“Transformation” by Andrew Sides

12 x 16 inches oil on panel.

Done for the 2016 Month of Fear “Metamorphoses” theme

This is a revisit of an older piece I had done a few years back, in a new medium (for me at least!)

“I felt myself being torn in two, the planes of reality divorcing themselves into separate entities as I am caught in their violent reaction.”

Kelpie for the Month of Fear’s Beneath the Surface theme.

Kelpies are a water spirit from Scotland that inhabit lochs/lakes.In the Online Etymology Dictionary the kelpie is definied as “the Lowland name of a demon in the shape of a horse”. Although the horse shape is considered the most common water spirit in Scottish folklore, the name is attributed to several different forms in narratives recorded throughout the country. The most famous one being Loch Ness.