''you took it off for dramatic effect and lost it again''

mikaistrash  asked:

Hey! Could I request that you write something about MC going on a beach trip with RFA+Saeran and while they're there, MC gets her leg caught in some seaweed while swimming in the deep and RFA+Saeran have to save her?

hello there! tysm for this request, it was really fun to write lol. I hope you like it! (but if you wanted smth different please let me know) ♥

- Admin Cat Mom.


  • this is his chance to prove to you that he’s a manly man.
  • I mean, he took swimming lessons when he was like eight.
  • he went to a swimming club for maybe two or three weeks.
  • except he doesn’t because he’s so smol and tiny.
  • struggles to untangle the seaweed.
  • did something just hit his head? is that even possible??
  • when you’re finally safe and out of the water
  • you notice something red and sticky in his forehead
  • “is that blood? are you okay, yoosung?”
  • “oh my god hOW.”


  • what was that? his baby is in danger?
  • pleasE.
  • has no problem whatsoever saving his princess.
  • and looks stunning while doing it, takes off his shirt for dramatic effect and everything.
  • “I saw a man so beautiful I started crying???”
  • mutters a very confused boy witnessing the scene.
  • frees your leg quite easily and carries you bridal style out of the water.
  • “time for some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, babe.”
  • being in danger when this man is around has to be an actual blessing.


  • do not ever question this lady’s abilities.
  • no wonder the rest of RFA relies on her so much.
  • “oh no, MC, are you stuck?! let me help you, wait a sec.”
  • acts super fast, in the blink of an eye you’re free and safe.
  • wow.
  • she mentioned having a black belt in judo before
  • but she never said anything about hAVING MERMAID GENES??
  • “MC please be more careful next time, you could’ve drowned.”
  • we don’t deserve jaehee kang.


  • “MC, what the—? what’s wrong?”
  • oh.
  • it looks like a scene from a soap opera he watched the other day?
  • and this is the part where he has to save you.
  • if only he weren’t so awkward and composed.
  • that doesn’t mean he’s a bad swimmer, though.
  • does his thing effortlessly and brings you back safe and sound.
  • and yes, he’s carrying you.
  • but he refuses to put you down until you let him say some cheesy lines and give you a passionate kiss.
  • how is it possible for this man to make everything both weird and adorable at the same time? he can’t be real.


  • my boy
  • my bean
  • he would literally die for you.
  • so this should be easy for him, right?
  • ok he’s not that fit but he did undergo physical training at some point.
  • fucking FIGHTS the seaweed.
  • and after making sure that you’re safe 
  • he comes out of the water screaming and covered in seaweed.
  • “they almost got us, MC! but I’m much stronger!! don’t worry I’ll rescue you from these bastards!”
  • boy, what are you doing.
  • “for real though MC don’t do that again, you need to be more careful I was super worried about you.”


  • uhm
  • okay, he hasn’t lost his sight 100% but this is still hard.
  • is taking pictures when it happens.
  • wait just a minute ago you were laughing and splashing water, is everything okay? why are you so quiet now?
  • starts calling your name: no answer.
  • it’s time to Panic
  • honestly asking for help is the wisest thing to do, acting like a hero would only put you in more danger.
  • thank you stranger that had no trouble rescuing you.
  • when you’re back, he holds you tight and apologizes for not being of much help
  • sweet baby boy please there’s no need to apologize.
  • now please let MC breathe.


  • “…has anybody thought of calling the damn lifeguard? no?”
  • “you’re all fucking useless and I hate you.”
  • but saeran, honey, the lifeguard is nowhere to be seen
  • wait what? fuck.
  • he won’t admit it, but things like this actually scare him a little?
  • still, he throws himself into the sea, tries to free your leg because he cares, and gets you out of the deep.
  • “here, put your arm around my shoulders.”
  • he’s quite proud of himself for being useful.
  • blushes and gets all flustered when you thank him aw sweetie.
Promise (John x Reader)

Summary: Request from @deacytits:  John’s been on tour and in the studio non-stop and is feeling touch-starved and neglected. It’s starting to take effect on the band so they ask you to stop by for lunch one day to please for the love of god make him feel better.

A/N: This is the fic that I lost when I made them private, so I am re-posting it now.  It was meant to be a sin Sunday drabble, which is why it’s on the shorter side.  Feedback is always appreciated!

Word Count: 1K

Warnings: Smut, a little bit of sub!John, blowjob, 18+ ONLY!


It seemed like you and John had spent a grand total of 5 minutes together in the last month.  As soon as he had come home from touring it was right back to the studio to record the next album, meaning endless nights spent recording.  You were really starting to miss your husband, and it turns out he was missing you too.

“Darling, I’m begging you.  He’s insufferable.”

“Don’t you think you’re being a little dramatic, Fred?”

“Just, please come see him.  He needs you.”

“I’ll be there in a bit.”

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anonymous asked:

Could you write about getting caught in the rain with Loki please?

yes of course love!


The rain had started suddenly and with absolutely no warning. You and Loki had gone out to spend the night away from the surplus of responsibilities that piled upon your doorsteps at a constant and alarming rate. Being a member of the Avengers came at a price, and that price was your social life it seemed. It was even more complicated justifying your budding romance with the god of mischief when your entire team had a disdain for him, except for Thor, of course. They had reason to not trust him, hell you wouldn’t have trusted him either if your empathy wasn’t felt so strongly due to your abilities. You had felt his pain though, and so you saw past the facade and into the heart of the misunderstood beauty he was. 

None of that mattered right now though, because the pair of you were currently running for your lives as you sought out shelter from the storm. Water came down in sheets and you could barely see Loki through the downpour. He had your hand though. He was cool to the touch but always made sure to cast a charm or two that allowed his icy skin to warm for you; it was something you ensured he knew to be unnecessary, yet still appreciated. As you took a moment to get lost in his striking features, your clumsy nature took the distracted opportunity to catch the heel of your shoe on a jagged piece of concrete, effectively destroying the shoe and pulling your leg right out from under you. 

You let out a yelp, and not a moment later Loki had you in his arms. “Are you alright darling?” he looked you over and was nearly shouting to be heard over the rain. His smooth hands skimmed over your leg, taking your foot into his palm  as his other hand held your disheveled shoe. “I’m fine, but I doubt I can say the same for the shoe. Poor guy looks like he’s just about dead.” Loki’s eyes lifted to yours, the beautiful storm color offering up a curiously questioning look before shining with amusement. He never understood your tendency to give life to sentient objects, but he found it cute nonetheless and it had grown to become one of the things he loved most about you. “Well the shoe can come with us if you’d like and we can arrange a proper burial later. Now love, would you prefer to run the rest of this glorious marathon with me, or would you find it more pleasant to allow me to get us home in a quicker way?” You feigned a pondering look just to keep him on his toes before you officially made up your mind for him. “As much as I would just love to continue getting pummeled by this rain, I think the quicker way would be most preferable.” You smiled at him and he returned the gesture, offering up his own warm and affectionate grin before once again seeming to notice the rain and extending a hand to lift you from the ground.

Loki held your hand tightly in his grasp as he faced you. Being one to always opt for a dramatic flair, he leaned forward and tilted his head down to you. You lifted your chin, more out of habit at this point than anything else, to stare into his eyes and felt his breath fan against your chilled skin. “As you wish, my love,” he whispered before closing the distance between you and pressing his lips against your own. It was soft and sweet, and the rain appeared to come to a standstill as the world around you both fell away. The sounds of the city streets drifted off and the frosty air turned warm as the heat of passion was stoked between you and your god. When Loki finally released you from the trance you were captured in by his kiss, you took notice of the changed surroundings. You were in your apartment, heater on and lights off as soft candlelight glowed throughout the room, giving it an almost dreamlike presence. You let out a small laugh, marveling at his abilities, in the magical form and in the way he always tried so fiercely to make everything to your comfort. 

“Thank you, for everything Loki.” His gaze fell from yours for only a moment before he met your eyes once more, his now filled with love as you felt the gratitude and affection he held for you roll off in waves. “You have no need to thank me. You know I would gladly do anything and everything to please you my love.” He was sincere in his words, and you knew this. Loki was good at his core, and it was only a matter of time before the rest of the world would see the brilliantly magnificent god you took witness to every time you held him close. 

Your heart was swelling, but you knew it was getting late. As you gazed at the clock you took note of the time, Loki would be excusing himself soon unless given a reason to stay. He was a gentleman when you were involved, and this meant that he allowed you to set the boundaries for your relationship; he never wanted to make you feel pressured, so he often left if not given the invitation to stay. Your eyes found your way back to him as he cleared his throat. Just as he was about to speak, feeling as though he had made you uncomfortable and wanting to allow you space if necessary, you interrupted. “I think right now it would please me most if you stayed and watched something with me. I love the rain, but it’s a lot more fun to be cuddled up while it storms than to be alone, if that’s okay with you?” His grin returned to his face instantly. “That is far more than alright with me.”

Loki held you close as you huddled up on the couch watching some remake of the Snow White fairytale. A man they introduced as the Huntsman was swinging his ax on the screen, making a big show of heroism even though he claimed to be nothing of the sort; you liked him and Loki noticed immediately. He shifted beneath you and scoffed as the man onscreen began to speak. “What?” you tilted your head back to look up at his face and saw the movie reflecting in his eyes as he rolled them. “Nothing, I just don’t care for that man. He’s ridiculous and his buffoonery would get him nowhere in battle. He is merely lucky that he is able to swing around a sharp weapon and blindly hit things, otherwise he would surely be dead by now.” You laughed out loud before poking his nose. “You think you could take him in a fight?” Loki’s nose scrunched up and he grabbed your hand in his before you could lower it down to your chest once more. He gently played with your fingers as he tried to sound as nonchalant as possible, you saw right through it though. “I know for a fact that I can take any half baked huntsman in a duel. He’s merely a man you know, he can be killed quite easily in comparison to a god.” Your eyes went wide for a second before you laughed once more, lifting yourself from him as you pull back your hand, playfully swatting at him along the way.

“Loki! I’m not letting you murder anyone so you’d better stop that crazy thinking right now!” You were trying to sound stern, but the giggles could not be stopped when you thought of the absurdity of the conversation. Loki once again looked off to the side, contemplating once more before looking back at you with a mixture of mischief and mayhem dancing upon his features. “Well, one can only call it murder if that is what it truly is. In this case I feel that it falls more closely within the lines of natural selection if he’s chosen to fall in ill graces with a god.” Your giggles had died down halfway through his remark, and you were now left speechlessly stunned as he stared back at you; first with sincere thought, and then with total amusement. His mouth spread into a smile, pleased that he had gotten the final word and managed to leave you at a total loss. You let him revel in his victory for only a moment, choosing to go back to using his as a pillow as you refocused on the screen. Just as you felt him get comfortable once more and resume running his fingers through your hair, you spoke up with a triumphant “You’re dumb.”  It was childish and lame, but you said it nonetheless. His fingers stilled for only a moment before they resumed their actions. You felt him let out a low chuckle before he leaned over and pressed a kiss to your forehead. 

When you awoke, the rain was still coming down outside. The candles were all blown out and Loki’s steady heartbeat thumped beneath your head, calling you back to rest. You gazed up at him, studying his peaceful face. He looked younger when he slept, less worn down by the angry voices and misunderstanding fingers that constantly pointed his way. He was at peace. His eyelids lifted calmly as he sensed your awakened presence. Loki smiled at you and pulled you closer, shutting his eyes for a moment before opening them once more. “Is everything alright love?” You breathed in, enjoying the way everything seemed to take on a scent that was so beautifully and distinctly Loki. “Yes, everything is absolutely perfect.” You pulled yourself up lazily to kiss him once more before laying on his chest to listen to his heart. Just as you were being soothed to sleep by the pattering of the rain outside and the steady lullaby of your loves heart, you whispered a soft “I love you.”

Loki looked down at you with an overwhelming sense of affection and calm. “I love you too,” he whispered back into the night. He held you close and knew, as surely as there was rain falling from the sky outside, that he really did mean it.


A/N: this was longer than i thought it would be haha also i only read it over once so i apologize if there are any mistakes!!

Spencer Reid - Angst/Fluff Prompt Request

This was requested by @milkandcookies528 <3

Prompt: 16 - “Drop the attitude.”

Characters: Spencer Reid, Y/N Reid, mentions of Emily Prentiss, mentions of highschool friends

Warnings: some swearing and fighting

A/N: I decided to have a daughter Reader for this one bc it fitted best in my opinion. Also, this is set after “Lauren”.  Enjoy!

“Care to explain why you are close to fail your classes, Y/N?”, Reid asked his teenage daughter. 

Earlier this day, he got a call from Y/N´s teacher who informed him about the grades of the girl who dropped dramatically in the last few weeks. As soon as Spencer finished the call with the teacher, he texted Y/N and told her to come over to the BAU after school to have a talk. 

That is what was happening right now. The little family was sitting at the table in the break room of the bureau, trying to figure out what was wrong. 

Spencer still waited for his daughter to answer his question, but she just stared at him. 

“Y/N, you won´t be allowed to go to the next, upper grade if you fail these courses.”, he tried again, but she just kept looking at him. 

“For god´s sake, Y/N. Could you please talk to me and tell me what´s going on? If not, I have to ask your teacher to let you switch to other courses where you are away from your friends who seem to be a bad influence on you.”

“Oh, really, so right now you are?! How do you know my friends are bad for me, like you don´t even know their name´s for fuck´s sake.”, Y/N said looking furious at her dad. 

“What do you mean? I always care about you! Mind your language!”

“That´s funny. You have a pretty weird way of showing this.”, Y/N snorted, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

“What are you trying to say?!”

“I want to say that if you´d really care than you would have noticed earlier that something was off, but no. I am literally an open book and you are a freaking profiler, god damn. That´s the problem. You love and care more about your damn job than you care about me and my feelings.”

“You know that this is not true, Y/N. What´s going on? You are never like this.”

“Oh really? Do I? And for your information, people change and turn heartless when they once cared to much so yes, I fucking changed.”

“Y/N! Come on, drop the attitude.” 

For a few minutes, there was silence between the both of them. Spencer did not know what to do. He was a genius, yes. But only when it comes to facts about crimes or history, but not about teenagers in puberty. 

“Okay…maybe you are right. Yes, I´ve been more and more distant, but, you know, since Emily died..”

“I know and that´s the point, Dad.”, Y/N said, trying to calm down, “You are not the only one grieving. Em and me were close. She was like the sister I never had, you know. She was always there for me. I lost a friend, too. The only difference between you and me handling this is that I have to deal with it alone and as you can see, I failed terribly at doing so.”, Y/N said, her voice cracking at the end of the sentence, tears glazing her eyes. 

It has been hard for the whole team to overcome Emily´s passing, but they had each other. Y/N was alone because her Dad decided to back away from her which was a fault because he did not see that his daughter was grieving too and it slowly took its effects on her. 

Slowly, Spencer got up and walked towards his daughter. He knelt down beside her before he started to talk: “Listen honey, I´m so so sorry. I´ve been such a bad Dad and I did not notice that you needed my support. I was so busy with drowning in my own feelings that I did not see that others around me are also suffering. It won´t happen again. What about this: we have dinner tonight, talk and find a way to change your grades. I will help you with this. You don´t have to deal with this alone. Deal?”

Y/N wiped away a tear that made its way down her cheek before she smiled and carefully hugged her Dad. “Deal!”

That night, Y/N and Spencer stayed up talking until the sun came out but it was more than worth it. He already lost a friend, but he won´t loose his daughter too. 

No one had expected this to be an easy transition, but even as captain, Morrison couldn’t have foreseen how that massive chip on Reyes’ shoulder could effect the delicate equilibrium of a team simply trying to acclimate. There was no question as to how talented their new striker was, only the mystification over how someone of that skill could be such a royal jackass. Despite the considerate wide berth Jack had extended towards Gabriel, the two men remained at each other’s throats for weeks after the transfer had been finalized. Incessantly contending one another in that vapid give and take of competitive arrogance.

“The way I see it, you’re stuck with me Morrison. Which must just eat you up inside, ‘cause you’d be something dense not to worry about me coming for you.” Gabriel practically snarled with the threat, darkened leer fixating on the blond while a hand tugged at the vibrant orange band wrapped tightly about Jack’s bicep. “Every kingdom must one day come to an end, Sunshine.”

Jack chuckled in spite of the aggression that thrummed just beneath the surface of his calm demeanor, “Where I don’t want to rightly give you the satisfaction of being right, I have– hell, I’ve even lost a few hours of sleep over it..” The words trail off as he moves towards his locker, shucking out of his clothes like they’re not having another one of their dick measuring contests that’ll just end in heated words and suffocating sexual tension neither will act upon. “But then I remember the one crucial component you’ve gone and overlooked in your master plan to dethrone me.”

Morrison can just barely see the way Gabriel’s body language changes through his peripheral while discarding his jersey with relative ease before pulling out a change of clothes from his duffel bag. “I’ve bled, I’ve suffered– fuck, I’ve given more of myself to this team than I should be proud to admit.. but, I’d do it all over again, in a heartbeat. Just like I know they would do the same for me.” He shuffles out of his shorts, quick to exchange the loose fabric for the tighter fit of denim. Shimmying jeans up past the hard cut of hips, fastening the clasp before reaching towards a faded tank. “Of course, I wouldn’t expect you to truly understand, you’re never part of a club long enough to see how a real team thrives..” When Jack does finally bother to cast his attentions towards the silent part within this conversation, he just continues on like it’s small talk between friends. “We look out for our own, and from the way I see it.. you don’t rightly fit that bill. There’s not one man out there that would ever choose you over me.”

Reyes bristled, that stare lingering just a bit too long before trying to feign indifference. It took quite the resolve for Jack to ignore the way the other catches that bottom lip between enamel, clicking tongue against the back of incisors while broad physique ushers closer as he speaks in that hoarse timbre that quite honestly sets Jack’s teeth on edge. “Ah, so what you’re saying is I could have the season of my career, which I’d argue I’ve already had plenty, let my cleats walk all over you out there on the pitch while I personally put all your faults as skipper on exhibit, to where there’s not a doubt that your glory days are over.. and it wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference, 'cause I’ll never truly be part of the team?”

It’s said with such a snide undertone that Jack knows it’s bait, so he bites. “Don’t be so dramatic, I said you weren’t one of us, never said you couldn’t be.” That definitely must not have been the response the other was looking for because Gabriel blinks a few times as if completely taken aback. It’s then that Jack realizes he’s just witnessed a miracle that no one in their right mind will believe no matter how many times he swears it to be true. That he somehow managed to render Gabriel Reyes absolutely speechless, and yet, it somehow feels like a hollow accomplishment because it wasn’t even that impressive. No, he can do better. A lopsided smirk gradually pulls at pursed lips as Jack grabs for his bag, hoisting it over his shoulder before turning back to the other. “Oh, and Reyes? Definitely wouldn’t be opposed to you coming for me.”

Nailed it.

Huge thank you to @ufficiosulretro​ for bringing my silly football au to life with their amazing art– I honestly haven’t been able to stop staring at Gabriel’s thighs since you sent this to me. Everyone should definitely try and snag a commission next time they’re open if I don’t elbow y’all outta the way for another because I’m sorry have you seen how amazing this art is??

Fear of Flying

I detest LA. The smell when the air hits is so distinct and familiar – similar to something you once ate that made you violently ill. It’s an involuntary reaction on a cellular level that I have to this place. And I say ‘this place’ because I am in LA right now; in a corporate hotel near enough to the airport to enviously hear the planes taking off.

Sure. Maybe I’m scarred. It is, after all, where someone I cared deeply for came and lost himself. At least that’s how I saw things from Pennsylvania. It was also where I spent the brokest summer of my life right after college; where I dinged my rental car and had my heart broken (again); where I’ve always felt lonely.

It’s a tough place to find your niche – your people. Not a place for wanderers. Not a place for ones without an agenda. And even after having spent so much time here, I can never figure out where the fuck I am in relation to any other place I’ve been.

LA is just not my scene. And I’ve tried. I stayed in an Airbnb in Venice for a week that almost made me entertain the idea of a West Coast life. I will admit that I think the ramen is better here than in New York. And being near the ocean is…being near the ocean. Epic and indulgent.  

I came out for a work trip in the middle of the week. We had just spent the previous weekend in Philadelphia for the Thanksgiving holiday and to attend the wedding of someone my boyfriend had gone to summer camp with. Two nights in my own bed later and it was off to the LA. I left on a Wednesday and he was to come out that Thursday morning. The annoying thing was… as soon as a I took off in a car to head for the airport I started to miss him. And as I navigated my way from LAX the short distance to the hotel I was burdened with a longing that he were just out here already.

We spend so much time together in a way I feel off balance without him. It’s an odd effect that generally only lasts the first day or so of being apart. But it creeps up in the side of my mind, like I forgot something but I’m not sure what.

My first instinct is to really not like that, to not like that feeling of being a part of a whole. Because I’ve always advocated for completing yourself; of belonging to no one but yourself. And it’s hard for me to understand how you can participate in a partnership without sacrificing some deep and sacred part of yourself. And it’s disorienting to understand how I could be a person who really would prefer to  spend most of her time with one single individual.

For so long I had this fear of the ‘shared identity’ – of being in a relationship where the ‘girlfriend’ version of myself was not exactly aligned with the just-plain-old-me version of myself. I feared there was an expected way to act as a girlfriend and an expected way treat another person as a girlfriend. That all of a sudden because you were in this committed thing you had certain expectations placed on you, and that The Relationship required the fulfillment of some specific curriculum in order to be successful.  

I feared having someone out there in the world on whom my behavior reflected, who was associated with me and everything that came with it. And that once the cat-and-mouse chase of early infatuation wore thin, it would be revealed I was just a flesh and blood human being, maybe nothing dramatically special at the end of the day.

I guess in large part this fear boiled down to inexperience. I only knew how to be an individual, of how to blatantly disregard what anyone thought of me. I didn’t want a shared identity where I was viewed as a reflection or extension of anyone. 

My tarot card readers really dug into my relationships – past and present – during my last reading. It had been almost three years since I had last seen them, and needless to say a lot was different. I went into the session with the intention to talk about work, and careers, and my future, since that’s what had been on my mind. But the conversation eventually turned towards relationships. I got them up to speed and introduced them to key information regarding my current boyfriend.

They are… unorthodox, to say the least, when it comes to relationships. Although, I find their point of view to be true to the authentic nature of human beings. They believe soul mates are those who come into your life for a certain period of time because on a cosmic level you have been drawn to each other. Sometimes that connection lasts a lifetime, sometimes it doesn’t. They believe ‘marriage’ is an identity that carries with it it’s own expectations and demands – separate and apart from any of the couples who enter into it – and for that reason to be wary of rushing into one. And they believe that relationships should serve, at the end of the day, the two individuals in them.

That is to say… your relationship should help you develop as an individual, should assist you on your personal aims, should enhance you as a person first and foremost. The primary purpose of a partnership is to further elevate the participants. Period.

Being yourself in a relationship and accepting the other person for who they are are really your only options. I realize this now. There is no changing another person, not even if in your heart you believe it’s for the better. And there’s no changing yourself, there’s no performing a version of yourself you think you should be.

I’ve begun to understand that the thing I’ve feared most – feeding this third and invisible entity called The Relationship – isn’t the gold standard of modern dating. Being in a healthy, committed relationship doesn’t mean sacrificing parts of yourself to satisfy some unnamed whole. It’s about honoring the relationship by being exactly who you are. Of expecting your relationship to be the primary place where you can be yourself. Where who you are is embraced and respected and fulfilled and encouraged. 

And, not to gush, but I am in just this type of relationship. Once I calm the jitters it becomes clear that I don’t have anything to worry about. So long as I stay true to myself. And never move to LA.   

Unfinished paintings

“Asking for help doesn’t make you weak” – writing prompt from Discord, using this list

Medieval AU I guess – one shot - hurt/comfort

Pairings: Platonic LAMP, platonic Moxiety in the foreground

Warnings: angst, a stormy night, self-deprecating thoughts and negative self-talk, blind rage, physical violence, knives, mention of anxiety, mention of murder, mention of blood, over-the-top teasing, crying, mention of injuries - let me know if I missed anything

Word count: 8,380 cause I apparently have no chill when it comes to one-shots

Summary: Roman can’t help but boost his ego more with each day that passes but he doesn’t realize the effect it can have on his youngest brother Virgil, who lets his anger lead him towards a huge mistake

Author’s note: I hope you like this little thing I wrote! If you can, I’d be more than glad to hear your thoughts on it. Enjoy ~


The sound of clashing swords could be heard down the hall where the sparring room was situated. Grunts and footsteps accompanied them every now and then and sometimes they’d fall into silence and then pick up again. When you’d walk in, you could see shades of purple and red dashing around in what seemed almost like a dance. The boys sparring didn’t even notice a tall and skinny figure that entered the big room and observed them. The first warrior with a red velvety sash launched himself at his opponent which was on the opposite side of the hall now. The purple belted man wasted no time and gave out a battle cry, lifting his sword as he, too, started running towards his sparring partner. The sound bounced off the stone walls as their swords clashed again and resulted in yet another echo. The red one took the advantage of his opponents strength, using it against him, making the other fall forward by quickly stepping backwards and tapping the purple ones back with the back of his sword, which resulted in the purple one to fall on his knees and hands with a grunt, but quickly turning around to face him, swinging his sword at the others’ face and missing him by an inch. The red one dodged it, losing his balance in the process and falling backward, onto the floor, followed by a thud and the clashing of the sword that he lost his grip on. He quickly regained his focus and looked up at the purple one, who was already standing firmly on the floor and launched himself at him with unbelievable speed. But the red warrior grabbed the others’ shoulders, placed his right leg on his stomach and threw him over his head, turning quickly after, grabbing his sword and jumping onto him, his knees at both of the purple one’s sides, locking him in between him and the floor. Both panted heavily and after a moment of silence, the top one got closer to the others’ face and couldn’t help but grin and say: “Not one of your best moves, brother, I have to say. You hold yourself back too much.” making the other one groan while trying to push him away, finding his efforts to be futile, since the other has always been stronger than him. The figure that has been observing the whole thing held itself high and cleared their throat as to gain their attention. The voices ceased and silence followed, as both men turned their heads, following the source of the voice.

“Mr. Charles!” exclaimed the boy in the red sash dramatically, with a grin still on his face, but still not getting up from the defeated opponent. Charles straightened his back, placed both his hands behind it and said: “The King requests your presence, Prince Roman. It is of utmost importance that you join him in the Throne room immediately.” Prince Roman got off his brother at that instant and held out a hand to help him up, the boy accepting it and rising from the ground, dusting himself off.

“Most certainly! I shall go straightaway.” Roman said, putting away his sword, grabbing his scarlet red cloak which was resting on the stand and while putting it on, he turned his head to look at his brother, who had a noticeable frown covering his face, even though he was mostly looking at the ground and he knew exactly what the issue was: “Hey,” he said, catching the boy’s attention, making him lift his head to look at him, but before he could look up entirely, Roman caught his head beneath his arm and gave him a noogie, laughing all the way through: “Come on, Virge, stop being so gloomy! It’s standard that I’m better at these things, so stop complaining!” he teased and the locked brother let out a groan mixed with a chuckle while pushing Roman away and freeing himself, fixing his hair to fall back over one of his eyes. Virgil watched Roman follow Charles out of the sparring room, leaving him alone with his thoughts. And he hated being alone with his thoughts. Cause Roman was right. He was always better than him in combat…and winning people’s hearts…and charming them…and completing quests…just…everything. He couldn’t help but feel useless at that moment. But it annoyed the heck out of him too. Roman thinking he’s better than everyone else…he wanted to prove him wrong, but his efforts were futile since Roman was obsessed with training and his ego, never giving in, never yielding. Virgil found it frustrating. But he pushed it away, knowing it won’t solve anything. He released the fist he didn’t even realize he was tightening and took a deep breath, rubbing his eyes with his fingers, picking up his sword off the ground and putting it away, grabbing his own dark purple cloak, then took his leave as well.

He rounded the corner and saw shades of white and blue that belonged to his third brother, Prince Patton walking down the hall. Crap. He really couldn’t handle Patton right now, so he turned around to go back and wait until he leaves but it was already too late for his older brother had already spotted and greeted him with a cheerful tone in his voice: “Oh hi, Virgil! I just saw Roman pass through here with Charles as well, were you two sparring again?” Virgil wasn’t in the mood for Patton’s energy, so he just nodded, hoping he would leave him alone after that. But Patton has always been an observant individual, especially when it came to noticing emotions. He also knew Virgil was a held-back and quiet person, but in all 20 years they’ve been brothers, he learned what certain kinds of silences meant, so he asked: “Is something bothering you, buddy?” Crap. Of course, Patton noticed, Virgil thought and cursed at himself for being so easy to read sometimes.

“Nothing. I’m fine,” he mumbled and resumed to walk past his brother, without looking up from the ground. Patton let him pass but still had his eyes fixed on Virgil, with a worried expression on his face. Now he was sure something wasn’t right, but he didn’t want to push further, knowing that Virgil probably just needs time and will come to him when he needs it. So he just shook his head for now and continued to walk in the opposite direction.

Virgil entered his room and closed the door, locking it afterward. He took a look around and then flopped on the bed, stretching his arms to the sides and stared at the ceiling. The sun was rising slowly and it filled the room with warm golden light, making his purple covers on the bed look like they were brown and illuminating his painting stand on the other side, shining on an unfinished painting standing on it. He had trouble finishing it, for it has been standing there, unfinished, for a few days now. But it wasn’t the painting’s fault, he had a difficult time with finishing one particular detail on it, making it almost impossible to finish. A frustrated growl escaped his throat as he rubbed both of his hands against his face and let them stay there for a minute. He then figured it’s best to leave the painting for later and go get some breakfast because Roman was so insistent on training before the morning light that he hadn’t even had the time to eat properly yet. His servant would be here any minute with a full tray anyway, he thought, so he wouldn’t even have enough peace to continue with his work on the stand. And just as he finished that thought, there was a signature knock on the door from his servant.

The sound of horse hooves broke the silence of the forest as the four royal brothers went for an afternoon ride after the work had been done in the castle. Every now and then, Patton would grab a low thin branch, tear it off and tickle whoever was in front of him behind their ear. This time, it was Logan, his twin, the second oldest of the four and he waved his hand at the sudden light touch that brushed against his ear, thinking it was some sort of animal. Patton barely kept in a snicker and continued. The tickling and slight brushing didn’t stop, no matter how many times Logan waved his hand, trying to get it away, so after four brushes, he turned around with the upper part of his body to try and inspect what was bugging him so hard and when his eyes landed on Patton quickly throwing the branch away, trying to hold in a laugh, he just frowned and sighed, adjusting his glasses and turning back around, saying in a monotone voice: “I saw that, Patton.”

“Saw what, Logan? I didn’t see anything.”

“You really can’t get out of this one, I saw you throw that branch away.”

“So now I can’t even hold branches without looking suspicious?” Patton exclaimed with a smirk.

“No, you most certainly cannot,” Logan said, still looking forward.

“But it’s so boring to just walk in the forest, there’s nothing to do.”

“Nonsense, there’s so much that you could see from the back of the horse as well,” Logan inquired and looked around before pointing at one particular plant on the ground a few feet away from them and continued: “Look at that flower over there. That’s Valerian or Valeriana officinalis if you will. Ancient physicians recommended Valerian as an antidote to poisons, for pain relief and as a decongestant, but it is also…” Logan got lost in explaining the different effects medical plants have on people and Patton just threw his head back and let out a bored moan, knowing there’s no escaping now.

While Logan explained and Patton was forced to listen, Roman trotted up to Virgil who had been incredibly quiet this whole time. Well, he was usually the quiet one, but at least he made a comment or at least let out a bit of laughter every now and then. But today…nothing. He just kept staring at his black horses’ mane, while they walked. As soon as Roman arrived at his side, he grinned widely, put one hand on his own knee, still sitting straight up, chest out and voice cheerful: “Hey, GloomyFace McGee, speak up a little! You have been rather quiet on this ride.” But again, Virgil said nothing, so Roman continued: “It’s a brilliantly dashing day today, is it not? It would be a shame to miss it by looking at the floor like that. What’s so interesting about the floor anyway?” Roman laughed, even though the sky had been filled with gray clouds all afternoon and it looked like a storm was drawing near. Roman leaned sideways to look at the floor as well, trying to get a laugh out of Virgil. Still, his brother remained quiet, but the feeling of annoyance was starting to show on his face and it was not amusing to Roman to be ignored like that.

“Boy, that morning match sure was something. Though I did think you would be a more challenging opponent. But we’ll do it again in the evening, no worries, you can fix it.”

Virgil’s grip on his reins tightened, yet he still remained quiet, as Roman didn’t seem to notice. Roman was taken aback by his silence again, so he decided to at least see if everything is alright: “Is something wrong, Verge?”

“No. It’s nothing.” Roman finally heard Virgil speak, his voice extremely calm for someone whose face looked like it was 2 seconds away from cutting someone up just a few moments ago.

They both fell silent after that and after a few minutes, Roman cleared his throat, took his reins and adjusted his position in the saddle, exclaiming: “Well anyway, I’ll race you home!”

Virgil’s head shot up at that moment, ready to protest, but it was already too late, for his brother had already taken off into full speed gallop on his pristine white horse that matched his extra behavior and his love for everything beautiful. Virgil wasn’t about to let up and give Roman more things to brag about and throw into his face, so he pressed hard with his heels and let his horse gallop, chasing after Roman, whose laugh could be heard through the forest.

“There they go again.” Logan sighed, grabbing the bridge of his nose and shaking his head in disbelief. This could only end badly.

Roman’s and Virgil’s horses breathed along with them, Virgil’s horse catching up to them soon after and running alongside them now. Virgil might have been a quiet and held-back individual, but his raven horse was something else; strong, fast and full of energy. The hooves on the dirt sounded like thunder and it gave power to both of them, as the adrenaline rushed through their veins, listening to their horses breathe under them in the rhythm of the gallop. Two brothers were galloping full speed side-by-side now, making eye contact for a brief moment, the castle slowly showing itself in the distance. Roman smirked and gave his stallion a final push, which made it fly with the wind. Virgil didn’t want to push his horse any more than he had already, for he knew its limits, but he couldn’t let Roman win. He wouldn’t hear the end of it if he did. So he pushed his stallion a bit more, catching up to his brother once again and even surpassing him, but still having him close behind. Roman couldn’t believe his eyes. He was about to lose! They were almost home, when all of a sudden, Virgil’s horse got overexcited, bucking in the air, sending Virgil flying towards the branches that blocked his way and then towards the hard, muddy ground. Roman galloped past him, since it was impossible to stop his horse at this speed and won the race, but stopped shortly after to check on his brother.

The other two arrived back home after a few minutes, cantering after them and stopping when they saw the scene that was unfolding. Patton covered his mouth after stopping his dapple gray horse in its tracks and started frantically asking: “Oh my heavens, Virgil, are you okay??” but all Logan could think was: Uh-oh. Virgil just had a very bad fall and they really didn’t know how he’d react. Sure he’s fallen off multiple times during his life, but something’s been off about him for the past few days, today being the most obvious of them all. Patton dismounted and ran towards his youngest brother, kneeling in front of him and trying to help him up, but as soon as Patton’s hands touched Virgil’s, a flinch from Virgil made Patton withdraw his hands and take a step back. Patton’s face grew highly concerned, but he respected Virgil’s decisions. The youngest stood up from the ground and dusted himself off. Roman trotted back, his stallion wearing his head high, both of them looking proud as ever of their achievements.

“Hah! Look who decided to lose! Come on, little brother, you can do better than this, present me with a challenge at least once!” Roman said with a wide grin on his face, looking majestic from the top of his…high horse. Virgil looked at Roman’s horse and then scattered the area for his own, to see if it ran off after bucking him off. Fortunately, it was grazing on the grass not too far away, looking content and nothing seemed to be injured either.

“You hold yourself back too much, Verge, you should seriously refrain from doing that all the time, or else you’ll end up losing every time.”

Like he didn’t lose all the time anyway, Virgil thought, clenching his fists, not bothering to even look at his brothers, taking a deep breath and making his way towards his horse in silence, grabbing its reins and leading it up to the stables, passing all three of them and saying: “You’re right, a race well run.” leaving all of them puzzled.

The evening was drawing near and the stormy clouds above grew grayer and grayer with every minute that passed. Thunder echoed through the sky, confirming the upcoming storm as the wind picked up and small raindrops started to fall on the Earth’s surface.

Patton closed his windows and made his way towards Virgil’s room, hoping he’d find him in there. That fall must’ve hurt quite a bit, so he had to check if everything was alright. He knocked on Virgil’s door, slowly saying: “Virgil? It’s me, Patton. Are you inside?”

No answer. After a few moments, Patton sighed and turned to leave when he heard something shift in Virgil’s room, so he called again: “Virgil? Are you alright? Can I come in?”

Again, nothing. Patton was growing more worried with each passing minute and he really didn’t want to leave, but since it seemed Virgil wasn’t ready to talk yet, he figured the only thing he can do is leave him alone, even though it hurt to do so very much. He started to walk away when he heard the door creak open and heard Virgil’s voice: “What is it, Patton?”

That made him stop in his tracks and he turned around to face his younger brother, concern still on his face. Virgil’s clothes were different now since he had to change after his accident back there. A black doublet with golden patterns decorated his upper body and the other half was dressed in black trousers, with dark gray boots and a dark purple ribbon tied at his hip. He always wore it. It made him feel secure. Virgil wasn’t even looking at Patton, he kept staring at the floor, avoiding any eye contact.

“Hey, Verge. I just came to remind you to close your windows, it seems that a big storm is on its way. May I come in?”

Virgil kept standing there and after a few minutes quietly spoke up: “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Patton.”

“Is something bothering you, buddy? You’ve been very distant for the past few days and it’s starting to worry me…and others if I may say so. Do you need help with something? I can try to help you, maybe I can call the others in and we’ll-”

“I don’t need help, thanks for the concern, but please stop asking.” is the only thing Virgil shot back before shutting the door and locking it, leaving Patton alone in the hallway again. Patton was taken aback by Virgil’s response but after a few seconds of silence, he got closer to the door and softly, but loudly enough for Virgil to hear, said: “Okay, Virgil. You don’t have to talk to me. But if you’ll want to, I’m always here. It’s going to be okay.” and with that, he took his leave.

Virgil listened to Patton’s boots clicking in the hallway, the sound slowly fading away until it was silent again. He sighed heavily and rubbed his eyes, then turned around to face his painting he was trying to finish before Patton’s interruption. He kept staring at it but nothing came up. He couldn’t think of even one way to finish this piece. His frustration grew and grew until it erupted and Virgil shoved the stand away with a frustrated growl, making it fall sideways and the painting along with it. Stupid painting. Stupid brain. Can’t think of a way to finish a piece he had such a clear picture of before. He then glanced through the already closed window at the storm which was getting worse by the minute. As if the sky knew how he was feeling. He couldn’t help but snort at that thought as he turned around to pick up his sword and exited the room, leaving the painting and the stand on the ground, the way they landed. He made his way towards the lower part of the castle.

It was sparring time with Roman.

Virgil drew first position and saluted Roman with his sword and the big brother did the same. Roman had a mischievous smile on him the entire time, which made Virgil’s nervousness poke at him a bit. He didn’t know what Roman was up to and he was really sick of being humiliated by him this entire day. He would show him. He would show them all. He wasn’t weak. He wasn’t scared. He didn’t need anyone’s help. And most importantly, he wasn’t some punching bag that Roman’s ego could feast upon.

The duel commenced and Virgil leaped at Roman with full strength, swinging his sword to the side, only to be gracefully evaded by his older brother. Virgil grunted and tried again, letting out a short battle cry this time but Roman was quick and dodged to the side. This irked Virgil more than he could describe. He turned around and saw Roman putting the sword back into its sheath and that left him confused beyond compare.

“What are you doing?” Virgil demanded to know, frustration and confusion noticeable in his voice and on his face.

“Oh, I don’t think I’ll be needing this today,” Roman answered and let a snort escape his throat. Virgil was confused but pushed it aside and placed his sword in front of him and said: “How are you so sure, big bro?”

Roman just shrugged, put his sword against the wall and tilted his head to the side, smirking again, challenging his brother with his eyes. Virgil leaped towards him once again and was met with a shove to the back after Roman dodged once again and sent him stumbling into a pile of wooden boxes. One landed on his head, fortunately, it had no contents inside, so Virgil just took it off his head after getting up, leaving his sword on the ground, throwing the box to the side, pointing his finger at Roman and saying: “You’ve had it, Roman.”

The older prince dusted his hands off, then put them behind his back, waiting for Virgil to return to battle and he did so quicker than expected, jumping in the air and throwing a punch at Roman, but he evaded it again, by stepping backwards with no effort, mocking him: “Good reverse punch.” Virgil tried kicking in the air but missed cause Roman ducked and called out again: “Nice kicks you got there as well.” Virgil tried tackling him, but it was hopeless since Roman was unbelievably quick. Neither of them even noticed Patton and Logan enter the room with their father, Thomas, to observe the match.

“Wooaah, that is one interesting technique, I didn’t know there would be hugging in this duel.”

When Virgil tried punching him again, Roman simply stepped to the side, mocking: “Not a bad technique at all, you’re just a liiiittle too slow!” As he said that, he punched Virgil in the back, making him fall forward on his hands and knees, then put his hands on his hips and continued: “Actually…much too slow.” Virgil’s patience was wearing thin. So he turned around with even quicker movement and landed a punch on Roman’s chest, making him stumble backward and landing on the near wall with a thud. The three observers’ faces grew a bit concerned, watching the two boys go at it back and forth. Virgil wasted no time and rushed towards Roman, ready to deliver a new punch, but Roman collected himself and dodged it three times and Virgil’s grunts and growls grew more and more aggressive with every missed punch. Roman regained his balance and ran to the other side of the room, turned around and heard Virgil shout: “You think you’re better than me??”  the younger prince started running towards his opponent and shouted again: “Do you?!”

Virgil grabbed Roman’s hands and for a moment, they were stuck in a wrestling position, both of their arms raised above their heads, trying to outbalance each other. Roman made eye contact with Virgil, whose eyes were full of fire and determination. Roman had rarely seen such sight in his eyes in all these years they’ve lived together. But a large grin plastered itself on his face and he laughed: “No, you just hold yourself back too much…Verge.” and used Virgil’s strength against him by leaning backwards, tightening the grip on his hands and throwing him across the room into a metal stand that was designed to hold multiple weapons, which were now scattered across the room, since Virgil landed into them with a loud crash, making most of the weapons to fall onto him.

Roman turned around to face his “audience” of three people, opened up his hands dramatically above his head and exclaimed: “Winner and still champion: Roman! Protector of the poor and the only rightful heir to the throne!”

That was it. Virgil’s patience was no more, for it had been engulfed by the bottomless pit of rage that crept up his spine and consumed his entire being. He slowly got up, grabbing the nearest knife that lay on the floor next to him, growling and clenching his jaw and fists as tightly as he could. He couldn’t take it anymore. He’s had enough!

“You….” he mumbled to himself while shaking with rising anger.

I am not weak.

I am not slow.

I am not your punching bag.

I do not hold myself back.


You are not better than me and I’m not weaker than you.

I’ll show you how weak I am.

Logan saw what was about to happen and grabbed Patton by the shoulder to warn him. And with that thought, Virgil ran towards unsuspecting Roman, shouting, the older brother turned around and before he could grasp what was happening entirely, he felt Virgil’s knee on his chest, pinning him down to the floor, keeping him there and saw his youngest brother lifting the knife in the air. Roman looked at his eyes, which were unrecognizable; a mix of unbelievable rage and frustration. He lifted his hands in front of his head, saying: “Verge…wait…WAIT!” Virgil couldn’t hear him anymore. He was gone. He narrowed his eyes and was about to swing when he felt a firm and a strong hold on the arm that was holding the knife. He turned around and saw Logan, shouting: “Virgil!! Have you lost your mind??” Patton rushed to their side, kneeling in front of Roman: “Are you okay, Roman?” and after he made sure Roman wasn’t injured, he turned his head to look at Virgil: “What were you thinking, Virgil??”

The youngest prince was frozen on his knees, panting and looked at Roman with utter terror taking over his face, not wanting to believe what he almost did. His panting wouldn’t stop as he barely breathed out: “Logan…I…Ro…I…” he fell onto his hand and covered his face with another, closing his eyes tightly, trying to force away the thought of what could’ve just happened. He almost…

Patton lifted Roman off the ground and walked him to the edge of the sparring arena.

That’s when Virgil heard oh so familiar footsteps of his father getting closer. And soon after, he felt his hand on his shoulder, but he quickly got up, flinching away from the touch. He faced all four of them, his breath not wanting to slow down and his heart racing like that of a hummingbird. He grabbed his head again, his eyes still wide while looking at the floor.

“Verge?” he heard Patton say, extreme worry in his voice.

Virgil looked up at his family and saw them all looking at him, he was still not able to calm down. He was so disappointed in himself. So angry. Before anyone could do or say anything else, he ran full speed out of the room and out of the castle. He made his way towards the stables, grabbed his horse and galloped out full speed, hearing Patton’s faint voice calling out to him from the gates: “Virgil, wait!!”

Patton saw Virgil disappear into the storm, his black cloak following him close behind. Patton quickly grabbed his white and blue cloak, put it on and before he could step out into the rain, he felt a hand holding him in place. He recognized the touch, so he turned around to face Logan and said: “Logan, let me go! Virgil cannot be out in that storm alone!”

“You cannot be alone in that storm either! You can get hurt too!”

“We’re losing time by talking! He’s getting away! I’m not going to let him hurt himself, we need to bring him back! We don’t know what could happen!”

“I know……That’s why we’re going with you.” Patton looked at his twin’s face which had a playful smile on it. Patton heard horse hooves on the gravel behind them, turned around and saw Roman standing under the roof with their three horses, saddled up and ready. Patton’s face lit up and he jumped onto his horse but still asked: “Are you sure, Ro?”

Roman could only laugh at that question: “He may be a Dark Overlord, but he’s still our Dark Overlord. Come on, we’re losing time.” Before he even finished that sentence, he was already up on his horse, with Logan close behind. Patton gave a firm nod and they all galloped full speed out of the castle grounds.

The wind and the rain were picking up, sending a shiver down Virgil’s neck and the tears streaming down his face didn’t help either. He didn’t know where he was going, but he was sure as hell that he’s never coming back home. He made a huge mistake and he could never ever apologize enough for it. He didn’t know what to do. They would probably lock him up or send him to some kind of doctor…though a lockup seemed more probable. It wasn’t like he didn’t deserve it anyway.

I’m a monster.

He and his horse were soaked but he didn’t care. He had to get away as fast as possible before he could snap and hurt anybody else. Nobody would miss him anyway. Thunder muffled the sound of the hooves on the mud for a few seconds as it rumbled through the sky. The only light Virgil had were the occasional lightning strikes that stroke through the stormy night. But the fact that he already knew the forest by heart, as he often went exploring when he was a child, helped a lot and was immensely needed this time. He left in such a rush he didn’t even have the time to put a saddle or a bridle on. But he managed. He had to. He didn’t want to hurt them. And to think he’d almost… No. He didn’t want to think about such thing. He was insane, that’s what he was. Deserved to be locked away, where no one else could see him or come near him.


They could never forgive him. How could they? It’d be best if he just disappeared. Forever. And that’s exactly what he was doing. Disappearing.



“Oh, Stormzaaaaap! Come out come out wherever you areee!”

“Virgil, this is nonsense, please show yourself so we can go home!”

All three boys kept calling out for Virgil but were always met with either howling wind, thunder or lightning as an answer. Patton was worried sick. What if something had happened? Was Virgil alright? What if he was in the enemy territory already and thugs would capture him and do god-knows-what to him. His horse was probably without any gear and Virgil was riding bareback and bridleless, making it easier to fall off if the horse spooked or slipped. Oh god…what if he fell off already and he was all alone somewhere really hurt?? Patton felt a hand on his shoulder, turned his head and saw Roman, having a reassuring smile on his face: “We’ll find him, Patton. It’s gonna be okay. He couldn’t have gone far. Not in this weather.”

“Agreed. Patton, your worries are indeed justified, but we should focus on actually finding him at the moment and proceed to take further action when we find him.” Logan rode up to both of them, his previously bay horse now being the color of dark chocolate and Logan’s hair sticking to his face, even though the hood of his cloak was pulled above his head. It didn’t help much, Logan knew that even before he put the cloak on. The chances of them not getting entirely soaked were below 0% but he ignored that fact for now.

“You’re right, Logan. I’m just worried. I hope he’s okay.” Patton managed a small smile and they resumed to gallop in the direction Virgil would most probably go in.

Stupid, stupid, stupid! Virgil thought to himself as he leaned towards a giant willow tree, holding one side of his chest and limping slowly, using the tree to help himself. How could he be so stupid to overlook a tree branch and a big pool of mud right in front of them! Idiot! Imbecile! His horse was fine (again) but it took off in the direction of home. Great. Now they’ll know he fell off twice in one day and not only will he be discovered quicker but he’ll also be ridiculed for the rest of his life in the dungeon. How he hated himself right now. But he knew that whatever punishment will befall him, it will be justified and probably still not strict enough. He betrayed all of them. How could he do this? Was he really nothing more than an evil monster? He drew in a sharp breath through his teeth and decided it’s best to sit down as he would never be able to move far with this injury. He would take care of it in the morning. If he wasn’t dead by morning, that is. Maybe he deserved to die, at least then he could-


Virgil’s head shot up at the sudden voice coming from one direction. It must’ve been the wind. Yeah. That was it. The wind. There’s no way someone would come looking for him in this weather. So he stayed silent, but as he wanted to double check if it was really just the wind playing tricks on him, the pain in his leg and at the side of his chest made him release a small yelp and the footsteps that now sounded like horse hooves, became louder as they drew closer to him. Now he was sure there was someone out there. He just didn’t know who. Virgil tried to slide even lower, as to hide himself behind a thick root of the tree, but it seemed like the figure approaching him had already spotted him.

“Virgil, is that you?”


Oh no. No, no, no, no! Virgil didn’t want to go home, he didn’t want to face his family, he couldn’t! He betrayed them all, he betrayed the entire kingdom, almost killing the crown prince, the next heir to the throne. His brother. No…he couldn’t face them. The fear in his chest kept crawling higher and higher and then he saw shades of white and blue in the lighting that once again decorated the sky for a split second. He couldn’t move even if he would be able to. He surrendered. It seemed the only available option. He couldn’t run away from Patton, at least not on foot and not with that leg anyway. Patton leaned forward in his saddle to take a better look in the darkness that was surrounding him. When he saw shades of purple, a black doublet and a torn cloak resting beside the half sitting figure, he jumped off his saddle, exclaiming: “VIRGIL!! Oh my god, you’re here!” he ran towards his brother and knelt in front of him, holding his hands in front of Virgil and frantically asking: “Are you okay?? What are you doing on the floor? Are you hurt??” Virgil couldn’t lie to himself anymore…he was so happy to see Patton. But he still couldn’t bring himself to speak. He felt like everything he’d say would be pointless and without any meaning, so he just lowered his head in shame and looked away.

“Don’t worry, Verge, I’m here, it’s gonna be okay. You don’t have to talk, it’s okay.”

“It’s okay, Patton. Just take me in already so we can get this over with…”

“Over with? With what? What are you talking about?”

“Don’t act stupid. You know what I’m talking about.”

“I really do not, buddy, I’m gonna need some help here.”

Virgil glanced up at Patton with a crooked eyebrow but then lowered his head back down and said: “The dungeon?”

Patton snickered at that sentence and answered: “Oh, the only place I’m definitely taking you in will be the doctor’s chambers and then your room to get some rest.”

“Patton, I just committed a crime. I cannot go back home.” Virgil drew in another sharp breath as he shifted in his place and then quietly added: “I don’t wanna hurt you guys…”

“Virgil…what happened was an accident, you didn’t mean it. And whatever it is that’s been bothering you for the past few days, we can help you fix it.”

“I don’t need your help, I can manage just fine.”

“I don’t think you can, kiddo.”

After that sentence, Virgil looked up at Patton, whose face was soaked from the rain and covered in his wet hair. His glasses were foggy and he must’ve been so cold at that moment but his smile was warm. Patton touched his shoulder with one hand and gently said: “Asking for help doesn’t make you weak, Virgil.” Younger brothers’ eyes got foggy with tears again but he choked them back in, refusing to cry in front of anyone.

“I guess I just…always wanted to be like Roman…strong, independent, confident…I’m none of those things. It’s like I’m nothing at all.”

“Now don’t you dare say that! You are so important to all of us, you have no idea!” Patton sat down next to him and Virgil continued: “I guess…it became too much, listening to Roman brag all the time, humiliating me, putting me down, beating me in every single challenge he presented me with…” Patton stayed silent, carefully listening to his brother and taking the information in.

“You get pretty fed up with that kind of treatment sooner or later, you know? He’s the crown prince…and I’m…just the youngest prince who’ll never live up to the expectations of others.”

“Who set those expectations for you?”

Virgil glanced at Patton and slowly continued: “I guess…I just…I figured that’s what people need in a prince, you know? Strong, independent, charming, a good warrior, protector of the weak…”

“It would seem you’re so caught up in the things you think you want to be, that you actually overlook the very things that make you who you are and separate you from other people…in a good way.”

Virgil was confused at this point. A prince should be all that he listed before. Shouldn’t he?

Patton noticed his brother’s confusion and continued: “You mistake the road of someone else for your road. But you’ll soon find, that going down someone else’s road will lead you to a dark and scary forest, because you don’t know where you’re going. Cause it’s not your path to travel through. You work with your own clock. If you need longer to grasp a skill, that is okay. It does not mean you’re anything less than others, because if you’re not particularly good at this specific skill, you may be great at something else. Take your painting skills for example. Roman could never paint such masterpieces, I am willing to bet my life on it. Your art decorates a lot of castle walls and the walls of the church and some random objects children told you were their favorite but their colors were too boring, so you painted over them. You have your own set of skills that you use in everyday life. Comparing yourself to someone else is an insult to who you are.”

Virgil kept looking at Patton in disbelief and shock. He never expected Patton to be so full of wisdom and genuine advice.

“Roman is indeed a crown prince. And one day, he will lead this kingdom. But that’s his path. Not yours. If you stress about someone else’s road you don’t quite understand, you will find yourself going absolutely insane and drive yourself up the wall. You can’t always know the reasons why people chose their path to be as it is. It is true that Roman didn’t really have a choice in being an heir to the throne but I don’t think he’s resisting it either.” They both chuckled at that and Virgil could feel himself easing up.

“Quiet types of princes can be good for people as well, Verge. You always brood and over think situations, making a throughout plan for when we need to assist in battle. Your strategies saved us a lot of times and a lot of innocent lives too. Because you think through every possible situation, we know that we can trust your judgment and so far…it’s always been good. So don’t you dare tell me you’re nothing special or that you have failed this kingdom because you’ve saved it more times than you can count. And if you ever need help, we’ll always be here. Because if you try to handle every single thing in your life by yourself, you will break eventually. So please, start talking to us. We’re brothers after all. And we love you.”

Virgil didn’t even notice the tears streaming down his face for solid 2 minutes already. Patton looked at him and told him: “You’re just the prince we need in this kingdom, I guarantee you that.” and pulled him into a tight hug. Virgil had never been much of a hugger but he couldn’t resist this one. It felt good. It felt accepting. It felt like home again.

Suddenly, the sound of three horses walking down the muddy path could be heard approaching the two through the pouring rain, which didn’t seem to plan on stopping anytime soon. Patton recognized the two figures, turned back to Virgil and asked: “Are you ready?” to which Virgil replied with only a nod. Patton smiled, turned his head towards the approaching horses and called out: “Guys! I found Virgil! He’s injured, we need help!” and waved his hand in their direction. He saw a tall muscular figure get off first and running towards them. Patton put one arm around Virgil’s back and the other on his chest, asking: “Can you walk?” Virgil wanted to protest, saying that he doesn’t need help, that he can manage by himself, but also already knew that lying and refusing help wouldn’t take him very far, so he shook his head. Roman was at their side in less than 10 seconds and knelt in front of both, asking: “Are you guys okay?” Logan followed him close behind, still on his horse and dismounted once he arrived.

“How did you find us?” Patton asked and heard Logan reply: “We noticed Virgil’s horse run from this direction, so Roman caught it and we rode back the way it came from. We figured something might have happened to Virgil, so we wasted no time.” it was only then that Patton and Virgil noticed a raven horse, soaked from the rain and covered in mud, standing beside Logan’s horse. Virgil was relieved to see his horse well and back with them.

“It was a good idea to split up, Logan. Or else we might have never found Virgil.” Patton said as he looked at the brother in his arms, who still refused to look up at all three of them. Logan approached them and asked: “Where are you hurt, Virgil? Can you walk?” and Virgil shook his head and put his hand on the injured leg and then pointed at the side of his chest, where the clothes seemed to be stained darker than the rest of the body, but Logan couldn’t see clearly due to the darkness around them. A strike of lighting revealed that the stain in the doublet was, in fact, blood. Patton clasped a hand over his mouth as he got a quick glimpse of how serious Virgil’s injuries were. Logan noticed and reassured his twin: “No need to worry, Patton. The bleeding seems to have stopped which means the injury probably isn’t that serious. But we should still bring him back into the castle as fast as possible, so I can make sure and check if there is a possibility of internal bleeding as well.” Patton nodded and they heard Roman say: “You look like you got the hell kicked out of you, Stormy night. What were you thinking? Going into this night all by yourself. This just might be the worst decision you have ever made!”

“Go ahead…laugh…” Virgil finally spoke up, still looking at the ground, defeated. Confusion took over all three faces as their eyes fixed on the youngest prince. Roman couldn’t help but ask: “Laugh? Why would I do that for?”

“It’s not like you don’t want to. Or like I don’t deserve it. You can laugh. I won’t mind.”

“Virgil…I could never laugh at something as bad as you being hurt. You’re my brother.”

“But you saw what happened back there…I lost my mind.”


“I don’t care what you say. I’m a monster. I don’t deserve to be called your brother, much less a prince.”

“Virgil…what happened back there was the result of my foolishness and my ego taking over me. I might tease you a lot of times because that’s what we’ve always done, but I shouldn’t have pushed you towards the edge so much. And for that…I express my deepest apologies. I know I can be a bit much at times and I hope that you can forgive me.”

Virgil couldn’t believe his ears. Roman…apologizing? To him? When it should’ve been the other way around? What the hell was going on?

“You have my word to be more thoughtful from now on. My ego and my pride don’t have as much worth as my own brother. Family will always come first, no exceptions. So please…let’s go home and forget about this.”

Virgil wiped at his eyes and looked back down at the ground, nodding.

“We’re family, Virgil. And we’ll never leave you behind.” Patton reassured as he handed the youngest brother into the arms of Roman who scooped him up and carried him to his horse. As he put him up first and prepared to climb into the saddle as well, they all heard Virgil say: “Guys…I’m really sorry.”

“It’s okay, little bro. Don’t even sweat it. Rest.” Roman said as he climbed into the saddle and held Virgil close to his chest. The prince could feel himself slipping away while listening to his brother’s steady but strong heartbeat and before he knew it, everything went black and he woke up in his bed, his chest, shoulder, and leg patched up neatly. Most definitely Logan’s work. He tried to get up but the pain that shot through his body forced him to lie back down and release a groan, which made someone in the hall to start frantically walking towards his room and when the door opened, he saw Patton and Roman stand at the threshold, with worried expressions on their faces, asking him if he needs anything, if he’s alright, if anything hurts too much, if they can bring him anything, talking over one another, making Virgil’s headache somehow even worse.

“Guys, you should really just be quiet and let him rest or at least let him speak.” they heard Logan say as he entered the room, looking tired as ever but pleased to see Virgil recovering. Did he stay up all night taking care of him? It definitely seemed so and he had a record of doing such things in the past when others got injured as well. In fact, now that he took a closer look, all three of them looked exhausted, like they’ve been up all night, watching over him and making sure he was alright. Virgil couldn’t help but put one hand on his forehead and sigh deeply, feeling both annoyed at the endless attention from everybody but also extremely grateful to have them by his side. Everything would be okay, he thought.

After a few hours, he went to see his father with his brothers close behind him and apologized deeply for how he’s been behaving for the past few days and promised to never execute such a thing ever again or put others’ lives in danger like that. He really was sorry and he had no excuse for his actions.

He returned to his room later on and looked at his unfinished painting on the stand. Someone must’ve picked them up from the floor while he was asleep. He picked up the brush and his palette and got straight to it. Brush after brush, stroke after stroke, his hand flowed flawlessly and without effort. After a couple of hours, the piece was done. He took a step back and took the piece in with his eyes. It showed all three of them surrounded by huge gold and red wings that were attached to Roman’s back, who was above them all, protecting them, shielding them from harm. The trouble and frustration he felt before when trying to paint Roman seemed to vanish now. Because now he had no doubt that Roman will make an extraordinary King.

All of them were just unfinished paintings and it was all up to them to decide how they would paint themselves. And he felt hopeful.

Annoying (Drabble Challenge)

107. “You, me, popcorn, two liter Dr. Pepper, and a movie. You in?” + 99. “You got a cute butt.” + Kyungsoo

Kyungsoo was quiet, there was no doubt of that. But you liked him anyway, and you weren’t the type that someone could get rid of easily.

You slammed the door shut behind you and trounced into the kitchen to leave your purchases on the counter. You made your way into the living room and saw Kyungsoo watching a movie on his tablet, earphones in and completely concentrated.

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It’s an Economic Downturn, Timmy

Happy Birthday @generatorcat! Yay for 23!!! You are one of my favorite authors in this fandom and I wanted to show some appreciation!!  I hope you have a fabulous day and that this little piece can possibly get you off to a great start! <33

(S/O to @drabblemeister for being my cheerleader when my self-esteem is feeling especially delicate haha ilu)

AO3 Link

Pairing: JayTim (mentioned CassieKon)

Rating: T, for discussion of mature themes

Word Count: 3.7k


As far as first impressions went, Tim’s was sudden, unwarranted, and above all, intensely embarrassing. In fact, he might even go so far as to say that never in his life had his mind been so utterly at odds with his body. If he could have redone a single moment in his life over again, he never would have woken up today. Instead, he would have slept in, skipped class, and been blissfully ignorant of the way the life of his unlucky doppelganger from an alternate universe changed so dramatically in the space of ten seconds.

Because let’s be real for a moment here; getting a hard on out of nowhere because the new TA did nothing more than walk into Econ 405 and run his fingers through his hair while he introduced himself , literally nothing else, was possibly, probably, most definitely the epitome of humiliation.

“I’m so screwed.”

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“Phew, that was a close one!”


Mike’s heart was beating faster than ever before, and that was mixed with finishing his song, having a moment of awe once finding out Meena could sing, and then the bears. It was a narrow escape once more, but by God they had done it! Thanks to his girl especially.

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