'look me in the eye and tell me that was your best'

My name is Kim Namjoon, also known as RM, the leader of the group BTS. It’s an incredible honor to be invited to an occasion with such significance for today’s generation. Last November BTS launched the Love Myself camping with UNICEF, building in our belief that true love first begins with loving myself. We have been partnering with UNICEF’s end violence program to protect children and young people all over the world from violence. And our fans have become a major part of this campaign with their actions and with their enthusiasm. We truly have the best fans in the world. And I like to begin by talking about myself, I was born in Ilsan a city near Seoul, SK. It is a really beautiful place with a lake, hills and even an annual flower festival. I spend a very happy childhood there and I was just an ordinary boy. I used to look up at the night sky in wonder and I used to dream the dreams of a boy. I used to imagine that I was a superhero who could save the world. And in an intro to one of our early albums, there’s a line that says my heart stopped maybe when I was 9 or 10. Looking back I think that’s when I began to think about what other people thought of me and started seeing myself through their eyes. I stopped looking up at the night skies, the stars, I stopped daydreaming instead I just tried to jam myself into the molds that other people made. Soon I began to shut out my own voice and started to listen to the voices of others. No one called out my name and neither did I. My heart stopped and my eyes closed shut. So like this I, we all lost our names. We became like ghosts. But I had one century and that was music. There was a small voice inside of me that said “wake up man, listen to yourself.” but it took me quite a long time to hear music color my real name even after making the decision to join BTS, there were a lot of hurdles, some people might not believe but most people thought we were hopeless and sometimes I just wanted to quit. But I think I was very lucky that I didn’t give it all up and I’m sure that I and we will keep stumbling and falling like this. BTS has become artists performing in those huge stadiums and selling millions of albums right now but I am still an ordinary 24-year-old guy. If there’s anything that I’ve achieved it was only possible that I have my other BTS members right by my side and because of the love and the support that our Army fans all over the world made for us. And maybe I made a mistake yesterday but yesterday’s me is still me. Today I am who I am with all of my faults and my mistakes. Tomorrow I might be a tiny bit wiser and that’d be me too. These faults and mistakes are what I am, making up the brightest stars in the constellation of my life. I have come to love myself for who I am for who I was and for who I hope to become. I like to say the one last thing, after releasing our love yourself albums and launching the love myself campaign, we started to hear remarkable stories from our fans all over the world, how our message helped them overcome their hardships in life and start loving themselves. Those stories constantly remind us of our responsibility. So let’s take all one more step, we have learned to love ourselves so now I urge you to speak yourself. I like to ask all of you what is your name? What excites you and makes your heart beat, tell me your story. I wanna hear your voice I want to hear your conviction. No matter who you are, where you’re from, your skin color, your gender identity just speak yourself. Find your name and find your voice by speaking yourself. I’m Kim Namjoon and also RM of BTS. I’m an idol and an artist from a small town in Korea. Like most people I’ve made many and plenty mistakes in my life. I have many faults and I have many more fears but I’m gonna embrace myself as hard as I can and I’m starting to love myself gradually just little by little. What is your name? Speak yourself. Thank you very much.

KIM NAMJOON, RM of BTS, United Nations Peace Summit 2018 

President of the Universe (and my heart)  




Kim Namjoon, every day I fall more and more in love with you. The speech was so profound & impactful. So proud of every single one of them 😭💜KIM NAMJOON FOR PRESIDENT 👏🏼



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In which Chat Noir and Ladybug get into an argument… and some false conclusions are drawn.

     • Ladybug is trying to convince Chat Noir to go see Marinette Dupain-Cheng by himself, for whatever reason, and he gets peeved because she seems to always be avoiding Marinette. Ladybug lies and says the reason is because she and Marinette… don’t really get along.

     • Which, to Chat, makes no fucking sense. He’s literally daydreamed about how well the two of them would get along if they ever met each other, so for Ladybug to outright say she doesn’t like Marinette Dupain-Cheng is the most baffling thing ever

     • “How could you not like Marinette??? Are you crazy? She’s literally the nicest person ever, she’s popular with everyone, she’s always willing to lend a helping hand— Which, by the way, you know that because she literally volunteered herself to help capture a fucking AKUMA—

     • “Oh my god Chat, I just don’t like her, let it GO.

     • He doesn’t let it go. In fact, he’s weirdly peeved and moody about it, despite apparently only having met Marinette a handful of times. The next three akuma battles are tense and filled with whiny comments and Ladybug is quickly getting sick of Chat’s bullshit. They start arguing about it again in the middle of the next akuma battle.

     • “I don’t have to like everybody, Chat! It’s none of your business who I do and don’t like! Why are you acting like such a child over this?!”

     • “I’m a child?! I’m not the one who can’t even face her! I seriously don’t get you, you and Marinette like the same things and have similar personalities, I just don’t understand how you could hate her enough that you can’t even bother to properly protect her! Is that why you just left me by myself during the Evillustrator incident?”

     • “I don’t hate her, I just— Look, my reasons for not wanting to face her are my own, dammit Chat, just drop it!

     • He refuses to drop it the entire fight, which is annoying not only because they’re busy fighting, but because Alya’s on the sidelines taking a live video of the whole thing, so at this point everyone can kind of garner what it is they’re talking about. When they purify the akuma, instead of bumping their fists, Chat crosses his arms and pouts like a petulant kid. 

     • “If you don’t hate Marinette, then why do you have such a difficult time being anywhere near her? And now that I think about it, you totally clam up whenever she’s mentioned, except that one time when you sent me a picture of her and asked me if—” 

     • He stops, and his eyes go wide. Ladybug can practically see the wrong idea popping up in his head, and she holds back a frustrated groan. Or a laugh. She can’t tell which, she’s, like, too stressed and exhausted to tell.

     • “Oh my god, you asked me if I thought Marinette was cute.”

     • Alya’s creeping closer now, while the two are distracted, getting better audio on their conversation, and zooming in on the looks on their faces.

     • “My lady… Do you have a crush on Marinette Dupain-Cheng?

     • It’s laughter. She’s holding back laughter. Oh, the irony. She has to take a moment to mentally pull herself together, but Chat takes her silence and her carefully neutral expression as a sign of confirmation.

     • “You DO!!!

     • Alya’s gaping behind her phone screen as Chat Noir starts raving about how much sense that makes, pointing out literally all the indications that pointed towards Ladybug having a crush on her best friend. She belatedly realises that she just broadcasted Ladybug’s crush on her best friend to the entirety of Paris. INCLUDING HAWKMOTH.

     • Ladybug’s earrings beep, and she just zips away without saying anything. Alya finally comes to her senses to shut off the video, at the last second catching Chat’s expression as he turns towards her and realises oh shit he fucked up—

     • The video goes viral in seconds, and Alya isn’t fast enough to delete it before it’s already being posted on multiple other websites, and even being broadcasted on news stations. The word is out— The Girl Who Holds The Key To Ladybug’s Heart: Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

     • It’s a disaster. There’s literally no coming out of this. Even if she were to deny it now, there’s, like, no way anyone would genuinely believe her. Paris is convinced that Ladybug has a huge lesbian crush on a sweet little bakery girl, and… they’re loving it. 

     • A surprising amount of people dropped Ladynoir like a hot potato and hopped onto the Maribug/Ladynette bandwagon overnight. There’s fan art. Marinette loves herself, sure, but not this much

     • She angrily calls Chat that night and tells him to meet her at the Eiffel Tower. Immediately

     • She doesn’t even get to tell him off before he’s apologising.

     • “I’m so sorry, My Lady, I didn’t see the Ladyblogger there and it was so stupid of me to think that fighting about something like that in public was a good idea, if it’s— If it’s any consolation, I totally understand why you’d have a crush on Marinette. It’s, like, nothing to be embarrassed about. Pretty much everyone has a bit of a crush on Marinette it’s not that surprising, honestly I couldn’t think of a better girl for you—”

     • He’s making it really difficult for her to be angry at him. 

     • “I’m not angry at you for outing my crush, Chat. I’m angry at you because I don’t have a crush on Marinette Dupain-Cheng, and now the entirety of Paris thinks I do.”

     • He looks like he doesn’t believe a single word she says. Which is fair, because she’s pretty sure she wouldn’t believe herself either if the positions were reversed.

     • Their talk really doesn’t go anywhere. At the end of the day, Chat still thinks Ladybug has a crush on Marinette, and Ladybug can’t convince anyone that she doesn’t. The only thing the talk serves to do is tell her that Chat pretty much thinks the world of her as Marinette and somehow can’t find it in himself to be angry at her for supposedly stealing his Lady’s heart. Which is… wow.

     • Marinette is pretty much bombarded both at home and at school, both by her peers and reporters alike. Her classmates, for the most part, are the least most infuriating out of the bunch— a lot of them apparently just pity Ladybug for choosing a girl who’s already got the hots for some other major celebrity. 

     • Things get… worse.

     • Adrien seems weirdly supportive about the whole thing and is somewhat pressuring her into having a go with Ladybug, which… actually sort of pisses her off. Like, a lot. He didn’t even stop to ask if she’d genuinely be interested in dating Ladybug, or if she’s even into girls at all. (She does like girls, but he certainly didn’t know that.)

     • Alya, who is aware that Marinette also like girls, keeps giving her glances even though she’s trying really freaking hard not to tell her to go for it. At the very least, she’s trying. It’s sort of the least she could do after accidentally broadcasting that whole conversation. Plus, she’s still team Adrienette all the way, so…. She’s gonna have to force her idol to deal with it. She’s not gonna scheme in Ladybug’s favour. 

     • Akumas start going after her at first, but they quickly realise that whenever they do that, Ladybug doesn’t come around. They come to the conclusion that Ladybug gets massively shy around her crush, and can’t even work up the guts to fight the damn akuma if Marinette is around. (WHICH IS SO FUCKING RIDICULOUS, MARINETTE CAN’T HANDLE THE IDIOCY OF ALL THIS!!!)

     • The hype doesn’t necessarily calm down, although at some point photographers and reporters realise that they won’t be getting anything no matter how long they loiter around the front of the bakery. (Marinette had to take extra care in not transforming into Ladybug in her house, instead sneaking out if there’s an akuma.)

     • When it seems like all the reporters and photographers are gone, Chat makes a personal visit to her civilian self to apologise. Which was a mistake. A massive mistake. 

     • Marichat is trending by tomorrow morning. There’s a picture going around of Chat Noir supposedly “getting friendly” with the bakery girl, leaning against the railing of her balcony and eating a jelly cookie. How is this her life?

     • She’s done. There’s no fixing this. This is the end. She’s fucking done. Might as well let this happen. Let it run its course. Oh well. 

;snack thief (m)

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pairing— jeon jungkook x reader
genre/warnings— smut; oral (female receiving), some type of dry humping? (I googled and it seems to he called intercrural sex? basically jungkook fucks between ur thighs lmao), established relationship, fluffy and domesticated 🤧
words— 3,139

Jungkook steals your snacks while you’re away. Can he make it up to you? He’ll try his best…

a/n— just something small i originally started for his birthday! Was going to scrap it altogether because I was too busy to finish on time, but i thought it would be a shame, so here you go, take this mindless drabble 😭

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Little Hell (Michael Langdon x Reader)

Request: “Hey! I wanted to ask if you could write some smut for Michael Langdon. Maybe he is with his lover and she’s riding him. I am so weak for him.” - Anon

Warnings: Fem!Reader, actual sin, so much sexual tension, slight choking, oral sex (reader receiving), unprotected sex, rough-ish sex, dominant Michael but willing to be a little submissive, hair pulling, reader on top, Michael calls the reader babe a few times, maybe OOC Michael 

Word Count: 2.1k

A/N: Shoutout to the BDA groupchat for putting up with me while I wrote this. Also I ran out of steam at the end but let’s pretend its good pls and thanks

(I love my friends so I gotta tag em real quick: @cupkayyyke @jana-banana-fana @binxee @cherryruin @justanotherfandomjunkie)

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LAMP AU with an unexpected pregnancy. this just struck me today so i might edit it later.

okay so. lamp.  agender logan. trans virgil
theyre all in their early 20s, and have been dating for around a year
they’re sort of struggling to stay afloat-logan and patton are going to college, virgil and roman have been cut off from their families for their gender/sexuality/polyamory-but they have each other

virgil. recently, has been feeling sick and woozy, especially in the mornings, and has been feeling sleepier- even falling asleep at his job! thankfully he works at a library sorting books, so it’s okay.
he doesn’t even think about it until patton off-handedly mentions the adorable little baby one of his and logan’s fellow students has, who she brings into class with her sometimes when her girlfriend can’t take him
he nervously runs the thought over and over again in his head, until he finally goes into a store and buys a pregnancy test. it’s positive. he’s two months pregnant

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My Girl | Peter Kavinsky

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Hi my love 💞 I’m having a really shitty few days and I love reading your work! May I request a Peter K x Reader where they are good friends (but mutually crushing) and she’s texting Peter about how horrible she’s feeling and she says something like “I’m just going to sleep it off.” And he’s like “lmao you really think imma let you go to sleep sad?” So he like comes over to cheer her up? ♥️ ily!
hi I love your work!! If it’s possible could you do a peter kavinsky smut where he like sneaks into your house in the middle of the night to see you and it turns steamy? thanks so much!!❤️

A/N: Thank you guys for requesting, I combined these two because I enjoyed the two together hope you guy don’t mind, and I hope you guys enjoy it  ♡

words: 2211

warning: smut

The soft chirping of crickets, and the cold breeze, reminded Y/N how late it was, but her inability to sleep was the repercussions of the terrible week she was having, and it didn’t seem to want to end until a certain boy texted her. Peter Kavinsky, who luckily knew his best friend all too well, so he knew something was up. A fact that meant a lot to Y/N because she had the biggest crush on him, which she unknowingly shared with Peter; both clueless to the fact that they both shared feelings for each other.

‘hey I know you’re down, and I just want you to know that I’m here for you.’ He thoughtfully, and randomly texted her making Y/N’s heart race.

She awed reading the text and held her phone close to her heart, not fighting the smile that formed on her lips; a smile that Peter countlessly said was specifically only for him. Which Y/N would agree on, just never to his face.

While she was fawning over his first text, her phone beeped again.

‘just tell me if there’s anything I can do… anything at all.’ Now that text melted her.

‘Peter I really appreciate this, it means the world to me, but really I have no idea how you could help. I just feel so down ☹️’

‘i just hate that I can’t help you right now ☹️’ Peter texted with a sad face, copying her, making her smile.

‘You’re helping plenty, just having you to talk to is enough for me <3’ She replied, making Peter gleefully smile and his cheeks heat up as he read the text.

But before he could text anything back, she messaged him again.

‘I think I’m going to try and sleep, like even though I still feel crappy, I think sleep might help 🤷’

Peter scoffed, she wasn’t serious right? It sucks going to sleep sad, Peter knew this from his own experiences and he didn’t want his favourite girl to go through that. So he quickly came up with a plan.

He quickly texted her back, ‘okay, sweet dreams, love u 😙’.

Then quickly jumped out of his bed, grabbed his sweat pants off the floor, and a jumper from his closet. He put his phone in his pocket and left his house, leaving to grab food; knowing Y/N would need a pick me up, and her favourite food would absolutely bring a smile to her face; along with his presence of course.

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BTS Reactions - Making you cry during a Fight (Angst) Part 2

Part 1: Hyung Line • Maknae Line

Part 2: Hyung LineMaknae Line 

A/N: Thank you so much for the love & support for Part 1. I hope you guys like part 2 as well. Please tell me your thoughts in the comments/ask box 🙂


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“Please Y/N…Y/N please open the door, please,” Jungkook begged as tears rolled down his cheeks. 

You could hear the pain and fear in his shaking voice. You openly the door slowly and stood in front of him, your eyes puffy and tears still streaming down your face. You took a look at Jungkook and felt your heart shatter, he was crying as well, his nose was red and tears kept falling. 

He took a step towards you and you took a step back, pain flashed across his face and without warning he crumpled to his knees in front of you.

“I’m so sorry Y/N I’m so sorry. I did not mean to hurt you and make you cry.” Jungkook said as he hugged your waist and rested his face on your abdomen.

He cried with his whole body, shaking, shivering. New tears ran down the trails of the old ones as you gently laced your hand in his hair and caressed it. You dropped on your knees and Jungkook looked at you with pain and regret in his eyes. 

“I’m so sorry Y/N. I’m so sorry. I would never hurt you but I did and I’m sorry.” He said as he wiped your tears and pushed your hair from your face.

“It’s alright Jungkook…I understand you had a bad day but please confide in me, I only want what’s best for you.” You smiled at him, forgiving him for lashing out at you.

Jungkook pulled you into a bone-crushing embrace and you melted into his embrace, allowing him to sob in your arms as you patted his back. He looked at you, his tears still streaming down as he cradled your head and places a gentle and tender kiss on your lips. You grabbed onto his arms ever so tightly and he pulled you closer, pressing his body against yours.

Jungkook scooped you up and laid you on the bed, you extended your arms and he climbed onto the bed and on top of you as he rested his head on your chest and hugged you. You stroked his hair and enjoyed his warmth. Jungkook propped his head up on his elbow and looked at you.

“I will never let this ever happen again. I will never hurt you or make you cry Y/N. I will never. I promise.I love you so much.” Jungkook said with such intensity and love in his eyes, you got up and threw your arms around his neck. 

Both of you held onto each other as you fell asleep, with the promise of loving each other and understanding each other through everything and anything. 


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The look on your face broke him completely. He made you cry and it killed him. Without a second thought, he ran after you.

“Y/N! Y/N please.” Jimin ran towards you and grabbed your wrist, “Please listen to me Y/N…I’m sorry, I’m so sorry for hurting you like that. I don’t know what came over me and I just lost it.” Jimin desperately took your hands in his as tears started rolling down his cheeks. 

You sighed and glared at him, “You hurt me Jimin, you said you don’t want to hear my nonsense.” You said, you felt your chest tighten as you repeated his words back to him. 

“Look Y/N, please don’t please, I’m so sorry for saying those awful things to you. I love you Y/N and I just lost my mind for a few seconds and hurt you. Please Y/N, please don’t close your heart, please listen to me.” Jimin begged you as he held your hands, you could feel his hands shaking. 

“Please Y/N let’s talk this through, please let me apologize, give me a chance,” Jimin pleaded, he took your hand and led you to his studio/office.

He sat down beside you on the couch and took your hands in his, never losing eye contact with you. Even when his eyes welled up and tears rolled down, he quickly wiped them with his sleeves. 

“It’s not excused Y/N I know but I have been so stressed and pressurized lately, instead of talking about it, I just kept it bottled up and I snapped at you. It was never my intention to hurt you like that Y/N. I love you and this is the last thing I want to do.” Jimin said as he cried uncontrollably. 

You felt your anger subside and you could see how scared and apologetic he was, you wiped his tears and shook your head, “I love you too, please don’t ever bottle up your feelings like that.” 

Jimin looked at you with awe and love, “Thank you Y/N, thank you.” He leapt forward and threw himself at you. Not realizing how narrow the couch was, he lost his balance and just as he wrapped his arms around you, he fell onto the ground, taking you with him. 

He groaned before making sure you were not hurt, both of you burst out laughing, “Y/N?” Jimin asked as you propped your head up on your elbow. “I love you, more than anything in the world.” 

Your softly smile made him lick his lips as he cupped your face and placed a kiss on your lips. 


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He started banging on the toilet door, not realizing he was crying as he desperately called out your name.

You switched on the water to drown Taehyung’s voice as you covered your ears. Before you knew it, he stopped yelling your name, it was quiet for a moment before the door flew open. 

Seeing you sitting at the corner of the shower with your hands covering your ears, broke his heart. He rushed beside you and sat on the floor, hesitating to touch you, afraid you will reject his touch. He sat on his knees and looked down, scared to make eye contact with you.

“Y/N…I’m sorry…I did not know anything and accused me so painfully and wrongfully. I’m sorry Y/N.” Taehyung said, the fear and sorrow evident in his voice. 

You looked at him and seeing on his knees, dejected and barely looking at you, you knew hurting you was killing him inside. Sensing your eyes on him, he slowly lifted his head, with tears in his eyes, he took your hands and practically bowed down to you. 

“Y/N, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I did not mean to say any of those hurtful things. I’m sorry. Please forgive me Y/N. I was just hurt and scared you lost interest in me.” Taehyung said as tears spilled down his face and he wiped them away hurriedly. 

He stood up and extended his hand to you as you took it, he pulled you into a hug. “I love you so damn much Y/N, I don’t want to hurt you but I did and I will never forgive myself for it. Please Y/N please…I’m so sorry.” 

You sighed and lifted your arms, hugging him tightly. He was right, he hurt you and you felt terrible, but you knew this whole situation was a misunderstanding and he would never do or say anything to hurt you otherwise. 

“I love you Taehyung. I’m sorry too I should have paid attention to you and my surroundings.” You said as you sniffled. 

Taehyung looked at you, he tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, his eyes softer than the moonlight as he kissed you forehead. Then he kissed the bridge of your nose and then your nose, before brushing his lips against yours, his arms around you tightened as he deepened the kiss. 


BTS As Boyfriends:

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The Interview - Michael Langdon Imagine

Summary - yea this is pretty much Mr. Gallant’s interview scene except with the reader and some new additional stuff

Warnings - swearing, sexual questions I guesss? some steamy stuff also no smut though, AHS stuff so

A/N: I wrote this while rewatching the interview scene so that’s fun

An awkward silence filled the room as Langdon stared into your eyes. His perfectly styled hair ran down about 2 inches past his shoulders and he was covered in a black suit. You examined every inch of his body until he finally spoke.

“Hello.” His chilling voice said, as he continued to stare into your soul.

“Uhhh… hey?” You said, unsure if you should respond in a kind, jokeful or serious tone.

“I’m going to tell you how this works.” He says,

“You will tell me everything about you and you will be honest. Because if you lie I will know. If you try and trick me I will know. And you will die painfully and slowly right where you sit.” He explains,

“Do you understand?”

“Yes. You explained it loud and clear.” You say quietly.

“Alright, we shall start.” He clears his throat.

“What is your sexual orientation?” He asks.

“Well, I don’t really know.” You try to stay cheery. He looked into your eyes deeply, and didn’t respond.

“I’m *your sexuality*, okay? You understand?” You burst out, regretting it instantly.

“Yes.” He replies, slightly more intimidating then when he last spoke.

“Who do you think deserves a shot at living out of the people that are here?”

“Well, I think Mr. Gallant has redeemable qualities. All of them really do. Except Coco. Please, do not take Coco. That bitch is two faced and annoying.”

“Good to know…” He gets up and sits near you on the desk.

“But, my top choices are Gallant and Emily. They’re the best out of the people here. Mallory is also nice. And I enjoy her company.” You explained.

“If you had to choose one person here to have sexual relations with from this outpost, who would you choose and why?” Langdon asked.

You cleared your throat.

“Does this question make you uncomfortable?” He asks, moving closer.

“A little. Is it getting hot in here? I think it’s getting hot in here.” You fan yourself.

“Answer the question, Y/N.” he says quietly, getting just a few inches away from your face, staring into your eyes once again.

“You…” you choke as you say it.

“That answer doesn’t count.” He raises his eyebrow.

“Doesn’t it?” You say, scooting closer to him. He brushes his lips up against yours. You rest your hand on his shoulder.

You crash your lips into his. He grabs the back of your head and pushes into you. He picks you up and puts you on the desk, gripping his hands into your waist, pushing down so hard you know it will leave bruises.

His hands travel to your neck, lightly choking you. You throw your head back, smirking. He lets his hands go and grips the back of your head, pushing your lips into his.

Your hands wrap around the collar of his shirt, as his hands travel to your back, ready to take off your dress.

“Langdon?” You hear Ms. Mead’s voice say outside of the door.

“Veneable would like to see you.” She says, interrupting you and Langdon.

“I will be right out.” He replies, taking his hands off your back. You sigh in disappointment.

“It’s been almost 19 months without any contact like that, and of course, it gets interrupted.” You complain, getting up off the desk and fixing your hair.

“We can always continue this later.” He looks over at you and smirks.

“I will see you at dinner, Y/N.” He opens the door for you to leave.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

hyunjin; bad boy au

u voted, i delivered UWU | [masterlist]

  • u were hungry 
  • and as my history teacher said: hungry people are angry people
  • u had nothing to eat in ur fridge, so what can u do?
  • that’s right
  • ur going to the convenience store 4 minutes from ur house to get some ramen
  • even if it was 1 am 
  • time is not REAL and it can NOT stop u
  • so here u are, at a convenience store, arm full of instant cup ramens and trying ur best not 2 get annoyed by the drunk guy sitting in the corner
  • ur plan was to buy ur ramen, eat ur ramen, and then run the fuck home
  • what was not apart of ur plan?
  • u tried politely telling him to leave u alone
  • but then he started asking u if u lived around here ??
  • and how old u were ???
    • “leave me alone u ugly i’m trying to enjoy my RAMEN” 
  • u wanted 2 say that but,,,, no guts
  • also u were too busy stuffing ur mouth with hot noodles
  • reader, avoiding ur problems might work sometimes but when it comes to real life people ?
  • not so much 
  • honestly u didn’t even realize this drunk guy was gonna hit u until u heard a new voice speak 
    • “don’t you have something better to do than flirt with teenage girls? god, fuck off and get a life.”
    • (u, still oblivious) “what??”
  • u look up and see this dude holding the drunk guy’s hand back and honestly ?
  • ur just so unbothered 
  • even as a cute boy sits in front of u, ur still just eating ur ramen 
    • “did you not notice that guy or something?”
  • maybe it’s the sodium in the ramen
  • or maybe this boy is really fucking cute 
  • but ur heart skips several beats 
  • and proceeds 2 skip even more when this boy grins 
    • “i noticed him”
    • “but u just kept eating ur ramen??”
    • “ya i thought he’d disappear if i did” 
    • “???????????” 
  • when u hear him laugh, ur just a lil smug
  • i mean, u made a cute boy laugh, u should be proud of urself 
    • “why are u here so late anyway?”
    • “i can ask u the same thing”
    • “um, clearly i’m craving ramen, what’s ur excuse?”
    • “my friends and i are always out at this time” 
  • ur first thought?
  • murderers 
  • second thought?
  • very cute murderers 
  • third thought?
  • what the fuck 
    • “parties and stuff, god, don’t look so scared” 
    • “i-i’m not scared!!” 
  • honestly, u could tell this dude was a playboy as soon as u laid eyes on him
  • fucking leather jacket, white t-shirt, nice hairstyle combo ??
  • he has the holy trinity and u are somewhat NOT HERE 4 IT
    • “look, my bike’s outside and i’m sure u wouldn’t wanna walk home after stuffing urself full of ramen. i could drive u?” 
    • “like,,, ur bicycle ???” 
  • ur so stupid it’s charming and u know what? ur kinda stealing this boy’s heart 
    • “like,,, motorcycle. what do u say?” 
  • ur,,, skeptical 
  • ur not just gonna tell anyone ur address, even if it’s a cute stranger >:(((
  • but lucky for u, boy’s easy at reading people (or maybe ur just easy to read :’)))
    • “you can ask me to drop you off like a block from your place if that’s what you’re worried about”
  • and u can’t find urself saying no :’))) 
  • u worry the entire ride that he’s gonna hear how fast ur heart was beating 
  • and every time he takes a quick turn, ur arms tighten around his waist 
  • u KNOW he knows this because he always laughs every time u get scared
  • >:(((((
  • u end up asking him to just drop u off in ur neighbourhood 
  • and right before he zooms off:
    • “hey! thanks for um,,, driving me back home. and stopping that drunk guy from hitting me”
  • even though it’s dark, you can see his little grin 
    • “i’ll see you around.” 

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Imagine Jack and you getting close and Dean being jealous about it because of his feelings for you.

“Jack did you uhm… Did you bring Cas back?” Sam asked with a small tilt of his head.

“I don’t know.” the young nephilim looked down for a second “I wanted him back. I- I talked with (Y/n) about it. I begged for him to come back, but…” he trailed off.

“Well, here he is.” Dean nodded his head.

“Because of me?” Jack’s eyebrows raised.

“We don’t know, Jack. But we- we- we think maybe.” Sam gave him a small smile, barely visible but definitely there.

“Thank you, Jack.” Castiel breathed out in a rough voice, full of emotion.

“I-” Jack nearly choked on his words, his eyes filling with tears but a smile making its way on his lips “I missed you so much.” he breathed out, finally wrapping his arms around the blue-eyed angel. Castiel didn’t miss the chance to hug back as tightly and warmly as he could, a smile on his face.

“Sam and Dean tell me you’re doing well.” Cas finally said once they pulled away, a hand on the younger man’s shoulder.

Jack smiled, eyes casting down for a second again, before he nodded his head “I am.” he admitted, looking at the two Winchester before taking a seat back on his chair “Sam and Dean are doing the best they can to help me adjust. And (Y/n) is amazing at helping me figure out how my emotions work and how I can deal with everything, she’s great!”

“She is almost an expert in that anymore.” Castiel nodded his head with a fond smile before looking around.

“Wait till she finds out you’re back, we gotta tell her! Where-” Dean looked around the room for you, his smile not fading even when he didn’t spot you.

He could only imagine the excitement and happiness you’d experience sent his heart on overdrive. He even felt the butterflies in his stomach dance around like crazy when he thought he’d finally see that beautiful sparkle in your eyes and that gorgeous smile that, admittedly made him weak on the knees, but made his heart soar in his chest. He was sure, part of why he had lost all faith and maybe any will to keep fighting was because he saw how much you broke after Castiel'sdeath. You always saw the bright side of things, you were always the bright ray of light in the darkness that surrounded him and a shoulder to lean on. You’d lately been unable to whisper small words of support to him, though, as much as you wanted to keep faith for him. He saw it was forced because he knew you like the back of his hand. But now that he was back and you finally got a big win you both needed, Dean knew you’d be back to your old self and he felt giddy to hear your laughter again.

“Where is she?” he blinked and Jack’s head perked up faster than ever before.

“Oh (Y/n)!” he shot up so fast from his chair that the three men didn’t have time to blink “I’ll- I’ll go tell her, she will be very happy to know Castiel is back!” and of course the wide boyish grin was impossible to miss for any of them, along with the cheerfulness in his voice. Dean blinked and gave him a funny look, as if he’d grown a second head or something but it went unnoticed.

“No, Jack, you don’t have to. I’ll just-” Dean started with a perplexed look, a frown on his face.

But the nephilim shook his head fast, before Dean even had the chance to complete his sentence “No, it’s fine.” he nodded his head with a soft smile, eagerness hard to contain “I will. I will go tell her.” he was already making his way towards where the boys assumed you were.

“Jack” Sam chuckled, a knowing smile on his lips that turned into an amused one when he saw the way Dean’s eyes narrowed at the boy “It’s- it’s totally ok, you know you don’t have to. Cas can just go and-”

“Oh no, I want to. I want to tell her the good news. It won’t take long.” he was walking past Dean while he said casually “She’s in the shower.”

“Alright-” Dean huffed, shrugging albeit a little sadly “Just tell her we’re-” he started mumbling before it dawned on him. Jack’s final words recorded and his eyes widened more widely than ever before as his head snapped up in panic. He swirled around so fast it felt like a blur for a moment.

“Whoa whoa! Wh-what!?” he blinked, his voice raising an octave “Whoa! No, no! Hey- hey stop, there- Right there. Stop!” Dean pointed a finger at him, his brows furrowing deeply “What did you just say?”

“I-” Jack blinked, looking at Sam and Cas to see the first snicker and the second roll his eyes with a shrug “I just-” he looked back at Dean, not understanding his mistake “I want to tell her the good news.”

“No, after that.” he took a step forward, voice deep.

“It won’t take long.” Jack still looked perplexed.

“No” Dean’s voice got more rough and accusing as he took more dangerous steps forward “After that.”

“She’s… in the shower?” Jack’s voice was low “What is wrong with that? Humans do- Don’t humans usually- Did I say something wrong?”

“Yes, Jack, don’t worry. Everything’s fine. You didn’t say anything wrong.” Sam shook his head, chuckling “Dean come on, don’t scare him. Just let him-” but he huffed and stopped when Dean turned and gave him a sharp look. He just shook his head, looking at Cas who just shrugged with an equally understanding look.

“Say, Jack-” Dean tried to force on a smile, but it looked more like a dangerous one with the way he was slowly approaching him “Have you, I don’t know, ever had to walk in the bathroom while (Y/n) was having a shower?”

“I-” Jack glanced at Sam and Cas as if for help but Dean didn’t let him as he moved right in his line of sight “Y-yes…?”

“Yes.” Dean pursed his lips, nodding his head with a deep frown.

“Dean” Sam said, more amused than scared of what the older Winchester could do. He might seem intimidating, but after having witnessed Dean get possessive over you so many times, Sam was no longer surprised. Only amused, unlike Jack.

“No, it’s ok. Everything’s ok, Sammy. Don’t worry.” Dean chuckled, a little too casually it made Castiel raise an eyebrow “I’m fine, it’s all-” he cleared his throat “Totally cool. And uhm Jack, let me ask you something more: Was she… wearing anything, any of those times?”

“I-” he blinked “Yes, yes of course!” he exclaimed and nodded his head, eyes sincere and Dean’s shoulders relaxed for a second “Did you think that-” he tilted his head to the side “Did you think that I would ever disrespect her in any way? No, definitely not.” he said firmly, the sigh of relief that left Dean’s lips was hard to miss “I never walked in on her naked, I understand she wouldn’t want that… and I’m assuming you wouldn’t either.” he ended up saying in a soft voice.

“Damn right.” he ran a hand through his hair “Alright then, kid. You can go tell her, just- You make sure to knock again, ok?” he pointed at him.

“Alright” Jack swallowed, nodding his head “I will. Don’t worry.”

“Good.” Dean gave him a nod of approval which finally made him relax and smile more easily.



“Uh Jack-” Sam spoke up, a smirk on his face “Just out of curiosity… what was she wearing?”

The nephilim stopped on his tracks and looked at them with a casual smile “Oh, her underwear!” he said with smile before turning to happily make his way back to you, pretty fast at that as if he looked forward to it. Completely oblivious to what he left behind.

Dean choked on thin air, his eyes going wide once more as Sam only chuckled. Castiel mumbled something along the lines of “You had to ask.” but it was all forgotten when one voice was heard.

“What?!” rough yet panicked “Jack, wait!” and it belonged to Dean who rushed after the boy.

And Sam could mutter one thing as he and Castiel trailed off behind Dean as well “Shit

Grunkle Stan’s Commentary on “Land Before Swine”

Alex Hirsch, like the absolute treasure that he is, recorded a second commentary on “Land Before Swine” which was told in Grunkle Stan’s voice, in-character the whole time. This is by no means a complete transcript. It just includes some of the highlights. 

So, if you wanna learn some classic grifts, hear about Stan’s typical morning routine, and learn a horrifying fact about Old Man McGucket (among many other things), look no further than below the cut!

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So Sorry

- the one where Grammy means more to Harry then Y/N

Part 2

Part 3

Master List

A/N: ik I just said, this won’t be up till next week but I realized my tomorrow exam’s syllabus is pretty short, so I completed iy! Hope you guys like it! Feedback is appricieted and thanks to the lovely anon requesting this! xx

Harry felt he didn’t hear right. He felt as if Stevie Wander just didn’t call his name. He felt as if he just didn’t win the Grammy’s for the Best Rock Song of the year. But, he did because his team member shook his shoulder from behind him; his friend Ed Sheeran had gotten up clapping for him; his manager Jeff too had gotten up and was clapping for him along with many other people.

Harry was shocked, he was so shocked but he was happier than that. It was the only thing he ever wanted and he finally got it. He stood up from his seat, he hugged Ed, he had hugged Jeff, he hugged his team member who were standing behind him, he was even stopped by few of his other friends while he made his way through the crowds and up to the stage.

He shook hands with five of the award presenters as he took his much anticipated award from Stevie’s hand before walking up to the dais.

“Uh, it’s an absolute honor. I uh, never actually thought I’d win this so I really don’t know what to say….but I want to thank my parents, my fans for supporting me. And thank Jeff, to the whole team and Ryan to write the song with me,” Harry said as he couldn’t wipe the smile from his face. He worked so hard for it, he was hoping for it and finally after years and years of hard work he got it.

“Thank you,” he said again before he was escorted back to the backstage where he handed his Grammy to a worker before he was taken to the interviewing area at the backstage. After answering few of the interviewers’ questions, he quickly went back to the front.

He couldn’t wait to meet his love. He couldn’t wait to share this with her. But, when he reached his seat after hugging few of his friends again, it hit him. She wasn’t there. She hadn’t been there for past 1 year. Harry didn’t know how it slipped his mind, he didn’t know how he forgot she wasn’t there, maybe because he always envisioned kissing her after winning the award he wanted so bad or maybe because he was used to kiss her after winning every important award. Even when she couldn’t join or when they weren’t sure if they wanted to be public or not, the first thing he did after going home was kiss her and tell her how happy he was.

But he couldn’t kiss her, not then and not when he returned home, she wasn’t there.

And suddenly all the happiness he felt just two seconds ago disappeared. And suddenly he didn’t want the award he just won anymore.

“Congratulations,” Ed said happily as he saw Harry looking at his seat with a frown.

Harry was snapped out of his thoughts as he looked at Ed confusingly before he processed what he just said. Harry flashed him a huge smile and sat down at his seat.

“Told you, you gonna win a Grammy one day,” Ed said.

Harry chuckled rubbing his eye, “I still can’t believe it though.”

“I felt the same way when I first won mine,” Ed said. Harry just nodded at him before looking down at his feet. Ed nudged his shoulder before looking back at the stage.

Harry could tell Ed was happy for him along with all the other people but he wasn’t happy himself. He wasn’t happy at all. He wasn’t happy about the award he just won- he just had paid a huge price for it and it wasn’t worth one bit.

“I don’t understand what the fuck you want from me,” Harry yelled at the top of his lungs as he dashed into the kitchen away from her. “I’ve given you everything, this house, your car, your laptop and even your damn phone, what else do you fucking want?”

“I didn’t ask for any of this, Harry,” Y/N said her voice calm yet deathly and stern. Harry could see the tears piling in her eyes threatening to fall, but he didn’t really care. “I didn’t ask for any of this, not this house, the car, laptop and not my damn phone! I’m just asking for your time.”

“Can you not tell I’m busy, I have an album to work on, I need to finish that goddamn album by the end of this year!” He put his hands up in the air in frustration.

“I know, that is why I’m asking you for one day only!” Y/N finally yelled letting the tears fall. “I didn’t ask you to be home early, I didn’t ask you to spend your weekends with me I just asked you to spend one Goddamn evening with me. It was our five years anniversary, Harry. Can you not even do that for me?”

“No, I can’t! I just don’t get it, I did so many things for you and you’re still not happy? And you’re talking about time?” He bitterly laughed. “I’m here, am I not and you decided to fucking start a fight and anniversaries who care about those stupid anniversaries!”

Before Y/N could reply Harry had mumbled under his breath turning his back at her, “I’m telling you, it was my biggest mistake when I asked her out, miserable five fucking years.”

“Fine then,” Harry heard Y/N whisper.

“What?” Harry yelled in annoyance as he turned around to face her.

Y/N said nothing she just shook her head before making her way out of the kitchen.

“Where are you going now?” Harry followed behind her but she quickly ran up the stairs, to their bedroom and shut the door on his face.

“Y/N, open the door!” Harry said trying to unlock the door but he couldn’t open it.

He hammered on the door few more times but after not getting any response he gave up.“Fine, do whatever the heck you want,” Harry screamed before going downstairs to the kitchen. He thought she just needed some time alone like he did himself. So, he just let her be, but what he didn’t expect was her to come down the stairs with two huge duffle bags and a luggage bag with her old car keys and their house keys in her hand.

“I’ll come back to return the bags and here is the house key,” Y/N said placing the key on the table counter.

“Y/N, what-” Harry couldn’t finish as Y/N quickly made her way towards the main door.

“Y/N, please please I’m sorry, please listen to me,” Harry said pulling her by her arm.

“I’m sorry for making your last 5 years miserable Harry, I truly am,” Y/N didn’t even look up at him before getting out of the front door leaving Harry in the living room alone and full of guilt.

Later that night when Harry finally had the courage to go to their- then his empty room he saw the laptop and the phone he had given her, placed on the bed along with the car keys he had given her on her birthday. He opened her phone and he realized she gave the phone a format while she took her memory card and her sim cards.

Harry felt like he’d crash, he really went that low?

He went to check the closet and sure enough Y/N had left all of the clothes he had given her and as Harry expected he never saw her again he just sent the bags as a parcel along with few other things she had of his at her place.

Harry did call her a few times but of course her phone was switched off. However, after trying a few more times he had stopped. He could still remember he literally moved on within a week. He had stopped missing her, he had stopped thinking about her and he had stopped caring about her. He started to feel that he was better off of her. He even started to see few other people after her but none of them were serious, he was too busy with his album and tour, for a committed relationship.

However then, sitting at the Grammy ceremony and knowing he was going to take one of those awards home, he realized how much he needed her and how much she meant to him. That award for which, he didn’t sleep for months, for which he worked so much and for which he left her was nothing without her. Nothing was anything without her.

The show went on for two more hours and the red carpet was for another one hour. There was even an after party but Harry didn’t even think about joining. He just bid his goodbye to Ed and Jeff before getting inside the limo. He had told the driver politely that he’d use the divider before pushing the switch.

And the moment he was sure no one was looking, he broke down.

Tears streamed down his face as he looked at the award sitting on the other side of the small compartment.

He really didn’t want that, he wanted her, he needed her. How he managed to that to them, how he managed to break them and how he managed to even think he was better off of her.

He loved her, he loved her more than anything. She was his everything and he thought he was better off of her? How could he even think like that?

Harry sniffled as he quickly took his phone out from the back pocket of his pant. His vision was blurry from the tears as he typed in her number on the screen before tapping the ‘call’ button.

Harry had no hope, he thought Y/N must have changed her number and the operator must say the phone was switched off. But, then he heard the phone ring. He quickly pressed it on his ears and waited anxiously, after three rings someone picked it up.


Harry let out a shattered breath. it was her, it was really her.


A sob rack through his body as he heard her voice again.


Harry felt like someone just punched him at the face. He felt guilty, he felt so fucking guilty. Everything he said that evening came rushing back to him- how could he hurt her like that; how could he treat her like that; how could he throw everything they had, away like that.

Harry hated himself for doing that to them; he hated himself more for letting her walk away just like that; he hated himself for not contacting her and he hated himself for realizing it after two years.

“Harry, is that you?” Y/N asked again.

“My love, I’m so sorry,” Harry whispered.

Best Friends & Barely There Clothing

Hey guys! So first off, this is mermaidsonships. I forgot the email I used for the main tumblr, so I’m gonna be reposting what I had on that account here and also creating some new stuff so don’t be confused or think someone is stealing my work! It’s me! I promise! Anyways, to the story!

  • Warnings: Smut & language
  • Word Count: 3k

“Don’ tell me you haven’t thought about it.”

“Having a baby with you?” You asked breathlessly, your eyes falling closed as Harry began to move your hips over his bulge, causing you to let out a quiet whimper as the fabric of his jeans rubbed through the thin lace material covering your clit.

“No love,” he let out a throaty laugh, his eyes moving down to where you two were currently grinding against one another, “Don’ know why I was thinkin’ of havin’ a baby, really… was mainly just thinking about sinking my cock inside of ya, pet.”

Your eyes snapped open as the words left his mouth as you pressed your clit down against him to gain even more friction as his words literally caused you to throb at the thought, “Harry…” you whimpered quietly, your fingers now gripping onto his tshirt tightly.

“Do you wan’ tha’?” His accent was thicker than you had ever heard before as you stared into his darkening eyes, and all you could do was nod your head and let out a breathy sigh of agreement along with it. Somewhere among your exchange of words, Harry’s hand had slipped into your panties and his finger was slowly moving around your clit, but not quite applying the pressure you were currently craving; he was going to make you beg for it.

OR the one where Harry really can’t stop thinking about the act of making babies with his best friend, and he’s tired of her slinking around his house wearing barely anything.

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The Policy of Truth

The first chapter of a mulichapter fic I’ll finish as the series progresses, adding as the weeks go on and spinning another tale just beyond the story the show tells, because I’m a dramatic bitch and I need me some Michael/Reader so I guess I gotta make it myself. I’ll be cross posting on Ao3 eventually, as well. Eventually NSFW, because of course it will be.

Word Count: 3.1k+

Warnings: None, yet.

If you want to be tagged for my Michael Langdon works, let me know via PM!

He sat with an air of superiority to him that was almost desirable. Long waves of red cradled an angelic face with a raw flame of power boring into you through fluorescent eyes, their color either a startling grey-blue or a too light green, but given the limited light of the candles that illuminated the parlor room, you were unsure. Langdon’s hands were folded politely in his lap, his posture prim and proper,  though he seemed all too relaxed given the circumstances.

Despite the fact this was the first time you had met the man, you couldn’t quite shake the feeling you knew him. Maybe it was that you knew of people, powerful figures in media perhaps, who were supposed to be like him, who gave off that ripple of raw presence, something ancient and powerful collecting around him like a faint divine mist. He could have been a god of some sort, and if someone told you he was indeed a god- a patiently malevolent being masking as a cherubic entity, you wouldn’t hesitate to agree.

It was silent between the two of you, the air thick with anticipation on your end, and a mere buzz of something you would consider amusement on the other. Langdon regarded you quietly for a moment longer before parting his lips in a soft smile, crossing one leg over the other behind the desk he chose to place between you, finally speaking with that same languid and poised voice he had used when introducing himself before you and the other survivors.

“So I’ll tell you how this process works, [First Name].” He began, those eyes of his keeping you shock still with little more than a glance alone. “You tell me the truth. Not the truth you want me to hear, not the truth you might have deluded yourself into believing, but the unvexed honesty that we both are aware of that lurks inside you. I’m not going to stamp a gold star on your forehead for a lie, and you’re not going to walk out of this room thinking you’ve had me right where you wanted me.”

He gave you a brief pause of his time to let that resonate with you before continuing, his shoulders relaxing as he went.

“Things you may think will hinder your acceptance could be your saving grace, and things you think will skyrocket you to my side for us to walk right out of this Outpost and to the safe haven could be your downfall. You don’t know what I’m looking for, and I’m not going to explain the criteria of my interview to you even if you begged me. You will give me your utmost honesty and I,” He threaded his fingers together in his lap, eyes flickering to the short stacks of folders and packets on the wooden desk, almost bored for a second before his expression returned to one of amusement, as if he had remembered where he was and what was at stake. “And I will do my best to deduct as to whether or not you will make it out of here alive. Are we at an understanding?”

“We are.” You swallowed thickly, aware of how uncomfortable you were. The victorian outfit that clung to you like heavy curtains did little to help you either, the fabric feeling too foreign, too off for the moment. You suddenly missed the simplicity of jeans and a nice worn out t shirt, and dreaded the dress weighing you down in the stiff office chair you had been escorted to after the platinum blond Mr. Gallant had left the room.

“Good, then tell me, how do you feel about your predicament. How you ended up here, and such.” Langdon watched you with no interest behind his expression, despite the almost there smile that pulled at his lips.

He seemed so… Odd. Despite his appropriate attire that fit right in beside Ms. Venable’s darkly painted lips and hauntingly sharp features. Like her, he seemed effortlessly regal in the dark wardrobe he cloaked himself in, and even the grand rings he donned on thin and nimble fingers made the outfit befitting of someone residing in the Outpost, or someone who claimed to be part of the mysterious Cooperative.

That had been the hardest thing to get used to when you arrived to the Outpost, tied together with an Adam to your Eve, a twenty-something neurotic mess of a man who had shared a cell like structure with you only minutes before the bomb dropped. He accepted the outfits immediately, anything to fit in, anything to please Venable, while you argued that the handfuls of dresses and class system was insane- boarding on fascist with the new rules being breathed down your neck. But within the week you had shook off the uncertainty towards the system Venable held he was escorted out of the facility with a girl dressed in a grey maids uniform and red ringed eyes, the two of them sobbing and thrashing in the arms of Venable’s henchmen.

You had hardly cared to learn his name before he was taken and shot above ground like a dog ridden with rabies. Alex, maybe. Or Aaron. Something plain, something that fit him, you supposed.

They had told you, when the suited men jerked you out out your class in the middle of a lecture, that you had been granted salvation because of your DNA. You, they pressed, and a handful of others, were chosen to survive.

The process to get from point A, the cell you shared with Alex/Aaron, and to Point B - the Outpost-, was short and sweet. Shoved from one prison to another, with new rules you thought you had left behind after a stint in private school you had been granted from a scholarship during high school, and forced to sit mutely during meals with the last the world had to offer.

They weren’t your family, the people you broke bread with. They weren’t anything but festering wounds of the elite and bourgeois, they were those who secured a position at the table with more money that you could have dreamed to drop on a one way ticket to what was slowly becoming your personal hell.

You tried to lick your lips, gaze falling to the table for a moment before you felt compelled to bring them back up and hold those bright eyes of his.

“I don’t think the people who put me in here knew what they were doing. They said I had a perfect strain of DNA, or whatever. I was probably only put in here because I did a 23 And Me for Christmas with my roommate and that’s almost laughably stupid criteria for someone to be one of the last people left on earth, Y’know?”

“Really? You aren’t thankful in the very least?” The redhead mused, tilting his head just the slightest, showing he was listening. “That you’re here, safe and sound, for now- while the rest of humanity is snuffed out slowly thanks to radiation and the ever creeping lust of cannibalism that threatens the survivors?”

“I’m thankful.” You clarified, smoothing out the fabric of your dress that gathered your thighs and drew nearly to the floor, sighing tensely. “But I don’t know if I’m what should have made the cut.”

“And yet you did. Here, you sit, having snatched that free ticket to your current salvation with barely a fight, [First Name].” Langdon rose slowly from his chair, breezing past the desk. “Why doubt yourself? Why question why you belong here?”

“When you’re surrounding by others who bought their way in here, it’s almost all you have to think about.” The words came out far too fast for you to grasp, too quick for you to honestly process, and you continued even as the man perched atop the desk and gazed down at you through long lashes. “And it’s frustrating that not everyone in here is like that, like me. Why did Coco get a seat at the table when shes got the mental capacity of a fucking fruit fly and refuses to shut her mouth at all hours of the night, it’s just talk, talk, talk-”

You craned your neck to the side, cutting yourself off, irritated. Your eyes shut momentarily while you gathered yourself, exhaling sharply.

“Money and fame bought them survival when luck got me my own. The other two, Emily and Timothy, they’re just like me in that sense. And out of all of us, I hope they make it. They deserve it.”

“You don’t?”

“I don’t have an answer to that.” You opened your eyes, meeting his gaze dead on, locking sights with him and fixing your expression into one of certainty. “I thought you were the one who was supposed to judge me in the first place, anyhow. What do I gain by telling you I deserve a spot in your heaven when in your eyes I could just as well be damned to this hell?”

There was that silence again, settling over the heavy air as the man who quite literally decided your fate seemed to weigh your answers, but this time, he seemed pleased.

“If I told you I was only leaving this place with two souls, would you still pick this Emily and Timothy?” Waves of red shifted from his shoulders as he anchored himself closer to you, dragging the chair that supported his feet while he sat on the desk to bump against your own, keeping himself within a distance that allowed his scent, something like woodsy spice and heady florals wafting off him with the simple movements, to settle over you.


“Not yourself? Not just you, and one of them?” Langdon asked, amusement evident. “You want the matching pair only? Do you think you’re not worthy, even though The Cooperative deemed you as such?”

“I’d rather Romeo and Juliet get a chance at love and a happy life than leaving them here to die. Is that wrong of me, or do you just not believe me?” Venom laced your last words, irritation clear even to you that you had been questioned. The self sacrifice alone wasn’t something pretty, but even you knew that those two love birds were sneaking behind Venable’s back and had been for months. If it hadn’t been for the abstinence rule, you were sure there would have been a cute little mini them in Emily’s arms by the end of the eighteen months you had all been locked up.

Sure, it wasn’t ideal to have an infant at the Outpost- but even the smallest ray of sunshine was well worth the presence of half the people filling the shelter. Your future was unsure, fuzzy, questionable. You had no one at the Outpost, but they had each other, and somehow you knew that took priority over your dull and miserable existence.

“I don’t believe you.” Langdon argued immediately, no harshness or malice to his tone, just a simple statement.

“So then you think I’m lying? Doesn’t that mean I fail?”

“How would you feel if that was the case.”

You took a moment to reply, running by your options of how to respond with a vague prickle of uncertainty. He had told you anyone could go, that he could take all of you, or none of you, with him once he left the Outpost. So the question he asked before was a simple hypothetical, nothing more and nothing less. Venable and her workers had seemed unnerved by that, and the other survivors and chosen ones were aghast and put off by the claim, though you had remembered feeling unphased by the man’s words, that you had a shield over you the moment he spoke.

Untouchable. Secure.

Your release was almost guaranteed, you had thought only an hour or so ago, because you, unlike many of the others, had been chosen to be there. Wanted. Handpicked by the same agency Langdon worked for.

“I think that if you told me I failed, I wouldn’t believe you.”

And then he laughed.

It was a magical sound, one that was cut short and sweet as he muffled it with the back of a hand that sported ringed fingers, the stone etched into one silver ring gleaming a beautiful deep teal, pairing with is eyes nicely as they glittered.

“Oh, I like that response [First Name].” He almost cooed, kicking away the chair he rested his feet on, hopping off the desk with a skip in his step as the chair skidded to a stop a few feet away, grinning down at you. There was something that burned behind his eyes, something you hadn’t noticed before, and the eagerness in his voice caught you by surprise as he continued, waves of red coming to brush your cheek as he lowered his lips to your ear. “And I like you.”

He hovered, letting his words seep in, while you resisted a primal urge to break the space between you and scurry away. You wanted him out of your shadow, away from you. Far, far, far away. He expelled such untapped power in that moment, while he bent beside you and breathed against your ear, that you almost felt sick, dizzy with uncertainty.

Those ringed fingers of his wound up your arm, crimping the fabric of your long sleeves as he drew a hand to your neck, fingertips ghosting your pulse before he parted from you slowly, exhaling sweet smelling breath that fanned across your cheek.

“What scares you the most?”

At the moment, you.’ You almost said, but the words died in your throat. Locked in the power struggle you had no hope of winning, you leaned from his touch with a hard swallow.

“The unknown.” You murmured, adding another statement right after. “Liars.”

“Liars, hm?” Langdon’s touch lingered like ice on your throat, and the shadows the candles casted over the room painted his angelic features a haunting mask for a mere second as his lips kept that grin from before. “I think that’s something you and I can both agree on, Liars are truly frightening creatures. They can make you believe almost anything just with words, that is too much power for humans to have.”

“That’s too much power for anything to have.” You agreed in your own way, watching him as he watched you.

He dropped his grin, pulling away completely and straightening to his impressive height. A flicker of something unsaid didn’t go unnoticed by you behind his eyes as he did so. He hadn’t liked how you phrased your answer.

“One last question.”

You nodded mutely, allowing him to continue.

“Why did you move to Los Angeles in the winter of 2012?”

You faltered, not seeing the point in his question. Why did a move you made nearly seven years ago matter to this man, and why would the answer help to decide if you were to be left at the Outpost or be allowed to tag along with the man to his supposed paradise?

Without meaning to, you thought back to the family you had left behind all those year ago. Countless excuses had been made over the years you spent in California to them. No thanksgiving could bring you back to Washington, no promises of your grandmother’s cooking were enough to drag you out of the depths of Los Angeles for Christmas either. You loved them, your family, you cherished them like no other, especially now, given the circumstances.

But moving to California had driven a complete divide between you and them. Your full ride to the University of Washington had taken priority to them over the partial scholarship UCLA, a college you hadn’t even remembered applying for out of the twenty or so you had, but being drawn to it out of the blue regardless, offered. Maybe it was the promise of a new adventure that excited you, a new life to gain, if you took the chance to go south and break away from your family.

Being your own person seemed like such a pipe dream now, the clarity almost ironic since you were sitting in a bomb shelter ruled by the iron fist of a classist underground fascist like Venable. You were no longer your own person, just a mangled piece that had been tossed into a new puzzle to be put together by the man standing beside you, the same man who waited patiently for your answer.

“I got a letter from UCLA, telling me I had gotten a partial scholarship back in 2011. I didn’t get to go until the spring semester because of my parents fighting me on the move. I was an adult, but they didn’t want me running off to Lala land by myself, I guess.”

You heard a tut spill from his lips, a ringed finger waving tauntingly by your eye. “No half truths. I’ll ask again. Why did you move to Los Angeles in the winter of 2012, and this time, try not to hold back.”

“That’s not a half truth,” You dared to mock his tone, giving him a leveled glare. “I got a letter from UCLA and left as soon as my parents stopped fighting me over the move.”

It felt like a lie. Like the so-called half truth Langdon was accusing you of saying, but at the same time, you couldn’t bring yourself to hold onto any other reason for you to have picked up your life and dropped it in California for anything other than school. There had been nothing for you in Los Angeles until the letter arrived, just almost forgotten Hollywood stars and the ever present fame hungry youth that seized the city by its coat tails while they tried to aim for the stars but missed by miles.

His patience waned evidently, because the redhead gave a haughty sigh and rolled his neck, giving a strung out melody of satisfying popping sounds before allowing the smallest grunt of annoyance to leave him.

“We’ll continue this later. It’s late. You may leave now.”

He strolled away with long graceful strides, parting the doors slowly with his back to you.

“You’re going to give me another interview?” Standing while smoothing down the fabric of your dress, you made your way to the exit, unsure as you edged closer to the man.

He turned on his heel, towering above you and wearing a blase expression. “Do you object?”

“Not really, considering I’m curious to know why you think I’m a liar, and why you’re willing to give me a second chance.” Bold. That statement was too bold, far to brash for a girl in your predicament.

“I never called you a liar.” Langdon drawled smoothly, meeting your claim with that same air of superiority you had noticed in him before he had even spoken that night. “And I never said I was giving you a second chance.”


My name is Kim Namjoon, also known as RM, the leader of the group BTS. It is an incredible honour to be invited to an occasion with such significance for today’s young generation. Last November, BTS launched the Love Myself campaign with UNICEF building in our belief that true love begins with first loving myself. We’ve been partnering with UNICEF’s end violence program to protect children and young people all over the world from violence. And our fans have become a major part of this campaign with their action and with their enthusiasm. We truly have the best fans in the world.
And I’d like to begin by talking about myself. I was born in Ilsan, a city near Seoul, South Korea. It is a really beautiful place with the lake, hills, and even an annual flower festival. I spent a very happy childhood there, and I was just an ordinary boy.
I used to look up at the night sky and wonder, and I used to dream the dreams of a boy. I used to imagine that I was a superhero who could save the world. And in an intro to one of our early albums, there is a line that says ‘My heart stopped when I was maybe nine or ten.’
Looking back, I think that’s when I began to worry about what other people thought of me, and started seeing myself through their eyes. I stopped looking up at the night sky, the stars; I stopped daydreaming, instead, I just tried to just jam myself into moulds that other people made. Soon, I began started to shut out my own voice and started to listen to the voices of others.
No-one called out my name, and neither did I. My heart stopped and my eyes closed shut. So, like this, I, we, all lost our names. We became like ghosts.
But I had one sanctuary, and that was music.
There was a small voice inside of me that said, ‘Wake up man, and listen to yourself’. But it took me quite a long time to hear music calling my real name. Even after making the decision to join BTS, there were a lot of hurdles. Some people might not believe, but most people thought we were hopeless. And sometimes, I just wanted to quit. But I think I was very lucky that I didn’t give it all up. And I’m sure that I, and we, will keep stumbling and falling like this.
BTS has become artists performing in those huge stadiums and selling millions of albums right now, but I am still an ordinary 24 year old guy. If there’s anything that I’ve achieved, it was only possible that I have my other BTS members right by my side, and because of the love and support that our ARMY fans made all over the world for us. And maybe I made a mistake yesterday. But yesterday’s me is still me. Today, I am who I am with all of my faults and my mistakes. Tomorrow, I might be a tiny bit wiser and that’ll be me too. These faults and mistakes are what I am, making up the brightest stars in the constellation of my life. I have come to love myself for who I am, for who I was, and for who I hope to become.
I would like to say the one last thing. After releasing our Love Yourself albums, and launching the LOVE MYSELF campaign, we started to hear remarkable stories from our fans all over the world how our message helped them overcome the hardships in life and start loving themselves. Those stories constantly remind us of our responsibility. So let’s take all one more step. We have learned to love ourselves so now I urge you to speak yourself. I’d like to ask all of you. What is your name? What excites you and makes your heartbeat? Tell me your story. I want to hear your voice and I want to hear your conviction. No matter who you are, where you from, your skin colour, your gender identity – just speak yourself. Find your name, find your voice by speaking yourself.
I’m Kim Namjoon, and also RM of BTS. I’m an idol and I’m an artist from a small town in Korea. Like most people, I’ve made many and plenty of mistakes in my life. I have many faults, and I have many more fears, but I’m going to embrace myself as hard as I can, and I’m starting to love myself gradually, just little by little.
What is your name? Speak yourself.
Thank you very much. © 

strawberries ➳ lee minho

➳ genre: tattoo artist au, fluff

➳ pairings: reader x minho ft. jisung

➳ word count: 4,337

➳ description: An impulsive trip to the tattoo parlor leaves you captivated – and it wasn’t because of the tattoo.

“I dare you to get a tattoo.”

“Oh hohoho… no. My mom would murder me. She’d come over and chase me around with a broomstick. Then she’d cut off all ties with me and not give me any more money to pay off my loans. Trust me, Jisung. I need to pay off my college debt,” you argued. Getting something inked permanently onto your skin was a big deal, especially in your household where nothing ever seemed permanent.

Jisung shrugged and sunk his body deeper into the couch. “I thought it was on your bucket list to get a tattoo. If anything, this dare’s doing you a favor by giving you a nudge,” he pointed out.

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Summary: Shawn doesn’t hear from you and gets worried.




You’d spent all evening at Shawn’s place, bodies tangled together under plush blankets, paying more attention to each other than the shitty film playing in front of you. He looked down at you laying on top of him, heart swelling at your cheek squished adorably against his skin and messy hair falling all over the place, tickling his neck. Your fingers swirled small circles over his chest and he hummed in content, feeling fully relaxed for once, something Shawn struggled with due to his hectic lifestyle.

A notification lighting up your phone on the coffee table alerted you to the fact it was nearing 1am and you groaned, pushing yourself up from Shawn’s chest until you were straddling him. His tired eyes met yours and he smiled softly as you let out a yawn, his hands sliding slowly up your thighs and gripping your hips, squeezing gently.

“I’ve really got to go, babe.” You murmured, voice laced with drowsiness as you lifted up slightly in attempt to leave.

He jutted out his plump bottom lip in protest and tried to pull you down to lay back on top of him.

“I’ve got work in the morning Shawn, c’mon babe.” You whined, his grip on your hips tightening.

“Just stay here, please Y/N, you can go to work from here tomorrow.” He argued, putting on his best puppy eyes he knew you couldn’t usually resist, his thumbs rubbing lightly on your sides.

“All the stuff I need is at home, I’ll see you tomorrow night, promise.” You said quietly, wanting nothing more than to lie back into his strong arms and let sleep overtake you but you really couldn’t tonight.

He begrudgingly loosened his hold on your body and let you stand up and stretch, his heart fluttering slightly at the sight of his large hoodie swallowing your smaller frame.

“Text me once your home safe.” Shawn said seriously, standing up from the couch, untangling himself from the mountain of blankets as you gathered your things together, slipping on your shoes at the door.

“I will.” You nodded at him from across the room.


You shook your head at him, smiling. Always so protective.


He pouted once more as you shrugged your jacket on and he pulled you into him, wrapping his arms around you tightly, swaying slightly from each foot.

“I love you.” He said into your hair before placing his hand under your chin, making you look up at him.

“I love you too.” You responded, standing on your tiptoes to press your lips to his.


It was nearing 1.30am by the time you stepped into your dark apartment, yawning and throwing your keys onto the side table by the door. You were exhausted as you collapsed onto the couch, fully intending on texting Shawn to tell him you were home, but passing out the second your tired body hit the soft cushions.

You couldn’t have been asleep for very long but you were soon awoken to fingers running through your hair, jolting from your sleep you were shocked to find Shawn kneeling next to the couch, his keys to your apartment jangling from his fingers.

“You promised.” He said quietly but with a serious undertone “I was so worried Y/N, I should never have let you drive when you were so tired, can you imagine what was going through my head when you didn’t answer me?”

Your eyes widened even in their drowsy state, realisation hitting your groggy mind.

“Fuck Shawn, I’m so sorry, I was so sleepy it completely slipped my mind.” You groaned, cursing at yourself for causing him to come out in the middle of the night.

You reached to the floor for your bag, rifling through it to find your forgotten phone. Guilt washed over you as you scrolled through your notifications seeing all of the missed calls and texts from your worried boyfriend.

From: Shawn❤️

You home babe?

From: Shawn❤️

Are you still driving?

From: Shawn❤️


From: Shawn❤️

Y/N I’m worried text me please

From: Shawn❤️

I’m coming over

He shook his head at you but he wasn’t really mad. He could never stay mad at you, not for long.

“I’m just glad you’re safe.” He said, kissing your forehead delicately.

“Stay here tonight? I feel so bad Shawn.” You said in a small voice, reaching up and running a hand through his curls.

“Of course, c’mon, lets go to bed.” He whispered, slipping a strong arm underneath you and carrying you through the small apartment to your bedroom and laying you on the bed.

He fumbled in your dresser, chuckling to himself as he found one of his own shirts you’d stolen and laid it next to you to change into whilst he stripped to his boxers, climbing under the covers next to you.

“You’re never driving yourself home again.” He muttered as you snuggled closer to him, moulding your body to fit with his.

You gave him an apologetic smile.

“I love you, Shawn. Won’t happen again, pinky swear.” she held up her pinky and he rolled his eyes playfully before linking his own with hers.

“I love you too, don’t scare me like that again.” He nudged your cheek with his nose, wrapping an arm round your waist and sliding a leg between yours as you both finally fell into a peaceful sleep.

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The Sweatshirt Fiasco

925 words, Drarry. 8th year.

“Pansy, I can’t find my sweatshirt anywhere,” Draco huffed as he flopped onto a couch in the 8th year common room.

Pansy sighed. “Which one?”

“It’s black and it has a golden snitch on the back.”

“Nope, haven’t seen it. Did you check the closet? Maybe you left it in there last year when you finally got out of it.”

Draco stared at her for a few seconds in disbelief. “Pansy, my favourite sweatshirt is missing! This is NOT the time for gay jokes!”

Pansy chuckled. It’s always time for gay jokes.

~A week later~

“Pansy! Another hoodie went missing! You don’t suppose you’ve seen it anywhere, have you?”

Not this again, Pansy thought. Draco’s sweatshirts had been going missing one by one for the past week. “Maybe someone stole it.”

Draco’s eyes widened. Who would dare steal from Draco Malfoy, pureblood ex death eater? Oh, that’s right. Probably everyone. “I don’t know, Pans. When I left for potions it was here, and when I got back it was gone. All the 8th years have class then, so who could’ve stolen it?”

“Someone with stealth, apparently.” Or maybe just someone willing to skip class for your hoodie.

~3 days later~

“Pansy! Someone must’ve ta-” Draco stopped as Pansy cut him off.

“Your hoodie? Another one? Why haven’t you charmed them yet?”

“That’s… why didn’t I think of that?” Draco responded as he walked back to his dorm.

~The next day~

Harry and Ron were sitting in the stands, waiting for the Hufflepuff vs. Ravenclaw quidditch game. They never used money for bets on these matches, instead opting for dares.

“I bet you Ravenclaw’s going to catch the snitch.” It was the obvious bet, as Hufflepuff never really had a chance. “If I win, I dare you to transfigure Snape’s nose into a pig snout without getting caught. What’s your dare?

Ron thought for a moment before letting a big grin spread across his face. "If Hufflepuff catches the snitch, you have to wear one of Malfoy’s sweatshirts to dinner tonight.” Seeing Harry’s expression, he added, “Don’t act like it’s this big to-do. I know you’ve been stealing them.”

Harry gaped at his best friend. “How…?” He asked, head cocked to the side and brows furrowed.

Ron laughed. “Harry, we share a room. You really think I didn’t notice you smelling them in the middle of the night? You didn’t even put up charms!”

Harry sighed at his own stupidity. “Let’s just watch the game.”

~That night~

Draco walked into the great hall for dinner and made his way to the Slytherin table. It wasn’t until he sat down that he noticed something was off. Pansy saw Draco staring and followed his gaze to the Gryffindors. In the sea of red, there was one green hoodie. Draco’s green hoodie.

“Pansy… is potter wearing my hoodie?” He asked with a confused expression. Pansy tried to hold back her laughter. This was just too good.

“I don’t know, Dray. Why don’t you go ask him?”

Draco sat and considered this for a moment before getting up and walking over to the table. “Enjoying my sweatshirt, Potter?” He spat. Harry looked up at the scowling Slytherin.

“Yes, actually. It’s quite comfortable.” And it smells like you.

“I know it’s comfortable. I’m a Malfoy. I’ll have only the best. That includes my hoodies.”

Harry rolled his eyes. “Is that all you’re here for? To tell me your hoodie is comfortable?”

Draco just stared. “Well, can I have it back?”

Harry paused his eating. “Right now? In the middle of dinner? I’ll have you know I’ve got nothing on underneath, and while I’m fine with that, are you sure you want everyone else seeing a topless Harry during their meal?

"No, no. You’re right.” Draco quickly started. “Meet me in the common room later. I want all the other ones, too. I’m assuming you’ve got them?”

“Yeah, whatever. I’ll give them back,” he said with a wave. “Now could you kindly go to your table and let me eat?”

~In the common room~

“Must you have all your meetings in the dead of night?” Harry sighed as he handed Draco his hoodies.

“Yes,” Draco responded as he took them and carefully checked each one for flaws. “It’s the only way to ensure privacy.” He blushed and quickly added, “Not like we’d need any privacy.”

Harry stood back, hoping this would be over soon so he could go back to sleep. After Draco finished his inspections, he looked up. “I’m missing one. It’s black, with a golden snitch.”

Harry’s face went red. “I’m keeping that one.”

Draco blinked. “Harry, you can’t just steal it. I said to bring all of them. Why are you trying to keep that one?”

Harry’s response was mumbled and he looked at his shoes.

“What was that?”

Harry gathered his Gryffindor courage and looked the Slytherin dead in the eye. “I said, it smells like you.”

Draco took a step forward on impulse. “Oh,” was all he said, his pale skin tinged pink. Harry took a step, leaving almost no space between the two. Draco’s arms snaked around Harry’s waist. Draco spoke, his voice low. “You know, Potter, I’ve been waiting for this moment for eight ye-”

Draco never got the chance to finish as Harry had crashed their lips together. The kiss was hungry at first, then it softened. After a few moments, Harry backed down and Draco pulled the shorter boy into his arms. Harry rested his head against Draco and whispered, “Me too.”


So, for those that don’t know (which is most of you, I didn’t mention this on social media), I had been planning to ask a question to Jack while in character. I was originally going to cosplay Anti, and ask “Did you miss me?”

W e l l-

I ended up getting some stuff for Marvin while looking for temporary tattoo paper. So I painted the mask and had a decently made cape. I went to the show and handed out septic lights with the amazing volunteers for the Portland show (💚 you guys, you were awesome). I had to leave them early to go to the pre-show Q&A, and I was shaky. I felt like passing out.

Then Vernon Shaw from the Game Grumps walked up and talked to us for a moment, saying that they’d prefer if we didn’t video anything but we wouldn’t be kicked out if we did.

Then Jack came out, and o h m y g o d.

I stopped breathing, I was *actually there* in my cosplay, wearing Marvin’s mask, and having the cape hide my bloodied neck. After a few questions, a couple serious and a couple cereal, I raised my hand for the mic. I was so frozen, I could barely mutter a thing and my hands were shaking so bad I thought I’d faint and/or drop the mic. I thought I wouldn’t be able to say anything, and for a second I was worried about being skipped.

And you know what he did?

“You got this Marvin! Take a deep breath, it’s okay!”

And my heart stopped racing, and I took a deep breath. Hearing him talking *directly to me,* practically eliminated my anxiety and partial stage fright. I tried to hide behind the microphone for a second hearing that, because it meant my cosplay was, at the very least, recognizable.

I looked up at him through the eye holes of my kitty cat mask, and said “Well, I have one thing to say to you…”, I took off the mask and cape, and smirked, holding the mic and saying “Did you miss me??” in my Anti impression.

There were some people reacting, some talking, a gasp or two. Jack’s reaction?

“Oh my god… is this.. is this a thing now??? Marvin as Anti?? Y’know, I’m sick and tired of you! You keep tryin’ ta kill me-!” at this point, I acted hurt and sad, his reaction was “No! No no, you’re amazing! I’m talking about the other guy!” So I did a little pose, you know the one where you’re acting like an angel while there’s blood all over your neck.

Yeah, that one.

At this point, I no longer had the microphone, so talking to him was kind of limited. The thing he did next mildly surprised me..

“You look awesome… *walking off, but turns back and stares deadpan* but are you a turtle?”

I then went, “I… AM A TURTLE!!!”/“I… AM ETERNAL!!!”in my best Anti voice I could muster with how shot my voice was becoming. I was really worried because the boice sounded bad to me, and I didn’t like how the first wuote went because my voice was almost too high in my eyes.

Well uh…

“Oh my god! That’s amazing! You know what? You can be Anti now, you’re *really* good at that!”

I tried to hide behind my cape which was in my lap, and he told me “No! Don’t be embarrassed! It’s okay, it’s really good!” I proceeded to throw my cape on top of my head in an attempt to hide.

After that, I cried…. a lot, for a good few minutes. Vernon gave me a high five after I calmed down. (He uh.. also tripped over me like six times during the pre-show. I’M S O R R Y-)

And that’s just the Q&A.

The rest of the time I was at the venue, I had several different people telling me that I was cool or brave for wanting to do it, and congratulating me for pulling it off.

And I get so insecure about my voice and impressions, so it meant so much. I can’t deny people when they compliment my Anti impression now because Jacksepticeye, Seán himself said so!

A C K-

The entire experience was so surreal and I had to ask one of the other volunteers to pinch me.

I’m so glad it wasn’t a dream.

Have a Jack behind a box (speaker) while Vernon had a discussion with someone in thw crowd. I don’t remember exactly what it was about, but the entire encounter was amusing nonetheless.

I’ll make more posts about my experience when my mind isn’t so jumbled. XP

Okay I know I say stuff and end up not doing it bUT I’M GONNA THIS TIME!