Another week of Primary 1 school placement completed, using more of the fantasy RPG-themed gamification that I started before the spring holidays.
Over the course of the short week (Monday and Tuesday were holidays) the kids chose their ‘fantasy race’ from a selection inspired by fairy tales (this term’s over-arching topic). They also met some more NPCs: Billy the giant, who needed help planting a beanstalk to climb his way back home (lesson on writing instructions); Gino and Nino the two-headed troll who was/were having trouble sharing their food (fractions): and Captain Shelly, who asked them to find four magic jewels around the classroom using maps (directions), so that she could cast a spell that would take them all to her home of Atlantis next week! Along the way, they stopped by the Magic Shop, and bought some magical items to help them on their adventure (addition/using money). Overall, the three days have been tiring (especially as the kids are getting more and more hyper the closer we get to the summer holidays), but also tremendously rewarding and enjoyable. More updates next week!

Seven things that will be gamified

1. The house of the future will have an exclusive tie-in deal with Nintendo. As a result, your pipes will be full of Mario. Every morning, you will wake to the sound of banging from the radiator. Mario is in there again. He never remembers where that pipe leads. Now he is in literal hot water and you’re probably going to have to switch the heating off again before you boil a beloved game character.

2. In the gamified future, Amazon will make deliveries in crates. Book? Metre-tall crate. Pair of shoes? Metre-tall crate. Book and a box of chocolates? Two metre-tall crates on top of each other. No longer will you have the option of leaving your parcel unopened. You will need to open it to get out of the door. Of course, you can also use it to get onto the roof.

3. You will want to get onto the roof because there are coins up there. In an innovative campaign designed to improve physical activity, salaries and other payments are no longer delivered straight to bank accounts. Instead, coins will appear in hard-to-reach places at random intervals.

4. House-building will be gamified by introducing special bricks which disappear as soon as a full horizontal row is made. Houses can only be built by leaving selected gaps in each row; however, as soon as the bricks reach roof height, the builders will be deemed to have lost. Therefore the most skilled builders can never finish a house, but must keep working endlessly. It is a cunning scheme to move towards full employment. Or it would be, were many future houses not built by robots. However, it has certainly increased employment levels at robot-construction factories.

5. If you can catch every cold and flu virus across the course of a Winter season, you may get the chance of catching a special limited-edition norovirus. Better yet, you can set the cold and flu viruses to fight against each other. It’s almost always worth it to go down with the flu, because one flu can reliably win in battle against three or four colds.

6. Hospitals are repurposed as mazes. If you can find your ward, you may or may not be rewarded with extra health. If you explore the rest of the maze, there may be additional goodies to find; for example, limp sandwiches, mysterious items of public art, or a water dispenser.

7. For no reason that can adequately be discerned, the rewards for jumping on mushrooms in the future world are substantial. It is a terrible problem for supermarkets. As soon as they put out a tray of mushrooms, some hob-nailed chancer comes along and puts their feet in it. Hardly a mushroom farm in the world has remained financially solvent. Come Autumn, everyone is out on the woods looking for mushrooms to stomp on. Worse yet, the lesser-spotted gnome has been squished almost to extinction. But the last few gnome advocates have put together an investigative team and they are determined to follow the mushroom money trail back to wherever it comes from. Who knows what murky secrets they will reveal?

anonymous asked:

Dear AD, I know that in todays world, having a strong social media presence can greatly benefit your career. For me, trying to maintain my social media always feels like a chore (and some kind of invasion of privacy at times). I might post a few things here and there and then forget about it for weeks until I start hating myself for it. How do you become efficient across multiple platforms and still have fun with it? And how do you not let it suck your entire life?

I think you’re thinking about it wrong…social media is a game, not a chore. Think about it as a video game, except the loot you’re collecting is likes and shares, and the big boss is the evil algorithms trying to bury your art. 

As long as you think about self-promotion as a chore, you’ll never do it naturally or genuinely. 

Note 1: You don’t need to invade your privacy. You put up what you want to. You don’t have to talk about anything you don’t want to…except your art and the part of your life involved in making it. And if you don’t want to share that, then you probably shouldn’t be a professional artist.

Note 2: You saying you “hate yourself” later is one of those interesting phrases that makes me think there’s more going on here. It shows there’s a conflict, that you’re struggling with yourself over this, Think deeply about why sharing your art seems like a burden and you’ll probably find some barely-buried baggage you’ve been carrying around about not being able to talk about yourself without it being considered bragging, or maybe the baggage of a family member or teacher saying you’ll never succeed as an artist, or the fear of putting yourself out there and being rejected. That’s why you want to hide from it. Dig that emotional shit out into your conscious thought and examine it and you’ll see it’ll stop getting in your way.

Note 3: On Multiple platforms…don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to be everywhere — you don’t — just find the platforms that feel natural to you and stick to those. Better to do twitter really well and nothing else, or Instagram, or Tumblr, etc. and be nowhere else. With the caveat that you don’t know what “feels natural” until you play with it a little (refer back to video game analogy) - feel free to make accounts, test out for a few weeks, then if you want, put a note on that account’s profile saying go look for you on a different platform, and move on.

Gamify it and you’ll enjoy it a lot more…and be a lot more successful at it.

—Agent KillFee

A Magical (and Nerdy) Mindset Shift

1. I love videogames.

2. I (often) sometimes take life, my goals, and myself way too seriously.

The other morning, I was struck with an idea to combine gaming with my life in a way that would help me to shift my mindset around some things, and have more fun in general. 

It’s working, and I want to share it with you. 

The gist of it is that I start my day as if I was The Hero of Our Story, setting out on my grand adventure. I pick my Equipment, a few Buffs, a Potion, and my Quests.

I sit down for a few minutes in the morning to write down what I’ve picked, and what it does for me. Here’s an example from today, and I try to limit each area to three slots so I don’t get overwhelmed or take up too much time.


Today I put on a comfy yellow sweater, a carnelian necklace, and a dragonfly scarf. BORING. See, this is an adventure. What did I actually put on?

  • Carnelian Necklace of Creative Fire: +100 to confidence and creativity
  • Yellow-Gold Sweater of Sunshine: Absorbs and radiates light and joy as needed.

  • Dragonfly Scarf of Transformation: +50 to positivity. Banishes low vibration thoughts, actions, and energies, so the soul can grow.


These are essentially affirmations, but I imagine them as a “buff” or aura that’s with me all day long.

  • Blessing of Motivation: I am driven to accomplish my goals today.

  • Aura of Gratitude: I recognize and am grateful for everything that enters into my life.

  • Strength of Spirit: I am strong, but gentle, and I share my warmth willingly.


  • Special Sip of Synchronicity: (Coffeeeeeee) This guarantees that something magical and amazing will happen to me today.


Seriously, what’s a hero without their quests? 

  • #1: I will finish designing the super secret special project
  • #2: I will market my book in at least one way today

  • #3: I will take a side-quest to wash the dishes and vanquish the filthy kitchen

And then, finally, we have what might be the most important part of this exercise, which is the inventory. Your inventory will start out empty, but fill up quickly as you go through the day and collect good thoughts and experiences. It’s essentially a gratitude list. Here’s an example from yesterday of what I picked up throughout my adventure.


  • 1 New Subscriber (Yay!)
  • 1 Free Gift Given (Awesome!)
  • A New Firestarter Session rocked my world (Amazing!)
  • A beautiful and soulful bracelet from my brother-in-law and his girlfriend (thankyouthankyouthankyou)
  • A super sweet compliment from Queenie (<3 <3 <3)
  • etc. etc. etc.

If you got something or gave something, and it even for a moment lit up your day, acknowledge it. Build up your gratitude, build up your light. Level UP!

You can pull makeup and other things into the equipment, too. Yesterday I applied Golden Lip Gloss of Beauty and Luxury, and Sweet Patchouli Perfume of Pleasure to remind myself that every moment is one worth savoring.

Run wild with this. What do you want from today?

Suit up. Have fun. Embrace your inner-Hero. 

And oh my goodness, if anyone out there tries this please share? I want to know how you tackled your own adventures!

anonymous asked:

Hey how is the website going? I remember you talking about it once before. Also how are you feeling today?

It’s currently on my low priority list because my schedule is ridiculously packed with other things. Exciting things, though.

Some of you may know that I started my new job as a gamification consultant in October. I’m currently designing a gamified innovation workshop for this international company. The goal is for them to come up with innovative project ideas. 

The cool thing is: this is a workshop for 150 people, all C-level executives and team leaders in their mid-30s to 60s, and they all loved playing games in these workshops. My colleague ran a workshop with them last year, where they made it a Shark Tank-style competition + card games with skills and buffs to help them gain an advantage against other teams. They actually came up with multiple projects that made a huge impact on the company. See what you get when you make work fun?

This year it’s my turn. This year’s workshop actually has 3 goals instead of 1:

  1. Coming up with innovative project ideas that actually impact the company
  2. Learn new changes in the company culture the executives want to implement (e.g. being less risk-averse, managing long-term vs short-term goals, recruiting the right talents, etc.)
  3. Learn qualities that leaders must have (e.g. leading by example, being a coach, able to anticipate the market, open to innovation, etc.)

So I decided to make it a survival-style game. If you’re a gamer, you might know the game called 60 Seconds! which I used as the basis. In the beginning, each person is given a character who excels in different qualities of leadership. They also have different stats on them (the table below is a list of characters & rough stats.


Each character will also need a different amount of food each day to survive.

The story is that the company accidentally stumbled upon a top-secret project by some agents. The agents then put the whole company on lockdown for 7 days. If they can prove worthy of being a part of the secret (by showing great project ideas), they will be released. If not, then too bad :p

The one day workshop is then divided into “7 days” each with 3-5 survival scenarios where each team has to decide whether they want to engage or not. If they engage, they have to choose which characters to send, whose stats will affect the outcome. They can win the scenario and get rewards (like more food, useful tools, boosters to help them with project ideas like secrets about next year’s market that only executives know). But if they lose, they can get a penalty (like getting punched in the eye, therefore can’t see, and have to wear an eye mask for the rest of the “day”). If they don’t engage, they take no risk, but cannot gain rewards either.


So this plays in well to the company culture they want to implement. As well as getting them through stages of brainstorming ideas, narrowing them down based on effectiveness & feasibility, and picking one to present against other teams at the end, as they go through different survival scenarios.

Teams with the most surviving characters or have the bonus resources required will get to present first, and also have more time to present.

Yeah, that’s basically it. Super excited about this. The awesome thing is that there was no way I would have been able to do this if I wasn’t a gamer. Finally, a hobby that seems useless is now proven extremely useful (and very well paid at that).

In other news, INFP and I are still working hard on the MBTI card game. We’ve been going over questions many times to make sure that it’s true to each type and as clear as possible. Gonna start testing next month.

How am I feeling? Thanks for asking. Excited but very tired, sleep deprived and can’t human anymore.


[ 🎁 Get MBTI Merch for Christmas! ]


I’ve been back on Primary 1 school placement (my last one before my PGDE course ends in three weeks) and am getting ready to continue my fantasy RPG-themed gamification that I started before the spring holidays.
On Tuesday I taught a drama lesson, in which the kids had to venture into Medusa’s cave and retrieve the treasure she stole. Even though a couple  thought Medusa was a bit too scary, the whole class really enjoyed the lesson. Looking forward to teaching more next week and making more gamification plans / narrative framing.

Eight ways to gamify your life

1. Try recreating the excitement of Hungry Hungry Hippos by cooking a meal for one or more children. This version has some fun variations from the original, including the option to lock shut all the hippos and lose if the meal is too tomatoey or has green bits on.
2. Like great herds of buffalo, energy tariffs roam the wild interwebs. Can you snare the best one? Nurture your energy tariff, but be aware: over time it will deteriorate and you will need to hunt for a new one. Your reward for success is probably being slightly less poor. For extra fun, why not try searching out the wild bank accounts as they sneak through the tangled undergrowth?
3. Have you ever dreamed of prospecting for gold, except the river is cat litter, and the gold is brown and a bit smelly? Then you too may want to play Cat Poop Prospector ™. Level up by completely clearing the river of nuggets to unlock your cat’s special bonus level.
4. Many people find it calming to move a pen back and forth over a piece of paper. If this is you, you may be interested in playing Passport Renewal, a fun combination of puzzle and scavenger hunt where only exactly the correct collection of personal data wins!
5. Award yourself points for time spent at the office to win the title of office presenteeism champion from other people who also award themselves points for time spent at the office. Rewards for a seven-day streak include more work, a trip to the stationary cupboard, and the chance to camp out under your desk on a makeshift bed of pizza boxes and despair.
6. For a nostalgic return to the days of childhood, why not play the adult version of ‘knocking on doors and running away’. It is basically the same except instead of knocking you deliver leaflets and maybe talk about politics for a bit.
7. One may always tell winners at Laundry Quest, because they are the ones who, come the apocalypse, will be revealed to have clean and non-embarrassing underwear on. Winners at Laundry Quest never put a red thing in the white things wash. Their socks are never grey unless those socks started off grey. They may even have unlocked the mystery button on the washing machine, and know what it does.
8. Or just win at life by redefining winning to be whatever you happen to be currently doing, thereby freeing up time to do even more winning.


Happy Habitica Naming Day! In honor of the day when we changed the name of the app from HabitRPG to Habitica, we’ve given everyone an achievement, as well as some delicious cake for your pets and mounts.

Plus, all users receive Royal Purple Gryphon rewards! Depending on how many Naming Days you’ve celebrated with us, you’ve received Melior (a Purple Gryphon mount), his little sister Meliora (a Purple Gryphon pet), a Purple Gryphon Helm, the Purple Gryphon Wing Cloak, or the latest addition, the Purple Gryphon Tail!

Thanks for being a Habitica user – you all mean so much to us. We hope that you enjoy your presents!

Train your brain to eat less sugar

More than half of American adults consume excess added sugars, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Major dietary guidelines recommend limiting foods high in added sugars. A recent study led by Evan Forman, PhD, a psychology professor in Drexel University’s College of Arts and Sciences, shows that a computer game can be used to train its players to eat less sugar, as way of reducing their weight and improving their health.


“Added sugar is one of the biggest culprits of excess calories and is also associated with several health risks including cancer,” said Forman, who also leads the Center for Weight, Eating and Lifestyle Science (WELL Center) at Drexel. “For these reasons, eliminating added sugar from a person’s diet results in weight loss and reduced risk of disease.”

As part of their study, which was recently published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine, the researchers developed and evaluated a “brain training” game targeting the part of the brain that inhibits impulses with the hope that it would improve diet, specifically by decreasing the consumption of sweet foods. Think: Lumosity for your diet.

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Hey Habiticans! The Grand Gala has ended now, but that’s not the end of all the fun. Here’s the usual roundup of the good news!

So, let’s celebrate the release of a new achievement to help recognise your efforts in collecting Pets! Earn the Freshwater Friends achievement by collecting all Habitica’s river-, lake-, and pond-dwellers and you’ll earn a nifty badge for your profile. If you’ve already done all those quests, completing just one will trigger the achievement.

And of course, we’d like to wish you all a Happy Habitica Naming day! In honor of the day when we changed the name of the app from HabitRPG to Habitica, we’ve given everyone an achievement, as well as some delicious cake for your pets and mounts. 

Speaking of pets and mounts, we’ve given all users Royal Purple Gryphon rewards! Depending on how many Naming Days you’ve celebrated with us, you’ve received Melior (a Purple Gryphon mount), his little sister Meliora (a Purple Gryphon pet), a Purple Gryphon Helm, the Purple Gryphon Wing Cloak, or the latest addition, the Purple Gryphon Tail! You’ll find the pet or mount in your Stables, and if you received an item like the Helm it will be in your Rewards column to buy for 0 gold.

That’s everything for this week! Time to get back to our tasks…

Idea for gamification in art and learning: a mobile “game” named ”Attention Deficit Handheld Device” that plays an endless loop of 10 second clips from your favorite songs and vibrates non-stop, and gets progressively louder and more aggressive the longer you sit still and ignore your phone.


We’re releasing a new achievement so you can celebrate your successes in the world of Habitican Pet collecting! Earn the Freshwater Friends achievement by collecting all Habitica’s river-, lake-, and pond-dwellers and you’ll earn a nifty badge for your profile.

If you’ve already completed the required Quests for a newly released achievement you don’t have to do them all again! Just complete one of the relevant Quests and the Achievement will unlock. Check your profile and celebrate your new Achievement with pride.


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