Things I loved about The Last Jedi (spoilers, obvs)

• seeing Leia finally use the force (even though it was in a way that seemed rather unusual)

• Leia not dying

• Stormpilot ♡ the implications were stronger than what I’d hoped for, at least in the beginning

• Reys parentage and the message that your identity does not depend on who your family is or not is

• Luke, that ol’ badass. Wish we could’ve spend more time with that new/old version of him. So much depth

• The explorations of the force - hints of something more complex and beautiful than what we previously knew

• The casino scenes, showcasing the ugliest side of capitalism (which is kinda ironic coming from Disney, but still)

• The Kylo/Rey dynamic. I’m not a Reylo shipper and not an anti either. I try to see their problems and their potential in a realistic light and I think the filmmakers do, too.

• Snoke, ending

• The nostalgia (especially Leias message and Luke watching the sunset)

• The structure of the plot, daring to go further from the tropes and elements of the original trilogy, leading us to new and unexpected places

• TL;DR? Everything, really.

EDIT: Not entirely true, it seems I’m not over Luke’s death at all, peaceful and heroic as it might have been. SW will just not be the same without him.

On the character assassination of Poe Dameron

I would like to discuss the character assassination of Poe (and Leia by proxy) one more time, as I have just talked to a friend who is a casual viewer and saw the movie yesterday, and said that Poe was so arrogant, chauvinistic and unlikable that he became her least favourite character after Kyle, which just utterly broke my heart.

Poe had been introduced in BTA and later TFA as such a wonderful, groundbreaking character: sure, he was the best pilot in the Resistance and he knew it and was rightly proud, but he was never arrogant about it. Instead, we met him as a great strategist and team-leader beloved by his squadron, and as an overall friendly, open, humble and good-natured person with great people skills who immediately understood he could trust this scared, deserting stormtrooper; who refused to call him by a number like some object and offered him a name instead; was constantly positive and encouraging towards Finn during their escape; always knelt down to BB-8’s level when talking to them instead of talking down; in the comics told C3PO to stop submissively calling him ‘Master Dameron’ when it was he, C3PO, who was a war hero people should respect.

It was also established that Poe’s greatest heroes and inspirations are his mother, ace fighter pilot Shara Bey, and Leia Organa.

So to hear now that Rian Johnson has taken this wonderful character and turned him into a reckless, arrogant macho stereotype caricature who won’t take orders from female superiors just breaks my heart so much.

Also although the scene is subtle so some may miss it, Leia and Amilyn Holdo absolutely do joke among themselves that although Poe is a troublemaker, they still like him and keep him around because he looks good.

Which… is just so disgustingly vile, disrespectful and objectifying and something the real Leia, who was good friends with Poe’s mother and who knows how brave, competent and loyal to her Poe is, would never ever say.

The fact that Rian Johnson thought it would be hilarious to have two white women in positions of power make sexist, degrading jokes about their subordinate who is played by a latinx actor (with the latinx community facing so much objectification and hypersexualisation in the media all the time already, and the fetishization of Poe and his suffering being such a huge problem in the SW fandom itself!) just boggles my mind. But I guess nothing about the extent of that man’s racism should surprise me any more at this point.

The only way I might have excused Poe’s sudden personality transplant would be if they had explained it as him suffering from PTSD and trauma after being held captive and tortured by the FO and Kylo Ren. But of course what her son has done to him never comes up between Leia and Poe - instead she slaps and stuns him for good measure.

I’m just so unbelievably sad because I don’t know how JJ Abrams could retcon this and make it right and bring back the Poe we know and love. Maybe with the PTSD angle, if done right, but I’m not sure…


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