'well if we're doing it the right way

Cevans: so. Apology, right?

Russos: yeah

Cevans: Tony’s apology?

Russos: mhm

Cevans: that’s what we’re acting out?

Russos: yup

Cevans: cool, cool

*2 minutes later*

RDJ: And I believe I ever remember telling you this, that what we needed was a suit of armor around the world! Remember that? Whether it impacted our precious freedoms or not, that’s what we needed. I said we’d lose. You said, “We’ll do that together too.” Well, guess what, Cap? We lost, and you weren’t there. But that’s what we do, right? Our best work after the fact? We’re the Avengers? We’re the Avengers. Not the Prevengers, right? [Carol]’s great, by the way. We need you. You’re new blood. Bunch of tired old wheels. I got nothing for you, Cap. I’ve got no coordinates, no clues, no strategies, no options. Zero, zip, nada.

RDJ: No trust

RDJ: liar.

RDJ: [rips off the reactor and puts it in

Chris’ hand]


How Sirius confessed his feelings

James: I’ve noticed something

Sirius: What? Did you discover a new way in which Lily’s eyes shine in the sunlight?

James: …yes…

Sirius: Thought you would. Go on and gush, I’m all ears

James: It’s not just that.

Sirius: *rolls his eyes and raises an eyebrow* enlighten me, prongs

James: You’re in love with Remus

Sirius: I am not. Absolutely ridiculous

James: Pads, come on

Sirius: No, I mean, come on. He folds his socks!

James: You find that adorable though, I’ve been watching you

Sirius: One, that’s creepy! You’ve been watching?!? Who says that?? Two, he’s my best friend

James: Excuse you, I’m your best friend. But just admit it, you think he’s cute

Sirius: No!

James: You buy him chocolate from Hogsmede every weekend

Sirius: Well, yes, but I’d do that for you too, and Peter

James: No, you wouldn’t. Your eyes follow him around the room.

Sirius: No. That’s just a nervous tick. Or me judging the hideous cardigans he wears.

James: Sure, if you say so, Pads. Was it also a nervous tick when you stuttered and got drool all over place like a fool when he came out the showers in just his boxers.

Sirius: That’s rich coming from you! Evans so much as breathes in your general direction and you get down on one knee to propose

James: Ha! You admit it then!

Sirius: Fine! I do! I adore the way he folds his socks and obsessively spells the creases out of his ties. And I can think of no better way to spend my money than to buy him all his favourite chocolates. And fine, you’re right, seeing him half naked really rocked my freaking boat!And while we’re at it, I find Remus in a cardigan really flaming attractive for some odd reason. Is that what you wanted to hear?

James: Well, yes but you said that rather…

Remus: …loudly, you practically shouted *standing startled in the doorway, with an alarming red blush*

Imagine your OTP

Person A: Do you ever wonder if we’re on the right path in life?

Person B: We sure are. I met you on it, didn’t I?

Person A: Aww, but how can you be super sure?

Person B: Well, this is the way to the ice cream shop.

Person A: Oh, definitely on the right path then!

Person B: To our destiny!


do you feel the way I do, right now?

Dish Nation Interview
  • Chuey Martinez: Who's your biggest girl or guy crush of all time? Who is it and why?
  • Chyler: *points to Floriana*
  • Floriana: My gosh, I don't know, this is hard.
  • Flo: *turns to Chyler and points at her* Her
  • Chy: *still pointing to Flo* That one!
  • Flo: *points at herself* Flo-Lo
  • Chy: Flo-Lo!
  • Flo: I mean- I would say, I don't know, I kinda like this one. *locks arms with Chyler*
  • [Insert literal gazing into each other's eyes]: *Also lot's of Chyler looking at Flo in certain ways*
  • CM: Alright, I like that
  • Flo: Yeah
  • Chy: We're not going to lie
  • Flo: We're not going to lie, we match pretty well
  • Chy: We're not going to lie
  • CM: Yes you do. Ying and Yang
  • Chy: That's right
  • Flo: Yeah
  • CM: Perfect
  • [Insert even more gazing]:
  • Chy: Yeah, that's right
  • [Insert an small pause of just Chy and Flo looking at each other]:
  • CM: ... They're having a moment, alright
  • Flo: *laughing*
  • Chy: *pat's Chuey's back* And you are too
  • CM: I'm just here hanging out, they're having a moment
  • Chy: We're just gazing adoringly
  • Flo: *slightly inaudible* gazing(?)
  • Chy: as our significant others are probably watching going "KISS HER!"
  • Yuu: Mika, I have a question
  • Mika: ?
  • Yuu: so, are we like dating or are we just friends with benefits?
  • Mika: Yuu-chan, we live together
  • Yuu: so?
  • Mika: we want to adopt children together
  • Yuu: so??
  • Mika: we've proposed to each other many times and in different ways!
  • Yuu: but what if there were friends with benefits who did that too??
  • Mika: I'm not sure you understand the concept of friends with benefits very well...
  • Yuu: Of course I do! It's friends who... kiss?
  • Mika: try again
  • Yuu: ...fuck?
  • Mika: that's right. And we don't have sex because we're 16 so we're not friends with benefits!
  • Yuu: *mumbling* now I wish we were friends with benefits
  • Mika: what was that?
  • Yuu: nothing! Eh!? What is it, Kimizuki?! Sorry, he's calling me so I can't talk to you anymore, Mika. Bye!

Dear Taylor… #WeStandWithYou

Hi Taylor. I hope you’re OK… I know we’re not 😟This situation just sucks… Anyway, first of all, I think some of us would like to know the best way to keep supporting your music. Some people think stopping streaming of the old songs is the best way, but I’m conflicted. What’s the best way to do it? Physical albums? Youtube? Streaming? There are some rumors out there that Scoot supports genocide. By streaming your old songs, this horrible person would be getting a part of YOUR money. And a part of our hearts with it. So what should we do?

Also, I don’t know if you saw it, but your entire discography was reuploaded to itunes and we lost all the songs we had purchased. There are SO many wrong things about that. It makes me mad that they just wanna earn money by using you for fame and success.

On the other hand, we just want some signs that you’re ok. We miss you. I’m so sorry this terrible thing happened to you. I’m absolutely heartbroken and I wish I could do more. We’re here for you, always. You’re our best friend. You’re my best friend. You were there for me when noone else was, even if you don’t know me.

I’m so thankful for you and I just want to remind you that we will ALWAYS stand with you. You deserve the world. You deserve that these rats leave you alone. You just want to be happy in peace and they don’t respect that. I hope you get the rights to your master recordings as well. One way or another. But if you don’t, just know that we will help you raise from the dead, once again.

Your ashes will turn into a beautiful phoenix and we’ll be here to watch you shine again.

Hoping you find your happy place soon and with all my love,

Jenny 💗

@taylorswift @taylornation

The hard way
  • Root: [to a captured suspect] Look punk. There are two ways we can do this.
  • Holly: Tell 'em the hard way, boss.
  • Root: Well first, we're going to fill out forms 38-J1 stating noncompliance. We send it to the Council, but do they process it right away? No! Because they are overwhelmed! Because Debra is on maternity leave! So your trial date won't be for another six to eight weeks, and even then you'll have to block out the whole day because they don't give you a specific time. I know, it's a window.
  • [Root and Holly leave the room]
  • Holly: I thought we were going to try and scare him.
  • Root: There is nothing scarier than the realities of our bureaucracy. Come on, let's go back in there and tell him how bad the Council's website is.

Drunk Pyrrha: Hey, we should totally *hiccup* start *giggles* dating, you know?

Jaune: We’re already da-

Pyrrha: Because I can treat you WAY better than *hiccup* Weissy Icy.

Jaune: I know, that’s why we ar-

Pyrrha, hugging Jaune like a koala: Hush hush hush, I’m try to *hiccup* serenade you with my words of flirtiness.

Jaune, chuckling: That doesn’t really make sense but ok.

Pyrrha, snuggling in Jaune’s chest: This is comfy, we need to *hiccup* do this more often. *purrs* I love you, you know that, right?

Jaune: Yes I do.

Pyrrha: And do you love me ~

Jaune: Well, we are dating.

Pyrrha, gasping: We are? Since when?

Jaune:. A couple of months by now.

Pyrrha: And why didn’t you informed me about this?

Jaune chuckling: I’m sorry, that was pretty inconsiderate of me.


Jaune: Pyrrha? You still concious?

Pyrrha, putting her finger on Jaune’s lips: Hush, I’m cuddling *hiccup* with my new boyfriend. Shush.

Jaune: You’re cute, you know that, right?

Pyrrha: *Snoring adorably*

Jaune, chuckling: Yep, completely and utterly cute.

here i'll even start it out for you
  • [all of the gang are in the mystery machine, on their merry way to solve whatever mystery it is they've gotten roped into, clearly in the middle of a conversation about something]
  • shaggy: well, uh, personally, i think my opinion matters a lot here, too, because, not only am i a food connoisseur, my boyfriend is also the one who like, owns the van we're currently riding in and like, often do
  • daphne: and my girlfriend is the genius who's a huge driving force in figuring out whatever freak is the culprit in all of our cases, so,
  • fred and velma, who are literally right there: [in unison] we're literally right here
  • scooby: can we please just decide where to eat already? it's been 3 hrs. i'm dying

Married. 2

Summary: you’re in love with Sebastian and you’re one of his three best friends however he finds a women be loves and marries her

Featuring: Chris Evans, Henry Cavil, Anthony Mackie Jennie Slate as Chris Evans Fiancé & Alexandria Daddario as Seb’s Soon to be Wife, a nice mention of Tom Holland.

Warnings: lots of cursing, angry seb!, Henry the frustrated thicc boi.

Part 1:


“Motherfucker!” The words rang loudly as Anthony read the check on the counter, Chris’s anger getting the better of him he punched the wall making his knuckles bleed, Henry had to go outside to breathe, when I got the news from Alex there was no way I was gonna hide this from them they needed to know as soon as they came home, it was the end.


It’s been a few weeks since the women came to her door asking for her to leave the man she’s loves since the beginning, y/n’s mouth constantly felt dry she felt ill always being sick to her stomach every time she thought about it, she felt like throwing up a few times and a few times she actually did.

“He’s driving me insane if he doesn’t kill me first I’ll do it myself” Henry yelled to Y/n on the phone his warm breath making smoke as he walked on the streets clad in warm clothing for the cold weather today in NYC.

Remember I told you he left us on the sidelines and only when he needed us he would call? Well things have changed now he will not leave his best men alone, Alex had become friends with Sherri Anthony’s Wife and won’t leave her alone either so now they’re both becoming pests, Sherri wasn’t happy being one of her brides maids nowadays since Anthony told her what she did, to Sebastian and myself she tearing us all apart.

“It’s only three weeks away, after that it will be over we won’t have to deal with Groomzilla & Bridezilla anymore” she laughed trying to lighten the mood when her stomach clenched knowing in three weeks is the last time she’ll ever see him. Her throat felt like it was closing she wanted to cry she cleaned her countertop Sam and his wife in her living room waiting for Chris and his Fiancé

“He’s deliberately looking to aggravate me with being his best man and you have to do this! that! Shut up mate!” He was still angry over the phone she smiled listening to her angry friend “Henry just get your ass over here and we’re all gonna have fun” she smiled “you’re the only one making me stable” “of course I am.”

“Henry’s on his way being very angry” she turned the corner into the living room where Anthony & Sherri Sat

“Sebastian does realize he’s pushing all of you away right?” Anthony’s Wife Sheri said

“He doesn’t which is even worse than him knowing..” y/n said sitting down

“So what are you gonna do?” Sheri said

“Well tonight we’re gonna talk the four of us, will make a plan on how to tell seb he’s being a fucking jerk, and possibly tell him what Alex did” Anthony said “hes making Henry run around all day long doing mad dumb shit while he plays scrabble with a bunch of rich know it all’s leaving us in the dark once again” Anthony drank the drink in his cup with a sigh of disappointment

“I’m sorry guys i wish things were different” she tried to be sympathetic

“Yeah so do i.” In her mind she wished Sebastian never met alex that night at the party on the roof things happened that night, that will never be undone.

A few hours passed and everyone showed up playing board games, eating it was a nice break from the wedding craze that the whole bunch were going through, non stop calls came in from Sebastian needing Henry, Alex calling Sherri, Seb calling us three to try to get a reach on Henry when after the second phone call everyone stopped answering, which was a big mistake.

They talked about what they were gonna do about seb and than started their night of course.

A loud knock appeared on the door

“You’re a crazy lunatic you know that” Chris said loudly looking at the floor the scattered pieces flew everywhere

“How long were we gonna play monopoly it’s been HOURS Chris!!” Y/n yelled back

“You didn’t have to fucking throw the board” he yelled back

“Its because he was winning if he wasn’t winning he wouldn’t of cared he knows you too well” Anthony laughed all of them laughed except for Chris and y/n

The knock got louder

“Let me get the door” she asked Chris so he could move his legs she got through

“Its probably the neighbors cause someone is yelling at me!” She said

“Its not my fault you’re a terrible monopoly player” everyone went ooh “you’ll pay for that Evans” she opened the door to reveal Sebastian her heart dropped, they did this in secret and he caught them, they stood silent looking at who was at the door

“What’s going on?” Seb Clearly not knowing why everyone was together without him

“Uh well We had a game night…as you could tell”

“I’m gonna go, sorry i ruined your fun” he fake smiled he was mad, it wasn’t new anymore Sebastian temper and his anger was at the height of it’s time

she saw the look on his face he walked the other way she turned her head back into the apartment

“I’m doing it now, wish me luck” the boys nodded closing the door behind me “Sebastian wait” she yelled running after him he was already walking towards his car “you know am not athletic” she yelled he stopped in his tracks turning around

“What am I suppose to not be mad that you’re all together behind my back? Didn’t even think to invite me”

“Nobody’s doing anything behind your back everyone needed a break.” She caught up to him finally out of breath

“From what?”

“The wedding” she said with a shaky breath coming out she loved this man more than anything she wasn’t prepares to argue with him, or ever she loved everything about him from his eyes to his good looks to his loving personality that hasn’t shown since they got together

He looked stunned, not actually prepared for that

“You’re all? Stressed? Because of my wedding?” He was already mad.

“You are putting a lot of stress on the guys, not me because am not apart of your wedding” she folded her arms over each other

“I told you that’s not my fault that night at the bar really killed the friendship between you both!” He said she rolled her eyes “its not about me! stop being so mean to your friends who are trying to help you”

Anthony Henry and Chris walking out as I said that “you know all of you are always against alex and I’m tired of it, you know what! if all of you are so fucking upset don’t come to the fucking wedding I don’t need any of you”

“Seb you’re being out of line, all she said was you have to lighten up” Chris said

“I can’t fucking beileve that you would paint me as the bad guy? I’m going through a lot and you’re playing board games having a good time without me because you can’t take me?” He laughed humorlessly “I’m gonna go have fun with your party” he pointed back at the apartment got into his car he revved the engine driving off.

“Why don’t you go back to your home on whore island” Y/n yelled loudly as he drove away, it was a coping mechanism for the feeling in her stomach make jokes don’t take things too seriously when they should’ve she should’ve just told him why can’t the words spill out of her mouth what’s wrong with her.

Henry had his hands on his neck and he bended onto his knees “I’m trying to calm down I really want to go over to his house and punch him in the dick” Henry said making everyone laugh and Anthony got down to his level “it will be over soon” her eyes started to water they comforted her as much as they could.

They called Sebastian the next day as a group told him to pack his shit they’re going on a road trip, and that’s what they did for a week they spent together being themselves no wifes or kids or boyfriends to bother it was them. Not one single Inconveince it was like the skies opened up and said hey were giving you a good trip don’t fuck it up man.

It’s one week before the wedding, 7 days

There was a rehearsal dinner, that I was actually invited to, by Sebastian of course.

“I’ve gathered you all here today because I look at this room, I see people I love & care for, than I look to my right I see the women I love.” He shallowed lightly getting choked up y/n looked at the boys from across the room all three men rolled their eyes, we couldn’t beileve he was in love with a cheater, who’s paying off his best friend to go away basically..

“I can’t possibly live without Alexandra you’re the best women I’ve ever met I can’t wait to be your husband and wake up to you everyday” Sebastian smiled with love in his eyes his heartbeat felt heavy in his ears he was so happy, he had the people he loved most looking at him.

y/n’s eyes solely on him her heart beating harshly fast for her she tried to calm her nerves she was in love and he wasn’t after next week it’s goodbye.

he didn’t know she felt that way about him.. maybe things would’ve been different

In reality though, Chris told Sebastian y/n had feelings for him when they were both drunk Chris didn’t forget but Sebastian did. Or so he thought..

“Hi my name is Henry, i am Sebastian’s best man, we grew up together the five of us.” He winked at y/n she smiled making her feel included he always did that to her it was men that outweighed the friendship it was one girl with four guys she was always singled out however all four of them never made her feel that way.

“I met Sebastian when we’re 12 years old he had just moved to america and so did i, I wanted to make sure he was okay he seemed upset I had asked him what was wrong and his only response was I wanna to go home in a thick accent of course Clearly inaudible” he smiled at sebastian, he smiled back on him so did everyone else

y/n looked at her hands she knew the rest of the story it was a good story she never wanted this story to be told at his wedding, maybe to their wedding but not to just his..

“I told him it’s only a few hours everything’s gonna be okay, he then looked at me and said I want to go home to Vienna, I don’t want to be here so I told him I used to live in Europe and I moved here I’ve been happy ever since I made good friends and I didn’t want to leave anymore I’ll make you want to stay here, that’s what we did with the help of a few friends since thirteen years we’ve helped him over come so many of his fears I’m so thankful he has found a women like Alexandra to help him overcome more in his life, he’s my brother I couldn’t think of my life without him he’s the best person I know congratulations to the happy couple Sebastian and Alexandra you’ve matched yourselves very well I can’t wait to watch you both on your journey!” He lifted his glass, the bullshit Henry could dish out is amazing, they did more speeches and made everyone laugh, give some tears when it ended we four grouped together without Sebastian again because he was talking to his rich snooty pants friends

“You’re such a good bullshiter Cavill” She laughed drinking champagne all the men laughed with her, “You not being there will be hard for us you know that” Chris said side hugging her “I know” she tried not to cry, she should’ve been there she should be there for him, and she can’t

“Does Sebastian know?” Anthony said drinking a beer Henry was texting occasionally looking up at us to engage in conversation

“I don’t know” Chris rubbed her back up and down “it’s gonna hurt us both”

“Why are you hurting yourself?” Sebastian appeared into our group where he should’ve been before “Oh y/n’s ex called and he wants her back or something like that” Henry said looking at his phone everyone shocked how fast that came out of his mouth

“David? he treated you like crap no man should treat you with disrespect” Sebastian said drinking whatever was in his cup “you know who I did like Tom? Was his name Tom Holland?” Chris said, Everyone knew Sebastian had this weird hatred for him, Chris knew because he told Sebastian y/n loved him, the next day when they came home y/n went on a date with Tom started to date him not long after Sebastian didn’t like him.

“I didn’t like him neither” Sebastian said

“I think you just hate everyone I date” y/n said separating from Chris sitting on a chair

“I think you just have bad taste in men” he laughed

“You jerk!”

“He’s not wrong” Henry said with a smirk she hit his arm, she knew what that was for.

“Hey guys could I talk to seb alone..” they nodded with a small whisper Anthony said “be chill about it” she took seb’s hand and they walked outside the venue small chit chat here and there, they walked out seen a fountain with flowers lily pads in the water it was gorgeous and cold he took off his suit jacket and laid it on her shoulders “this is beautiful” he said looking in amazement “yeah it really is”

they still held hands sitting down he put his drink down and he grabbed both her hands “doll what’s wrong? You never act like this.” He looked into her eyes to try and find something, she tried her hardest to pull herself together “i’ll go first,” he sighed “ you’ve been literally amazing through all of this..” there was a small pause

“some days I don’t know how i got through them and then I realized it’s because of you it’s always been because of you, Henry got me through a lot but you’ve kept me together all these years the best friend I could’ve ever asked for” he shallowed “I’m glad you’re coming i know you and alex don’t get along I want you there that should matter for something.” Her heart beating out of her chest his confession making her change her mind maybe she should go?

“Now what did you want to tell me?” He gave her these eyes she’s never seen before soft comforting with slight smile on his lips

“I’m just so happy for you and I want you to know you-” her words were cut off by Alex walking towards us his smile big and so was hers

“Sebastian you’re mother wanted to talk to us alone” she smiled at him like a princess she’s never did anything wrong in her life the gold digger cheater manipulator that she was.

“You look beautiful tonight Alex” she said taking off sebastian’s jacket and slowly handing it to him he took it, however in a sense he wanted her to keep wearing it.

“Thanks y/n?” She was confused why was she being nice to her?, Sebastian stood up a little happier than before she gave his fiancé a compliment it was new, comforting.

They held hands and walked back into the venue Chris came out with two champagnes in his hands walking towards her

“How’d it go?”

“It WENT” she drank the bubbly liquid

“She interrupted again didn’t she” he sat next to her

“Like she always does that fucking bitch” she drank more he laughed drinking fixing his dress shirt

“Hey do you remember that one time we kissed” she laughed thinking about it

“am i the only friend you’ve kissed!” He laughed asking the other boys didn’t know they kept that to themselves

“Yes” they laughed drinking their drinks of course the only sounds heard were the fountains water pouring out and piano from inside of the venue, Jennie came “hi y/n” she smiled she was always the nicest just like Chris “please don’t take Chris away from me to like don’t try and pay me to leave i can’t deal with that” they laughed and hugged “actually I wanted you to be one of my brides maids, we were going to tell you later on but now seems like the right time” she smiled “YOU’RE JOKING??” She was in a now happier they hugged tightly Chris smiled them three walked inside it was over, “Hey Henry” she smiled he smiled back “darling” she laughed he grabbed her hand holding it their fingers intertwined they had a different relationship between all of the them

Y/n & Anthony Best Friends knows things that nobody knows, has jokes nobody else is in on, talks with their eyes knows what the other is feeling always

Y/n & Sebastian where do I start? The closest apart from Chris, always in their heads, constantly need to know what the other is thinking, they use to bring each other home for Christmas because they couldn’t stand being alone with their families for more than 2 hours and needed the support.

Chris & Y/n the ultimate brother and sister, can relate on everything sleepovers frequently. One time they kissed when they were drunk at a party but got so grossed out they swore never to speak of it again.

than there was

Y/n & Henry, Best Friends that usually have that tension between them that people could see but choose not to pay attention cause it’s weird, lot of playful filrting, open up to each other about things you wouldn’t normally open up about, they were different from the bunch maybe it was good for them like that.

Sebastian seen their hands for a quick moment he felt his heart do something he wasn’t sure what it was but he didn’t like it, he kissed Alexandra because he needed it.

Which made y/n feel like crap, I’m going to miss you, she thought in her head as she starred blankly at the soon to be couple she felt uneasy clapping for their kiss it made her get a sour taste in her mouth

“I won’t have to deal with being sad anymore” she thought.


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Merle: You know, in a way, we kinda deserve it cause we’ve been doing all the heavy lifting for these people.

Taako: We have earned this.

Merle: So we’re gonna rob the shit out of ‘em!

Taako: We’re not- well, we might. This is, I think, more of a scouting mish right now. But if the need arises, then for sure.

  • Justin: If I have sex with Pam body, Garfield head, is there a danger of impregnation? Because I'm pretty sure that would bring about the anti-Christ.
  • Travis: *gasps loudly* Oh jesus.
  • Justin: Is that a danger? I need you to answer this for me.
  • Griffin: Um, I don't know. It would be human ovaries down there. I'm just saying, if we're gettin' science on it, like. It would probably be human ovaries, but then again... I don't know! If it didn't have a hybrid DNA then it would reject your seed. Your seed would find no purchase in her, her loamy soil.
  • Travis: Lemme ask you one more question.
  • Griffin: Okay, please.
  • Travis: Is Odie there and is he just jerkin' it so right?
  • Griffin: Odie loves what he sees, either way. Either scenario, Odie's down. Odie is down to clown.
  • Travis: Justin, do you wanna pick first? Well, Griffin, you asked the question so you have to answer.
  • Griffin: Fuck. I'll say... I'll say, if it's Bill Murray's voice - Pam Body/Garf Head.
  • ...
  • Justin: Travis?
  • Travis: Oh no, I've already killed myself in this situation.
  • ...
  • Justin: Can I throw Travis' body at the corpse and buy myself enough time... Uh, Travis' corpse at the creation, and buy myself enough time to get out?
  • Griffin: Here's the problem, though. You throw it at Pam Body/Garf Head, who's that comin' up from behind? It's Garf Body/Pam Head, and it is very upset.
What went down in Princess Fragrance
  • Rose: hey Juleka you know how Prince Ali is hot?
  • Ms. Mendeleiev: is there something you'd like to share with the class?
  • Rose: yeah Prince Ali is hot
  • Ms. Mendeleiev: fascinating observation
  • Ms. Mendeleiev: perhaps we should whip up a love potion
  • Rose: you can do that?
  • Ms. Mendeleiev: yeah it produces sulfur pentafluoride in gaseous form
  • Ms. Mendeleiev: as the colorless toxic cloud expands and immediate evacuation procedures are enacted, love is rendered irrelevant and so you no longer care about whether Prince Ali likes you
  • Rose: thanks but I think I'll pass on the love potion
  • Ms. Mendeleiev: aww no one ever wants my potions :(
  • Chloé: here I can do a better job than that
  • Rose: so what's your plan
  • Chloé: you write a letter to Prince Ali and I pretend to be willing to deliver it and then rip it up in front of you and get you akumatized
  • Rose: thanks but I think I'll pass on the letter ripping
  • Chloé: tough imma do it anyway
  • Rose: dangit
  • Hawkmoth: ai ai ai I'm your little butterfly
  • Marinette: okay Tikki, let's do this!
  • Tikki: I am sick and not here
  • Marinette: oh
  • Marinette: so where are you
  • Tikki: in Chloé's pocket in the upper room of the Grand Paris
  • Marinette: thank
  • Marinette: this is how dialogue works
  • Chloé: hey Prince Ali Fabulous He
  • Prince Ali: could you stop making that reference
  • Chloé: no
  • Chloé: here's a toy to give to sick kids
  • Prince Ali: why are you giving me exactly one toy
  • Prince Ali: we've got ten thousand of these stocked up, one doesn't make any meaningful difference
  • Tikki: you have ten thousand kwamis?
  • Prince Ali: no ten thousand toys, sorry Tikki
  • Tikki: :(
  • Chloé: did that toy just talk
  • Prince Ali: no
  • Marinette: I'M COMING TIKKI
  • Princess Fragrance: I'M COMING PRINCE ALI
  • Prince Ali: I don't need rescuing actually
  • Princess Fragrance: oh in that case I'm coming to f**k things up
  • Prince Ali: oh noes time to run away
  • Princess Fragrance: and I'M GONNA FOLLOW YOU
  • Prince Ali: that's creepy
  • Prince Ali: did you go to the Adrienette school of romance
  • Princess Fragrance: mebbe
  • Marinette: I'm not okay with that
  • Prince Ali: THEN DO BETTER
  • Marinette: btw I found Tikki somehow
  • Tikki: coolio let's go talk to Master Fu
  • Princess Fragrance: you sure you don't want to come stop me
  • Marinette: just gimme a minute, don't do anything evil while I'm gone
  • Princess Fragrance: okie time to mind control everybody in Paris
  • Marinette: so Master Fu what's your deal
  • Master Fu: somma lomma dooma lomma you assuming I'm a human what I gotta do to get it through to you I'm superhuman
  • Marinette: can you heal Tikki
  • Master Fu: innovative and I'm made of rubber so that anything you saying ricocheting off of me and it'll glue to you
  • Tikki: ok I'm healed!
  • Master Fu: I'm never stating more than never demonstrating how to give a m***********g audience the feeling like it's levitating
  • Marinette: you're a weird guy Master Fu
  • Marinette: anyway Tikki it's time to transform
  • Princess Fragrance: while you were distracted I mind controlled literally everyone
  • Ladybug: hey I told you to wait for me!
  • Princess Fragrance: we're enemies, I'm not gonna listen to you
  • Ladybug: enemies don't have to listen to each other?
  • Princess Fragrance: nah
  • Ladybug: this explains a lot actually
  • Ladybug: *fully wrecks Princess Fragrance*
  • Rose: hey Prince Ali do you wanna hook up
  • Prince Ali: nah that was creepy
  • Rose: okay but Juleka and I are still canon either way right?
  • Prince Ali: well obviously

I’m Not Over You //Ben Hardy x Reader (Part 9)

A/N: All the fact checking had me reeling to be honest and this is one long-ass chapter, longer than the one where I said ‘it’s the longest I’ve written’ but actually this wins the competition. I’ve used some lyrics from the song Photograph cos I felt like it would go nicely with the flow plus I am weak with hospital scenes because of the distresses that occur within it but I tried ya know ¯_(ツ)_/¯ It’s a little messy and dramatic on a side note because I had to deal with some outside disturbances as well and my mind was on other things 😔 But again, thank you guys for supporting this series! Your feedbacks mean a lot ♥ Tag list is always open!! (seriously, I need more people to tag xd)

Summary: You had always loved Ben ever since you the two of you met in university and became the best of friends. That feeling went out like a candle flame when you parted ways until he re-entered your life…but this time with someone who has already occupied his heart.

Warnings: That angst from 8? Yeah, it just upgraded, fluff if you, like, use a microscope, explicit description of blood and injuries, swearing but I kept it to a minimum, mentions of death but there’s actually no death. Melodrama, ig? Sorry, I had a hard time writing consistently this week ^^’

WC: 6.5k (Someone got carried away.)

Tags: @haendel-me-with-care









Parts: 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

“Someone please help! Help us! ”

“Bloody bastard just drove off without even stopping! ”

“Are you fu- you left your phone?! He’s barely clinging on to life!! Ask a random person to dial 911!”

“Oh god, what- what do we do- his head, his freaking head! There is so much blood right now!”

“D-don’t move his neck! He’s critical!”

“Rosy. Rosy. Calm down…he has to be fine..he should be… ”

“An ambulance is on its way!”

“His head is fucking bloody! Do you even want- fuck! Someone help here! Someone, please help! ”

“Is he even breathing?! ”

“Oh god, Y/N! He’s not- he’s not! ”

“You better not be joking around!”

“Joe! He is bloody dying and you think I’m fucking joking?!”

“He has no pulse as well…”

“I got to- I have to make an attempt to resuscitate him. ”

“Are you sure?”

“We’re not waiting for that goddamn vehicle! If I don’t do it, he’s going to die!”

“Wake up, Ben! Please, wake up…”

Blur. That’s what everything was. A huge, uncoordinated, focal blur. A sea of people had crowded the scene like a flock of sheep ready to graze on the pasture, except the only green they had for their eyes was the sight of six, dreadful friends taking it in their hands to keep the seventh one grounded while they wait for professional help.

The ones with flashing cameras hoisted up high to document the scene disgusted you down to the pits of your stomach and you had wished for them to scatter away. You all, especially you had to bear the agony of seeing him motionless on the asphalt ground– without breath, skin drained of color while the only color highlighted in the spectrum was the copious but graphic amount of blood that had tainted the spot he was lying in– his hair coated in the sticky, sanguinary puddle, creating a traumatizing mix of blond and deep red that you now couldn’t forget. The tears pricking from your eyes when you had given him mouth to mouth mingling with his bleeding forehead.

He had lost all consciousness at a maximum.

You had ached to cradle his body right there and then but had you acted on impulse; it would’ve worsened the situation.

Medics had filled in the scene seconds after you had given Ben a well-thought out CPR undeterred by your raging adrenaline. He was then brought into the ambulance with Rosy tagging along to be there when they rush him into the ER. You had gone after with the others in Gwilym’s car, your shaking hands coated with drying blood -his drying blood- as you made your way to the hospital in a blistering cruise.

You’re still in your dress, only topped with Joe’s designer blazer to shield you from the cold and a warm, half-empty cup of brew situated between your palms partially substituting the natural heat of your skin, waiting quietly in the lounging room. They had transferred Ben to a private room after performing an operation on his head and scanning him afterwards. One of the emergency doctors remarked that if it weren’t for your initiative to follow first aid protocol and give him immediate resuscitation before help had arrived– he would have gone ten minutes early.

You’ve been waiting an hour and a half for the doctor to step out of the room and deliver the news about his condition. And while you do that, Joe and Lucy have gone off to collect a fresh pair of clothing from the hotel for you to change into. Rosy is stood at the entrance making some calls, Gwilym and Rami have gone back to their respective hotels to change clothes and come back for the news.

You felt light hearing that comment but it’s nothing compared to the aftermath of the accident. It was a hit-and-run and the driver didn’t even step on his breaks or bother to stop to take responsibility.

Rami’s blazer that had been used to delay Ben’s bleeding has been given back to him for dry cleaning. To complicate the situation, you’re supposed to be boarded on a plane back to England eight hours from now yet that’s something you have to cross out from the bucket list, entirely. You’re not going anywhere unless Ben heaves out a single sigh of life.

Not a single step out the fucking institution unless he opens those eyes.

Unless he parts his lips.

Unless he says your name.

You owe it to him for saving your life, nearly costing his.

And it’s just 2 in the morning.

You put down the cup on the space next to you, bringing your hands up to your lowered head, underneath your eyes watering from all of that’s happened tonight.

“We’re back.” Two figures stand before you minutes after your eyelids have fluttered shut in despair. You lift your head to be met with Joe and Lucy in their casual clothes, smiling sadly at you with paperbags in hand.

You return that smile with a much weaker one. They settle the bags down and Joe sinks down on one knee in front of you, taking your face in his hands gently while he peeks up at you. “I see the news isn’t out yet. You can change, we’ll take care of it.”

“You sure?” You mumble quietly. He nods and you prolong a sigh as you sit up, getting tenderly lulled into a hug by Lucy. “He’s gonna be okay.” She expresses definitely as she rubs your back. You thank her for the reassurance before taking one of the bags that contains your clothes.

Pulling the hem of your sweatshirt in place, you couldn’t wait to escape the lavatory. It smells of newly applied bleach and the pungent odor is plain nauseating. You close the door with the bag in hand on your way out but freeze in your spot as a certain, exclusive news breaks out in the TV screen above you.

Just 10pm tonight, Bohemian Rhapsody and EastEnders star, Ben Hardy, has reportedly been gravely involved and injured in a hit-and-run just outside of Wallis Annenberg Center during the ongoing Vanity Fair after party. Sources said that he had dashed headlong down the traffic-jammed streets to what they said was an attempt to save co-star’s, Joe Mazzello, date from an incoming vehicle– which he had succeeded in as he failed to save himself–” The rest of the news anchor’s words go unprocessed in your head as you hurriedly trace your way back to the lounging area, unwilling to hear recurring reports at yours or anyone’s expense.

It already hurts enough that you think it’s partly your fault for acting so careless.

By now, the attending physician should be out and conveying the news to Lucy and Joe and as you arrive– he is, hands in his lab coat pockets, informing them in the most serious of tones.

They see you approaching and you ask immediately, words stumbling out of your mouth like perceivable beats. “Doc, how is he? How’s Ben?”

With Lucy and Joe already informed about it, the doctor decides to tell you himself to save them the hassle. “He should be fine soon. However I must be frank with you, miss,” your heart loses a beat for a fraction of a second at the suspense rising, “he flat lined twice in the ER. It took three sets of defibs to get his heart beating again.” Hearing him break to you that Ben was a simple step away from death as they tried to treat him drains the warm color palette in your face, even with the affirmation that he’s going to be alright; knowing there were two moments in which he had slipped in and out of life at the same time just upsets your stomach.

The doctor continues with his report, telling you that he’s suffered from a mild to severe head trauma caused by the blunt force when he had his scalp dragged along the asphalt. Apparently he fissured the the near front of his skull and underwent neurosurgery for it.  You quickly get the idea, having studied a series of medical topics of course, but it doesn’t invalidate the fact that it still sounds like a bad thing.

The doctor sighs and adds. “Although he bled internally at a minimum, he’s lucky to have bled externally for the most part.”

Forming a steeple of your fingers and stealing a quick glimpse of Lucy and Joe, you gulp hard. “How long 'til he wakes up?”

“I’d say in about 48 hours. His scan results after the surgery showed promise for a stable recovery though he might wake up a little dazed at first due to the moderate concussion,” at least you’re getting the assurance that he’s waking up, “your friend has a thick skull. He’ll recover in time, but with short-term effects.”

48 hours. Not enough time for you to stay or leave.

“Can we see him? Right now?” Setting your expectations to the highest, you ask with a glimmer of hope and the doctor approves, minding you to turn down the lights in the room as Ben would likely be sensitive to it by the time he wakes. “A nurse will come by and check on him every once in a while as well.”

You nod weakly, thanking him professionally as you gradually hang your head in disappointment. He wishes Ben a speedy recovery before turning on his heels, leaving you to it.

Lucy brings her short hair up in a pigtail, asking as she lifts up her share of the paper bags. “Are we going in now? I mean, the doc said we’re able to.” She vaguely points at the door of the room and you and Joe swap looks before deciding on it. You collect your items from the seats and draw in breaths as you follow suit, stepping into the room and being welcomed by the almost odorless whiff of paint and medicine; along with the light to moderate blow of the air conditioner.

As the door clicks close, you stand motionless yet internally trembling at the heartbreaking sight of Ben lying unresponsive, surrounded by various machines working to keep him alive. Flanking his bed are the heart monitor -fully functional- and a medical ventilator from which he is breathing from. He’s hooked up to an IV bag with a breathing tube put into his mouth, his left arm is propped upon his abdomen but protected around a plaster and supported within a blue arm sling and lastly, his head is wrapped in a layer of roller bandage– the giveaway of his major injury.

“Y/N…” Joe cooing breaks you off from your vacant gaze but you hand him a forlorn eye as bring yourself to Ben’s side, glancing over his limp body. He’s taken quite a hit to have fractured his arm like this. His complexion didn’t appear as livid as it is now and marking his bottom lip -which has lost that luscious red tint as well- is a small bruise, parted from his upper lip as he involuntarily breathes through the tube in his mouth. You don’t hear his slow exhales but the normal rise and fall of his chest consoles a small part of you; the stable beeping of the heart monitor being the only occuring noise in the room. Concerned with how awfully quiet you’ve gone, Lucy and Joe give each other fitting looks as they share the same thought on the situation. As one of them begins to step close to ensure you’re taking it well, you pipe up before them, your once honey-laced voice diminished to a monotone. “It’s…not my fault.”

“Of course, it’s not,” Lucy, being the one who has taken that step close, tenderly agrees but you add.

“It’s not but it feels like it is.”

Now Joe steps up next but stop as you add once more.

“And I told him I wanted to forget him and for him to do the same.” Now some tears are inevitable.


“As impractical as it is to think about it now, but what if he does?” your hand has now hovered over him, the nerves of the pads of your fingers itching to skim themselves over his free hand, “I don’t want to go. But I have to and he’s still not gonna wake up by the time I leave.”

His condition just yearns for your touch but you don’t want to lay a hand on him just yet, out of the fear that you might hurt a small part of him.

Joe sighs softly as he puts his hands on your shoulders, rubbing them with ease. “Why don’t you just email the institution about it? Tell them you’re gonna have to delay because of an urgent matter.”

“I can do that, but only a day after. I can’t take long.”

“Rami and Gwilym are on their way,” Lucy reminds as she gets off her phone from messaging them, “with some food and water.”

“None of us are burning the midnight oil then,” Joe stretches his limbs and returns to the couch to take a moment to relax, eyes snapping wide as he remembers something. “By the way, Y/N. If you spilled your heart out to him earlier, did you include the bit where our relationship was all but pretend?”

Surely the stare you and Lucy are sharing towards him could render the atmosphere painful but you answer regardless of the topic, shaking your head as you turn your attention to Ben once more. “No. But he’s bound to question it. That is if he remembers what happened.”

Lucy rests her hand on her hip as she glances at the heart monitor, the waves tempting her eyes to follow them. “Doctor never implied anything about amnesia.”

The three of you fall silent again with you locking your gaze at the man who didn’t want to let you go. Who chased you down a busy highway knowing he’d bite the dust if he did and ended up saving you at the expense of his own well-being.

And life.

And his own soul.

He’ll recover in a short period, yes. But when you had gently grazed your trembling hand over his bloodied head in the middle of the street, it was as if he was bound to never wake up. A visual you want to shake off for the sake of composure.

Joe and Lucy take notice of your stilled silence again, their expressions low-spirited. Taking small steps towards you, Lucy wraps her arms around your shoulders from behind and pulls out a certain object from her back pocket, slipping it to you. “Found this in the inner pocket of Ben’s tainted blazer when the doctors gave his clothes to us.”

You cast your gaze to what she’s holding and hear your heart shatter at what it is. You slowly take it from her and sweep your thumb over it.

Ben’s share of your Homecoming picture.

And behind it, the same date and continuation of what was written on your half.

You piece it in your mind and feel your eyes cloud with tears, a droplet making a small patter as it lands on the polaroid.

He kept it. In his blazer. He brought it along with him.

_I’m not going… anywhere at all. _

“But I am.” You mutter as opposed to  the words in your head. For as long as you love him and he doesn’t in the way you do, distancing yourself is something that needs to be done to make sure you finally let go. You’d stick around but it would further fragment your soul.

Just in time to tear you from reaching your breakfing point, the door creaks open to two men and a red-haired woman, two of whom are grasping paper bags containing some food and water and one with an overwrought look, respectively.

Lucy leaves your side and walks over to Rami’s, kissing his cheek and helping them unload their items on the coffee table. Gwilym gives the three of you, and Rosy who had followed in behind them, an individual hug– asking you about Ben’s condition as he lays eyes on him.

You assure him of a smooth recovery and it unknots the lump of worry he’s under.

“Oh, Ben, baby… ” Breaks down Rosy, who whizzes past you to tear up over her injured fiance. She gazes down painfully at the man before her and delicately fondles his blanch cheek, eyes narrowed to the point where her face has contorted to a scowl which she throws directly at you. “This is all your fault. ”

Your brows crease at her in absolute confusion. “What are you talking about?” Sensing that an altercation is about to take place, the rest stumble quiet in preparation for the worst. Joe readies himself to butt in in case it escalates further.

“What did you say to him?” She asks you in a form of a hiss.

“Nothing! I-”

“He chased you down! You must have said something that set him off!” Her demanding voice echoes off the walls, overlaying the beeping and whizzing of both the heart monitor and ventilator. You begin swearing to her that you didn’t say anything of the sort but trail off as you realize that what you had actually said, was something that indeed hurt him.

You draw your lips between your teeth and clench your fist, unable to respond with the truth, fearing it might just fuel the fire.

“That’s- that’s not important now.” You shake your head dismissively and turn around.

“It is. You led Ben out into the street, agitated.”

“Rosy, please. Can we not talk about this now? We’re squabbling in front of an unconscious man-”

“Okay girls. Our boy is out cold but that doesn’t mean he can’t hear, right?” Eager to quench the growing conflict, Gwilym slides in between the dangerous proximity you’ve put yourselves in and you huff an apology.

On the other hand, Rosy does the complete opposite. “No, Gwilym. He has been acting strange for weeks and to think tomorrow’s supposed to be our wedding! And this is all because of her.”

Gwilym turns to her firmly and tries calming - or rather shutting her up for the sake of the peace Ben needs to heal- her down. “We’re not throwing fingers here. I know tomorrow’s the day and you don’t want to put him under pressure, right? I don’t think he’s going to succumb to waking up if this goes on.”

Rami, Lucy and Joe have remained unbelievably quiet but are as keen as Gwilym to prevent something unnecessary as this. It’s barely 3 am in the morning for the love of God and you’re all in a hospital room. Sleeping patients could bang their fists on the walls from the other side any time.

You, on the other hand, have already made four steps towards the door, ready to leave the room to be alone with your thoughts for the night but you’re unable to twist the knob as Rosy snaps once more with the hint, distressing with a clenched jaw.

She’s unrelenting.

“Please Y/N, you’re overstepping and frankly it’s getting in the way of my relationship with Ben.”

“You have no idea what I’m trying to do,” You mumble in the most bitter of intonations for Rosy to get the message, your fingers clenching around the knob and producing a faint chink. “But he’s my best friend. Let me be the person I’ve always been to him, ” you whip your head at her -a stare you’re certain could equal to a pelted javelin- and draw your brows together, pleading on account of choosing to be present in a crisis such as this, “ he’s all yours anyway.”

With a strong swing of the door, you march angrily out of the room, making your way outside the building to blow off steam – the smooth rub of the polaroid between your fingers surrendering you to tears.

You give yourself exactly 48 hours to stay before heading back to England to board your flight for Spain.

10 hours

Ben’s accident was a clean hit-and-run. Apparently some bystanders had snapped a shot of the license plate the moment the car slowed down and accelerated afterwards. It was then delivered to the police to be given further investigation. His parents have flown in from England to visit him and you badly wish you could greet them but some things are just too heavy to do right now. Back at the hospital, Ben’s been given hourly checks and assessments, with each desired result constant. He’s not responsive to any physical contact but the doctor is certain that he can perceive sound and sound only.  His body is asleep but his mind isn’t.

The rest will be visiting him at dusk while you’re going in late with Joe.

After sending an email to the university about your 24-hour delay, you spend the entire day just waiting to go down there and be by his side. Regarding your solitude in the hotel room, Rami had Lucy stay in with him for the meantime and being initially worried about leaving you, she had asked for your permission to which you said yes to.

Sometimes in the day, you can’t hold back a few tears at the flashing memory.

17 hours

Loving can hurt

Standing in front of the private room, you clutch the collar of your shirt anxiously, hearing incoherent but distinct murmurs on the other side of the door. Joe looks down at you and squeezes your hand lightly to relieve you of pressure. He knows how much this is affecting you, and though not visually shown, he’s taking it hard too.

Loving can hurt sometimes

The door opens to a couple you’ve familiarized yourself with for so long. Ben’s parents.

“Y-Y/N?” Says his mum, unable to believe that it’s you standing before her. Your breath hitches as you grin sadly, being pulled into her embrace. “It’s been so long.”

“It has, Mrs. Jones.”

Joe shakes hands with his father as he introduces himself politely. Mr. Jones greets you in with a light hug as well and you can’t help but spill a few tears.

But it’s the only thing that I know

They give you full access to the room

as they themselves have to leave for a while, thereby trusting their son to his closest circle. Knowing how tight you and Ben are, they give you much of their trust on this one and you’d want nothing more than to make sure he’ll wake up without any further complications. They obviously know about Rosy but witnessing how long you and Ben have grown on one another, they trust you the most.

They bid you and Joe goodbye, leaving access to the room exclusive.

When it gets hard

As you begin closing the door behind Joe, he insists that you have some alone time with him. Though it may feel weird but he feels as if you need this the most with time going against you now. Touched by his thoughtfulness, you give him a quick embrace before he leaves you to it.

You know it can get hard sometimes

The sight before you hasn’t changed that much.

The same monitors and the same person.

Same feeling.

However you’d rather take everything

in a different light and situation.

You fiddle with your fingers as you accumulate the strength to swallow the lump in your throat, drawing yourself to his side. The mild, incessant whirring of both the air conditioner and ventilator occupies the silent atmosphere along with the steady beeps of the heart monitor, blocking the huge gulp you’ve taken.

It is the only thing that makes us feel alive

Slowly taking a seat on the stool positioned beside the guard rails of the bed,  you let out a quavery sigh– the byproduct of all the tearing up you've  done today. You take his free hand in yours and stroke his pale knuckles with your thumb, leaning in to plant a kiss on it.

We keep this love in a photograph

“Ben? It’s me. Can you hear me?”

One-sided conversations are helpful according to experts and this is the perfect opportunity to tell him everything without having to bear the flits in his expression.

But you beg to differ.

We made these memories for ourselves. Where our eyes are never closing.

You continue, allowing every crack and quiver to manifest in your voice no matter how relatively pathetic it will make you sound.

“Ben, please, you gotta wake up. You’re leaving us in a hot mess here, bud. Hell, you gave your parents the scare of their lives. I know I’m starting off rough with this, but it’s all cause you had to leap in like that. But then again, it was- it was not your fault. This- all of this is not your doing. I should’ve been more careful on that road. Would’ve been better if I had cut back on the melodrama, huh? Haha…”

You lick your lips and resume, owning the patters your tears have soiled on the tiled floor.

Hearts are never broken

“I’m sorry if I had to hide it all from you, ” you build it up slowly, tears tenacious to leave your eyes, “it’s just that I was afraid you’d soon forget me once you’ve married and I wouldn’t be part of your life anymore. To make matters worse, I have always loved you, Ben. On every level and aspect, I still do. Sticking around to see you spend the rest of your life with someone else when that feeling is still present is just toxic. And to think you’re supposed to be wedded tomorrow, "you sniffle, taking a few seconds to form your following words, "that’s why it would be easier if we- if we…oh god, I’m actually much more of an actor than you are…” You want to chuckle for it, but nothing resembling a chuckle mopes out of your mouth. Just…short breaths.

Time is forever frozen-

“But I truly am happy for you. I really am. But I can’t be happy myself when you’ve taken a huge portion of my heart and I’m just…I just want to make sure nothing will ever ruin your happiness,” You close the distance between you and the bed, your hot tears dripping on his arm sling, the cloth absorbing it. You’re really taking advantage of his inability to respond.

“I’m s-sorry, Ben. I don’t know how long I can stay by your side like this. Literally like this. But as long as I am able, ” you lower your head onto his chest, now shamelessly sobbing like you haven’t broken down in centuries, squeezing his free but chilly hand like it’s the only thing that’ll give you warmth tonight, “I’m sorry if I’m going somewhere.”

And still

Despite promising to give you a moment alone with him, Joe -having recurring, inquisitive tendencies- has acted as opposed to his promise and  eavesdropped on your unrequited talk due to having to wait too long, not realizing that after hearing all your words exit in sobs, you’ve fallen asleep with your head on Ben’s chest.

Joe glances around the hall before budging the door open, careful not to disturb you as he sees you out cold next to him. He presses his lips into a hard line and chuckles quietly, amused as he grabs an available sheet from the couch and drapes it over you. The moment he notices a tear droplet stuck in the corner of your eye, he wipes it away with his thumb, sighing profoundly.

“Rosy’s gonna flip when she gets back and sees this. So, ” Joe, mumbling on his own, tumbles back down onto the couch and kicks back, “I’ll be here just in case.”

20 hours

So you can keep me

A nurse opens the door with a tray and clipboard in hand to conduct an hourly assessment of his condition, not minding your head placement on his chest. He’s still unresponsive to anything external.

I**nside the pocket of your ripped jeans **

As the test ends and the nurse closes the door on her way out, his finger twitches.

30 hours

Holding me closer til our eyes meet

Joe wakes you up softly with a bowl of soup in hand– something he bought from the cafeteria upstairs. You lift your heavy head from its recent spot and blink your bleary eyes at him, giving away a wry smile and telling him you’ll eat later on.

You won’t ever be alone

“By they way, this slipped from your pocket.” He slips something off the table and hands it to you with a knowing look, that something being the dual polaroids you’ve taped together the other night. You take it from him deliberately and turn your head to Ben, before staring down at the joint pictures, nostalgia ever so sudden like a whiplash.

Wait for me to come home

35 hours

Loving can heal

Rami and Lucy have stopped by to visit and take your 'shifts’ considering Rosy is still absent and you and Joe had to return to the hotel to change. The attending physician and a nurse come in to replace his breathing tube with a nasal cannula, since the assessment done hours prior has shown that he’s already capable of breathing on his own.

39 hours

Loving can mend your soul

“Funny how today is supposed to be his wedding but we’re getting a funeral instead. ” Morbidly comments one of Ben’s visitors and closest friends. Every single person in the room who has come by to visit Ben shoots a death glare at him for making that joke within a two feet radius of Ben who is sure to give him a bop on the head the minute he gets up.

41 hours

And it’s the only thing that I know

Meanwhile Rosy had spent the entire day rescheduling the wedding and the once volatile reactions she’s had do a 360 and is brought down to one, constant look as she bumps into you on your way to Ben’s room.

42 hours

I swear it will get easier, remember that with every piece of you

You both don’t say a word until you’ve settled down on the couch as she strays to Ben’s side and wipes the glistening speckle of sweat on his cheek with her thumb, the silence coming to a close as you pry the words out of your mouth.

“Rosy, believe me. I have never harboured the thought of coming between you both. I’m only ever there for him as a friend.”

And it’s the only thing we take with us when we die

Giving you an impassive eye, she ignores your words entirely and turns her attention back to her fiance.

45 hours

We keep this love in a photograph

You don’t leave the room with the hours progressing to the moment he’s timed to wake up. A lot of people have paid him a visit, cracking jokes and talking to him notwithstanding the fact that he’s utterly unresponsive. They’ve done all they can to lighten the mood in the room, hoping all their antics and bliss would lure Ben out of his induced insensibility. But he’s nowhere near the edge.

We made these memories for ourselves

47 hours

With Rosy snuggled up against his side, Ben retains immobility and it’s a sight you’re not used to since he’s one of the most fidgety arseholes who’s ever graced your life. You know you’d be bombed by her if you do this with her close by, but you had given yourself exactly 48 hours to stay before heading back.

Where our eyes are never closing, hearts are never broken

And so you wander to the opposite side of the bed and peer at down your wristwatch for the time.

Time’s forever frozen and still.

48 hours

“Ben?” You whimper close to his ear. He’s not responding. You know he wouldn’t wake up that quickly at the strike of the exact hour but you’re impatient to say goodbye to him with his forest, green eyes on full display and wandering around your (Y/E/C) ones to bolster you up.

“Hey.” You coax into his ear again, still no response. The racing beat of your heart has matched the beeps of the heart monitor. His heart beats. The similarity is sketchy but nearly symbolic. You’re leaving in the morning and he’s not up and lively for you to fervently crush in a parting embrace.

“Bud, please. I can’t force you to wake up but I’m leaving tomorrow. You have to help me…here.” At this point, though how eager you are to, you can’t let some tears stream down from your eyes since the possibility of Rosy waking up to you catching sobs is feasible, but Ben’s involuntary stillness is not helping you with that ordeal. Losing all hope for a night, you straighten up and collect your things from the couch, deciding to come back one last time tomorrow prior to your departure.

You quickly open the door to the attending physician who’s about to step in to take physical tests but you whisk past him without taking a second look.

Easy to say you didn’t have a good night sleep with all the stresses weighing down on you that night. Either you hyperventilated in your slumber or remained asleep but with tears seeping from your half-closed eyes.

You’ve sent Lucy a text in the early hours of the morning notifying her about your departure today. She hasn’t responded yet.

“Just a 24-hour delay? Are they that heartless?” Leaning on the door frame of your hotel room with a bitten donut in his hand, Joe questions as he watches you prop your luggage against the open door. “I had to reschedule the flight thrice last month, this one being the latest. It’s only reasonable,” You huff as a matter of fact, fixing the scarf that has dangled loose around your neck and staring into oblivion barely a second after going tight-lipped.

Finishing his donut, Joe pokes you out of your momentary trance. “You alright?”

You shake your head.

“I don’t even know if he’s awake now. It’s past 48 hours and what if he-”

“There’s only one way to find out,” appeasing your elevating worry, he grabs you by the shoulders and looks you square in the eye, silently guaranteeing you of his recovery.

Since he’ll be driving you to the airport, your things are neatly stored in the confines of the backseat but of course, you have to see Ben one last time, setting aside all the excruciating anticipation.

You scurry into the entrance with Joe by your side, out of breaths by the time you arrive at the door of Ben’s room. Taking precautionary measures, you knock firmly on the surface expecting someone or Rosy to answer. But nada. You swap some looks with Joe and twist the knob gently, finding the room free of visitors and medical staff. Perhaps they’ve assessed him an hour prior.

“No one’s around.”

As you begin slipping a foot through the ajar door, Joe puts a hand on your shoulder, stopping you mid-step.

“Lucy’s on her way.”

His update on her reply makes you smile and you continue into the room, seeing the curtains that had blocked the sunlight for two days cast aside, spilling some sunlight into the room.

You take small, wobbly steps along the floor, unable to accept that until now he hasn’t fluttered open those orbs you loved staring into so much. You suddenly fear that a complication has risen and is causing his extended unconsciousness but that must be the least of your worries.

So you can keep me, inside the pocket of your ripped jeans

He has to hear you. He has to. He has to.

He’s gone really pasty. Dark circles under his eyes despite being asleep for two days. He has grown a scruff and looks painfully unruly, but still a face of an angel. You crouch and take his free hand in yours– careful not to disconnect the IV tube from his wrist, caressing it and drawing in a sharp inhale to free yourself of any doubt to speak up. “Ben. It’s Y/N. You’re scaring us, you know. The doctor said you’d wake up earlier but why? Why haven’t you? What are you doing in there?”

This being the end of the long haul for you, you’re not forcing anything at bay anymore– not your tears, not your peeves and certainly not your feelings. You interlace your fingers around his and kiss the back of his hand, your cheeks growing scarlet and wet with tears.

Holding me closer til our eyes meet, you won’t ever be alone.

You get up from crouching and throw your arm around him in defiance of the possibility of applying a lot of pressure on his chest. It feels so different holding him that way. For the time you have left, an overly emotional, one-sided conversation should make up for the lost times that would’ve been great for those.

And if you hurt me, that’s okay baby only words bleed

“You really kept that Homecoming picture, didn’t you? Coincidentally I did too, just forgot it was there as well. But I pieced it back, by the way. Ironic that we both made a promise on those polaroids the night before graduation. I-I have it with me here, just so you know. Just thought I’d bring it out since…I’ll be going soon.” You pull the pictures out from the pocket of your coat with trembling hands, eager to wave them in front of him. Once out, you place it on the bedside table for him to keep once more but with your share of the picture.

Inside these pages you just hold me, and I won’t ever let you go

You lay your forehead on his, your tears dripping onto his closed lids as you sob his name to get him to wake, at the same time feeling his soft exhales brush against your chin. “ I told you I’d be strong and I’m trying to be. I know it sounds like a selfish thing to do but you have to trust me on this one. I want to move on, Ben. You’re bound to be wedded soon and have a family of your own. I want to be there for that. I want to be that aunt who’ll spoil your kids and make them fight you for the craziest demands. Those things I’d gladly do…if I wasn’t this hopeless for you,” Little by little, your voice comes out as broken whisper– losing your strength to add any more things to say in the process. On the other side of the door, Joe is finally joined by Lucy who has arrived not a minute late and they can’t help but tear up a little at how uncontrolled your crying is slowly turning out, it’s become audible enough to be heard from outside.

“Ben, buddy. Come on.” He huffs against the hardwood as he and Lucy are tempted to barge in.

Burying your face into the exposed column of his neck with your arm slackening from being draped across his chest, you utter a voiceless but heartfelt statement.

Wait for me to come home

“I love you, Benjamin Jones. Be happy for me.”

Your words hang thinly in the fragile air as you pull away from that proximity and leave a long kiss on his forehead, walking back sadly to the door with your hand outstretched ready to grab ahold of the knob.

“H-how could I be…”

The words released sound like a mere memory resonating in your head but you are proved wrong once you turn around.

  • Gwen, dressed up as a sexy park ranger: Oh noooooo~ I'm lost in these woods and I can't find my way back to my cabin~ I sure hope no rugged and handsome werewolves come try and seduce me~ That would be TERRIBLE~
  • David, dressed as a sexy werewolf: Don't worry, Gwen! I'll protect you from any ne'er-do-wells!
  • Gwen:
  • Gwen: DAVID.
  • David:
  • David: OH, RIGHT, WE'RE DOING THAT THING! Sorry, I forgot, let's start over.

anonymous asked:

I can never fucking get over dominant Jungkook. We haven't seen much of it before but now we're getting too much I'm gonna have to step back coz I'm really starting to believe Jikook is ACTUALLY real like for real 😂😂 The way Jungkook manhandles Jimin and the way Jimin let him do whatever is so ugh they fit each other so well ><><><

Jungkook has always been nothing but dominant for me, even during his awkward/shy days. At least with Jimin. But you’re right, now that he’s all grown up he’s letting it all out and i’m not complaining.
That video was a simplified view of their relationship to me, or how I see it anyway.
Jungkook: manhandling Jimin all he wants with no remorse (and Jimin clearly not disliking it)
Jimin: hits jungkook and immediately blushes and giggles like he just did the most daring thing
Whatever their dynamic and relationship really is irl, it looks great.