((so i can draw wherever i want))

attempt at killing art block #2: new ocs

so han and me kinda throw all our ocs in one rp universe where we just mess w them for fun, all her half demons are runnin around there so i wanted to make a half angel bc wings are cuter anyway

i dont have too much on her yet (no name either hajsghfjd) but shes half strict half a big gentle dork, she has no idea there are other ppl like her so she sees her powers as some kinda magical girl destiny thing so she helps ppl wherever she can and fights the occasional monster if she has to

edit: boop she has a name now >:0 jolene and jo as her nickname

drdrdrdr12 submitted to theslowesthnery:

I drew your Chompy boy!! All the Sanses you draw make me so happy and so inspired, I hope that you can feel the same way somehow! Honestly, I just want to see him and you happy!
Please have the best life you can whenever and wherever you are!!

AHHHH!!! oh my god everyone please look how HECKING CUTE HE IS!! ;;_;; thank you so much, aaaaaa he looks so happy i’m gonna cry /lies down

thoughts about the ava’s demon update (that i haven’t seen around yet):

-the pine branch in odin’s portrait

that’s not a symbol we’ve seen before with him (beyond ava saying he smelled like smoke and pine trees), though it makes sense with his winter theme, and fits with the whole norse aesthetic (and also, it’s a tree of wisdom and survival)

-it could just be a family symbol though, since it appears on the family crest (which is a pinecone and an arrow in the shape of what i’m guessing is a wolf’s head and i love it)

-merita and crow are literally the lesbian handmaiden/feudal lord meme (and i love them)

-it’s been popular headcanon for forever now that olai is a brother to odin, raven, and crow, but honestly what we know of him, especially with new info from this update, reads more like a step-dad or something similar (i think i’m gonna make a separate post about olai, there’s too much to say)

-odin’s portrait says prince but merita addresses raven and crow as “lady”, which is, significantly lower rank than a princess. but also odin has a crown. so i have no idea who they actually are, except, richer than i thought

-on that subject, odin still lives with them, and he’s only allowed out on missions for olai (canon, inferable from his conversations with raven and crow), and they clearly have enough money for food if they can afford to employ merita (and presumably others). so… what were the circumstances behind the “you’re not starving” comment (which michelle did confirm as speaking from experience)?

(the only logical conclusion i can draw here is punishment but also i dont want to think about that)

-whenever that portrait was painted, i think odin was actually on good terms with his family. i mean, the mere fact that it exists means that someone with authority likes him. but olai has the authority to trash their mother’s study without facing consequences, and by extension, the highest authority of anyone on their planet so far. so that means one of two possibilities:

1) wherever olai came from, and whoever he is to the arrow family, he appeared after that portrait was painted, or didn’t have any authority at the time, and then slowly poisoned the rest of odin’s family against him, or

2) something happened at some point after that was painted that caused everyone to turn on him, olai most of all

-i’ve seen a lot of people speculating that odin wasn’t pedri’s host at the time this was painted (due to the eyes). i mean, given how all of the other demons died 15 years ago, i would be very surprised if pedri didn’t (and i honestly don’t believe pedri would wait another ~10 years to kill himself either way), so i was pretty much ready to chalk that one up to the fact that it’s a painting. but then @officiallyaverage mentioned that pedri might have had another host before odin, and that’s definitely a theory i’d consider

-we still don’t know what it was that caused the schism between odin and his family, but, as proven by ava (and how maggie and gil don’t seem to have any other friends either), being host to a demon can make it very hard to keep any kind of positive relations with other people. especially one like pedri. odin’s pretty good at keeping pedri away now, but he had to have learned how the hard way

-it’s most likely he died from a stab wound (as shown through ava’s glasses), which makes a lot more sense for a pre/young teen than a three year old, especially one of nobility

-and, as they also mentioned, pedri is pretty much the worst of all the hosts. if anyone could get a child to kill themselves, he could

-i mean, im not sure michelle would go in that direction given all the layered symbolism in this comic, but it would definitely be interesting

Nicol Bolas Endgame

Ever since the Mending, Nicol Bolas has had some kind of master scheme going to try and restore him to his former glory (and then some) but the steps he’s been taking have often seemed disconnected and random. 

After Rivals of Ixalan concludes however, I think I have enough information to put together a theory that ties these things together.

Let’s start by taking a look at what he’s been involved in (that we know of in canon) since the Mending… 

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IT’S TODAY ! 🎉✨🎈🎊🎆💕💕
I’m even more excited than for my own birthday lololol ! But that’s normal because today is like Christmas as it’s a god’s birthday ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! 🎁🎀💕❤
Sorry I didn’t have much sleep these days lololol and no rest for me now ! I have a second project especially for the Choi Twins that I still need to finish x)

This comic was inspired by my personal feelings towards Saeyoung, but also by the fact that he wants to exist. He wants people to remember him and especially MC.
So I thought the best gift would be to show him how much I love him and that I will never forget him. ❤

Happy Birthday Saeyoung, wherever you are in the universe I hope my wishes can reach you and give you the happiness you deserve ! You might be not real for others but you’re existing in my heart ❤ I love you ❤


Happy Pokeshipping Christmas in July!

I’ve always wanted to draw something based on the Tanabata Festival, and since the time is almost right (well, it was last week, but apparently some parts of Japan celebrate it in August so I guess it’s not entirely late). I guess this can fit the “summer” theme?

Not sure if it comes across like I imagined, but the top part is two separate panels set in different places, with Misty being in Cerulean City and Ash in Alola or wherever. …I don’t know if Ash would celebrate Tanabata in a region that’s not based on Japan, but let’s pretend. Maybe he told his friends about it and they liked the idea and organized something.

(I don’t know what possessed me to think I could draw that perspective. Anyway, full view looks nicer!)

Dollar Store Witchcraft Tip

Need some cheap labels but don’t have any? No problem, witchy friend, I have your solution!

Dollar tree sells white shipping labels, which are self-adhesive like stickers, and you can write and colour on them however you want and cut them to the size you need. They stick to anything, too.

One package is a dollar and has 20 4x6 inch labels. The possibilities are pretty much endless! You can;

-Label jars and bottles
-Draw sigils on them and place them wherever you want
-Draw symbols for worship or magick application and place them accordingly on whatever surface you need to. (Warning; they are paper, so they will catch fire!)
-Draw on them and decorate your altar!
-If you’re artsy, make custom stickers for your Book of Shadows/Grimoire
-Just today I used three to cover a candle in homemade stickers.
-You can probably think of so many other applications; these are just what I use them for.

Dollar Tree is great for all kinds of stuff regarding witchcraft, and this is one of my favourites because I have so many bottles and jars.

Go crazy, witches!

( @caddycrystalqueen’s fault, I have nothing to do with it!)

Since people are asking about this headcanon here – yes, Yondu absolutely, 100 %, found the drawing at some point, when Peter already had all but forgotten about it. One time Peter is being difficult about cleaning his stuff up and lets it just lie all around the ship, and Yondu’s so pissed about that that he snatches the nearest bundle of blasters, rocket shoes and what-else and marches into Peter’s room, throwing it all onto the bed with such a force that the mattress slides aside. He’s ready to yell and chew out the boy with gusto, but Quill isn’t there – having sneaked out again – and Yondu grunts, deciding to wait there.

It’s then that his gaze lands of a piece of paper that has fluttered onto the ground, bright colors of pink and yellow and much blue catching his attention.

It shows stick figures of different height, Yondu realizes when he absentmindedly bends to pick it up because he’s curious like that, the tiniest figure having “Me” written under it in wobbly letters. There’s a figure with shoulder-length hair, most of its face a bright smile, and there’s “Mum” under it.

They’re standing in the middle of a field, a yellow dot – a sun – above them, and blue all around them to represent the sky.

But that’s not what makes Yondu startle. It’s the other figures.


Tulck (written completely wrong, and Yondu’s teeth flash in a crooked smile at that)



He pauses at that, fingertips lingering on the blue silhouette that’s supposed to be him. Red dots represent his eyes and his smile is as wide as the mother’s, and the blue dot-with-lines that should be his hand is stretched out toward lil’ Quill’s hand.

He’s not supposed to be on this picture, shouldn’t be as important as the boy’s Momma or even as his men, but there he is, and drawn as wobbly as it is careful…

The door flies open, banging against the wall, and without much thought, Yondu’s quick fingers fold the drawing and stuff it into his coat before he whirls and faces a flabbergasted Peter.

“What are you doing in my room?!”

“My ship, boy, I can go wherever the fuck I want!”

“Get ou-…!”

“Don’t’cha dare to order me ‘round, lil’ Quill!”

“What do you want?!”

“For ya clean up yer damned messes, boy! Git!”

“What are you gonna do otherwise, ground me?!”

“Eat’cha for all I care, now git!”

“This is getting so fucking old…!”

Yondu reaches for the boy, determined to drag him out, and Peter ducks, but not fast enough – the Captain has him wrestled into a light headlock in the blink of an eye, dragging him along as they walk out of the room.


“This way, Quill, right back ta work.”

“Oh I don’t fucking believe this, what are you, my Nanny?!”

The thought makes Yondu bellow out a laugh, and Peter is smirking too. “Right boy-o, sometimes I feel like one.”

“Next thing you know, you fly around and sing Disney songs.”



“I think yer Terran-brain ain’t workin’ properly, Quill.”

“I’m still smarter than half of your crew!”

“Sad thing is that yer right with that.”

Peter laughs and playfully shoves at him and Yondu squeezes back and they’re right back at it, bickering and passing quips back and forth with ease, and the picture goes forgotten.

It’s because of that, Yondu tells himself, that he ends up keeping the damned thing in his coat pocket, safely tucked away, only for him to know about Peter’s forgotten treasure, only for him to carefully pull it out now and again to take another look at it in the quiet of his private room.

It’s  because of that that the damned thing fades only slightly, paper greying and yellowing over the years, and it’s only discovered by someone apart from Yondu again when his son and his friends prepare his funeral for him.

It’s because of that that Peter suddenly breaks down crying and howling next to Yondu’s corpse again, piece of paper between his fingers and cursing and screaming over “damned bastard, damned sneaky a-hole…!” while Kraglin takes one look at the thing between his fingers and then proceeds to draw him into a bone-crushing hug while everyone else runs over to them, helpless as they grieve over a father, a friend and someone who kept everything safe for them for so many years.


(94/365) Yin Yang Couple Remake 2018

So… @dubyahteaeff asked me to do an art comparison..so here it is!

Left: March 2017

Right: Today, April 2018

Now that I see it side by side I can say that I am probably improved…? Hahaha

but I feel that this is actually unfair comparison since I am using real ATLA color scheme for the 2018 piece.

But I realized that drawing every day (although sometimes I do it in sloppy ways) kinda gives me a freedom in how I draw the character poses (it’s still awkward but I guess it is more believable) :P

I also think the art program to draw these pieces also contributes a lot in forming my artworks. The 2017’s was drawn using CSP on my laptop and pen tablet while the 2018’s was drawn using ibis paint and medibang in my Android tablet. I….kinda feel it difficult to draw in my laptop nowadays because I easily feel tired when sit in front of my work desk (maybe my workspace not so ergonomics). While using a tablet I can draw wherever I want and as comfortable as I can.

But honestly, before I got this ask..I thought my art is not improving at all…but maybe I really need to stop being too tough on myself.

Oh btw.. I am not satisfied with Zuko face for 2018’s piece. For Zuko I really like the 2017’s. But I feel proud of my 2018’s Katara..hehehe

UPDATE: I edited his face..haha and I’ll put down the first post.. :)

So, what do you think? :)

The Mayor and the Colonel

(( @endlcss-possibilities wanted some Damien/Will fluff and I am here to deliver! ))

The kiss was unexpected.

Damien had thrown a party in celebration of becoming Mayor of the city and William had turned up half way through the party with a giant flourish and a large bouquet of flowers. By that point Damien was a little tipsy, but he was extremely happy to see his old friend and hugged William for a long time before other people gained his attention.

William made a toast to Damien, and nearly came close to revealing some secrets that Damien really didn’t want people to know, so he had tackled his friend to the ground to much laughter. Damien ended up underneath William, panting hard and laughing himself as William pinned him down, hands around Damien’s wrists.

“Not a very nice way to silence those you dislike, Mayor.” William teased.

“Who says I dislike you, Colonel?” Damien breathed, smirking up at his friend.

Their faces were inches apart, and with no one else watching, William bent down and kissed Damien. It was short, sweet and Damien felt a stirring in his gut. He wanted more, wanted to pull William down and kiss him harder, but the Colonel refused to release his wrists.

“William.” Damien murmured, wriggling, “Let me go.”

“What are you two doing?!” Another guest laughed, and when attention slowly began to return to them, William slid off Damien, standing up and helping the Mayor to his feet.

“Just having a friendly chat.” Will laughed as he took two more drinks from a passing butler, passing one to Damien, who accepted it happily and knocked it back quickly. His face was extremely red from the kiss, but the majority of his guests believed it was from the alcohol and no one teased him about it.

By the time the party slowly dwindled down, William and Damien were eventually the only two guests left, lying together on a couch in Damien’s living room, William upside down on the couch with his legs hanging over the back and Damien’s head on his chest.

“Why did you kiss me?” Damien asked quietly.

“‘Cause I wanted to.” William chuckled, “You’ve got nice lips.”

“Would you do it again?” Damien asked, shifting and sitting up and pulling William up as well so they were face to face. “Please.”

William didn’t reply, merely jumped forward and brought their lips together. Damien curled his hand into William’s suspenders – and oh how he was glad that the Colonel always wore those under his coat – pulling Will even closer to him. Pushing the Mayor down onto the couch, William straddled him, still kissing and pulling Damien’s hands from his suspenders and pressing them down into the couch. With teeth at his neck, Damien’s back arched and he murmured William’s name, only for his friend to capture his lips again as his hands slid down Damien’s body, pulling his shirt out of his pants and slipping under it.

“Damien,” William whispered, “Do you want this?”

Nodding, Damien pulled William down again for another kiss before wrapping his legs around the Colonel’s waist and hooking him in place.

“So…what’s going on with you and the Colonel?”

Mark asked the question out of the blue and Damien jumped. So engrossed in his work he hadn’t heard Mark come in, let alone his receptionist’s announcement that Mark was there, and the mention of the Colonel had him blushing behind his hands, something that Mark evidently found amusing.

“Good day to you too Mark.” Damien said, “What brings you here?”

“I just told you,” Mark laughed, settling in a seat behind Damien’s desk and crossing one leg over the other. “What’s going on with you and William?”

“What makes you think anything is?” Damien inquired rather defensively, resisting the urge to fix his suit – a sure tell he was nervous.

“Well, whenever I bring him up in conversation, you always steer the conversation to another topic, and I know you haven’t seen each other recently.” Mark replied, “I have my sources, Damien, you can’t hide from me.”

Sighing, Damien rested his head in his hands. “We…may have taken our relationship a step further?”

“How much further? Touching, oral or sex?” Mark inquired as he leaned forward, intrigued and as crude as always.

“Mark please!” Damien exclaimed, “Keep your voice down. The walls in this place have ears and there are some things I don’t want people to know.”

“Sorry,” Mark grinned, “So…how far?”


“Are you serious?!” Mark cried and Damien shot him a scathing look. “Sorry,” He whispered, “But you’re serious?”

“Yes I’m serious.” Damien huffed, “Why would I lie about that specifically? Honestly Mark it’s not that big a deal I mean-.”

“But you have feelings for him.” Mark interupted, “Does he know?”

“Of course not!”

“Why not?!”

“Well he clearly does not want anything with strings attached? Otherwise he would have…been in touch I suppose?” Damien trailed off. He hoped that wasn’t the case, but the evidence for it was strong.

Mark rolled his eyes. “Please, he’s probably trying to protect your image.”

“What do you mean?”

“Damien, you’ve just been elected Mayor. Your rivals will be looking for anything they can use to bury you, and you getting into a relationship with the Colonel will definitely be that thing. William is probably thinking of your career and not your heart. Go and speak to him, you’ll see I’m right.” Mark explained, exasperated and like he was talking to a child.

“Because you always are.” Damien added sarcastically, but the knowing smile Mark gave him told him that Mark knew Damien was going to follow his advice.

William happily came for a visit to Damien’s house, bringing some of his favourite port which Damien stored for later. He didn’t want to be drunk for this confrontation. First, he would have to ask William about Celine. It was a sore subject William, but Damien needed to know.

“How is Celine?” He asked casually as he poured wine for the two of them. William paused before he took the glass and shrugged.

“She’s fine. You could talk to her yourself you know.” He murmured.

“I suppose. But you know what I mean William.” Damien muttered.

Silence fell between them before William sighed. “We’re not seeing each other Damien. We haven’t been for a while.”


“Why are you asking?” William pressed.

“Well…I was thinking about the night of the party.” Damien said after a moment, keeping his back to William and gripping the wine glass tightly. He waited for William’s response, and jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder, slowly spinning him until he was face to face to William, who was smiling softly.

“Is that’s what’s been bothering you?” The Colonel laughed, “Oh Damien, you should have told me, I was waiting for you to make a move. You know, make sure you could take that step because of your position.”


So, Mark had been right. He was going to be happy about that when Damien inevitably told him.

“So…can I ask where this is going?” He asked softly.

“Wherever you want it to.” William murmured, taking Damien’s wine glass and setting it aside to draw the Mayor closer.

With his breath hitching slightly, Damien smiled and leaned forward to kiss William. “As far as we can take it.” He replied, wrapping his arms around William’s waist. “Forever.”

“Bully.” Colonel grinned, pushing Damien against the nearest wall for a deep kiss.


Guys, I just hit 500 followers and I want to send a big fat THANK YOU!

Also… I wanted to give you something back to show my gratitude… so here’s 12 simple OPM icons you can use wherever you want. They’re not super detailed because small details won’t show when they are made tiny anyway so there’s no point, but I’m posting larger sizes here (with all their imperfections well visible at this size lol) so you can resize them to whatever size you need them to be >:o

I love you guys so much, this is the best fandom ever and I truly mean it <3

“If you can draw, you can draw. Or so you think. But if you don’t keep at it, you’ll find, as I did, that it slips away. So one day you wake up, and you start doing it again. Whenever and wherever you can. And more often than naught, it’ll be the human face that you’re drawn to.”–Peter Capaldi, from A Portrait of Scotland (2009)

From the 2009 documentary, A Portrait of Scotland, Peter talks about the tradition and history of Scottish art including his old stomping grounds: the Glasgow School of Art. I also wanted to add that my heart goes out to the many artists who once again lost their beautiful works to another devastating fire at the Mackintosh Building. I’m so sorry this happened a second time. 💔

anonymous asked:

I'm not the same anon but I'd love to hear your thoughts on yoonseok my heart beats for them

Finally getting around to answering this sorry TT okay so, yoonseok. i like to call this ship the original gays because people somehow seem to think that they’ve surfaced recently but the truth is that they’ve been shippable since the dawn of time.

I think the keyword with this ship is Mutual Respect. They’re such a SOLID, dependable ship. In the same way you can ALWAYS count on Jungkook to be staring at Jimin, you can pretty much always count on Yoongi to be looking at and paying attention to Hoseok. Yoongi really looks at Hoseok like he’s the sun y’know?

I love this ship because they’re so genuinely wholesome. They support each other and understand each other, and they make each other feel comfortable. Whatever the other needs they’re likely to give to one another. Say Hoseok looks like he’s feeling self conscious or uncomfortable? Yoongi is about to be right there at his side, a soft palm pressed against his back or an elbow to his side saying something or smiling and trying to make Hoseok fall back to Earth again. Say Yoongi looks tired and distracted and worn out. Hoseok is gonna be there, rattling off jokes, helping Yoongi to surface back into the world and stop detatching where he can get lost in his thoughts.

The truth is, there’s so much concern and understanding with this ship. Easily one of the most healthy, pure dynamics I think I’ve ever seen.

I live for watching Yoongi pick Hoseok first in games and questionnaires and, everything tbh. You can almost count on it, 98% of the time, Yoongi will choose Hoseok first if he has to pick. Because he said he likes partnering with Hoseok (”With Hoseok maybe I’d have a bit more motivation.’) I live for seeing Yoongi draw attention to Hoseok WHEREVER he can so that Hoseok NEVER has to feel small, unimportant or forgotten. Like he KNOWS that Hoseok wants that attention and praise, even if Hoseok will always divert the attention away again or get flustered and just :’D.

And Hoseok ALWAYS has Yoongi’s back. Deadass Hoseok would probably move an ocean for Yoongi. Hoseok just seems to read Yoongi very well. Their energies are accommodating, there’s this push and pull with their energy that you can read SO easily if you just pay attention to them. For a day, for an hour, flip through some random vids and look for just Hoseok and Yoongi. Their energy is so refreshing and smooth and easy going. The way the interact and look at each other is so positive and comfortable. You can ALWAYS read the respect on Yoongi’s expression, and he laughs ALL of the time with Hoseok. and with Hoseok, he drifts casually to Yoongi side SO often. 

idk, i just love yoonseok because they’re so positive and wholesome. I like to call them the ‘we get eachother’ couple. Because…well…i think it speaks for itself. :’) I love Yoonseok. So, very, much.

Easily one of the best bangtan ships imo.

Dean is right in the middle of cleaning the dishes when Castiel appears next to him, grabs his shoulder and turns him around, not at all caring about Dean’s wet hands and soapy water spilling everywhere.

“Hey, what -?” the hunter starts to protest, but is cut off instantly when Castiel connects their lips and pulls them as close as possible.

Dean blinks a few times, for about five seconds way too surprised to react properly, but quite quickly he catches up with the program and melts into the touch. He doesn’t give a damn about drowning Castiel’s shirt (since the angel doesn’t seem to care either) and instead revels in the familiar and yet still so exciting warmth.

They lose themselves in each other’s arms and once again Dean finds himself wondering how he got so lucky.

“What did I do to deserve this?” he whispers with a big smile when Castiel draws back a bit, their breaths still mingled.

“Mistletoe,” Castiel answers like it’s the most natural thing.

Dean hesitates, frowning confused, before glancing at the blank ceiling. “There is nothing.”

The corners of Castiel’s mouth twitch as he pulls something green and unmistakable mistletoe-looking out of his trenchcoat’s pocket. “I’m carrying it with me.”

Dean chuckles amused. “Why?”

“So I can kiss you wherever I want.”

And so he does just that, pressing another one on Dean’s lips, even softer and more sensual than the first one.

Dean can’t help but smile. “Cas,” he says, his voice fond. “You can always kiss me wherever and whenever you want.”

Castiel tilts his head in that adorable way of his. “Yes?”

Dean nods enthusiastically. This thing between them is admittedly quite new, but he actually thought he made himself crystal clear more than once. Especially that one time when he decided to declare some very serious romantic feelings with Sam sitting right beside him, witnessing the whole scene while munching his cereal.

Wherever,” Dean says with emphasis. “Whenever.”

Castiel’s following smile is blinding, but nonetheless Dean is unable to avert his gaze. “I will take you at your word.”


commission me maybe? 

/gulp- Hello!

The deal is, i’m running out of money because brexit was not kind to my day job. I’m going to japan in January for 10 days and I would love to try and make some extra money if I can.

I’ve not done commissions in a long time! but hey- if anyone wants anything for 12 dollars (or £10 for me!) then please feel free to message me - I love drawing for other people too, so this should be hella fun :)

if you choose a traditional style, I’m totally happy to send it off to wherever you live, too!

please please pass this on if you can! Thank you so much!! and thank you so much for all the kind messages lately!!!xx


We have officially entered my favourite time of the year. Where everything is beautiful and I love everything and why do I have to sit indoors to draw?!! I’m so going to go buy myself a collapsible chair or something so I can sit to draw wherever I want Out There because dang!