“They Blink and Reality Shivers”

Done for the Month of Fear challenge, “Shiver”.

The saints cannot distinguish
between being with other people and being
alone: another good reason for becoming one.

They live in trees and eat air.
Staring past or through us, they see
things which we would call not there.
We, on the contrary, see them.

They smell of old fur coats
stored for a long time in the attic.
When they move they ripple.
Two of them passed here yesterday,
filled and vacated and filled
by the wind, like drained pillows
blowing across a derelict lot,
their twisted and scorched feet
not touching the ground,
their feathers catching in thistles.
What they touched emptied of colour.

Whether they are dead or not
is a moot point.
Shreds of they litter history,
a hand here, a bone there:
is it suffering or goodness
that makes them holy,
or can anyone tell the difference?

Though they pray, they do not pray
for us. Prayers peel off them
like burned skin healing.
Once they tried to save something,
others or their own souls.
Now they seem to have no use,
like the colours on blind fish.
Nevertheless, they are sacred.

They drift through the atmosphere,
their blue eyes sucked dry
by the ordeal of seeing, exuding gaps in the landscape as water
exudes mist. They blink
and reality shivers.

—Margaret Atwood, The Saints

anonymous asked:

Hi, ADs. This time of year there always seems to be a ton of big, serious art challenges going on for fantasy art. I've also been doing smaller weekly challenges, run by artists working in the industry I want to work for, as a means of practice for real deadlines and "real" work. Thoughts on these types of things? Do AD's actually pay attention to these? Would it be held against me if my portfolio update for winter consists of mostly/all pieces done for these challenges(tailored of course)?Thnx!

#MerMay, #JuneFae, #Inktober, #MonthOfFear, #MonthOfLove, WE LOVE THAT SHIT. ADs are constantly checking in on those tags. I think there’s even a #Gnomvember. Ridiculous.

Will we think less of you if your portfolio is all those pieces? No, we won’t think less of you, we’ll just think you’re someone just starting out. If you’re not JUST starting out, then you should have some client work in your portfolio as well so it’s shown that you have some professional experience. But if you’re new & starting out, then it’s fine! I personally have found many artists thru these tags.

—Agent KillFee

Juggler, digital drawing.

Done for the 2018 Month of Fear challenge “Lies.”

I’ve never participated in Month of Fear before, even though I’ve always wanted to. This year I was working on something that I thought could kinda line up with the theme of the first week, so I was quite excited about that!

This one is about how I feel in my daily life, the need to have a bright smiling personality ready to show others - when underneath I feel tired and empty from juggling all the things that need to be done if I’m to stay on top of life at all.

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Final image for Month of Fear/Inktober, “Blindness”. Ink on bristol carton, 35×45cm.

Still mashing up #InkTober2018 and #MonthOfFear2018; this is “Blindness”.
For some of the Month of Fear subjects, I instantly had an idea, others were more laborious. Blindness I had no idea for until the day of the deadline, but then it was crystal clear; there were several elections in Germany recently and this was the perfect subject.

Final image for Month of Fear/Inktober, “Lies”. Ink on bristol carton, 50×70cm.

This year I finally managed to join Month of Fear - but I couldn’t leave out Inktober either! So I’m overlapping both.
It begins with MoF subject “Lies”. My take is focused on Kirke, the sorceress/goddess from the Odyssee, who turns visitors into animals and tries to trick Odysseus, who is only saved by Hermes telling him Kirke’s secrets.