just don’t think that Jonathan thinks that I’m enough for (Y/n). You know?” Steve looked desperately at the young teen. “I’m just the guy who can’t get an A for his life and whose parents don’t care for him enough to ever show up to anything.” He paused feeling tears trying to break their way through. He hated being vulnerable. His father always told him that it meant he was being weak.

Son,” Steve’s father spoke, “Don’t ever let your guard down. Crying is for losers, and losers don’t win in life.”

That was one of his motto’s in life and Steve Harrington could never forget it, ‘crying is for losers,’ would play in his mind on repeat. It was one of the only pieces of advice his father ever gave him, but it hurt him more than it helped him.

Dad.” A young 11 year old Steve came crying to his father. “I miss you. You’re always gone and I miss you.” Unlike most parents who would scoop their child up in their arms and coo, saying ‘I know bud, I miss you too, but everything will be alright,’ like Steve expected, instead, his father yelled.

What have I told you about crying Steve?” His father’s voice was raised and harsh.

Defeatedly and scared, Steve replied, “crying is for losers, and losers don’t win in life. I know dad but-“

But nothing Steve, I didn’t raise a quitter. I didn’t raise a cry baby.”

Steve looked down sadly and nodded, “Yes sir.” He replied walking out of his fathers office, but on his way out he muttered under his breath, “you didn’t raise me at all.”

So, from then on, Steve Harrington was cautious about showing his vulnerabilities, but he knew in that moment, he could be sad for a split second because he knew that Dustin would never judge him. “The Byer’s are a tight knit family,” he continued, “and I’ve never had that.” This went deeper than Steve’s fear of rejection from Jonathan or even from you. “How am I supposed to love her like she deserves, if I don’t know how?”

Steve’s parents had never been there for him, which resulted in him hiding his abandonment in jokes and silly gags. In doing so, he had lost himself a little bit to the popularity of being King Steve, and was glad that Dustin and the kids were helping him find himself again. But the best thing that came with being himself, was being able to spend more time with you.

“Steve. You’ve proven countless times to the Byer’s that you are worth trusting. You’ve proven to everyone that you are worth trusting.” Dustin smiled at his ‘mentor.’ “You’ve changed a lot in the past year.” He laughed at the thought. “If I’m being honest, before I got to know you, I thought you were just a ‘douchebag,’ Steve Harrington, but you proved me wrong. Now I know you’re one the coolest people on the planet and if (Y/n) can’t see that, she’s not worth your time.” Dustin knew how much you both liked each other, to the point where your endless dancing and quiet glances were getting annoying.

“Thanks bud.” The older teen perked up, happy to hear how Dustin felt about him.

“No problem dude.” Dustin smiled wait for a fist bump.

Steve returned the fist bump, a grin plastered on his face. “But what the hell am I supposed to say to her? ‘Hey Byers. You’re really cute and it’s ruining my life because I think about kissing you all the time.’”

“I suggest that you don’t say that.” Dustin laughed.

“No kidding kid.” Steve watched Dustin carefully. “You know that’s not what I was actually going to say right?”

“Yeah sure Stevie boy, if that’s what you say.” He teased. “I never know what you’re going to say around (Y/n). You become really flustered and unpredictable.”

“Shut up toothless.” He mocked the young boy knowing how much he hated the nickname. “I do not.”

“So,” Dustin started, “Are you going to ask her out or not?”

Steve jumped at the revelation. It was only 4 in the afternoon so there was still time to ask you out if he could gather up enough courage to do so.

“Uh. Yeah,” he smiled, “I’m going to go ask her out.” He let out a laugh he didn’t know he was holding. “I’m going to go ask Byers out.”

You were reading a book in the living room when there was a knock on your door. “(Y/n) can you get that?” Jonathan yelled from his room.

“Yeah.” You shouted back walking towards the front door. As you opened it, you revealed Steve Harrington holding a bouquet of flowers. You smiled at him happily.


“Hey.” He smiled, his smile coming off lopsided from how nervous he was.

“If the flowers are for my mom,” you teased, “she’s not here at the moment. You’ll have to come back later.”

Steve laughed nervously. “Uh, actually Byers, I was wondering, I mean, uh. I’ve been trying to ask you this for the longest time. Shit, get it together Steve, uh I-“

“I like you too Harrington.” You smiled softly as his eyes widened.

“Oh thank god.” He let out a shy of relief. “I was actually starting to get really nervous there.”

“Steve Harrington nervous,” you exclaimed, “I never thought I’d live to see that.”

“Yeah,” he rubbed his neck slowly, starting to gain back his confidence.  “So that’s a yes on the date?” 

“It’s more than a yes Harrington.  It’s a fuck yes.” You laughed at the smirk on his face.

“Well that,” he raised an eyebrow, “is a better reaction than I could have imagined. But I mean, who would reject a date with the king of Hawkins High?”

“Someone who is damn stupid.” You grinned flashing him a smile as you grabbed your coat.  “The diner and then the arcade yeah?”

“Yeah.” He replied.

“Alright.  Jonathan,” you yelled, “I’m heading out for a bit.  I’ll be back by 9.”

Steve realized as he stood there with you that one of the things he loved about you was your colorful words.  For such a quiet and sweet person, when Steve really got to know you, he realized how funny you really were.

“I’m just going to grab my hat,” you said, ““be right back.”

“I’ll be waiting in the car.” Steve opened your front door and walked towards his car.  He opened the door to the drivers seat, putting the keys in the egnition.  He couldn’t believe that you had said yes. He really couldn’t believe that you wanted to go out with him.  Now all he’d have to worry about was Jonathan finding out.  Surely he wouldn’t approve.

He watched you exit your house and was struck by how beautiful you looked, your cheeks reddening in the cool winter air.

Under his breath he muttered, “How’d I get (Y/n) Byers to go out with me?”

Like Father, Like Son

Request:  Could you do a Harry x reader where they have a child around 4 or 5 and while the reader is at the store she leaves them with their kid and she comes back to Harry giving her/him a mini hook and tries to teach them to sword fight?

Warnings: Cute Daddy!Harry, lots and lots of cute Daddy!Harry

Words: 1,366

A/N: I love these sorts of fics omg I was hoping someone would request something like this! Thank you so much for requesting!

Harry Hook was a lot of things. He was psychotic. He was impulsive. He had a thirst for violence and he was well-known around the Isle for his explosive temper. He followed Uma like a puppy dog, but he was no follower. Despite all of this, he was a great boyfriend, even though others didn’t see it. You did, he just wasn’t exactly the most affectionate of boyfriends, to the point where the Harry the world saw was a cold and distant boyfriend.

So that’s why when word got around that you were pregnant with Harry Hook’s baby, the words ‘loving dad’ was not what came to mind. Most people were afraid that he’d end up hooking the kid in the middle of the night during a colic episode. It was either that or he’d just up and leave you to care for the baby yourself. 

But the Isle once again got another surprise: Harry Hook was an amazing father. Upon you going into labor, while even you thought he’d be running around like a chicken with his head cut-off, he was calm and collected, having everything ready and planned out. He knew just what to say to calm you down in your labor, and after your son was born, he did everything he could to make your life just a little easier. 

He did late night store runs. You both took turns to change diapers. He got you as many pillows as he could find on the Isle so when you nursed the baby you would be comfortable. He even saved up enough money to get a small house by the docks. “A ship is no place ta raise a baby! He could fall in the water! We’re moving. End of discussion.” He had said. 

Overall: Harry Hook was a great dad. And your son absolutely adored his father, similar to the way that Harry adored his own dad. Just about every day your son begged to follow Harry to the ship, although you just weren’t comfortable with that yet since your son was still in that overly hyper stage and he didn’t think much of the dangers of being on a pirate ship. 

“Aye, Henry, listen to ye mother. If she says no, that means no. Don’t ye argue with ‘er.” Harry would tell him, although he would never let your young son know that he agreed completely. 

One day, you realized you needed to do your weekly grocery shopping, although you really didn’t want to bring Henry along with you. You loved your son, but even you had to admit that taking a four-year-old grocery shopping was a bad idea. “Harry, baby, will you watch Henry while I go shopping?” You asked, watching as Harry looked up from the television. 

“Aye, sure, love. When do ye think ye’ll be back?” He asked. 

You thought about it for a moment before shrugging. “I don’t know, to be honest. I won’t be too long though, I’ll be back in time to fix supper.” You said, smiling as Henry ran in from his room with an old toy that Gil had gotten him, Henry jumping onto the couch next to Harry. “Henry, mommy’s going shopping. I’ll be home soon, listen to your father.” You said, smiling and going to kiss his head. 

“Bye mommy!” Henry said, kissing you on the cheek before you grabbed your things to head out. You had moved off the Isle about a year before, so you were now living in Auradon as a happy little family, which made life about a hundred times easier since you didn’t have to worry about getting robbed every time you close your eyes. 

Not long after you left, Harry went and looked out the window to make sure you were gone before looking at your son. “Aye, I got a present for ye, lad.” Harry said, going into the bedroom you both shared, your son running after him.

“A present? For me? Really daddy?” Henry said as he followed Harry, going to sit on the bed as Harry went to dig in the closet. 

“Aye, I did. But ye can’t tell yer mum about it. So this is going ta be our dirty little secret, alright Henry?” Harry said, looking back at Henry who nodded and pretended to zip his lips and throw away the key, Harry chuckling before getting a small box that was very poorly wrapped, going over to Henry and sitting down next to him. “I wanted to wait for yer birthday next month, but I figured now’s as good a time as ever,” Harry said, watching as the young child shook the box to figure out what it was. 

“What is it?” Henry asked curiously. The young boy looked up at his father and watched as he motioned to the box to tell him to open it, finally tearing open the wrapping and opening the box that was inside, screaming with joy when he saw what it was. “A hook a hook! It’s like yours, daddy!” Henry said, grabbing it and bouncing up and down.

Harry laughed at the young boy’s excitement, reaching over and patting his back. “Calm down, son! Ye’ll poke an eye out and then yer mother will have me head on a stick!” Harry laughed, watching as he swung it around as any child would. “Careful with that. Now Henry, listen to me, son.” Harry said, making the child stop to look at him. “That isn’t a toy ta play with like ye other toys, son. Ye can’t just swing it around, ye can hurt yerself or someone else.” Harry told him. 

“Then what can I do with it, daddy?” Little Henry asked as he looked up at his father. 

“Well, as of right now ye can just carry it around like what daddy does with his hook. I just don’t want ye gettin’ hurt, son…so no running while you have it in ye hand, okay? When yer a little older then we’ll see.” Harry said, just wanting to let his son know that he could seriously get hurt with that if he didn’t go about it carefully. 

Henry frowned, but gave a nod since he could tell his father was being serious. “Okay, daddy…” He said sadly, holding the hook in his hand and looking at it when Harry got an idea. 

“But, with me bein’ a pirate, I suppose I do have ta teach ye how to sword fight,” Harry said, smiling as he looked at the boy before leading him out back to play with a couple plastic swords that they had gotten him so he could play with some of his friends. 

The two of them got a little carried away, neither one of them noticing when [Y/N] arrived home from the store. “Harry?” You asked as you carried in armfuls of groceries, usually Harry being right there to help you unload the car. Upon hearing laughter from outside, you raised an eyebrow and looked out the back door, smiling some as you watched the two most important men in your life playing with plastic swords. 

Henry struck a ‘blow’ to Harry’s chest, to which Harry pretended to grip at the wound. “Oh no! Ye got me! I’m dying! Tell me girl I love her!” Harry said, causing his voice to fade as he hit the ground and pretending to die, opening one eye when you started to laugh. 

“I leave for one hour and you’re already killing each other?” You laughed, and Henry grinned as he ran over to you.

“Mommy mommy!” Henry yelled, smiling and hugging your neck when you picked him up. “Daddy got me a hook and taught me to sword fight!” Henry yelled. 

“Henry! I said that the hook was a secret.” Harry said as he got off the floor. 

“I’m not good at keeping secrets from mommy,” Henry explained, laying his head on your shoulder, to which you laughed and smoothed his dark brown hair. 

“As long as you don’t hurt anyone, I don’t mind you having a hook.” You assured them both, smiling and looking at Harry. You really did have a perfect family. 

the loud gurgling coming from below caused alec to look at the tiny, blue baby warlock bouncing excitedly in the baby carrier that alec had strapped to his chest earlier. his tiny feet covered by the blue and white striped onesie he was currently wearing were moving excitedly as the baby kicked, squealing and cooing as alec walked around the institute, a report in his hand.

alec took baby max’s hand in his and smiled fondly when his blue fingers curled around his pinky, shaking it around in his tiny fist, alec’s wedding ring glinting in the light. 

“are you excited to see papa?” alec asked and max looked up at him, blinking with those huge eyes of his and gave alec a toothless, adorable smile. “yeah, me too.” alec grinned and kissed max on the top of his head. “just one more order to give out, blueberry, and then we can go home and you can drink a nice warm bottle of milk.” 

 alec rounded the corner with a giggling max and entered the training room with ease and with an air of friendship marched up to aline, gloves on and jabbing fiercely at the punching bag in front of her. music loudly blasted from her ears so it took her a second to realize he was there. a smile as sweet as cherries spread across aline’s face at the sight of her friend, her face flushed from training.

“hey, boss,” she said and alec chuckled at the title aline had teasingly bestowed on him when she first arrived at the institute a couple of years ago. “i’m guessing you have the weekly report on the new recruits?”

“that i do,” alec presented it dramatically and aline took it with a flourish, adding a little bow which was accompanied by a giggle. “i looked them over but i wanted you to keep them, since you are the one in charge of that department.”

“children are a joy, aren’t they?” aline sighed, shaking her head with a grin. “you certainly are, aren’t you?” she crooned suddenly, looking at max and taking his little feet in her hands and waving them up and down. max always got that bright, happy look in his eyes whenever he saw aline and it warmed alec’s heart when his son laughed at one particular funny face aline was making at him.

“oh, you are just too cute!” aline squealed, kissing max on both cheeks. his chubby hands made contact with her face and he smiled as he ran his fingers over her cheeks curiously. “he totally has magnus’ charm.” she looked back up at alec, who was chuckling fondly at the scene before him.

“how do you know he got that all from magnus?” alec huffed, pretending to mad, even though he knew it was true.

“have you met your husband? one look and he’ll sweep you off your feet. this little guy is going to make the world spin with his smile or laugh alone.” aline said as max was still running his hands along her face, occasionally pressing their foreheads together and causing aline to giggle.

“well, that’s true. he did sweep me off my feet.” alec felt butterflies erupt in his stomach at the thought of magnus, his husband, his absolute one and only love and how nothing had changed since the first day they had met, a dopey smile on his face and his cheeks flushed and his heart sighing dreamily. aline was right: all it took was one look and alec was gone forever.

“aw, you’re getting that look in your eyes, you sap.” aline teased coming up from playing with max to poke alec in the arm.

alec rolled his eyes. “look who’s talking,” he gestured towards aline’s ring finger, a gorgeous engagement ring winking at the both of them. “every time helen walks bye, you have to stop and watch her leave. every time she kisses you, you sigh that sigh. you know the one: the cheesy, romantic, be still my beating heart sigh. don’t point fingers at me, aline.” aline made a face at him but she beamed at him afterwards.

“it’s true. i’m in love and whipped. and here’s the proof.” she wiggled her engagement ring in alec’s face. “you better get us lots of presents.”

“being your best man isn’t enough?” alec chortled and aline stuck her tongue out at him.

“alright, go, be with your prince charming. i have to get back to my princess anyway.” aline pulled alec into a quick hug that wouldn’t smush the baby, placing a quick kiss on max’s forehead. “bye, max!”

“say bye, max!” alec encouraged the baby, who merely looked at him, confusion on his face.

“don’t worry, i know he loves me.” aline laughed and she waved cheerfully at the father and son, turning and practically sprinting down the hallway to go see her future wife. alec watched her go, happiness for his friend taking over his entire soul.

the sound of crying caused alec to look down at max, who was fidgeting and squirming, his face screwed up and his lips puckered.

“aw, i know honey, i know,” alec soothed, carefully taking max out of the baby carrier and holding him to his chest. “we’re going home right now to see papa.”

“no need, i’m right here.” alec turned around surprised to see his husband, his gorgeous, beautiful, amazing, kind, wonderful, smart, strong husband walking toward him, glitter dusting his cheekbones like freckles and eyelids. his hair had blue streaks in it and he look glorious in the glittery black jacket he was adorning, a jacket that alec had grown fond over the years. seeing him walking towards him and their child was like alec seeing magnus walk down the aisle  and he felt his stomach drop as pure bliss overtook his emotions.

“hi, love” magnus reached up, a hand on alec’s neck, to softly kiss him hello. alec let his eyes droop close, the feeling of magnus’ lips on his soft and sweet like toffee and he relished in the feeling of his warm fingertips against his skin.

“hi, babe.” alec hummed and magnus smiled, their noses brushing as he leaned in to kiss him again.

“good day today? how was your client?”

“positively dreadful, darling, but seeing your face at the end of the day makes it worth it,” alec felt his face heat up and magnus smiled and brushed a strand of hair off of his forehead. “how was your day?”

“same, boring, couldn’t stop thinking about kissing you and holding you in my arms. but what else is new?”

magnus tittered at this. “cheeky, mr. lightwood-bane.” he quipped, kissing alec’s nose and turning his attention to the wiggling bundle of joy leaning against alec’s chest.

“there’s my baby!” magnus took max out of alec’s arms and held him up, kissing his cheek repeatedly as max laughed and clapped his hands. “did you miss me? i missed you so much, lovebug!” he blew a raspberry against max’s stomach, causing the baby to roar with contagious laughter.

“he really wanted to see you today. we both did.” alec put a hand on magnus’ lower back as they watched max run his hands through magnus’ hair, babbling. “also, he’s hungry.”

“luckily, you’re married to a warlock, sweetheart.” magnus snapped his fingers and a bottle appeared in his hand.

“luckily, i’m married to you.” alec pressed a kiss against magnus’ temple and magnus smiled at him, scrunching his nose in the way that alec loved, before holding the bottle to max’s mouth. 

“he’s so beautiful,” magnus said as they watched max drink out of the bottle, his eyelashes fluttering as he started to get sleepy. “ he’s growing so fast. soon he’ll be able to walk and talk, even hold this very bottle up by himself. i can’t believe we’re actually parents. and married.”

“what a wonderful way to spend the rest of our lives.” alec replied thoughtfully as magnus made a noise in agreement, leaning back against alec.

“they say a home can be a house and that a home can be a place and that a home can be a person, but they were wrong. a home can be people. my home is two people: my exquisite husband and our exquisite child.”

magnus clicked his fingers and the bottle disappeared and both him and alec, grinning and exchanging soft kisses, watched their son sleeping in magnus’ arms, the three of them surrounded in the feelings of simple but sweet contentment.

Falsettos, badly explained by me
  • Four Jews in a Room Bitching: yeah it's exactly what it sound like
  • A Tight-Knit Family: yeah, good luck with THAT, pal
  • Love is Blind: oh my god Mendel now is not the time
  • Thrill of First Love: "mEn IN CufFliNKs MaKE mE fOrgET My NaME"
  • Marvin at the Psychiatrist: Mendel is about to get fired for being horny on main
  • My Father's A Homo: what a cute kid
  • Everyone Tells Jason to See a Psychiatrist: again, exactly what it sounds like
  • I'm Breaking Down: bitch me too the fuck (Alternately: Trina is the living version of the "right in front of my salad" meme)
  • Please Come To Our House: Trina chill your kid's fine
  • Jason's Therapy: But for real, IS this therapy?
  • A Marriage Proposal: the worst proposal speech E V E R
  • A Tight-Knit Family (Reprise): uh Marvin you left your wife and kid I think we passed that point already
  • March of the Falsettos: fuck toxic masculinity
  • Trina's Song: depression™
  • The Chess Game: Marvin you extra bitch did you just break up with him over a CHESS GAME
  • Making a Home: see I want them all to be happy but I'm BORED
  • The Games I Play: the song that singlehandedly made me care about Whizzer
  • Marvin Hits Trina: BITCH WHAT THE FUCK
  • I Never Wanted to Love You: me @ everyone in this show
  • Father to Son: Jason- "I think girls are the most beautiful thing..." My bisexual ass: "relatable"
  • Falsettoland: It's about to go to hell, we might as well have some fun. (tag yourself; I'm "spiky lesbians")
  • The Year of the Child: just let my boy have his bar mitzvah he's had a hard time already
  • Miracle of Judaism: uh sweetie you are in the middle of a baseball game now is not the time for being horny
  • The Baseball Game: they are WAY too into this game
  • A Day in Falsettoland: Oh, MAN, you know it's about to go to hell when everyone's talking about how nice it is.
  • Everyone Hates His Parents: everyone needs to chill the fuck out and have some bread
  • What More Can I Say: When did I get so emotionally invested in these two what the FUCK
  • Something Bad Is Happening: H E R E W E G O T I M E F O R P A I N (side note: does Tracie Thoms only play smart lesbians in the 80s-90s surrounded by people with AIDS??)
  • Holding to the Ground: ouch
  • Days Like This: Oh okay good I can breathe again
  • Cancelling the Bar Mitzvah: Trina I love you with all my heart but you're giving me a headache.
  • Another Miracle Of Judaism: HE IS LITERALLY THE BEST KID EVER
  • You Gotta Die Sometime: This is the best song ever written about death ever. Sorry, I don't make the rules.
  • Jason's Bar Mitzvah: *crying* that's my boy...........
  • What Would I Do?: And this is the best love song ever written! And the only one that has moved me to tears every damn time! (I am in p a i n)
  • Falsettoland Reprise: This started out so nice and funny what the fuck happened
Eleven Blocks

this is based off of “11 blocks” by wrabel. I highly recommend listening to it, especially during this imagine :)

Pairings: tom holland x reader

warnings: language, angst, some fluff, heartbreak

is song lyrics

is flashbacks

word count: 4.1k

summary: you live eleven blocks away from tom. And it seems like wherever he goes, he’s reminded of you

please let me know if you want a part two! Also please leave feedback?


Eleven blocks from my door to your doorstep

Three years later and it feels too close

Everyone says time heals all wounds, but are they correct? Hell no.

Tom left Europe over three years ago. That boy always tried to shoot for the stars. From Billy Elliot, to How I Live Now, to the Impossible, and now Spider-Man.

The first three major projects he had were thrilling. You were so proud of him and his success. No, you weren’t dating when you were young kids, but you two practically grew up together. Tom asked you to go with him as his date to your school dance when you both were just 13 years old. Nikki brought her eldest son to a small flower shop not too far away from their home. The pair looked at flowers for what felt like hours but the mother but she didn’t mind. She thought it was cute how her son kept on obsessing over what flowers to get for his best friend. She knew that’s how much this meant to him, she also knew he was harboring feelings for his friend before he even knew. His mother and your own joked when you two were three years old, that you would eventually get married someday.

Nikki and Dominic offered to take your parents and Tom to the beach with them one day during one of London’s many hot summer days. To which you were more excited for, you had never been to a beach though. You had been swimming in a kitty pool before, but not for that long in the hot weather. Luckily that day was in between warm and hot, leaning mostly towards warm. So your parents agreed and you all traveled to the beach together. Nikki and your mother bringing way too much sunscreen, to which their husbands teased them for. But they just threw their partner a sternly, “mother” glare and they shut up instantly.

Your parents and his were talking while you and Tom sat in the sand in front of them, playing with the beige powder and building, whatever your three year old minds could invent with some shovels and buckets along with some bath toys for “guests at your majesty’s castle”.

“They are too cute,” Nikki cooed. Her and your mom could barely rip their gazes away from their children playing in the sand together, giggling and laughing at who could make the “prettiest and most biggest” castle.

“Oh I know,” your mother replied with a hand over her heart.

“Look at those two future heartbreakers,” Dominic joked as himself and your father turned to join the two pairs of eyes already looking at you.

“Oh please Dom,” Nikki chuckled. “If anything, the only hearts they’ll break are anyone else’s except each others.”

Well, she was correct at first.

Tom auditioned for the role of the famous web slinger in 2015. It was a rushed process because the directors wanted Peter Parker’s first Marvel Cinematic Universe appearance in this movie called Captain America: Civil War but the idea didn’t come to them until they were done filming the first quarter of the movie, wanting Spider-Man to make his debut sometime around the halfway mark.

You of course supported him. This was his first major film role since The Impossible a couple years prior to that. Tom was very nervous, but who wouldn’t be? He’s auditioning to play one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. Plus many kids looked up to Spider-Man, easily bonding with the character since he’s the closest superhero to their age that they actually love and can relate to.

Tom didn’t get the call back for the final screen test audition until weeks later. He brought you along with him to meet Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans. To which you were trying very hard to not fangirl too much. You did slip up a couple times but the older actors found it quite adorable. They loved meeting fans.

You joined Tom and his family to the World Premiere of the movie. Your parents were a little hesitant about it since you’ve never traveled far away from them, but they understood that you were an adult then, and that you’d be in good hands with the Hollands.

Tom didn’t know it then, but the young British man would soon shortly after, film for his own Spider-Man movie. Of course Marvel told his family but they wanted to surprise him at the premiere, and it was one of the happiest moments in his life. For you too because you were there, with your boyfriend whom you loved very much and his family  who was like a second family to you. Tom was over the moon filled with joy and glee.

But you couldn’t go with him to film in America.

You were 18, taking your own classes. You so badly wanted to join Tom on this incredible journey and be his support line, but you couldn’t just leave your classes. Tom wouldn’t let you anyways.

During the first weeks of him in Atlanta, your relationship was going smoothly. Long distance was hard, especially with the five hour time difference and your busy schedules. But you both made it work somehow. Tpm’s family and your own making sure you both were keeping in contact with one another. Andf Harrison went along with Tom as his assistant and made sure of it too, so there wasn’t much to worry about.


I thought I broke the last of that breakdown

The moment I saw you in the cold.

Tom and you began to drift apart after two months of long distance. Of course you noticed it, how could you not? For weeks after two months, he started to not text you as much or call. You didn’t mind though, figuring he was busy and proud of him for working hard.

But towards the end of filming in late October, you saw content all over social media that proved you wrong.

He was on Harrison’s instagram story almost every day, the both of them doing god knows what and laughing like maniacs. Harrison was also on Tom’s story, especially when they went to Germany and traveled around like typical European tourists.

This upset you, you weren’t going to lie. You saw the photos and videos of him out clubbing and spending time with his cast mates. You didn’t want to seem clingy though so you started to text him less too when he started to leave you on read, eventually not checking your messages all together on any social media platform.

His family instantly noticing it and your mood change. They hadn’t asked Tom for awhile if you both were still communicating, they just assumed you were. You never showed signs of being upset and when they asked you about him, you’d put on a fake smile and say that everything was fine when it wasn’t even close to fine. But you didn’t want to tell them that. Yes, they were like a second family, but you didn’t want to tell his parents that their son was slowly dragging you along and breaking your heart almost every day.

You usually weren’t the clingy or needy type. But seeing Tom all over his cast mates social media and him being captured by paparazzi in public and photos of him with fans surfacing, was hard when he barely spoke to you.

After over another two weeks with not even five conversations between the two of you, you texted Tom about a Skype call. He surprisingly replied right away, saying you both haven’t spoken much in a while and how much he missed you.

Sure you did Tom, sure you missed me.

The call didn’t go so well. It was very awkward for you at first but Tom was acting as if nothing happened. Like you both were happy and okay when you were nowhere near that.

It ended up in a yelling match, you yelling that you two should break up, to which he yelled, “Fine!” and hung up right after.

He saw you at your usual coffee morning stop when he went back home after filming. You two hadn’t talked since that Skype call. You unfollowing him on social media because you just couldn’t handle knowing he was on it and on your timeline.

Harry noticed it first and wanted to ask you about it, but he didn’t want to hurt you. Shortly after, the rest of his family found out because you and Tom usually liked each other’s posts, every single one but you didn’t leave a heart behind on photos he uploaded recently. They also wanted to speak yo you about it, but they didn’t want to hurt you or make you uncomfortable. It was shortly before Tom traveled back home when you told them what happened. Nikki and Dominic were disappointed in their son for ignoring you like that, but they were still there to comfort him when Tom told them the same story when he arrived back home.

It doesn’t feel right when I’m grabbing a coffee

Same old spot but I’m on my own

Your ugg covered feet carried you out of the small local café you loved oh so dearly. You didn’t notice that the man whom still owned your heart, was standing right across the street. Tom was gazing down at his phone, scrolling aimlessly through Instagram and leaving a like behind on some corny memes. A city bus quickly drove past him, causing a light breeze to make goosebumps appear on his arms. He tucked his phone away in is jacket pocket and brought his dry hands up to his mouth, holding them together and blowing some warm oxygen on them. His harsh brown orbs from the cold weather softened when he lifted his head, caught in a trance of your image after not seeing you for months. Yes, months, it hasn’t been years.

But is sure as hell felt like years to you both.

I feel okay in the day but at nighttime

You know how I get, when I’m alone

Jacob was visiting London shortly before the two were to travel to LA for their movie’s world premiere. Tom and Harrison took Jacob to one of their favorite pub’s.

It just so happened to be the club where you and Tom would often go to hang out and get wasted together.

‘Cause my mind won’t stop it’s just 11 blocks

I know that you’re home

‘Cause it’s Friday night

You’re not that type

I know that you’re home

Since the pub wasn’t too far away from Tom’s home and the trio weren’t drunk, just a little tipsy, they thought it would be okay to walk home. It wasn’t that dangerous in the area thanks to London’s busy night life, but you never know with fame. Luckily though, no one came up to them and asked for a photo or autograph. They loved meeting fans, but they certainly did not want to with alcohol in their systems.

After walking for four blocks, the trio passed by your neighborhood and Harrison didn’t think to take a different route because of the hard liquor and beer making his brain fuzzy.

Harrison was on his phone, scrolling through Instagram and liking posts while Jacob and Tom were singing, more like yelling, the wizard of oz theme song with their arms linked together.

Until they passed your neighborhood, making Tom instantly stop his singing and skipping while Jacob turned to his friend and gave him a confused look. Tom just stared down the dark streets, street lights being his only clear way of seeing the neighborhood.

Jacob waved his hand in front of the Brit’s face while saying his name, trying to break his friend out of a weird drunken trance.

Until Jacob nudged the taller Brit on his phone next to him, making the man look up from his phone and at his childhood friend, his eyes widening.

Jacob didn’t know what was going on as Harrison grabbed Tom’s arm quickly and sped walked away from his ex lover’s neighborhood. He quickly explained to Jacob what that was all about when Tom’s head hit the pillows after the pair tried to get their drunk friend into his home, up the stairs and into his room without waking his family.

Jacob knew of you, but not much. He knew you made Tom happy but then you both broke up but Jacob never asked Tom why, sensing his friend’s sadness and offering him his comfort. Harrison told him what Tom did though and Jacob almost slapped his stupid friend awake for doing that to not only his childhood best friend, but the first and only woman he’s ever been in love with.

14 blocks from your door to this party

I caught myself counting on the way

And right when I stepped into the door to the party

I stepped outside to grab a smoke

You know how I get when I’m alone

It was about a week before the trio had to travel back to LA for the Spider-Man Homecoming premiere. Tom’s old friend Fox wanted to throw his good friend a party, that day being the only time he could since he had to work all of the next week.

The party was strict invite only since the men had some fame now, but you were also friends with Fox. He invited you over to celebration he was throwing for your ex boyfriend, only he didn’t tell you that.

At first, he was going to but he knew you wouldn’t attend the party if he told you what it was for. He wanted you both to bury the hatchet after he heard about your break up. Only he didn’t know why you two broke up, he’s been very busy himself with his work and didn’t ask you to give him the reasoning behind the decision. And he didn’t know how painful that night would be for his two friends, especially Tom.

When Tom walked into Fox’s house, he was greeted right away by Fox and Tuwaine, handing Tom a red solo cup filled with beer that smelt so bad but Tom didn’t care as he took a light gulp.

It was fun and exciting for the first few minutes, meeting and greeting people Tom hasn’t see in a while.

But then his eyes fell on you. And you weren’t by yourself.

A young man was standing next to you, he was one of your old classmates from high school and was an acquaintance to your ex boyfriend but Tom didn’t bother to look at his face, his eyes focusing on the man’s arm wrapped around your waist as you laughed lightly at something he said.

Tom was so glad that in that moment, music was playing loudly. Seeing you with someone else was hard enough, but hearing you laugh at a joke another man told you, that would’ve just been the wind that blew Tom’s ashes away.

The young actor’s jaw clenched and he took a big swing from his solo cup, gulping down the burning liquid and welcoming the slight warmness to his throat. Although if felt like nothing to him. He couldn’t get drunk off of whatever the fuck that was.

He made his way into the kitchen and found a bottle of scotch, pouring himself a glass. Not a shot glass though, an actual cup you would drink water or soda out of.

And he was glad no one saw him do it quickly because he so badly needed to make his brain fuzzy and forget what he just saw.

Only his dark brown eyes fell onto your figure again.

He took another gulp of the hard alcohol, welcoming the strong taste to his tongue and the burning feeling to his throat. His eyes never left you and your old classmate until he closed them and let out a sigh of relief, ready to get wasted and forget the image of you in someone else’s arm

‘Cause my mind won’t stop it’s just 14 blocks

I know that you’re home

‘Cause it’s Friday night

You’re not that type

I know  that you’re home

Tom couldn’t help but tear his eyes away from the two of you. He had to, he knew he did or else his heart would shatter right then and there while yours dance on the remains.

Someone stop me please ‘cause I’m hurting myself

The next night was a Friday and Tom couldn’t drown the images of you with another man deep into his mind. He was trying hard to get drunk the night before but Jacob noticed his friend’s ward gaze on his ex lover with someone else. He saw the large glass full of hard liquid and ripped it away from his friend’s rough hands, Tom barely even holding a strong grip on the glass distracted by the nightmare rolling out in front of him.

He found himself trying everything to get you off of his mind yesterday. Alcohol wasn’t going to work, moping around his home wasn’t going to work because there were memories of you lingering around his family home.

His sheets still smelt like you, despite the many times he put the dark fabric through his washing machine. His pillow cases still smelt or your conditioner, the coconut scene invading Tom’s nostrils and tickling his sense of smell. He hated it, he hated the little traces of you all around him. Well, that’s what he tried to tell himself.

It’s Friday night, his feet carried him along his hometown, Tessa’s strong leash in his right hand. He needed a distraction, he needed to clear his head, so what’s a better way to distract himself then spending time with his favorite girl?

He smiled at the memory of him joking around, telling you Tessa was his number one girl as she squeezed between the two of you on Tom’s bed while you were cuddling. You didn’t mind though. You even replied with, “I don’t blame you. I love her more than I love you.”

Before his mind could wander to open other memories, Tessa bark, sensing her owner daydreaming. Tom looked down at his blue puppy, a grin quickly stretching on his face to see her smiling widely, tongue out and sharp canines on a clear view with her tail wagging.

“Alright Tess,” the staffy’s owner cooed. “Let’s continue our walk, sorry about that hun.” Tessa immediately ignored his remark as she began to walk again, her walking him instead of the other way around.

And then he found himself slowly approaching your bloc. He didn’t even notice it, taking Tessa around on their usual long stroll until his heart dropped to his stomach and his head snapped up, finally realizing where he was and who he was close to.

Someone stop me please from, hurting myself

‘Cause I’m two blocks away and  you’re hurting my health

And it’s Friday night; you’re not that type

I know that you’re home

You weren’t really the huge party type like most of the people you and Tom knew around your age on Friday and Saturday nights. You found pleasure and peace from just resting in your comfy bed, blankets covering you as you read a book or watched something on your television.

Tom had that in common with you. Sure you would celebrate special events with a few drinks with your friends and family. But you both would much rather just have a quiet night at home.

Tom and you had many nights like this, especially after school on Friday nights. It started at Tom’s house when you two had nothing to do and you both were in rowdy moods. Nicki was doing laundry and your excited e/c eyes fell upon the huge pile of blankets that were transferred to the couch while she switched out her blankets for her clothing.

Your eight year old hands grabbed a soft blanket and turned to Tom, his young brown orbs lighting up and a wide grin appearing on his face.

That’s when the forts started. It led to you both telling whatever stories your young minds imagined, to watching movies on his father’s laptop all night long. You might have broken a couple photo frames in his room the first attempt you both had, his mom just shook his head at you both, laughing and making you get the brook and dustpan so she could sweep it up. Tom tried to act brave and wanted to do it himself,  but his mother wouldn’t let the young pair anywhere near the broken glass.

Tom decided to stop thinking with just his mind, his heart took over his body and controlled his next movements as he began to walk towards your neighborhood.

Somebody stop me

I should be going home

Somebody stop me

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah

The young man finally listened to his heart instead of just pushing those thoughts and feelings aside when it came to you. He felt his heart yelling at him through the pain in his chest when he started communicating with you less. The pain got worse after you two broke up, his heart screaming instead of a slight yell, that’s how he summed it up. He felt the ache begin, not just physical pain, but the ache of his heart breaking slowly.

Tom didn’t care in that moment, and he didn’t feel aching pain as his feet shuffled towards your neighborhood. Tessa was pulling him along slowly as her owner stared ahead, she of course remembered where you lived. Your house was like a second home to the grey lion.

Tom’s soft warm eyes just stared ahead, only one thing on his mind, you.

He didn’t know what he was going to say, he didn’t know what he was going to do. He didn’t think about the boy you were with last night at Fox’s party.

His feet stopped in front of your house, shortly a few feet away from your front door. Tessa tried pulling him forward a little, but stopped after two attempts and plopped onto the concrete.

Images of you with that other boy last night began to flood Tom’s vision, his heart beginning to break and his chest feeling like it was caving in on him.

But he didn’t care. He wasn’t going to kiss you, not knowing if you were with another man or not because that would just make everything worse, but he knew he was going to tell you how he felt, how much he missed you, how much he still loved you, how he wished you tagged along with him and his close friends when they went to hang out in bars or clubs, how much he missed playing pool with you and wrapping his arms around your waist and leaning his chin on your shoulder as you drew the cue back and got ready to strike the striped ball with the white, how he did it to throw you off and you’d miss so he’d win.

He had to tell you. He had to explain the details. He had to just, listen to his heart for once in months. He had to go into depth and say the little things.

A shaky breath escaped his lips and he tried his best to push the thoughts of you with someone else out of his mind, him succeeding that time after trying for twenty-four hours.

The feeling of his chest squeezing his heart slowly began to fade when he finally started to approach your home.

well I met someone

And I think I’m in love

His sleeveless arm reached up to knock on your door light;y, not thinking about what if your parents answered the door instead of you. He hasn’t spoken to them since before he left for the United States.

His head snapped to the driveway, letting out a quick sigh of relief to just see your car in your driveway.

He really should’ve checked that first.

The sound of your home door being unlocked caused Tom to turn his head back to it, as it swung open lightly.

Tom’s heart dropped to his gut, feeling his chest began to close in on him again when your small smile disappeared at the sight of the boy who broke your heart, standing four feet in front of you.

“Hi,” Tom let out, his voice coming out as a quivering whisper.


thank y’all for reading! Please let me know if you want a part two!

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Peacekeeper PT 1 [Billy Hargrove]

Word Count: 5.2k. Disclaimer: I don’t own Stranger Things or the GIF used below. 

I also don’t know if this is any good. I don’t know. Be nice. I hope you enjoy.

Originally posted by strangerthingsedits

There was a long list of reasons why Billy’s life was better since you two started seeing one another and number nine was that you relieved him of most of his babysitting responsibilities when it came to Max. In fact, Susan seemed to prefer you to be the one hanging out with her daughter on a weekend night than her fiery-tempered stepbrother.

You had expected that this Saturday Billy would stay at his house with you while his dad and Susan drove out of town to have dinner with a few couples from Neil’s work, but he opted to go to Tommy’s place and trash the basement with his buddies. He said he would be back before eleven so you two could fool around against his dresser, but you knew that Billy had a penchant for losing track of time when he was with his friends.

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anonymous asked:

RFA + Saeran hcs on taking care of their and MC's child/ren?



  • y’all daughter was pretty quiet
  • He panics whenever he leaves the room for one second because she doesn’t make a sound
  • prays that you come back home so you can watch her
  • Freaks out when she starts crying
  • Calls you to ask what he should do
  • “She either needs to be changed, hungry or tired. If that doesn’t work just talk to her.”
  • The baby wanted attention from her father
  • you didn’t think your husband could get any more cute
  • but when you came home and saw him and your bundle of joy sleeping together on the ground. You thought otherwise.
  • many pictures were taken


  • selfies
  • you swear your daughter is going to love her reflection like her father
  • “Zen I love you and our daughter but stop sending m selfies every two seconds.”
  • He’s pretty good with a child honestly
  • almost like when she starts crying he automatically knows what she wants
  • he tries to practice with her but he ends up cooing at her when she tries to sing to him
  • “I know zen I’ve heard.”
  • He puts sunglasses and a big hat on her head when he has to go somewhere with him, she’s a celebrity too!


  • you both adopted twins! thank god they aren’t identical
  • Jaehee has everything down to the point when she takes care of them
  • tries to keep them on a good schedule 
  • Jaehee please they are 1 year olds..
  • Best mother. Talk shit about her kids you get hit into the next century.
  • Very loving. When alone she will baby talk to them, and ask them questions about simple things.
  • Likes to keep you updated on things that the babies do
  • “Mc our kids are trying to form words!”
  • fangirls over how cute they are


  • His pride and joy
  • he has no clue how to take care of his son
  • he actually calls you every few minutes to figure out what to do.
  • but he actually tries to do something before calling
  • “Mc I tried to calm him down with Elizabeth 3rd and a bottle but he won’t stop crying.”
  • “Maybe he wants to play with you! Take some of his toys and play with him in the living room. He likes the blocks the most.”
  • He tries to take pictures but we all know that he can’t
  • well, until he took one single perfect picture of his son sleeping with Elizabeth 3rd curled up at his head
  • He CRIED
  • that photo is copied and framed 


  • When he found out you was having twin girls he flipped
  • yes the seven having twins thing is overdone but I can see a twin having twins is pretty possible 
  • He makes them their own one of a kind toys that doesn’t fucking spit fire
  • He actually tries to teach them how to hack
  • it ends up with the girls bashing the keyboard while seven cries
  • He makes an effort to take care of them better than his bitch ass mother
  • Fun dad
  • He pokes their noses and watched them stick their tongue out at him
  • Those girls are a family meme

V(Not requested but I wanna add hiM)

  • He got the fucking surgery so he can see his son
  • He cried alot
  • “Jihyun are you ok? Do you want me to take him?”
  • “Mc i’m so happy that we have a handsome baby boy. I’m so happy that I can see our boy grow up and make us proud.”
  • Takes many pictures when left alone with him
  • He’s kinda a pushover kind of dad
  • He let’s the boy get away with stuff
  • so natural with this boy???
  • You can’t believe it????


  • He stares at his daughter a lot
  • that “Your going to be just like HER.” thing lingers in his mind a lot
  • very surprised that he now has a little person to take care of
  • touches her to see if he’s dreaming
  • he relies on you alot to help him since….you know
  • He’s good with protecting her from Saeyoung
  • You can see that he’s going to do the same thing when she gets old enough to date
  • Saeran likes to take hourly naps with her. He puts her next to him (on her back cause he learned that it’s not a good thing to let an infant lay on their stomach for long) and he lays next to her and falls into a peaceful sleep
  • you think it’s adorable while he’ll never admit to it

anonymous asked:

omg i just love, love, LOVE your writing like i love how you capture the members of the groups and how the way you make them seems to really be them (does that make sense idk) but I'm begging you please, if you have time, can you make a single dad au for NCT because I trust your writing more than others (no offense to other amazing blogs out there) thank you ♡♡

this is something i never thought of before i got this message,,,but single dad moon taeil just seems like a really cute concept,,, and i ,,,,had to write it ahh

  • has twins,,,,,,a boy and a girl who he loves more than anything in this world. like really 
  • but unlike their calm, quiet father they’re rowdy and mischievous and taeil keeps having to running around with one in his arms,,,,chasing down the other one,,,,bumping into furniture,,,spilling toys everywhere
  • and it’s no damn surprise they love uncles johnny and ten so much,,,,,because those two can keep up 
  • while taeil can only fall face first onto the sofa and mumble that fatherhood should be considered an olympic sport at this point
  • texts taeyong at least 42 times a day about what he should and shouldn’t let the twins do,,,,,do you think horseback riding is safe,,,,,they’re only four,,,,,,,one of them just tried to steal someones keys i gtg taeyong -
  • but at the end of the day,,,having two angelic kids makes taeil so ,,,, content because they’re his world,,,,he wants to make sure they get everything 
  • (unless of course it’s dangerous, and unless it’s candy because johnny always brings some and then taeil has two hyper kids with sugar rushes on his hands)
  • you own a little bakery squished between two big buildings in the neighborhood where taeil works and whenever he’s coming back from work,,,he picks up something for the kids and you can tell he has kids
  • because his jacket has stains on it from paint and his backpack has keychains of disney characters and the not so obvious tired,,,but really excited look in his eyes gives it away
  • also he buys pastries in the shape of puppies and stuff so,,,,,,
  • one afternoon taeil has the babysitter bring the kids to meet him at work and when he stops by your little bakery you see two little kids,,,,,running back and forth pointing at all the food and jumping up and down, pulling on taeil’s pants to get them this cake or that treat 
  • taeil,,,,knows they’re being noisy and he’s dealt with people shushing him and telling him to “control his children”
  • but when he murmurs out a soft apology you just laugh and you’re like ,,,,,what are you talking about?? it’s nice to have so much cheerfulness in the store !!!
  • and you go out from behind the counter and crouch down next to the twins who eagerly as if they can try this or that 
  • and taeil has never seen someone ,,,,, so effortlessly bond with his kids but in a matter of minutes his daughter is leading you around by the hand and his son is asking you if he can draw on the chalkboard menu 
  • all the while you’re smiling,,,,,the kids having full trust in you as you pick them up to both scribble little lines and happy faces on the menu and then 
  • when you turn around taeil notices they’ve gotten chalk all over your apron and shirt and face but,,,,,,,you’re still grinning
  • you end up giving taeil an huge bag full of pastries and snacks and taeil tries to take out his wallet but you’re like it’s fine!!! seeing the kids is enough to cover for it!!
  • taeil,,,,,stares at you wide eyed for a moment before flushing red like he’s back in high school and stuttering out a goodbye
  • on the way home the kids eat some of the pastries and his son climbs into his lap and is like “dad,,,,when can we see them again??” and taeil is like who,,,,and they say your name
  • ,,,,,,which leaves taeil once again in shock because did u put some spell on his kids??? why do they like you so much??? i mean,,,,,you’re cute he’ll admit that- wait what
  • and the next day as taeil is going back home from work he passes by your shop only to stop down the block, turn around, and walk back to you
  • when you see him you brighten up and he’s like ,,,,,,,,,,,,hi,,,,,,and you’re like “are the kids not here?” and he’s like they’re home,,,but,,,,,,i,,,,i was wondering do - do you have dinner plans??
  • and you’re like hmm no i usually close up late and eat from the grocery store
  • taeil swallows,,,playing with his tie until he’s like,,,,,,,would you like to come have dinner with me,,,,,,the kids want to see you again and all so-
  • you practically jump for joy and taeil,,,,,,well his heart does a little pull when you take off your apron and explain that you’d love that!! you’ll close up early today
  • watching you get ready,,,taeil wonders for a moment if you’re going along just because you like his kids,,,,,,,or maybe because you like him too??? maybe?????? who knows?????
  • but it’s apparent when you two are walking toward the subway and you’re like “i can’t wait to see the kids, but also,,,,,,”
  • he looks at you,,,and you shyly look away and mumble that you’re happy you get to see him too,,,,,,,,
  • taeil feels the heat rise up into his face and he’s like aH,,, m,,,,me,,,too- oh tHE TRAin is COMING LETS GO
  • and without thinking he grabs your hand to run through the turnstile and you squeeze it a little tighter,,,,,,,,because you know somehow it feels right
Stick Around - Blind Reader

Prompt: Oh, what about a blind poor reader that has a seeing eye Great Dane, female to be exact named Spade, and Damian finds her and falls in love with her but they’re completely opposite. Oh and maybe plot twist like she’s catwoman’s daughter or something. Please and thank you


You’re sitting at the dog park the first time you meet him. Even though you took off Spade’s harness, she hasn’t gone very far. She’s only about 15 feet in front of you, playing with the only other dog in the park. From the sound of their playing it’s another Great Dane.

“May I join you?”

“Of course. I assume you’re the other Dane’s owner”

“Yes, Titus is my pet. I am Damian, Damian Wayne” You turn slightly so you’re facing Damian, “Father says that it is rude to not shake someone’s hand, you know.”

Raising your eyebrows you gesture to your feet where Spade’s harness is resting, “I don’t mean to be rude, but I can’t see your hand. If I could see it, I would shake it”

“Oh” He sounds shocked, “I apologize. I didn’t realize you were blind”

You shrug, “It happens” quietly your phone chimes, letting you know that you’ve been at the par for an hour, “Unfortunately, I have to go now Mr. Wayne” Standing up you let out a sharp whistle, “Spade come” Immediately the Great Dane trots over to your left side, ready to be harnessed. “Good girl”

A cold nose presses into your right side once you finish harnessing Spade. “You must be Titus. I’m sorry buddy, but we have to go home, my aunt will be worried if we aren’t home in time for dinner” Turning slightly to where Damian is still sitting on the bench you give him a smile, “It was nice meeting you Mr. Wayne”

“Wait. You never told me your name”

Throwing a smirk over your shoulder you let Spade lead you out of the park, “I suppose I didn’t, you’ll just have to ask me next time we meet, won’t you?”

Damian lets out a throaty chuckle, “Well then, until we meet again”

“Until then”

The next time you meet with Damian he isn’t really Damian, he’s Robin.

“You cannot escape, Kitten. Batman has your mother, and now I have you.”

You can’t help but smile at his confidence, “Do you really have me, Robin? Because last I checked, I still have the jewels”

“Hand them over … please”

Instantly you perk up, “Did you just say please, darling? Has the big bad bat finally taught you manors? Or” slinking forward you press a hand against his chest, “Do you just like me that much? Are you sweet on me, Little Bat?”

Suddenly your hit hard, right in the face and sent reeling. Your scanner’s damaged, you’re once again completely blind, and too disoriented to fight when Robin grabs the jewels.

“Kitten!!” You curl into yourself, trying to get your senses to right themselves. Then you’re in your aunt’s arms, she quickly hauls you up, yanking the scanner from your head. “You’re alright, sweetie. It’s off now, don’t fight it, just let everything right itself. You’re okay”

“Selina, is she alright?”

“Back-off, Bruce. Your son did this. Just leave, she’ll be fine by tomorrow”

You can hear Damian shuffle slightly, “What happened? All I did was …”

“You messed up her scanner, it makes it so she knows where things are. Did you think she wore the face mask just to look cute?”

“It’s fine, I’m fine now. They got the jewels, the heist was a bust, let’s just go home”

Heavy footsteps approach, “She’s blind? You let her complete heists when she can’t see?”

You chuckle, “And most of the time I’m successful, Batman. Just because I can’t see doesn’t mean I can’t do my job. Being able to use echolocation is actually helpful, means I can create a picture of things that aren’t seen with the naked eye. When Robin hit me in the face, he managed to hit one of the few weak-spots on my locator. When it’s damaged, it can emit a high-pitched sound, it makes my other senses go haywire.”

Damian crouches down next to you, “I apologize, I didn’t realize you were blind”

“Really? You seemed to know I was blind when you talked to me at the park”

He jerks back, “That was you!?”

Bruce and Selina chuckle, “It look like the two of you know each other better than we thought! Now you have your own little bat to play with!”

“Aunt Selina!”

“Damian, it’s time to go. We need to finish out patrol and return the jewels”

“Of course, Father. I will catch up to you” He places a surprisingly gentle hand on your, now bare, cheek, “Will you tell me your name now?”

“It’s Y/N. My name’s Y/N”

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Y/N. Will you meet me at the park tomorrow? I would like to get to know you”

“Yeah. I’ll meet you there tomorrow, at 10:00”

“I will be there”

“Are you brining Titus? I have to bring Spade with me”

“Of course. I will see you there”

“You’re here”

You hum softly, “I told you I would be. I try not to lie to my friends”

Damian sits down on the bench beside you, “Are we friends, Y/N?”

“Well, what else would we be. I mean, we hang out, both inside and outside of work, we know each other’s names, our dogs even like each other. Of course, we’re friends.”

“I suppose we are … I believe I would quite like being your friend”

“Well it’s too late to get rid of me now!” Damian chuckles. “You have a nice laugh, Dami. You should laugh more”

“I don’t have very much reason to laugh, Y/N”

You lean your temple against his shoulder, “I’ll just have to give you reasons to laugh”

One of his hands gently cup your face, brushing over the bruise that covers half of your face, “I am sorry for hurting you, had I known …”

Jerking your face out of his hand you turn to face him, “You would have what? You wouldn’t have fought me? You would have let me get away? Because I’m blind you would have gone easy on me?!? I’m not fucking helpless, Damian!!”

“I did not say you were! I would never treat you differently! I would not have let you escape, however I would have … aimed that punch elsewhere”

Your body loses some of its tension, “I don’t want you to go easy on me just because we’re friends now, bird brain”

“I wouldn’t dream of it, kitten”

You and Damian end up meeting with each other a lot in the next few weeks. You’re sitting at a coffee shop across from WE when he finally asks you about Spade.

“I have never seen a Great Dane as a service dog.”

“Yeah, she’s pretty special. I had just gotten out of the hospital after losing my sight. I was grumpy, like you” Damian grunts, “Yeah, definitely like you. Aunt Selina wanted to cheer me up, she started talking about getting a service dog, that I could pick any kind I wanted. So, naturally, I chose a Great Dane, a dog that I had never heard of being a service dog, just to spite her. My aunt went out, found one, and brought her home, I’ve had her ever since.”

Damian hums, “How did you lose your sight?”

“A heist gone wrong. I had gone out alone, Aunt Selina was at a gala, it was supposed to be simple, in and out. Turns out the museum had some … unconventional … theft protection. I must have set something off, I’m still not sure what it was, but the last thing I remember seeing is a bright red light aimed directly at my eyes. The doctors said that the beam emitted a wave a light as bright as the sun, it completely burned through me retinas and damaged the optical nerve. If I hadn’t managed to get out of there the light could have done damage to the rest of the nerves in my brain, and killed me.”

One of Damian’s hands brushes against yours, “I am sorry that happened to you”

“There’s nothing anyone could do. I had already been working on an echolocation device to help with heists, I just had it modified for my specific use”

“How can you be so happy? You lost your sight, and yet you still see the best in everything”

You shrug, “There’s not point being upset, there’s nothing anyone can do. I can either live my life hating everyone and everything, or I can continue to live it.”

“You are so positive, it is an admirable trait. You are a mystery to me, Y/N. One I believe I would like to figure out”

Winking, you take another sip of your coffee, “I suppose you’ll just have to stick around and find out”

His hand grips you’re a little tighter, “I believe I will, kitten, I believe I will”

titsofamerica  asked:

Ok so how about the RFA + v and unknown acting when there children are going though that rebellious teen phase

Author’s note: this has been in my drafts for a really long time whoops


  • poor bby almost had a heart attack the first time his kid yelled at him
  • he’s the parent isn’t he supposed to be the one yelling ???   
  • most of the time he’ll go and get MC  
  • “MC, our kid just yelled at me what should I do??”
  • he’s just as new to parenting as you but he’s so cute about it


  • his kid always tries to act all dramatic because like father like daughter/son 
  • of course he isn’t effected by this at all
  • “Is that the best you can do? I’m an actor; you need to CONVINCE me.”
  • “But dad-
  • “No buts! If you want to play the role of the bratty teenager, you’re going to need to work harder at it!” he’s more sassy than his kid tbh


  •  well she’s had a lot of practice from being the RFA mom
  • but honestly Jaehee’s child doesn’t go through this phase
  • she just watches as the other RFA children go through it
  • “Hey mom, today at school Seven’s daughter flipped the teacher off.
  • “Of course…what did you do?”
  • “Kept reading my book.”
  • “Good.”


  •  literally lets everything slide
  • although when his daughter came home with bright pink hair he couldn’t really say anything I mean what’s he gonna tell her? not to dye her hair a crazy color?? his hair is blue so his argument is invalid
  • he IS strict on curfew though
  • he gets really worried if they stay out too long because he just loves them and doesn’t want anything to happen to them


  • oh pLEASE 
  • MC is gonna be the one scolding their child because Jumin just wants to spoil them
  • however, if they ever raise their voice at MC
  • There is no doubt in my mind that he will SMACK THE LIFE OUT OF THAT CHILD 
  • okay he won’t smack them but they will get a stern talking to you need to RESPECT your momma you little shit


  • he IS the rebellious teen phase 
  • you went out and got a piercing??? no way so did I
  • you gonna ignore me ??? too late I’ve been ignoring you since YOU WERE BORN jk Saeran is a great dad


  •  when he grounds his daughter, he doesn’t take away her electronics
  • he hacks into them
  • send embarrassing selfies of him to her friends
  • any time she tries to call someone it ALWAYS links back to him
  • “Hey, I’m so-”
  • “Hi sweetie!!″
  • “Dad??”
  • “Yup! You better get off your phone and study if you want me to stop texting your boyfriend baby pictures of you!!”
  • “WAIT WHAT?”
  • “Love you, bye!!”
Summer Love-Sirius Black Imagine

RequestI was wondering if you would do an imagine (Sirius x reader) where he goes to stay with his girlfriend during the summer instead of going with his parents and her parents treat him so well cause he makes her happy and they see how cute and cuddly they are together and just Sirius being happy in general????

Warnings: none

Here’s to the end of summer vacation :( Hope you enjoy! xo

Sirius buried his head in his hands, the tinkle of forks on plates and the constant chatter setting his teeth on edge. He was stressed, and the noise in the Great Hall made it difficult for him to think. Y/N furrowed her eyebrows beside him, setting down her goblet.

“Are you alright, love?” she asked gently, putting a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“Yeah, ’m alright,” he replied quietly, an unconvincing smile spreading across his face.

“You can tell me what’s wrong,” Y/N insisted, and Sirius let out a heavy sigh. He should have known better than to try lying to her.

“Summer break is in a few weeks, and I really don’t want to go back to my parents’ house. I hate being with them, they’re insufferable. I dunno what I’m going to do,” Sirius sighed, running a hand through his hair. 

“Don’t go back,” Y/N replied simply. Sirius turned to look at her, raising an eyebrow.

“What?” he asked.

“Come stay with me,” she added.

“No, love, I can’t ask you to do that for me,” Sirius said immediately.

“Why not? You’re my boyfriend, and I love you. It’s the least I could do,” Y/N insisted. 


“I don’t want to hear it. It’s no trouble at all for you to stay with me, I promise. My parents will love you as much as I do,” Y/N decided, pressing a kiss to the tip of his nose.

“Thank you, love,” he murmured, pecking her forehead. 

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