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Dolls for 300$ or less

This list compiles BJD under 300$ (and some SDs a little over that)

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We have a HUGE diversity of sizes and styles to pick from, even under a budget. So support the original product.

And remember children, do your homework! Research the company/website reviews and owner pictures. Shoot me a message if you have something to correct/include. Do let me know if you find a doll in this price range that isn’t listed. 

UPDATE: Google Docs List with links that work hopefully

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anonymous asked:

I want to get a doll, but its my first time getting one and I have a (extremely) tight price range. Is there a good doll brand I can get for super cheap (i.e. around $100)? I would generally want one of a smaller size.

Oh awesome! 

Here’s a list I copied from Denofangels with dolls from SD to Tiny, with the price range of > $300! Companies will also do various events in a year (new year, summer, winter, etc) and some of them offer discounts/free doll heads so that’s something to keep in mind as well!

I hope you can get one soon!
Feel free to ask more questions! I’ll be happy to help! ^___^

(Oh followers of mine, if you know of any more dolls around the price range of $100 or any helpful advice, please kindly reply to this post and help an interested anon out! :)

65-70cm Dolls [Hound Size]

50-64cm Dolls (1/3)

40-50cm dolls (¼ size)

20cm-30cm dolls (1/6 size)

16cm (1/12 size)

Seller review: Korbanth (Aka: Randy Johnson/SithPlanet)

I’m not usually the type to publicly name and shame but this has gotten to a point that I am absolutely disgusted by the customer service I have received while buying a lightsaber hilt and blades from Randy Johnson (Korbanth). He’s constantly been blaming me for his own mistakes and has been refusing to honour the agreement we made, changing costs and telling me things will be sent out and then after weeks of me waiting and only after confronting him then I am told that he wasn’t planning to until these extra hidden costs were paid. When being called out he sends angry and childish replies trying to demand I accept his offer and only taking me slightly more seriously when threatening to take things further.

It began in January when I contacted Randy enquiring about buying a Kylo Ren lightsaber hilt. I had been highly recommended his work and as a new person in the community I had heard many things about how you had to be careful when choosing where you buy your things from. I was quoted on 23/01/2016 for $295 for the saber hilt, with the option of including the set of three blades for an additional $60 and electronics installed by a third party. These were the only numbers I was given and I gladly accepted. I asked if I could pay in two instalments and Randy confirmed this was fine.

On 29/01 I paid my first half, I included notes in both an email and on my Paypal payment saying that I was including the Saber blades in my order. I received a one word email confirmation from Randy saying “Ok”.

On 26/02 I paid the second half and again asked for confirmation and Randy confirmed that he received it.

On 07/03 I received a parcel which only included the hilt. I sent an email questioning as to if the blades were on their way separately and once again confirmed all my payments and totals in full to make sure Randy was aware of exactly how much I had sent him. I quickly received an email saying that he had forgotten that I had paid extra for a set of the blades and that there would be a waiting time of two weeks before he’d get his next set in, but he would send them out as soon as they arrived.

On the 19/04 I sent another email asking what was going on with my order since I’d heard absolutely nothing about it and there was no sign of my parcel. After confirming all my details again and the numbers I’d been quotes, I was then told that my numbers were all incorrect. I was then told that the saber hilt was “$275 plus $40 postage” and the blades were “$60 plus $35 postage”, so I owed him an extra $55 before I could get my order.

This is when my alarm bells began to ring. Not only had suddenly a huge extra amount of postage been added that I had never been told about in the four months I’d been talking to Randy, but the hilt itself had changed price from $295 to $275. Naturally I was confused about this change of price, so I challenged it, just wanting to know what was going on and why I hadn’t been told that I apparently owed more until questioning as to why the order I had been told was soon to be on it’s way wasn’t here yet. I was told that apparently the mistake was mine. That I had “misunderstood” his words and he quickly shifted the blame onto me, despite me constantly providing screenshots backing up each and every point I made. To prove my point I listed out our entire exchange over the months into bullet points, just stressing that I wanted this sorted out and was just confused about where apparently I had made a mistake. I hoped that things could have been sorted out easily and this wouldn’t need to go any further. I was also confused as to why I hadn’t been told anything about this extra shipping in the whole 4 months of us talking.

03/05 and I’ve heard nothing. I send another email asking for confirmation that he’s received my message and if he would please reply to me.

I still hadn’t heard anything so on 10/05 I sent yet another email, but this time I wasn’t in the mood to be ignored. I threatened to take this to Paypal and issue a dispute if he didn’t reply within 24 hours since usually he would respond to me within an hour and it was clear he was ignoring my messages since he’d apparently been active on several forums the past few days. I didn’t know what else to do to be taken seriously.
Suddenly I got a reply but it was aggressive and childish basically telling me that he was refusing to honour our agreement and that I might as well send it back for a refund.

I didn’t want to get a refund. I was happy with what I received and all I wanted was to get the rest of my order which I had been promised. If that meant I had to send another email arguing my point while making sure to colour code the whole thing linking to each and every screenshot, then I would.

Finally now I was getting regular replies again he corrected his prices that had been different, but he was still demanding extra money from me. He basically was still ignoring the points I was making in regards to this shipping which I had never been told about until the 19th April. If I had been told anything about shipping being not included in the prices I had been given at any point before this date after I had been told my order was being shipped, then I would have had absolutely no problem in sending money to him to cover it. However I was skeptical because only after waiting for so long and hearing absolutely nothing did I finally get a reply being told that he had no intention to send me it after I had pressed to find out what was going on.

As far as I was concerned, he had held what he had promised from me for nearly three months now and after blaming me for his mistakes, he’s still trying to get money out of me which he never mentioned in all of our conversations until after he confirmed that I was finished and my order was soon to be on its way. Now I’ve called him out I’ve only been treated worse and I’m fed up of it. I’m not the type to want to ever make a post like this, but I don’t want anybody else to receive service like this. Randy is sticking by his guns but I am not taking this and have no plans to lie down and let him think that treating his customers like this is okay. I work in retail as a Supervisor but if I dared treat a customer like this I would have lost my job. If there was a mistake this could have been dealt with easily and there would be no need for this post. However I felt the way I have been treated is too bad to be ignored.

He needs to know that this is not okay and this is not how you run a business. I have opened this up to Paypal until this is completely resolved and I get what I ordered.