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Happy birthday!!! I hope you get Biffy and Pecking!!

awww dude, thanks for the birthday wishes!!! i actually already have peking, but let me tell you,,, that man is always welcome to show up more often in both shard fusion and summons. the road to 5* is long and i’m impatient as hell for him to become the atk spam god he truly is! 

WITNESS HIM, HE IS BEST HUSBENTO (꒪ิཫ꒪ )ノิิิ d৹ᶤt ḟ৹ʳhᶤᵐ



he’s not MysMe bye  (rebootingtheAUintoanoriginalhhhhakhjsdsa)

Hughes is a very popular vlogger

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That’s when I realized I couldn’t live without him

  • Person A: I really like somebody but I don't know how to tell them...
  • Person B: You can practise on me if you want!
  • Person A: uh okay? I love you <3
  • Person B: I love you too <3 see? not that hard! go tell them!
  • Person A: Already did ;) <3
  • Person B: Awesome what did they say?
False hope. That’s what killed me the most. Not the fact that you broke promises, but the fact that you made them in the first place when you couldn’t even keep them. One minute it was “I love you more than anything,” the next it was “I don’t know if I want us anymore.” I wanted myself to so badly believe that you were better than him, but in doing so, I cut myself short. You never made time for me, only found time. You never meant what you said, only words not supported by any action. You never loved me, only wished you did.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write