Meet Our Awesome Summer Intern, Sofia! 

Name: Sofia Jonas 

School: Harvard, Class of 2016

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Assignment: Researching the state of poverty in the Bay Area

Why did you choose to spend the summer at Tipping Point?
I was attracted to Tipping Point for two reasons. First, how it has distilled a deep understanding about what non-profits need to be successful into a unique, cutting-edge model that prioritizes unrestricted funding. Second, the intentionality with which Tipping Point seeks to create a productive working relationship between the for-profit and non-profit worlds.

Who or what inspires you?
People and organizations that never stop thinking creatively about how to disrupt seemingly intractable societal problems.

What’s the most surprising thing you learned this summer?
One of the most disturbing things I’ve learned and observed this summer is the incredible inequality that characterizes the Bay Area, between the tech boom on one hand and those for whom the wealth created by it is completely inaccessible on the other. I’ve also learned from Tipping Point to never underestimate the value of recognizing and celebrating the small (but important) wins and achievements as you work toward huge, long-term goals. 

Why did you join Team Tipping Point?
I appreciate the opportunity to combine my love for running with a meaningful way to support my community.

What’s your earliest memory of being an athlete?
I’d like to think that ducking from dodgeballs in elementary school builds character– and reflexes!

What’s your workout routine?
I aim to run twice during the week and squeeze in a relatively longer run on the weekend.  I cross-train by swimming as time permits.

Where do you most like to run?
The Embarcadero is really beautiful in the early morning.

What foods and/or drinks fuel you?
The reward of an ice cream cone (ideally cookie dough or green tea) will inspire me to run any distance.

Who inspires you?
Three years after “Linsanity”, I am still in awe of how Jeremy Lin caused a frenzy worldwide.  I also appreciate that he works hard to continue improving his game and be a servant leader in the NBA.

Do you have any superstitions when it comes to your performance?
Munching on bagels and bananas is an important pre-race ritual.

What are you most looking forward to on race day?
I am excited about running my first race in San Francisco and taking in the beautiful views along the course.

How will you/did you accomplish your fundraising goal?
I’m thankful for my friends and family who have kindly responded to my emails, phone calls, and Facebook posts.