#christmas #fail

I’ve been watching it slowly lean more and more the whole time we’ve sat here watching the FMA:B ova disc. When Brian realized how much it was still leaning (he’d fixed it once today already) and that it was actually only being propped up by a box wrapped up underneath it, he asked me to move the box while he straightened it again. It.. Didn’t make it that far. :p I did catch it before it hit Mina, though.

I mean, I wasn’t going to mention the tree stand and how I said we should get a stand like our old one instead of borrowing an old metal one. But since Brian brought it up first…

So my uncle is a huge John Wayne fan

and I found him a box set of like four discs with 25 of his movies and herp de derp. Being all excited, I take a picture of it later and send it to my cousin like “Hey look what I bought for your dad!”

His response:

“Oh. Mom got him that exact same set for his birthday and he hasn’t touched it.”

There went my awesome gift.