&& when i found one

There is like,,,, the most gigantic spider ever in the laundry room,,,,, its the biggest i’ve ever seen,,,,, i locked it in there guess whos never doing laundry again whOOP


I’m not even over their No More Dreams era and now they comeback with a new era that’s hurting me so much. Back to the drawing board //crawls back since they told me to crawl when I can’t run or walk 


chen linong’s list of priorities:
1. escaping and winning the game
1. finding out who the handsome policeman is

1x11 “Scarecrow”
Standing Tall


bbh : not just a pretty face… but pretty hands too! 。*゚+*.。

steve’s middle name is spelled G-R-A-N-T but it’s pronounced ‘trouble’
list of jikook social media au’s on twitter that are actually amazing part 3

guess who’s back with part 3. there have been tons of great smau’s since my last rec list, and so i’ll be sharing those with all y’all, i hope you can find ones you like or haven’t read yet. This one is actually pretty darn long, so watch out (there’s over 70 i think?) once again, no particular order, just the order i saved them in. let me know if the links are wrong or don’t work and i’ll fix them! if y’all have your own recs, message me and i’ll add them to the next one, i can’t always catch every au and read them all (also i need new ones please). 
part 1 and part 2

~jungkook is  a solo artist with a bright future ahead of him, everyone expects him to find someone just as amazing and talented as he is, but he falls for the man who can’t speak. by jimeyesmile
~jimin and jungkook are in the same friend group but hate each other. everything changes one night when something major happens (this is called “mine”). by txtaus
~jimin is unpopular, but he’s secretly “best friends” with the most popular boy in school, jeon jungkook. however, jimin finds out that holding onto someone who wants to be set free isn’t worth it. by jimeyesmile

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