more playlists for more occasions

…cause really none of us know how to articulate emotion without a soundtrack now do we!! (all linked to spotify)

happy - very short playlist of feel good summer songs to sit by an open window to during golden hour or some romantic foolery like that

put on your dancing shoes - singing into ur shampoo bottle and happy crying in the shower IS a hobby! 

same old love - for daydreaming about the person you’ve been madly in love with for years but never really dated instead you’ve constructed multiple detailed fantasies of the two of u and routinely have entirely unrealistic conversations with them in ur head

warm yellow light - spring inspired softness for personal growth and… being in love britney spears yeah.gif u guessed it love is a theme here

my my my - accelerated melancholy, caffeine high and feeling a little crazy

head in the clouds - inspired by lofi hiphop to study and chill to 24h stream and every cool quirky vlogger’s background music

perfect - if the soundtracks of atomic blonde, stuck in love and trainspotting had a lovechild 

softer pinker matter - sexy times

hell on earth and the city’s on fire - for rolling solo

frank - my personal best of frank ocean

i want the ocean right now - a tegan and sara playlist

saturated - a boyband u need in ur life ladies and gays. trust me on this one 

summer 20gayteen - a messy mix of all the above

and some big playlists by genre - classic rock, american hip hop, oldies, indie, punk, remixes/pop